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I Just Took a Bunch of Urieshots and I’m About to Slay You All:

MC when Asra teases them:  

Arcana fans holding on to their phones for dear life when the current update is over while they wait in agony for the next one: 

MC trying to make a direct choice between Asra and Julian:

This isn’t over, btw.  I still have a lot of Urieshots and music videos to go through.

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I've had this idea for a while but imagine a more mature sonamy (& by mature i mean older like in their early adulthood or something xD) , like sonic coming to terms with his feelings for amy and deciding to do something about it perhaps? i trust you fully with this and your amazing capability to write! (You don't have to do it if you don't want to but i would just loveeeee to see it) You're the best my pal !

I usually write them a little older in all my AU prompts, yeah. Even in Canon they don’t kiss or nuthin’ cause I feel they’re too young XD 

You… you trust me?

Alright, but you gotta promise me you won’t close your eyes, my friend ;)

Cause here comes a whole new AU! (world, lol)


Years had gone by in a blink of an eye. Long spans of adventures and daring rescues had left our band of heroes exhausted but triumphant.

Eggman was happily in a retirement home, pestering nurses and cheating at charades with Orbot and Cubot who were still operational. They come along as tilted ‘pets’ for the most part; which the place is nice enough to allow. He even enjoys sun bathing by the pool, (A nurse screams), and long walks shouting at the pigeons. (Eggman waves his cane to some flickies, scattering them as he tries to whack them, feels a crack in his back, and continues hobbling along the path.)

With villainy old and rusted, friends moving on with their lives… well, what is a hero to do?



Sonic woke up from a quiet nap he was just taking, putting his fingers in his eyes to rub them away from sleep.

Looking down from the tree branch he was lounging on, he noticed a sweet mature face looking up at him.

Despite her usual peppy nature never fading away, Amy Rose had grown to be a proud, honest, and well spoken young woman.

She had abandoned old traditional red dresses for a more slimmed down red stripped sweater that reached her knees, a buckle to hold over her figured waist, and some rose earrings to show off her independence streak.

That’s right. A streak.

Amy had rebelled against convention, so to speak, and started doing her own thing these last few years. She’s even told Sonic, much more bluntly than ever before, that if he wanted to continue this relationship, he had to work for it. Earning her affections as she believed she had won his.

Well… that wasn’t something Sonic had expected.

He rolled his eyes, letting out a bit of ruffled air flow from his mouth, almost like a grumbled sigh. His lips vibrated and wagged around at his action, before he stretched the two arms behind him out and leaned forward.

“Must you always speak so loudly?” he straddled the branch, tilting his head to ruffle his hands through his quills, before Amy gave him a disappointed look of frustration.

She shot her arms straight down to her sides, puffing up a side of her cheek, as was habit for her when she was in a foul mood.

“You promised!”

“I promised, what?” Sonic snarkily challenged back, giving him a bit of a grump expression her way too.

The snappy remark shocked her out of her cute little anger setting, till she shifted to offense.

“You..! You promised you’d tell me how you felt today!”

“…Good? I guess.” he yawned, blinking at the odd request.

He raised an eyebrow; still scratching his head, but mostly for the sensation of it feeling good, not so much for waking up anymore.

“Nooo!” Amy leaned her head up, before face-palming and slowly dragging it down.

She looked more tenderly hurt now, slightly pouting in disappointment as she slouched forward with her shoulders.

“You said you’d tell me how you felt about me… you needed a day to think about it, right? Don’t you remember anything!?” She grew angry again, placing her hands on her hips as she shouted up to him.

Suddenly, the memory triggered.

His eyes widened.


“What do you want from me, Amy!?”

“I just want you to be honest with me!”

“Honest? Well, honestly, I’m confused!”

“You shouldn’t be! I’m your girlfriend, aren’t I?!”

“My wh-mmm-mmm..”

Sonic shut his trap… suddenly pulling back from the confrontation and seeming uncomfortable with the new topic.

“M-my… wh-what are you trying to say? Exactly? Heh-heh…” he pulled back immensely, withdrawing himself as he smiled nervously, pretending and putting up a facade as though he wasn’t phased. It was clear by his bent arms and shifty scaled voice that he wasn’t completely unaware of where this was going…

“You do… you do love me don’t you, Sonic?” Amy’s eyes bent in worry suddenly, her head moving back in worry, feeling afraid that all her life of sticking by his side might actually have proved vain…

She didn’t want to believe that. But as he rubbed the back of his head, turning away…

She feared the worst.


“I… I can’t answer that right now, okay?” he folded his arms, leaning on his leg, rocking slightly left and right as if he didn’t want to address this conflict any further.

“…Tomorrow.” Amy narrowed her eyes, a sudden will and strength Sonic always got nervous about seeing.

He unfolded his arms as he noticed the shift and gulped, realizing this meant she wasn’t going to let it go till it happened.

And usually… it had to happen her way.

“Come again?” he looked almost surprised and scared at the time limit. “You can’t be serious, Amy!”

“Tomorrow. Tell me how you feel about me. Tomorrow.”

Her expression showed she was going to be unyielding to this…

“…To… Tomorrow.”

Sonic looked down at her, repeating what he had said to answer her request.

“Heh..heh.. opps?” He shrugged, smiling nervously.

He had forgotten to think about that…

Kinda hoping to block it from memory…

The next scene was just a loud crack of vocal lightning almost, as Amy’s voice shrieked through the trees and around the bends that Sonic dashed through to escape her wrath.

“Feel about her? Feel about her!? Would I have stuck around and put up with hammer throws at this long distance if I DIDN’T some find value in this- I-I-I-AHHH!!” He turned to look over to the side of himself, seeing behind his shoulder that a hammer was directed perfectly; expertly aligned with his direction as it whammed down on the ground near his legs, forcing him to jump and roll.

“Ow-ow-ow-ow.” Sonic repeated as he was getting too old to quickly curl up like he used too.

He tumbled a ways off and finally rolled up mid-way into a loop-de-loop, before having his face squished and feeling gravity slow him down… “Oh no…” his mouth spoke out, muffled against the grassy terrain before he went back the other way.

“Ow-owow-ow-owow-ow..!” he rolled down till the momentum finally stopped, right on his face, as he lifted one limp hand up and then the other. Pushing himself off the ground, he shook his head out, before seeing two booted feet just a few feet away.

He nervously looked up.

Amy’s face was so scrunched up in fury that his first reaction was to run again!

He felt one his supporting hands lift up in initial fright, his face tense back to reveal his open frown with his clenched teeth; and a whole lot of the whites of his eye…

“You… yoooouu… JERK!!!” Her sound wave actually made him duck slightly, as his quills were lightly ruffled with the small wind of her cry.

Sonic turned around to hear the echo trail far passed the zone, before he looked back in almost amazement at how she could manage to have the lung capacity, after all these years, to still create such a powerful sound wave.

She huffed and puffed, her shoulders moving up and down, a hammer to her side before her features on her face crinkled up to show the true pain of holding tears in within her.

“…You… why didn’t you think just a little bit about me? Do I really mean nothing to you..?”

Small water droplets fell at her sincerity, as from the ground, Sonic sat back and actually realized how much this had meant to her.

He had lifted a hand up for safety, but now, seeing she was more sad and upset at him rather than angry, he lowered it to try and get a better look at what was happening.

An unknown feeling suddenly triggered once more in Sonic… this had happened when he was much younger, but something pulled him to protect her and dry her tears.

He slowly felt sympathy for the girl, and got up, holding his hands apologetically out to calm her. “H-hold on, Ames… I-”

She shook her head only once, pausing him with a slight jerk as he flinched back, looking worried she wasn’t going to allow him to make up for his actions…

She bent her head down, tensing up. “Fine.. fine don’t say anything.” her voice grew fainter.

That subtle shift of emotion suddenly brought that unquenchable feeling of holding her back into Sonic’s heart.

He felt himself breathing oddly, and a little desperate as his fingers flinched to reach for her.

“Amy… I-I’m not done, yet. Just give me a second and I’ll-” He started to cautiously approach again.

“WHAT FOR!?” Amy glared up at him, tears still on her cheeks…

“I’m tried of doing it all, Sonic! For once! I want to be the one to make the mistake! To have you mad at me! Even then, at LEAST I’d see some real emotion out of you for me! You’re always so complacent. It’s always neutral. How you look at me… how you interact with me… it’s like your indifferent to me. Do you know how that feels? It’s like you only have me around to make sure you’re not missing something from your life… and at first? I accepted that. Everyone feels alone when people start to leave. I never did. I stayed by your side through thick and thin. Yes, so.. the days have thinned. There’s not a whole lot of excitement to go around… but I still get excited when I see you, Sonic…. I still get jitters and highs and even can’t figure out where to put all the energy too in my body!”

There was another moment… where Sonic couldn’t help but look at Amy in a brighter… prettier light.

The flattering tone she then used, softened her considerably at the end of her lines, which he knew weren’t quite done yet.

But there was something about this soft approach… it filled him with mercy. Made me want to be better. He hadn’t felt a whole lot after Eggman retired. Amy…

Was the last source of feeling he had left… and he now, almost thought anyway, that maybe he allowed her to stay by his side for the sole purpose of having emotion still in his life.

Without her… he was dreary… life was disenchanting.

With her… the world almost seemed too full of color to process in just one day.

“But I can’t see that same reaction in you…” She looked away, speaking from the heart, but clearly knowing this may cause some tension later.

Sonic stepped back, his eyes twitched as if a shard had just pierced his heart.

“Noo…” he lightly expressed, but so softly that she didn’t hear it.

He looked down in his rush of agony, his immediate shame.

His eyes scanned for comfort, but the grassy, warm ground brought him nothing but a bland, soft exterior.

He squinted his eyes shut and looked away, avoiding once more the truth she was speaking.

“Sonic.. I wanted to give you time to think about it!” She suddenly pulled a tightened fist to her chest, feeling it beat loudly inside her. Emotions piled one on top of the other, and she couldn’t restrain it anymore! “I wanted you to express, after some time to organize and contemplate it,… where you wanted to go with this.”

“With… this?” He looked up, daring to look back at the painful reminder of years wasted, emotions ignored, and feelings undeclared.

“This.” Amy nodded, looking directly at him.

There was no fear. No holding back.

She was stronger than he could ever understand. He was hardened from years of goodbyes and staying… no, being distant from such things.

“Please… if you can… articulate what you’re thinking… A-and feeling right now!” she was desperate to know this mind. More than anything, she didn’t want to lose him.

But also… more than anything in the world... she didn’t want him to deny himself any longer of whatever feelings he may be holding back.

It was a risky business, trying to get Sonic to open up, but she had full confidence she knew where this would lead.

To a release…

To a comfort…

“I…” Sonic turned away, shaking his head and gripping it fiercely.

“I…!!” he started to turn aggressive, causing Amy to look hurt even more so as she stepped back, motioning her head away from his frame.

“I don’t want to have to need this!!!” he swished his arms out, as Amy looked back up, startled, but afraid…

“I don’t want to have this… this feeling of being weak.” he looked at his hands, before gripping them tighter. “I don’t want something I could lose. Something that could break. Something that could fade.”

She watched as he hit his foot to the ground, his expression tense as this may be the only way he could get it out…

“I don’t want anything that fleeting… something I can’t just…” he opened his hand… raising it to a single blade of grass that had floated up by the wind, and let it trail off as he looked away from it.

He grasped his hand back into a fist, and let it rapidly drop and swing by his side.

“I can’t feel… the way you want me to feel, Amy.” he angled himself just enough to where she could see his torn face, his gripped; self-composure.

Amy looked worriedly to him, her eyes shifting left and right over his countenance.

Her mouth lightly formed his name, stepping forward, not having the strength to say his name again.

What did this mean?

What was he saying?

“… I don’t know what love is… Amy. I can’t give… what I can’t feel.”

A large engine sounded from the distance, as the two immediately, almost instinctually turned to it.

“Badniks?” Amy stated, bending her knees as if ready to take action.

“No.” Sonic glared, frowning into a grimace as he saw something sharp and slick flying towards them.


He dashed to her and pushed her out of the way, getting slammed into by Metal Sonic, rusty and still operational.

“Sonic!!” Amy was flung back, but the motion also helped her lean forward as she rocked to look over to where Metal had tackled him.

Slamming Sonic to the ground as he struggled to kick off from the ground, Metal dragged him along the once serene grassy field of the zone, but Sonic still had his spines on his back to lessen the damage.

His head leaned forward in a fast headbutt, pulling Metal’s clawed grip on what little of a throat he had away and sprung back to propel his feet into Metals engine.


“Look out!” Amy got up and swung her hammer, as Metal was first knocked back towards Sonic because of it.

Sonic reeled up a fist and shot him back towards her, but when he turned this time he gripped her hammer, scaring her a moment before Sonic freaked out.

“AMY!!!” He hadn’t curled in years… but this was no time for back-issues!

He curled and tried to spin himself tighter and tighter, faster and faster, into a powerful spin.

He looked like a stationary carwheel, reving itself up for take off. “Come on, come on!!!”

Metal almost played tugged-a-war with her for the hammer, but as she fell back from his brute force, he swiped the hammer away and gripped the end, about to use it back on her as he lifted it up.


Sonic releaed himself and spun right through Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic twitched with sparks flying from inside himself, wires out of their places, shredded within…

He was about to exploded as his eye lights flickered on and off with their usual red glow, but Sonic uncurled to quickly bend down and reach for Amy; keeping close to the ground.

“Grab my hand!”

Amy gripped his outstretched hand with both of her own, as he used his remaining upper-body strength to pull her to him, and charge away as they hid under a hill.

Sonic’s protective arm laid across her body, as the area above blasted from Metal Sonic exploding.

His rusty, crust of an armor shelled away into spiraling fire masses. Rolling to burn some of the green, lush grass below them.

They panted, before looking at each other, so close and in each other’s arms, but only caring to laugh at how unexpectingly thrilling that was!

“Ah-haha! I don’t think I can remember being so scared before!” Amy laughed, as Sonic kicked up his feet, still holding her.

“I can’t believe he’s still kicking!” Sonic looked below him, seeing half of Metal Sonic, his upper torso, a hand, and half his head intact, crawling towards him.

Sonic smirked, narrowing his eyes as he kicked the head off, and turned to Amy.

“Let’s go home.”

The two raced away, Amy being scooped up into his arms as the conversation died down after that.

However… dropping her off…

She was about to step out of his arms, as usual, till she felt them pulling her back.


Amy slowly turned back to him.

He held a solemn expression, before looking away.

“You didn’t deserve that kind of response from me.. not today.” He looked sincere, a genuine openness that Amy hadn’t see before.

Sonic was truthful, but never this exposing of his feelings…

“I… I thought about it. While carrying you up here.” he tapped his foot behind him, as Amy drew closer, realizing she didn’t want to leave his side again… not now… not when he was being so…


“I may not get love… but I think I might know more than I let on.” he looked up, daring to look in her eyes, before shifting them away, seeming shy all of a sudden.

His head… still faced her general direction, though.

“I know that when you love something… you don’t want to let it go.” he looked down at her waist, his arms still around her.

“You don’t want it to cry..” he gently lifted a hand up to her cheek, rubbing ever so slightly by her muzzle.

Her eyes widened, before her breathing grew faint.

He stared at her lips… before looking back up at her eyes.

“You don’t ever want it to leave…”


Don’t go in, tonight.” He shook his head, his eyes revealing what he truly was saying.

Suddenly, the two embraced.

He had said it with so much breath, so much of a whisper, but it was the truthful cry of a desperate man.

She happily sobbed, as he chuckled slightly, still holding her close.

“I thought that wouldn’t make you cry…”

She laughed in her tears, gripping him closer to her as she blinked her eyes open.

“Sometimes,” she sniffed, “love is just too overwhelming to keep it all in.”

She then felt a small, wet tear grace her shoulder, and crawl down the length of her upper back, before warmly being absorbed by her sweater.

                                             “Yeah… I guess so.”

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I don't give a damn what anyone says, Goku x Chichi were fucking since he came back from Planet Yardrat. Every scene that their not on screen together their at home screwing all the time and when you do see Goku or Chichi separately it's only coincidence. They go on cute little dates and dancing out in the forest and take baths together and do hella cute shit. Their perfect, fight me xD I love Goku and Chichi

Originally posted by gif-007


They are always doing hella cute shit or screwing behind closed doors, haha. It’s not important to the plot to show all that but there’s plenty of down time to imagine it and I DEFINITELY believed they got it on after he came back from Yardrat. Like. Look at how Goku has already changed out of that complex outfit and Gohan is still in his Saiyan armor getup. You know Chi-Chi wouldn’t have let Gohan stay in that if they all came home at the same time, so Goku had to have told Piccolo to babysit Gohan for a bit while he had some fun times with Chi-Chi. I can’t see it any other way, damn it xD

Their dates probably ain’t conventional at all but they totally go out on Nimbus riiiiight? like c’mon, if you had a cloud like that, you’d go out and see the world like Aladdin showing Jasmine a whole new world on his magic carpet ride RIIIIIGHT LOL 

People that say they ain’t the cutest shit ever are just missing out on how great this couple is, I swear.


A Whole New World for Alibaba

Priceless reaction to the dramatic changes of the world in two years. (≧ ヮ ≦)

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What do you think about an Aladdin AU, Bulma as Jasmine, and Vegeta as Aladdin, can you picture Vegeta singing A Whole New World with Bulma while riding a magic carpet lol



I admit I never even imagined Vegeta singing but, then again, I never pictured him dancing, and look at those sweet bingo dance moves now, so…

Yeah! Why not?

Let the man sing!!!

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15) Favorite Solo Artist: David Bowie

16) Song Stuck In My Head: A Whole New World from Aladdin

17) Last Movie I Watched: The Santa Claus lol

18) Last Show I Watched: Hmmm.. Properly, and not just as background noise or for work, Bones. But I had The Last Leg on just a moment a go while I was writing and I worked on an episode of The Secret Daughter this afternoon which would be the last thing I watched in its entirety.

19) When I Created My Blog: April 2011

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31) Nationality: Australian

32) Favorite Song:  I hate questions like this because no answer feels right. I don’t have a favorite song. I love many songs, depending on who I’m with or how I feel or what the weather is like.

33) Last Book I Read: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like to Join: Ohh um… I wanna go to Hogwarts, ride in the TARDIS, and honestly??? Be friends with Sonny Carisi even though the SVU universe is basically out universe…

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I just keep thinking, if Sam n Bucky in CW are based on the WS press tour, then it follows that their next movie together must logically be Sam/Bucky. Congratulations, Marvel, you played yourselves. If there isn't a flying 'A Whole New World' duet in Infinity War then they have proven themselves cowards, lol

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You heard it here first, folks - Sam’ll spend the whole movie talking about how handsome Bucky is, while Bucky just glows.  Even when Sam’s not around Bucky will be talking about him and saying how funny and charming he is.  They’re hella married.  They’ll spend the whole movie holding hands and making out in the background.