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Soulmate AU: You Can See Color Once You Meet Your Soulmate II

@kurtwxgners I’m gonna do something Frank in the future for you but until then, Soft Boy Trio ™ Member Jonathan!

You had been blessed with artistic abilities, specifically when it came to drawing and painting. Starting in your youth, when you could hold a pencil or crayon just right enough to make a coherent image, people had praised you on your skills. And, when you got old enough, you began to pat yourself on the back as well: The shadows were placed just right, you knew your way about light reflection for the most part, and even your least realistic pieces had some charm to them that you couldn’t help but find yourself impressed by.

Now all you needed was for your soulmate to come along, give you the ability to see color, and you’d be all set.

You didn’t want your friends and family to take it the wrong way – you wanted to meet your soulmate for more than just the fact that their presence in your life would open up a whole new level of sight for you. The idea that life would supposedly become livelier by meeting the one you were destined to be with just tickled the romantic inside you, and you couldn’t wait to experience something only one person could give you. 

However, you also needed to take it from a practical standpoint: You, as an artist, craved to see exactly what you were creating. Selfish as it may be, it also seemed reasonable that it wouldn’t do just to match shades of gray with shades of gray and hope you’d selected the right color or not see what some teachers, parents, and even a few scattered classmates were seeing. You weren’t trying to be dramatic when you insisted that there was a certain emptiness in being the creator and not being able to see exactly what everyone else saw in your work. 

You just wanted to see it, too.

And if that dang soulmate of yours would hurry up already, you’d be able to see it together. Share a first that meant so much to you both on a loving level and a level regarding your pride as a creative mind.

But alas, when your family moved to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, you felt that hope plummet. By the end of the week, everyone knew of you. You’d been hoping to mirror such knowledge but alas, that would be stretching it. Even though Hawkins was the picturesque small town spoken of in romance novels and lists in magazines, there was no way you could know and meet everyone.

“Just take it one step at a time,” your mother offered when she saw you pouting in your chair at the dinner table. When she didn’t see a lift in your demeanor, she likened it another way: “You can’t rush good art, right? Paint by numbers and you’ll get the image you want eventually.” You huffed quietly in your seat and slumped even lower. You appreciated her attempt to help but at this point, the pessimism was beginning to loom over you like the grey clouds that loomed over Hawkins on any given day.

“But painting by numbers is so boring!” you whined. You dipped your head back dramatically. “And basic!” you added.

At this point, your father saw fit to offer his own insight. “Yeah, it’s basic, but, hey, good things need to start off little first. You didn’t just get good at art, remember? I mean, yeah, you were ‘destined’ to be great at it, but it still took some time. Likewise,” he took your mothers hand into his, “love takes time – even with a soulmate involved. So you have to paint it bit by bit, starting with the patience it’s gonna take for you to meet them. Alright?”

Your response was another quiet exhale, though you did prod thoughtfully at the food you’d left mostly untouched on your plate.

Nearly two weeks later, you were still mulling over those words: “Paint by numbers, great things take time.” It had become a mantra, not only for waiting but for anything you did, including artwork. You’d since joined your school’s art club, made a couple of friends. You hadn’t quite established yourself in Hawkins just yet, but these distractions were just enough for you to bide your time with.

Unfortunately, distractions do not always come with a guarantee of never again experiencing artist’s block: That was always going to happen, no matter what. And considering how quiet the town was compared to your previous home, it was happening a lot more often than it had ever before. It was frustrating! Once you saw some places the first two times, you’d need some time to pass before it felt new and refreshing to go there again – there was so little to draw inspiration from, you felt.

It therefore had become commonplace for you to approach the art club’s instructor and ask for some time by yourself to gather your thoughts and stroke your usually decent imagination.

You hadn’t meant to wander far this time. But that temptation to balance along the nearby train tracks was all too strong. Most temptations are when you’re unable to occupy your mind with better habits.

You never thought about how silly you might’ve looked, clumsily waving your arms and bending at awkward angles at sudden intervals. You only stared down at your feet as you place one in front of the other on the makeshift beam.

One step at a time, paint by numbers

If you rush, it won’t go according to plan

One foot –

One step

In front of the other –

–by number

Patience –

Great things takes time

And eventually


You sputtered as your foot slipped off the rail, your body flopping sporadically. You were more of a painter, but you definitely knew that sound. It was the sound that would always accompany school art shows, the sound you’d always hear after your parents demanded that you stand next to a work you’d had hung up and smile awkward for: A camera.

As soon as you could regain your composure, you whipped your head around. Even in the quick motion, your eyes were able to train themselves on the then blurry figure that was standing yards away from you. What they weren’t able to do, however, were properly adjust as a sudden world of color violently engulfed your vision.

Your mouth, unfortunately, was already too full of accusations to be stopped in time.

“Hey, what’re youdowugh –”

That was all you managed to say and slur before your vision, once again, became engulfed in color. However, it was the color black, a color you already knew, and it swallowed up everything.

You could hear the old cot beneath you creak as you moved. If that wasn’t enough to wake you up, the scratchy, old blanket on top of you definitely was. A lowly groan escaped your lips as you came to, rubbing your eyes free of whatever dragged you under. Before the fuzzies had cleared, however, you could hear the school nurse chirping from nearby.

“Glad you’ve joined us here, darlin’!”

You grunted in response before resting your hands on your blanketed legs. It was only when you groggily blinked that your vision confirmed a silent thought that you had woken up wondering.

“There’s …” you breathed. You were unable to finish that sentence. Luckily, the nurse seemed to already know what you were talking about.

“Color? You fainted due to overstimulation. Don’t feel bad about it, though, honey: lots of people experience this when they finally meet their soulmate. Especially younger folks. I couldn’t tell you how many students have come through my office after fainting from spotting their loved one – ”

At this point, you’d tuned out. Actually, you’d tuned out when she said that word: Soulmate. Despite it being a thought that had haunted your mind for what felt like eons, it all just seemed foreign to you. Almost unnatural.

“ – in fact, he should be back in a moment; he just walked out for a moment.”

“Wait, what?” you blurted out without thinking. The nurse, however, continued to be unfazed.

“Still a bit foggy in the head, are we? Your soulmate: he just stepped out for a sec and should be right back here in a jiffy. I suppose he needed some air; I can’t blame him: The poor dear looked so worried when he came in here, holding you like a princess. Couldn’t tell you how he managed to speak so fast when he was explaining what happened.” She smiled. “He was really worried about you, hun.”

As if on cue, a knock sounded at the door, followed by the clicking of it being opened. You noted that the knock was very soft. Almost as though the person doing it were afraid of hurting the inanimate slab of wood. But other than that, you weren’t able to bring yourself to actually look at the person entering to learn anything else of them. Your head, your heart, your soul were all screaming in unison: It’s him, it’s him!

When you didn’t look up, instead compelling your eyes to remain focused on your fingers, plucking at the scratchy blanket, the trio tried other methods of enforcing their demands: Your heart threw itself against your ribcage, your mind whirled so badly that you swore you could feel your brain dancing, and your soul seemed to be blitzing inside of you into every nook and cranny. It was all too much, so much so that you couldn’t hear the quiet footstep nearing you.

It wasn’t until your body allowed for you enough quiet to feel a new presence by your side. It was in this acknowledgement that you were able to hear his voice: “H-hello …”

In this moment, it hadn’t occurred to you that your soulmate would be equally as nervous as you. Inhaling deeply, you spared no slowness in your final attempt to look upon your destined loved one. You hadn’t learned anything from whipping your head earlier; why start now?

The first thing you noticed were his eyes. That was probably the first thing most people noticed when they saw Jonathan Byers: they were so unusually tired for someone his age, even more so nervous and even almost saddened. If it wasn’t his eyes, then most people would firstly note that his demeanor flowed with an overwhelming sense of shyness, effecting his posture to the point of appearing smaller and more fragile than most boys his age. This is what you took note of second. The third thing, which would’ve been the first thing if not for the fact that he could occasionally go without it, was the clunky camera he was holding in his hands; almost like how a child holds their safety blanket.

But what many and most who did not know Jonathan Byers would not have seen would be the small, wary smile that graced his features.

That was reserved for those he felt the closest to.

You weren’t certain what to say. Sure, you, like many others at some point in their lives, had made a plan about what you would probably say upon first meeting your intended. You practiced a speech here or there, thought up possible scenarios within which you could throw a cool, flirty joke. It never occurred to you that you’d faint upon first meeting, however. So you were at a loss for proper words.

“You … take pictures?” Smooth, (Y/N). Surprisingly, though, your soulmate didn’t seem bothered by the clumsy first sentence. In fact, he seemed more bothered by the fact that it was his picture-taking that had caused your first meeting to go so bizarrely.

“I … I’m sorry. I was taking pictures and …” he seemed to struggle to find the right words that wouldn’t come off too terribly. “You just looked really – r-really natural and I really wanted to .. . . to …” He gave up altogether, instead directing his attention to the floor where he fell into an awkward foot-to-foot shuffle. You didn’t mind. In fact, you were finding yourself rather flattered.

You folded your legs up to your chest and rested a blushing cheek on them as you smiled back up at him. “It’s okay,” you offered. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N), by the way.” You watched him nod slightly.

“I’m Jonathan. Jonathan Byers,” he offered. You could tell he was trying and failing miserably not to blush right back at you.

“Well, Jonathan,” you began, “I can’t begin to express what a pleasure it is to meet you. And if you don’t mind, I’d really love to see that photo you took of me when you get it developed.” You bit your lip. “And all your other pieces, if you don’t mind … In fact, I can show you my pain –”

Wait … Weren’t you in art club before all this!?

Jonathan, in his nervous nature, couldn’t help but jump slightly as you hollered, “Oh, crap!”, watching in confusion as you fervently detangled yourself from the scratchy blanket.

You weren’t thinking when your grabbed his hand and began sprinting down the hallway back to the art room. It didn’t even occur to you that you didn’t really know Jonathan, other than the fact that he was your soulmate and a photographer. You were just doing what suddenly came naturally: Wanting your soulmate to be around you. Besides, great things take time; you had to start somewhere. Even if “somewhere” meant dragging your confused, startled, and yet somewhat love-struck soulmate down the hallway.


Jonathan stood nervously behind you, just watching you. He felt bad, guilty if he had to give it a name. He didn’t need to worry about colors in his photos – they were going to happen without his influence. Painting, on the other hand? That required some acknowledgement of which colors the creator of the piece was using.

He gulped quietly as he watched you continue to stare at the painting you’d been working on earlier that day. It had been five minutes. You hadn’t said a work. You just … stared at it, arms to your side, staring straightforward, no head-cocking or anything.

Jonathan hadn’t been seeing color for too long, not even two hours. But considering that he’d been seeing it longer than you had, as your fainting spell took some time out of you, he had an idea of what colors certain things were supposed to be.

The sky wasn’t usually yellow, from what he could tell, and the clouds he saw weren’t lilac and indigo. The sun, from what he could squint at, didn’t appear to be blue, and the trees he’d seen while running back to the school with you in his arms didn’t appear to vary in any colors beyond brown and green, so he couldn’t exactly say that trees were actually blood red with white and purple leaves.

Jonathan also hadn’t known you for long, not even twenty minutes. So he couldn’t tell how much of a stickler and perfectionist you might’ve been. But considering you expressed such a high passion for art as he did with his photography, he worried he may have ruined all your hard work with his lack of presence.

It was therefore a surprise to the young man when you turned to face him, a big smile plastered on your face as you squealed, “I love it!”

12x23: Some Destiel foreshadowing for S13...

I’m crying with laughter, but I’ll just compose myself and share this with you.

I’m rewatching 12x23 (because @margarittet sucked me in with her wily ways) and dudes, within the span of a few minutes - and within the same sequence of scenes - Dean refers to two things that I feel are heavy with innuendo. And, possibly, hopefully, with foreshadowing for what to expect for Dean and Cas’ Love Story Arc in S13. 

The first of these two references I’ve been aware of since the first time I watched the episode because it stands out like a sore thumb, but the second I only just discovered, and it’s what has me laughing with glee. 

(I swear the writers must be taking the piss at this point)

1. Narnia

Originally posted by xabbisx

The first association that springs to Dean’s mind when Cas tells the brothers they’re dealing with a tear in space and time, a doorway to another world, is to say “What, like Narnia?”

Now, Narnia is a fairy tale kingdom that does exist outside of our space and time, so it’s a shrug-let’s-move-on assumption that this could be an accurate parallel. Cas, of course, informs him that this isn’t what it is: it’s like our world, just different.


So, to clarify: Dean’s mind immediately parallels Cas’ description of “a doorway to another world” with crawling into a closet of fun and magic and adventure that’s filled with Biblical symbolism - such as Jesus in the form of a mighty Lion that sacrifices himself and then rises again in the light of dawn. 

A closet, one should add (and put thick lines under for emphasis) out of which you return changed, bettered, but still the same.

Dean’s mind goes there

While Cas immediately debunks this parallel and states that no, this world they’re about to enter is just like Earth, but different.

Do you see where I’m going with this, guys?

If not, let’s see what reference Dean makes once they’re through the door and looking at this Earth that is like our own - just different.

2. A Whole New World

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Well. Disney, Disney, Disney. Stuffed full of the most romantically trope-y romantic arcs of all the romantic arcs that ever did arc. @tinkdw knows and has written extensively on the subject. @margarittet knows, too, we’ve been talking Dean’s Disney Library for a few days now.

And here we have yet another reference to a Disney movie. And not just a movie, but - true to style for our beloved Dean - a reference to an actual song. (I googled A Whole New World just to be absolutely sure this isn’t a reference to some obscure classic rock ballad or something) (it is not)

I will now attempt to write down these beautiful lyrics with a straight face:

I can show you the world/ Shining, shimmering splendid /Tell me, princess, now when did/ You last let your heart decide!

I can open your eyesTake you wonder by wonder/ Over sideways and under/ On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world/ A new fantastic point of view/ No one to tell us no/ Or where to go/ Or say we’re only dreaming — [Free Will rules]

A whole new world/ A dazzling place I never knew/ But when I’m way up here/ It’s crystal clear/ That now I’m in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights/ Indescribable feeling/ Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling/ Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world/ (Don’t you dare close your eyes)/ A hundred thousand things to see/ (Hold your breath it gets better)

I’m like a shooting star/ I’ve come so farI can’t go back to where I used to be

A whole new world/ (Every turn a surprise)/ With new horizons to pursue/ (Every moment, red-letter)

I’ll chase them anywhere/ There’s time to spare/ Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world/ (A whole new world)/ That’s where we’ll be/ (That’s where we’ll be)/ A thrilling chaseA wondrous place

For you and me

This is a beautiful, beautiful love song.

And it’s also rife with innuendo when it comes to a radical change in lifestyle. (yes I have a dirty mind) (I will not apologise) (ok maybe I will) (someday) (just quietly giggling) (never mind me)

And though Dean’s line of dialogue is “A whole new world, Sam”, he’s quoting Cas here, as Cas began this sequence of scenes by stating that the tear is a “doorway to another world”, which directly links Dean’s reference to Cas.

*slow motion eyebrow raise*

The core of any good Love Story is the Lovers facilitating a healthy internal growth for the other. By questioning each other and challenging each other and guiding each other. By highlighting what the other person needs to let go of in order to move on from old beliefs about themselves and the world at large and become a whole person. Once they’ve grown into a whole person, they get their reward: which is true love, shared with the person who facilitated their growth.

Originally posted by oldhollywoodcinema

Usually the Lovers are therefore, by necessity, Opposites in many superficial things, while sharing core character traits that clarify why they’re perfect for one another. These shared traits are what make us root for them to get together. Clearly it’s meant to be, if they could only let go of all that baggage already!

We are watching the love story between a man afraid of flying falling in love with a man who has wings on his back. Wings. On his back

I sincerely cannot think of a more poignant or visually compelling use of the Opposites trope.

My point is this:

In Dean’s Narnia reference there’s an acknowledgment of there being a closet, and the closet is a safe space, filled with the promise of adventure and growth, but just because one was to indulge doesn’t have to mean one has to change, right? Time stands still in the closet, you come out with more experience, but still the same. Right?

Wrong as fuck, so says Cas.

And why is it Cas who says this?

Originally posted by imorethaneye

Because Cas started Dean’s character growth towards self-acceptance and true self-worth, which will result in endgame and a long and happy life for Dean. (no going out in a blaze of glory Dean) (let that go now)

Cas is the reason Dean wants to go through the growth, because Dean is so in love with Cas that he can’t imagine life without him, and he wants a shared life with him. Dean is now so deep into his internal growth that what he truly wants is to reach the endgame of his shared love story arc with Cas. The obstacle in the way of this, at the moment of this Narnia/Aladdin exchange, before Cas’ angel death, is Dean’s fear of rejection. He is scared of getting hurt, of Cas getting hurt, of getting Cas hurt, of all the things that actually take place throughout 12x23.

And so Cas is there, yet again, to call him out on his bullcrap.

Because, no, Dean, this whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is nothing like the closet in Narnia. You won’t crawl into it and have your fun and crawl back out again, still the same as when you went in. (pfffffff)

The whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is like the Earth you’ve always known, but different. 

And, my darling Dean, that’s ok. Because Cas will be right there with you. Every step of the way. 

(yes this will most likely be a bit of a bizarro world to Sam) (though I’m sure he will not be the least bit surprised)

*crossing fingers*

it’s a whole new world
with people i’ve never met,
with sights i’ve never seen,
with voices i’ve never heard,
with scents i’ve never smelled,
with adventures i’ve never dreamed of.
it’s a whole new world
and i want to love it with all my heart,
but it’s nearly impossible
when you’re not here
to explore it with me.
—  Nothing will ever be perfect unless you’re there // S.T.
Becky helping Naomi rehearse for Aladdin
  • Naomi: A whole new world
  • A dazzling place I never knew
  • But when I'm way up here, it's crystal clear
  • That now I'm in a whole new world with you
  • Becky: (Now I'm in a whole new world with you)
  • Naomi: Unbelievable sights
  • Indescribable feelings
  • Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
  • Through an endless diamond sky
  • A whole new world
  • Becky: (Don't you dare close your eyes)
  • Naomi: A hundred thousand things to see
  • Becky: (Hold your breath, it gets better)
  • Naomi: I'm like a shooting star
  • I've come so far
  • I can't go back
  • To where I used to be....
  • *They hold hands*
Rose-Red City as Old as Time

This is my entry for the prompt: Out of Place for the the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon organized by the @thebookjumper.  Set after 5x23.  Thanks to @candykizzes24 for the amazing edit and to @missyriver and @nalla-madness for reading and encouraging.. I hope you like it!

The camel jostled back and forth, and Felicity was having a hard time dealing with the swinging motion.  After the first hour, her body was still not becoming one with the large animal underneath her, the rocking gesticulation was making her nauseous.

Scanning the narrow path that is the Siq, she noted that their caravan was now walking in a fissure made up of continuous walls of pink layered rock formations separating two tectonic plates; Felicity felt dwarfed and very claustrophobic.

Her gaze wandered to her right, meeting intense blue eyes.  It was ridiculous how good Oliver looked sitting astride his camel.  He just totally fit within the element. Watching him in his khakis and white Bedouin head cover was like seeing her own version of Rick O’Connell ready to conquer the desert. His golden tan, and the way his hands held the reins, his body one with his ride, you would think he grew up in this part of the world.

Felicity giggled, there were no mummies or secret treasures on this adventure, Petra was a city carved from rose rock under sea level, eternal, beautiful and alone, it offered the perfect solitude their crazy life was lacking!

Being in the heart of Wadi Rum, she never thought she would feel more out of place, the desert reminded her of Vegas.  The worn rocks on either side were reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and the incessant sun and heat was just as scorching.

“How much more?” she asked the little guide who held the reins of her camel.

“One hour!” he replied in a heavy accented English.

After their impromptu wedding, they decided to continue their world tour for their honeymoon.  Felicity wanted to see Petra, and the Red Sea; and although she had read the brochures she had no idea how much tourism websites failed to address how extraneous the journey was, as what they considered part of the mystery.  Apparently, after a four-hour car ride, they had to ride horses for two hours just to get to the entrance of the treasury, which was where Indiana Jones had filmed the last crusade, then it was camels for two hours more to reach the museum, then there was a trek up 365 steps to reach sea level so she can see the infamous split between the two continents of Asia and Africa and the promised Red Sea. As much as Felicity was looking forward to sight seeing, she was dreading this gigantic effort in the midst of summer heat.  Maybe this was a bad idea after all!

Felicity was flushed, even with her straw hat, tied under her chin with a wispy scarf, she had to admit she was wilting!

“How are you holding up?” Oliver asked

“Oh, you know, other than hot sweaty and soaking wet, I am completely fine!”

Oliver met her with a smirk and a raised eyebrow,

Realizing how that sounded, she was about to take it back with a massive babble, when the path opened to a great plaza and the caravan stopped.  It seems they were to pass some inspection point by the local authorities.

Two police officers with visible side arms approached them asking for their passports.  After scanning Oliver’s passport, the officer glanced up meeting what Felicity classified as the Green Arrow glare, then whispered something to his companion in Arabic.  “We need you to come with us,” they told Oliver.

“Is something wrong officer?” the officers exchanged looks,

“Would you please step down from your camel?”

Oliver and Felicity exchanged looks, Felicity was starting to get concerned. Oliver stepped down and stood towering over the officers who placed their hands over their weapons in response to his threatening stance.  Felicity was seriously worried now, this was no time to play the Green Arrow, they were unarmed and Olivers bow and arrows were safely tucked in their duffle bags strapped to the camels, plus did Oliver really want to cause an international incident at a famous world tourist site?

She motioned to the boy to bring down her camel.  As the camel squatted down, Felicity squealed.  “Oh sorry, I don’t know how anyone can get used to this” The officers were frowning now.

The officers looked at Olivers passport again, “Please calm down Mrs. Queen”  “We are just doing our jobs, please don’t resist this arrest”

“Arrest”? Oliver glowered, “On what basis?”

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Promise (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “okay so i have a sort of odd request… could you write one where grayson x reader are dating and they’ve vowed to save their virginity until marriage but it can be hard sometimes?? i’m not sure if grayson would actually do this irl but it’s something that i’ve been trying to find an imagine about for a long time and it’s literally nowhere… thanks :)“
Word Count: 920
Warnings: Talk about sex.
A/N: Sooo guess what?! My Macbook broke last night so I couldn’t be arsed to write anything. But I hope you like this! It was very cute and fun to write! Sorry if it’s short xx

It was happening again and you weren’t even doing anything special. Grayson had been working out, he’d come straight over to your apartment and had a shower there. A meal was waiting for him in the kitchen, and you were eating a plate of your lunch by the television, completely wrapped up in your series.

He had walked out, feeling like a whole new person and halted in his steps when he caught sight of your body sitting, knees drawn up to your chest, bare legs on display and a hoodie that was too big covering the rest. He suspected that it was one of his hoodies that he’d left behind.

Grayson was feeling all sorts of things, staring at you, lost in his thoughts that were beginning to get too sinful than usual. And that’s when you looked up, confusion written all over your face.

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What Dark Souls feels like after Bloodborne

Running speed: dramatic meme slow-mo

Estus animation: the slow and inevitable heat death of the universe

dodging: unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling, a whole new world, a new life-saver point of view

rolling: rickrolling

Attack speed of bosses and enemies: can I take a nap in the meantime?


health bar after attacks: where my rally aaat? Where my rally aaat?

shield: now I remember why I had one


scenery: such beautiful polygons,

Sen’s Fortress: three-layered fucked up chalice dungeon with misplaced swinging blades

O&S: nothing has changed about you. Come on and slam and welcome to the jam

こい の よかん - Hansol Vernon Chwe Imagine

Anon asked: Can I get a scenario where Vernon falls for a half-American half-Japanese girl? Thank you x 

Hey everyone! I was so excited when I saw this request, since I’m technically half-Japanese (really I’m full Japanese lol). The whole premise of this basically came from me visiting my brother at work while listening to Seventeen. Hope you all enjoy!

- Admin Erin

Summary:  こい の よかん (koi no yokan): a sense that future love is inevitable after a first meeting.⭐ Hawaii. For most, the sunny island is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word “paradise”, and for Hansol Vernon Chwe of the k-pop group with meteoric status, Seventeen, paradise is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Genre: Love at first sight!AU

Word Count: 1,338

Originally posted by seokmin---s

It was a blazing hot day in Hawaii, as usual, and the body heat radiating off of the tourists surrounding her didn’t make her feel any better. A soft-sided cooler swung from her right hand, her phone in her opposite as she made her way towards one of the busiest hotels in Waikiki, where she had to deliver lunch to her brother who worked in retail there. (He needed to pay her back later for making her spend her day off from work at the dance studio she taught at by catering to him, a grown adult.)

The harsh sunlight beat down on her exposed shoulders and she huffed out a labored breath, stepping to the side of the busy sidewalk to avoid getting stampeded over by passerby, and unraveled the beach towel from around her waist, laying it across her shoulders to shield them from the UV rays. After making sure that she had everything she had stopped with, she set off the for the hotel, and her idiot of a brother, once more.

“Vernon! Look here!”

“Hansol, over here, please!” His head swam by the flurry of requests from paparazzi, both in Korean as well as in English. A few of the other Seventeen members, namely Jisoo, Junhui, and Soonyoung, who had decided that they wanted to explore, were also called to as they stepped out of the Hyatt lobby.

Hansol tried his best to smile at every single camera in sight before lowering his sunglasses over his eyes and walking across the street with the other three guys. Thankfully, the few cameramen and women that had greeted them had left, and it felt as if he could finally breathe again. Admittedly, he was a bit exasperated, which was very unlike him, especially during a vacation for God’s sake, but what was the point if he didn’t even get a rest?

“Always been a dream of mine to come here,” Junhui broke through the younger’s dismal thoughts with a satisfied comment, and Hansol nodded, threading his fingers through his inky hair and taking in all the hustle and bustle of the tourist hot spot.  “Hey, there’s a sale here. Let’s go check it out,” the dancer added once they had stopped in front of a slipper/shoe store around the corner from their hotel, proceeding to lead the way in. 

“There’s no way I’m fitting more stuff in my suitcase,” Jisoo muttered, followed by a snicker from Soonyoung. 

“You overpacked again?” He asked incredulously, chuckling quietly so as not to disturb the relative calmness of the store. 

“Yeah, so what?“ Jisoo shot back, and Hansol could tell that the older boy was trying hard to fish for a better comeback, but came up empty. As they continued to bicker and Jun became distracted after seeing a nice pair of shoes, he started to wander around, looking at the array of items that were provided. 

"Hello, can I help you?” He jumped at the voice that had come from beside him and he blushed, scratching the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly. It was one of the workers, a guy that didn’t look that much older than him, if he was at all, dressed in dark jeans and a collared shirt. 

“It’s fine, man. Thanks,” he replied in English, the language that the male had spoken in, and started to walk away, but not before the guy stopped him.

“Hey, do I know you? You’re really familiar.” Hansol frowned, not sure how this grown man would know about Seventeen. Unless-

“You owe me for this.”

“You owe me for this,” she huffed, thrusting the cooler out towards her brother and receiving the blunt anger of his glare. 

“Excuse me for a second, sorry.” Her throat constricted as she gulped, realizing that he had been helping a customer when she had interrupted them. “Next time try to be more patient, okay?” She rolled her eyes but nodded despite herself, knowing full well that she shouldn’t sass her older brother. “On that note…” When he lowered his voice, she knew something was up, “Do we know him? He looks really familiar but-”

Seventeen-teen-teen! Her cheeks flushed red as her text-tone blasted from her phone, disturbing the peaceful quiet of the store, and she fumbled to turn her ringer off. 

“Nice ringtone,” the customer said, and both she and her sibling looked up at the same time, realization dawning on her first. She wasn’t sure if it was his messy, ink-black hair that caught her attention, or the natural glow of his pale skin, or the brightness of his coffee colored eyes, but what she did know was that she was absolutely positively screwed over.

“No way,” she breathed out, running a hand through her wind-tossed hair. Her head whirled as she tried to think of something, anything to say to stall as she recovered her composure. However, nothing really came to her mind, so she kept quiet.

Silence permeated the room for a few moments before her brother spoke. “Hey, you’re in love with this dude, right?” Out of all the times she wished she could smack her brother across the face, this one took the cake. She watched helplessly as a smile spread across Hansol Vernon Chwe’s face- the same smile she had seen so many times in videos and pictures- before she covered her cheeks with her hands, attempting to hide her blush. 

“No! I just admire his talent. That’s all,” she muttered, not daring to look up at either boy for fear of bringing more embarrassment upon herself. 

“Well, um… I guess I gotta get back to work!” With that, her idiot of a brother scurried away, already beginning to sidle up to another customer. 

“Uh, um… hello. I’m Vernon, but I think you might already know that?” At this point, it would be rude not to look up at him as he spoke, but she wondered how she would do that without squealing like a teenage girl. However, she managed to drag her gaze up to his eyes, and the breath was knocked out of her as he smiled shyly. 

“Y-yeah, I know who you are. I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” Really, really nice to meet you, she added in her head. She held her hand out for Vernon to shake and he took it, sending shivers coursing through her. “How are you enjoying Hawaii so far?” His smile widened into a grin, and she couldn’t help but smile as well. 

“It’s been great. The weather is amazing and the vibe of the people is even better.” He looked as if he was about to continue on, but bit his lower lip, glancing at the tips of his shoes briefly. 

“What’s wrong?” She asked immediately. “Are you feeling okay?” Okay, calm the hell down. You’re being too nosy and weird, you probably freaked him out already-

“Yeah, uh, I was wondering if you’d like to meet the rest of Seventeen? I mean, we do kinda need a tour guide, since we don’t have all that much money to pay for one, and I’m assuming that you’d do it for free since, well…” He scratched the back of his neck, huffing out an irritated breath. “Okay, that went a lot better in my head.”

When she recovered from her initial shock, a giggle bubbled up from her chest and she nodded, covering her mouth as she resisted the urge to start screaming and jumping up and down. “Of course I would love to show you guys around! When would you want me to meet you?” Way too eager. 

“Does tomorrow afternoon sound good? We’ll meet you by the statue of the famous surfer dude.” Another laugh escaped her. 

“The statue of Duke Kahanamoku, you mean?” Vernon’s cheeks flushed pink when he realized his mistake and he nodded, hair flopping in front of his eyes. 

“Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. See you tomorrow?” She nodded, still grinning up at him. 

“See you tomorrow.”

A Whole New World, ToZ-ified

From the creator who brought you Part of Your World, ToZ-ified, here comes new, exciting Disney song lyrics changed to fit Mikleo and Sorey from Tales of Zestiria. With profound canon callbacks and on-beat syllables to the original, this adaptation is made to be sung along to (in your head or aloud is reader’s discretion) and loved by the whole family Fandom. Dedicated to @toradh and @soymilkheaven for their discourse and ideas. Without further adieu, here is our feature presentation.






I can show you the world.

Human, Seraphim, blended.

Tell me, Shepherd, now when did

You last let your heart decide?

I can open your artes.

Take you power by power.

Up a level each hour.

Strong, brave, perfect counterparts.

A whole new world!

A new fantastic thing to be.

Always because as one

We’ll never run

Or lose sight of our shared dream!


A whole new world!

A stunning place I never knew!

But when I’m fused with love

By Shepherd’s Glove

See now I’m in a whole new world with you.

(Now I’m in a whole new world with you)

Unbelievable fights.

Indescribable healing.

Mighty, timeless, appealing.

There’s no need to say good-bye.

A whole new world

(Let me do the aiming)

A thousand arrows to let fly.

(Together we’ll hit the mark)

I’ve beat tremendous strife

I’ve come to life

I can’t go back to how I used to try!


(A whole new world)

Every moment exclaiming.

(With new history to debut)

New adventure we embark.


I’ll race you anywhere!

Always a pair.

Let me share this whole new world with you!

A whole new world

(A whole new world)

That’s where we’ll be

(That’s where we’ll be)

A thrilling race

(A splendid place)

For you and me

Evie's reaction to the 'Murder Ballads'
  • Evie: Jacob.
  • Jacob: What.
  • Evie: I just got back from the King's Crown.
  • Jacob: You never struck me as the drinking type, Evie. What were you doing in a place of such ill repute?
  • Evie: Jacob, they were singing songs. About YOU. In the TAVERN.
  • Jacob: What? No they're not.
  • Evie: The songs were all about your former targets! Pearl Attaway, Philip Twopenny! Jacob, we're supposed to keep our work a SECRET!
  • Jacob: ... well, at least they're good songs.
  • Evie: JACOB--
  • Jacob: It also puts a whole new meaning to "hiding in plain sight", doesn't it? Nobody would expect a secret organization to go on making up songs celebrating their victories now, would they?
  • Evie: //loud exasperated sigh
  • Jacob: Come on. Admit it, they're quite brilliant.
  • Evie: ... Well, I DID like the "Jokes Jokes Jokes" song.
Assassin’s Creed Modern Brotherhood AU

I was talking with @shay-patrick-cormac and we got on the topic of a modern AU where all of the main protags + some others operate on a global scale and we came up with some headcannons for it!


- Considered the True Mentor, Altair was the one who revitalized the Assassins from their crumbling state into a HUGE, but very undercover, organization. The Templars don’t even really know the true size of the Brotherhood anymore, and they constantly underestimate the Brotherhood’s resources and numbers. 

- Being his apprentice is a BIG deal. It’s not a huge ceremony like most young Assassins get when getting mentors, but for the apprentice? Just being mentored by him is a big deal. He takes an apprentice every five years, give or take. He’s only had one apprentice thus far, but he’s nearing the end of the five years… who will earn the title of Altair’s Apprentice next?

- He operates mainly out of cities near Jerusalem and is very good at covering his tracks with his knowledge and decent amount of direct contacts. He tends to rely on Ezio when it comes to information given to him by anyone but those direct contacts, seeing as he doesn’t trust information once it’s been passed down by more than two people. He believes it may get warped or misunderstood the more people who pass it along. To sum up: he’s not a fan of intel-telephone. 


-  Considered the second-in-command, and he’s a bit more approachable than Altair. He tends to be the middle man for Altair and ALL of the other Assassins (Ok, not ALL of them, but many Assassins below the rank of Regional Leader.

- Operates out of Italy (Where he is the Head Assassin) but also has been known to travel around the Mediterranean. Tends to travel a lot more than Altair.

- He tends to mentor a lot of people at the same time as opposed to Altair. He acts like a teacher and a father for those lacking a paternal figure. Yes, he is kind of the Dad of the Assassins but with all that charm still ;)

- He has a lot of connections too and they range from inconspicuous bar tenders to literal kings. Great at finding out even the most pointless things about people once he dedicates resources into it. But he’s also more public to the Templars, if only by a bit. They believe it’s just him and maybe some others, but they still have yet to learn the true magnitude of their enemy. 


- Connor has the rather ambitious and stressful job of being the head Assassin of THE ENTIRE USA, even parts of Canada. It’s not so much the size of the country as the people in it. Templars are a lot harder to weed out as any business man could be one, but there are SO MANY. 

- The US is also big enough where Templars who know about the target on their back can escape to rural towns and virtually disappear. But Connor has this problem tackled with the many layers of contacts he has. 

- There are also plenty of people who want to be Assassins in the US, and while most of them don’t operate the more… gruesome parts of the work, he’ll let anyone willing to contribute. Freedom fighters, rebels, whatever form the liberal minded come in, Connor probably knows about them. 

- He can’t keep up with all the goings on, but he doesn’t have to. He trusts the regional leaders of North America to keep it organized and well informed, and he knows that if anything of importance comes up, they will tell him. 

- Everyone knows about his father, but nobody suspects he could betray the Assassins. And he wouldn’t! But he is trying to find middle ground because he doesn’t really want to kill/confront his father… 


- Aveline is one of the regional leaders, though Connor openly admits she is equal to him in all but title. 

- She is comfortable being a regional leader of the Southern US- it lets her operate with a more hands-on approach and she likes being involved (She thinks being a Head Assassin means being detached from the other Assassins). 

- She is Connor’s top informant, and she is the first person he goes to when he needs information for anything. If someone knows something, they’ll get it, whether using her charms or his intimidation (he’s such a sweet puppy otherwise tbh). No secrets are safe in the minds of men.

- Anyone who has ever dealt with her will note both her poise and good humor. The lower ranking Assassins aspire to be like her.


- Edward is not the Head Assassin, nor is he the Region Leader, but he operates out of the Caribbean and he’s highly regarded there as an expert of both espionage and, obviously, the actual field work. 

- While not as widely known among the Assassins, he has his place and couldn’t be prouder of his grandson for being the Head Assassin of the US

- He visits London from time to time and many lower ranking recruits there never forget him because he and Jacob are like flint and steel- they always start stuff on fire when together. It’s a nightmare for Evie.


- Arno is, like Edward, not even a regional leader but he seems to operate exclusively in France, not that he wouldn’t mind leaving- lots of bad memories in France. 

- His business seems innocent, just a small, local chain of quaint cafes, what could be so bad? Whoops, the staff members are all Assassins, and they hear every whisper uttered. Not that they pry, but if they hear a name of a Templar, or suspicious Templar activity, they’re like hounds on a hare, chasing those rumors and constantly checking them to make sure they’re legit. 

- He’s like the Ultra Messenger, an expert at weeding out even the tiniest details. In fact, a lot of his intel tends to make it’s way back to Ezio.

- Rumors of him being romantically involved with the Head Templar Elise have been interpreted as him being a spy, but they legitimately are together. It’s peculiar that a real relationship is being mistaken for a fake one this time. Usually it’s the other way around. 


- Jacob is widely known in the Brotherhood across the world as the might-as-well-be Head Assassin. Everyone thinks he’s the leader there, but it’s actually Evie. 

- Jacob’s gang operates both under-the-table and out in broad daylight. The brash, in-your-face style of operation actually is what keeps their Assassin ties a secret; the Templars assume that they’re “too public” for Assassins. Puts a WHOLE new spin on hiding in plain sight.

- He doesn’t actually like the aspect of having to report to people so he straight-up ignores writing serious reports. Nobody really punishes him for it since he started turning in “Reports”

- Those reports were just newspaper articles on ‘mysterious and unfortunate events’ with notes like ‘That guy was NOT a kind, generous loving soul he BEAT A MAN over CARDS’


- Evie, while technically the Head Assassin (Appointed by Henry after he decided to step down) has given up correcting people on who is really the Head Assassin. “We both are…” She says now, since it’s easier to explain. 

- She operates under-the-radar but uses Jacob’s gang as a cover. She always finds a way to tie any mishaps to his gang. 

- While the Templars see the Rooks as a troublesome threat, they have no suspicions on them being Assassins. Evie also keeps it that way, making sure that whatever the gang does, it doesn’t draw any suspicions on who is running them. 

- Oh, a businessman who HAPPENED to be a Templar just HAPPENED to lose all of his stocks? Oh, his warehouse just HAPPENED to burn down? Oh, a rumor about employee abuse started spreading? How absolutely UNFORTUNATE!

Bonus/ Extras

Henry Green

- Henry stepped down because God Save Him he didn’t want to read any more reports on what Jacob did so he made Evie Head Assassin so he won’t have to read about how Jacob almost wrecked the British economy… again.

- He’s well regarded still but he now mostly deals with collecting intel and whatnot. Not a very good field agent but he has connections all over the world so Evie tries to keep him safe. His information is invaluable to the Assassins (And plus… they’re like… together and stuff). 

Mary Read

- The Regional Leader of the Caribbean, and could definitely be the Head Assassin when the time came to elect a new one. 

- You can thank her for recruiting Edward. Or curse her. Depends on who ya are.

- Was a smuggler before becoming an Assassin, and uses those skills to sneak the more… peculiar resources that would raise the eye of the Templars (or the government).

Shay Cormac

- While he sides with the Templars, he keeps both factions from First Civilization artifacts and travels the world to do so. Tends to get in the way of the Assassins more than Templars, but I’m sure it’s just a coincidence… every time…

- Sort of a messenger for Haytham. People say that Shay is like Haytham’s Hands, reaching out across the world to enact his will. But that’s ridiculous. Shay is more like Haytham’s Eyes and Ears, but I suppose that doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. 

Crawford Starrick

- Was actually raised by Shay, believe it or not (I credit all of this to @shay-patrick-cormac) HEAR ME OUT

- After his parents were murdered, Shay found him and took him in during one of his travels to London and taught him the way of the Templars, and Haytham approved of him being Shay’s apprentice.

- Returned to London when he became an adult and actually has done a fairly good job asserting Templar authority there (Until the Fryes…)

Ranks (WIP but bear with me)

True Mentor: Ok it’s not an official “Rank” but it’s the highest honor and only Altair is referred to as it. It basically means he is the teacher of the teachers, the most knowledgeable and the most wise. Perhaps when Altair passes on, another will be given the name. It may one day become an official rank, but for now it’s merely another way to say Altair’s name, especially when near Templars.

Head Assassin:  These guys are kinda like the Leaders of the Brotherhood. You don’t just ‘become’ a Head Assassin, you have to EARN it. Generally through an act that helped the ENTIRE Brotherhood worldwide. They generally look over one country (Like Connor, for instance, mainly looks over the US but Canada is also in his ‘jurisdiction’ if there’s something big going on). Some continents have more than 1 Head Assassin because of language/ culture barriers and whatnot (Europe has a bunch, but there are many in Asia and Africa as well!). Think of it as the Manager, only with murder. Murder Manager.

Regional Leader: They’re basically Head Assassins only smaller. The US has a LOT of Regional Leaders and only 1 Head Assassin, but some countries only have two at most! They generally don’t travel too far and they’re a bit less intimidating than Head Assassins, so to speak. It’s still an honor and a task to become one, but it’s mainly achieved by having an outstanding service record in a certain area. If you operate mainly out of… the Midwest, let’s say, and the Head Assassin knows this, they may appoint you as the Regional Leader of the Midwest. Although there’s not much here besides cornfields and conservatives so I don’t know why you’d want to be the Regional Leader here. But I digress.

Those are the Top Three Ranks, everything below that is mainly just “Assassin” with “Senior Assassin, Assassin, or Apprentice” 

Don’t wanna get ya hands bloody but still wanna help us out? That’s cool. There’s more than just murder here!


Wanna patch up ya field agents? Do ya know how to help people get back on their feet from even fatal blows? Or maybe you wanna be a reverse doctor and specialize in poison and less stabby murders? Well I’ve got the job for you, friend! Become a doctor! Or a Battle Medic! Heal your allies and devastate your foes all while keeping your hands clean! More or less… and figuratively speaking, because you’re a doctor- you’re gonna get dirty. BUT STILL 


Ok so maybe the sight of blood makes you squeamish but you still wanna contribute? Become a spy! Infiltrate the Templars or any enemy of the Assassins and rot them from the inside out! Delve into their dirty dirty secrets and reveal them to your friendly neighborhood field agent and the next thing you know you’ve brought down an empire just in time for lunch! How does pizza with a side of Templar Tears sound? 

Messenger/ Informant

Ok so MAYBE you’re not really the type to befriend and backstab your allies but you wanna still be in that category? Cool, cool. Informats gather information mainly from spies or contacts that have allied themselves with the Assassins. They travel a lot, so this is a good choice for people who want to see the world! Or people who have commitment issues. Either one works.

To the tune of aladins a whole new world

I can show you a world
Full of spike tape and spot lights
Tell me, director, now when did
You last let the script decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you back stage and to the pit
Over sideways and under
up on the cat walk

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us “Not that show”
Or “not here no”
Or say we’re only dreaming

A whole new world
A dazzling place you never knew
But now from way up here
It’s crystal clear
that now I’m in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights
Indescribable feeling
flying, building, cue calling
Through an endless tech week

A whole new world
Don’t you dare close your eyes
A hundred thousand cues to call
Don’t hold your breath, you’ll screw it up
you’ve come so far
don’t have a break down yet

A whole new world
Every turn a surprise
With new shows to pursue
Every tech is more stressful
can’t wait for the show to be threw
no time to spare
Let me share this whole new world with you

The image you’re looking at shows what many astronomers now think is a planet… without a solar system.

As I described earlier, we don’t think planets form without solar systems. How could this planet have drifted into interstellar space?

Jupiter might give us a clue. This massive planet’s shown the ability to use gravitational power to fling things to and fro - sometimes into interstellar space.

NASA even uses Jupiter’s massive gravitational power to speed spacecraft into distant places instead of using fuel.

Detecting these dark and lonely places is hard. The most effective method is by using long-wavelength light: infrared.

Based on lessons attained deep below the surface of Earth’s oceans, we have another wild idea regarding these rogue planets.

They could host extra terrestrial life.

Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor spray fumes of energy up into the oceans above. It comes from when the planet formed and has been constantly fueling the oceans with energy since its inception 4.5 billion years ago.

Just as much life below the ocean surface doesn’t need sunlight to live… it’s entirely within the realms of possibility that something might be thriving in the darkness of interstellar space living off the energy and heat contained within the planet.

In 2018 the next generation of powerful space telescopes will be launched into orbit: the James Webb Space Telescope. This telescope will have power most potently in the infrared range of light.

Could it be that when this telescope goes up and we point it into the black emptiness of space, our sight will fill with a whole new magnitude of life-bearing worlds? Could these planets even be as common as the stars themselves?

I’m humbled and excited to be a part of this new era of exploration.

(Image Credit: N. Metcalfe & Pan-STARRS 1 Science Consortium)

They say that love is blind. That it blocks you from seeing the truth that everyone else sees. That it causes you to be foolish and careless. But those who say that just aren’t loving right. Love isn’t blind… it’s sight. It opens your eyes to a whole new world you never noticed before. You see this other person fully. Inside and out. Good and bad. Through the highs and lows. This person becomes your other half. They know you better than you know yourself.

HE knows me better than I know myself. He challenges me. He pushes me. He makes me a different person… a person I don’t even recognize. A person I’ve always wanted to be. He’s dangerous but that’s what makes me feel alive.

Love is blind. Love is wild. Love is pure.
Kian Lawley brings me sight. Gives me fresh air. Fills me with love.

Even with the pain.

for a long time I imagined love as a dream,
something that appeared when I closed my eyes at night.
i’d be plagued each morning by the feeling of solitude,
my hands could reach out for days, only to be left empty.

winter was always my least favorite season,
for the days got dark long before I could open my eyes.
it was almost the new year when I met you,
but I could never make a resolution that kept me from falling.

suddenly, my days were as bright as your half grin after a kiss,
and dreams had a whole new meaning.
How could I dare close my eyes? And lose sight of you for a moment?

i’d kiss the stars each night before bed,
my head would spin, my love I had imagined was a dream,
but i’d pray to never fall asleep, you were real.
one night, i’ll stare God straight in the eyes,
and tell him that if loving you were a sin,
then i’d want no place in heaven.


“I can show you the world. Shinin’, shimmerin’, splendid. Tell me, princess, now when did ya last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder, over, sideways and under on a magic carpet ride. A whole new world; a new fantastic point of view. No one to tell us no or where to go, or say we’re only dreamin’.”

“A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew, but when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear that now I’m in a whole new world with you. Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings, soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky. A whole new world.

"Don’t ya dare close your eyes.”

“A hundred thousand things to see”

“Hold your breath, it gets better.”

“I’m like a shooting star. I’ve come so far. I can’t go back to where I used to be.”

ennoshitty  asked:

may i ask for a cliche scenario where ennoshita, iwaizumi, kyoutani, tanaka and tsukishima see their crush getting bullied/cornered by some classmates? (hopefully this isn't too much! ;v;)

|| Omg this scenario is so cute but at the time triggering memories of shoujo manga scenarios ;u; Don’t worry, dear, this isn’t too much at all. ||

Tanaka tolerated no sight of seeing them being picked on. Without a second thought, he approached their bullies. His face displayed complete disgust for such an immature act. “Hey!” He exclaimed. It was as if a dark aura radiated around him. Such made the students jump a bit, quickly making taking a dash. Before he can chase them, the spiker had found his hand gently grabbed. “Please don’t.” His crush uttered, not wanting them to scoot to their level. Immediately, the male calmed down a bit, sighing in exasperation. He turned to them. “What did they want from you anyway?” He questioned. They shook their head. “It’s been a thing since.” They spoke, a sigh escaping their lips. Hearing such, he took hold of their hands. “Then let me protect you!” He exclaimed. Such took them aback, but they smiled nonetheless; his words have made their day. “You’re too sweet, Tanaka.”

To see his crush cornered by their classmates concerned Ennoshita in ways more than one. Seeing them uncomfortable with the situation they were in, he stood up from his seat. He gently pulled them away from the crowd. “You know, a little space would be good.” He told the group. His expression may be rather calm, but his tone was in  no doubt stern. It got the other students to steer clear from him and the other. “You okay?” He asked them, gently placing a hand on their shoulder. Looking up at him, they nodded. “I’m okay now.” Their response washed relief all over him. “That’s good.” He gave a slight smile. “If that ever happens again, be sure to call me.” He told them. “I’ll be sure that they don’t make you feel like that again, okay?” Blushing, they nodded shyly in response, eyes on the ground. “Thank you, Ennoshita.”

Although one to jeer and tease, bullying was a whole new low for Tsukishima. Such a sight brought a distaste in his mouth as he clicked his tongue in annoyance seeing his crush being picked on. He approached the group, adjusting his glasses. “I suggest picking on someone your own size, or taller.” He told them. “Better yet, out of the way. Your presence is giving me a headache.” His usually mocking tone was replaced with a more hostile one. It wasn’t too long until they got the message and left with a sneer due to his intervention. His crush twiddled their fingers, rather shocked by his actions. Out of impulse, they bowed to him. “S-sorry…” They stammered. His expression softened from that very moment. Awkwardly, he patted their head. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” He told them, looking away from them. As they saw the redness in his cheeks, they smiled to themselves.

“Don’t you think you’re going a bit too far?” Iwaizumi arched a brow, arms crossed as he looked at the group surrounding his crush. Knowing the ace of the team, they steered clear. After such he approached them right away, extending a hand to pull them up. “Everything okay?” Reluctantly, they nodded, accepting the assistance in order to stand up. “Yeah…” They replied. “Stuff like this tend to happen sometimes.” Such words made the male frown. “That’s not fair though.” He stated. “You’re not doing anything wrong.” He then thought for a moment. “Tell you what? From now on, stay close to me, okay?” He began. His words took them aback. “H-huh?” “I-it’s to make sure you don’t get picked on.” He stuttered a bit, rubbing the back of his neck. “Nothing more, nothing less…” He muttered to himself before noticing them nod. “Well if it’s okay with you, then alright.” 

Notorious for his brash behavior, it was a shock to see Kyōtani standing up for a person. Usually, he wouldn’t meddle with these sort of things, but this was a special case; at least to him it was.Before he could even approach the group of students, they quick dashed for it and left his crush. “You okay?” He asked them, causing them to jump a bit. “I-I’m okay…” They respond with a stutter. “Sorry you had to bother though…” They apologized with a nervous chuckle before attempting to take their leave; that was until they felt their arm gripped by the man. “Huh?” They looked at him in confusion as he muttered, “I won’t let them do that again.” They seemed to smile a bit, as if their worries had been washed away.

Wildest Dreams

Pairing: Luke Hemmings & (y/n)
Rating: Mature content, please do not read if this makes you uncomfortable, or if you are too young to do so!
Words: 5,000
Request: No
Summary: Actress (Y/N) and actor Luke Hemmings form a secret relationship together while on set of their movie.


Light rain cascaded onto the blacktop leaving puddles in its wake. Few leaves were scattered on the ground being that it was late October, the leaves were each unique in their own way. Some were beautiful shades of red or orange, and then there was the common dull brown ones. Fall was a beautiful time back home. Here in New York City there weren’t many trees for leaves to fall from, unless you were in central park.

I observed the leaves and the rain puddles from the back seat of the black town car. The windows were deeply tinted so no passerby’s could see in, but I could see them. I was especially jealous of the couples who were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk sharing an umbrella together without a care in the world. I wanted to do that with Luke. I wanted nothing more than to show the world my love and devotion for Luke Hemmings.

It started sweet and innocent enough we were both assigned to the same movie, each of us starring as main characters, the director noted we had instant chemistry and things took off from there. I blame the director; Jeff as we referred to him, he had a vision that involved steamier scenes that were not included within the written script. I had not signed up for so many sex related scenes with Luke, but that is what I received.

With a sigh I smoothed out my black dress that fell right at my thighs before rubbing my red lips together as I patiently waited for Luke.

Finally Luke came out wearing his lovely gray suit and tie before sliding next to me in the black town car. With a large grin Luke leaned over the consul to inform our driver we were ready to leave. Turning around Luke looked over my outfit before sighing a breath of relief. “Hi baby girl.” His raspy voice whispered before he leaned in to kiss my cheek as the car began to drive off into the distance. “Hi, you look good.” I nodded my head in approval before he brought me to sit in his lap. His firm hands held my body on top of his as he began to peck light kisses onto my neck. “Luke, what are you—“

“Ssh (Y/N), let me show you how good you make me feel.” Luke whispered sensually causing a sigh to fall from my lips as I rested my head on top of his. Luke had the ability to make me feel as if I was the only girl in the world. He removed one hand from my hips and moved it to my thigh massaging lightly as he sucked on the skin of my neck.

A quiet but audible buzz sang from Luke’s pocket as my now alert eyes looked down to his. “Luke, are you going to get that?” I asked swallowing my fear because I already knew the answer.

“Yeah, I guess.” He mumbled before he sat me back down on the seat next to him. With a pout I disconnected from Luke as his eyes looked sadly into mine. He knew that this affected me but still he made no effort to stop it. Picking up his phone he placed it to his ear before announcing softly, “Hey, babe.”

Sienna was Luke’s long time girlfriend who also happened to be an actress. She was made of pure beauty and had captured Luke’s heart as well as his fans hearts a longtime ago. From what Luke told me she wasn’t all she was made out to be. Sienna was selfish; always putting her wants and desires over Luke’s and everybody else’s. She was possessive, never wanting him to leave her sight at public events and she defined a whole new meaning to the word controlling. In my opinion I thought Luke should just call it quits with Sienna, but then again I extremely was biased.

With a irritated huff I began focusing on breathing in and out in an effort to calm myself as I looked out the window to the see the streets still glistened with rain and the leaves crunching underneath tires of cars that whished by. I saw more couples lining the sidewalks most likely to see the Rockefeller Christmas tree, with Starbucks cup in hand. I dreamed that Luke and I would be able to have that one day, a real relationship, not just a secret relationship.

His phone call dragged on per usual as it normally does. Sienna loves to talk about herself so Luke was constantly being subjected to hour long phone calls on everything from what new makeup she was wearing, where she had been shopping recently, what her exes were up to and so on and so forth.

I was the other woman, this was true. But I did not mean to fall for Luke Hemmings, it just happened. The guilt consumed me more times than not. Luke knew I felt guilty, I constantly told him we should stop, that if he loved Sienna he would stop and be loyal to her, but he always came back to me, whispering sweet and sensual things in my ear causing me to lose my ground on staying away from him.

The car drove further out of the city causing me to furrow my freshly plucked eyebrows, “Luke, where are we going?” A sexy sly smile appeared on the face I adored so much as he rubbed his chin that held his scruff before looking out of the window, “It’s a surprise.”

June (Flashback)

“Let me take you home, (Y/N).” Luke asked while holding my hips steadying me from falling in my heels. “My driver can come, it’s really not a big deal.”

“Please, (Y/N), I need to know you will get home safe.” His slurred words somehow made his voice even sexier causing me to nod my head in response allowing myself to exit the club with Luke Hemmings.

Together we ran into the street giggling as we tried to duck and covered our faces from the paparazzi all around us. Once we entered the black town car I couldn’t help but giggle to see a now flustered Luke who adjusted his flannel shirt. “Sienna won’t like those pictures at all.” I said through a laugh.

With a roll of his eyes Luke laughed as well, “Oh well, who cares, right?” Nodding my head feeling the alcohol coarse through my veins I nodded in agreement, even though in actuality I did not agree with this statement. I sat silently next to him fighting the urge to keep my mouth shut, I knew the moment I opened my mouth about it Luke and I would argue about what we always argued about, but my drunken state kept my brain from using my filter. “You should care actually, you two are in a relationship…”

“It’s not the same though… She’s changed, I’ve changed.” Luke’s voice was stern as it usually was on this topic. “It’s not what it used to be.” He replied rubbing his chin scruff as he let out a long sigh. Moving closer to where he was I cuddled into him resting my head on his shoulder. “If you’re not happy then you need to talk to her.” Luke didn’t reply but instead kissed the top of my head and I could only hope that his lack of response was that he agreed with me.

The town car came to a stop outside of my penthouse, luckily the paparazzi hadn’t followed us so we were both able to shuffle out and walk into the building. My heels clicked across the floor as I reached to press the elevator button, Luke rested a hand on my waist before leaning into my ear, “Let me take your shoes off, I don’t want you to fall.” Giving him the okay nod of approval, Luke bent down and removed each one of my heels before holding them in his hands. “Is that better, sweetie?” He leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips causing my insides to bubble with warmth. “Mhmm.” The elevator doors slid open and Luke followed me in as we waited for the elevator to take us to my penthouse. 

As soon as the elevator doors opened to my penthouse the mood changed instantly. Luke tossed my Louboutins to the floor as he picked me up causing my legs to wrap around his waist. “Luke! Those are expensive.”

“I’ll buy you more, sweetheart.” His lips smashed into mine with an incredible force, he backed me into the wall before allowing his tongue into my mouth to massage my own tongue causing a moan to vibrate both of our tongues. “Luke, we shouldn’t…” I pulled away to break the kiss already missing the feeling of his lips on mine, his taste was a craving I couldn’t shake. With a sigh Luke rested his forehead onto mine before closing his eyes. “Honey, we’ve discussed this.”

Again, I know that Luke reassured me once again in the car that things with him and Sienna weren’t the same, that they were slowly in the process of falling out of love, but I still felt guilty. I wouldn’t want someone to do this to me, but Luke kept reassuring me that it would work out, that time would separate them at the right time so they would not have bad blood, and that time would find a way for us to be together. I wanted to trust him, but I still felt like shit for having a part in breaking up their relationship.

I swallowed knowing exactly what would happen next. “But-“ I mumbled before Luke’s angry baby blue eyes shot open. “You can’t keep blaming yourself for her faults! I don’t love her anymore, that’s an issue between me and her, not you. I want you (Y/N). Please understand that.”

How could I understand this? Luke told me he wanted me, he would call me, we would hang out, we would have sex every chance we got, I knew that what we had was more than a friends with benefits situation, but I wanted to be his completely, and that couldn’t happen as long as Sienna was in the picture. Luke was adamant on giving it time, but I wanted him now. With my head swirling with drunken thoughts I decided in that moment that in order to have him now I would need to forget about Sienna, or else he would drop me before we even had a chance.

“You’re right, baby. Let’s not discuss her again.” And my lips met his once more and I could feel him smile into our kiss.

Watching the town car ride north from Manhattan on the interstate I knew exactly where we were headed. Upstate New York was a common getaway for Luke and I. It was an escape from the bright lights of Manhattan, the paparazzi and the fans, and the girl I promised to forget about it who was in the buried deep in the back of my mind. “Upstate?” My voice was enthusiastic, as I turned to Luke whose blue eyes sparkled in the dark car that was illuminated by the lights of passing cars around us.

“You’re too good.” I scooted closer to him leaving kisses on the shell of his ear before moving to  kiss his cheek and down to his jaw. His scruff hadn’t been shaved in quiet some time since we wrapped up our filming of the movie we had been working on together and I had to say it looked sexy on him. The tiny hairs tickling my lips as I kissed up and down his face.

Upstate New York was the one place Luke and I could be together alone and happy. Right before we began seeing each other he had bought a place in a suburban town as a getaway from the bright lights and hectic nature of New York. Thankfully for us Sienna was not a suburban girl, she would much rather be in Los Angeles which was where she was 90% of the time. The other 10% she spent with Luke in New York. Which is how we came to this predicament, we spent more time together and we had similar likes in regards to location. Sienna was a fish out of water when it came to Luke, yet they remained together.

Memories flooded my brain of the times Luke and I had spent in Upstate doing activities normal couples could do, we went apple picking, held hands in the small town park, got takeout and ate on the couches in front of the television. Life was complete and we could act like we were a real couple in Upstate. But it was only a weekend getaway.

Every time we left the city and entered the paradise I had grown to love I had the burning feeling in my stomach as a constant reminder that we were only mere hours away of returning to the city leaving our paradise behind.

Twirling my hair and biting my lip, a nervous habit, Luke’s intense gaze sent me back into reality. Luke provided a faint smile before leaning in to cup my face in his large hand. “I can tell you are stressing. You stress too much, go to sleep and relax.” Luke pecked my forehead with his soft pale pink lips. I let out a satisfied sigh taking him up on his offer and allowed myself to rest my head on his lap stretching the rest of my body on the backseat as Luke’s calloused fingertips began to stroke my hair nulling me off into dreamland.

“(Y/N), wake up.” Luke was smiling down on me his hand twined in my hair as I opened my sleep filled eyes. I let out a large yawn as I sat up in the seat taking in my surroundings. We were here in the bliss of Luke’s getaway house I smiled before leaning over and kissing Luke on his perfect lips as he returned the kiss but broke away smiling, “As much as I love kissing you, we should probably take this inside.” His blue crystal eyes shone to me with excitement as we both practically jumped out of the car. Luke gave a wave to his driver before taking my hand and leading us to the front of the house.

As soon as the front door shut with a click, Luke turned to me and his eyes became a deeper shade of blue, “Upstairs, go to the bed.” With a excited grin I lead the way to the master suite swaying my hips as I went up the steps. The house smelled just as I remembered it from the last visit, it smelled of fresh pine, spices, and a hint of vanilla. It reminded me of Luke, and somehow this place had grown to feel like a second home.

Reaching the master door suite I turned the door slowly before looking back at Luke with a sly lust filled grin. Hopefully he was feeling his dominant ways tonight, it had been so long since we had been able to be intimate with each other. Many times we had snuck into closets and each others dressing rooms to get a quickie here and there but being on a movie set made it difficult. There were people literally everywhere all of the time. We couldn’t escape together for long periods of time without attracting attention, and attention would damage our secret relationship.

I turned to see Luke had gone over to the bedside end table where he lit a candle that smelled of the beach, an interesting scent mixture to the already existing smell of the house, but I couldn’t careless. I just wanted Luke to myself. Wasting no time I walked up to Luke fluttering my eyelashes causing him to groan at the mere sight of me. “Unzip me?” I asked seductively before turning my back to him exposing the back of my neck as I collected my long curled hair into my hands. “Mhmm, my pleasure.” Luke whispered against my skin, his hot breath warmed my insides as he scattered kissed along my neck while slowly unzipping the back of my dress. 

After unzipping the dress he helped me shrug it off my shoulders and let it fall into a pool on the ground. Now I stood before him with my back turned to him in a set of sexy black lingerie that he had purchased for me a few weeks ago. “Well don’t you look beautiful.” Luke pressed kisses down my spine meanwhile firmly cupping my cheeks in his hands. He pressed his growing erection into my back causing my breath to hitch in my mouth before I spun around to face him quickly grabbing his face and pulling him down to kiss my lips. It had been so long since I last sucked his cock it was literally clouding every single judgment I had. “Let me suck your cock, please.” I begged once I broke away from our kiss. 

“Of course.” He winked causing wetness to form already in my panties as I got Luke out of his dress pants and boxers before pushing him down on the bed. My mouth practically drooled upon seeing his red erection staring me in the face. Had he gotten bigger since the last time I saw him? Although I believe that to be physically impossible he sure did look scrumptious. Licking my lips I reached down to peck the tip of his cock before licking over the silt. The salty taste of pre-cum entering my mouth made me sigh with pleasure. Just as I was about to slide my mouth down on his hard rock member Luke halted my actions, “Wait baby,” I looked up at him with wide eyed confusion, “What?” But Luke was reaching over to the end table where the candle was and reached into the drawer pulling out a black hair tie.

Sitting up Luke grabbed my hair into a messy ponytail that was sure to leave knots later, but he receives an A for effort before tying my hair up for me before kissing my forehead and lying back down on the bed. “Now I don’t have to worry about messing up your perfect hair.” With a large grin I sunk my mouth down on his erection lightly bobbing my mouth up and down to get him as sexually frustrated as I was. Luke let out a hoarse moan as I used my tongue to pay close attention to the blue vein that appeared on the underside of his cock.

“Fuck yes, (Y/N). I’ve missed your perfect mouth so much.” Luke moaned as I continued my work on him feeling myself get hornier and hornier by the second. I don’t know what it was specifically that made fucking him with my mouth so erotic, but it never failed to act as a great foreplay to what was going to come later.

Luke tugged at my bra unclasping it and letting it fall off my chest as he began to flick my nipples causing an audible moan to be heard while simultaneously vibrating his cock. Luke’s head flew back into the fluffy white pillows as he let out a soft moan causing his mouth to fall open and he formed an “O” with those perfect lips.

Allowing my jaw to take a rest before I gave it to him good I removed myself from him and allowed my hand to help him out as I gave a few kitten licks to his slit collecting new juices before giving attention to his balls. “Holy shit, (Y/N).” Luke moaned as I massaged his balls with my mouth, now it was time for the game changer. I slid my mouth back onto him before I began to deep throat him, just like we had practiced.

“Fuck yes!” Luke cried out, sweat beading on his forehead as I gave him what I could only hope would be one of the greatest blowjobs of his entire life. Luke was a panting mess before me as I continued to give him what he desired, I continued to bob on him before I felt Luke began to twitch against my mouth. “I’m gonna cum.” Luke cried out before hot spurts of cum flew into my mouth as I continued to suck him off.

Finally he stopped twitching inside of my mouth and I made sure to clean his cock off with my tongue before swallowing all of his juices before releasing his member as I collapsed beside him on the bed.

“(Y/N), that was absolutely incredible, thank you so much my perfect girl.” He collected me into his arms, pulling me into his sweaty chest and cuddling into me. Luke was clearly wore out as I had expected from all of the amount of cum I just swallowed down, but I was still horny and needed him to fix this problem as soon as possible. “Luke, I need you.” I whined. 

“I know baby girl, but you just gave me an earth shattering orgasm, give me a minute.” Luke replied before he began stroking his member once again. It was probably painful after what he had just endured but I needed him more than I could have ever thought was possible. 

Finally Luke sat up before climbing on top of me and pulling my panties down. I went to kick off my black t-strap heels but he shook his head. “Keep those on.” I nodded before he slid my panties off around my heels before he spread my legs out for him on the bed. “Mhmm, prettiest pussy ever.” He mumbled to himself before he began to tease me by running his fingers up and down my thighs. My legs spread wider in an attempt to make him hurry up and please me but he just shook his head. Of course he had to be stubborn.

“Patience, baby, patience.” He kissed up and down my stomach before reaching my chest. His tongue grazed over my left nipple before lightly sucking while his hand went to squeeze my right breast. “Pretty everything.” He announced over me his hot minty breath sending chills to my core. I needed him bad.

He dropped to my waist before allowing his tongue to graze over my slit causing a moan to escape my lips.

“Luke, please, faster.” I whined as I bucked my hips into his wanting more friction, a faster pace, and for him to be deeper inside of me but he shook his head. “No, I don’t want to give it to you rough, not tonight.”

Together we cuddled into each other under the covers in silence. Who knew that vanilla sex with Luke would lead me to have two orgasms? I smiled to myself curling into Luke’s warm body feeling the sweat on his chest. But once my body started to cool off from the physical activity a chill began to run through my body causing goose bumps to form on my arms. “Cold?” Luke asked raising an eyebrow as he rubbed my arms up and down to create friction. “A little.” I replied with a laugh. With a quick peck to my hair Luke was up and walking towards his closet where he pulled out a flannel shirt for me to put on. 

“I love you, (Y/N).” Luke whispered into my hair causing my insides to melt into one. “I love you too, Luke.” 

Early November

I had been sitting at my kitchen island counter for almost an hour looking down at the package before me. It had come at noon and now it was one in the afternoon and I was still just looking at it dumbfounded. The package contained one thing, my Burberry plaid scarf. It was a nice scarf, one that I had missed terribly when I couldn’t find it. But now that it was sitting on my counter as a content of this package I didn’t want anything to do with it.

A handwritten note had also came with this package. The handwriting immediately making me gasp as I picked it up to read it.


I’m taking a wild guess that this is yours. It is just easier to mail it back to you since you won’t be seeing Luke any time soon.

-       Sienna 

An array of emotions had overtaken my nervous system leaving me without the ability to comprehend what had just happened or to even form words. She knew about Luke, and somehow she made it so he wouldn’t be seeing me again. Did she know that he loved me? Probably not. One tear feel from my left eye before I decided I shouldn’t worry if I had not even talked to Luke yet. For all I know Luke could have broken up with her and she was just going crazy. 

An unanswered call from Luke, confirmed my suspicions. The tall handsome bad boy I knew better than to get involved with had chose his maiden, and much to my dismay it wasn’t me.

Late November

“Luke, how could you?” I whispered with tears falling from my eyes. I had never felt so betrayed in my entire life. My stomach was in knots and I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out, throw up, or spontaneously combust right at this very moment. Flustered, Luke ran a hand through his blond messy hair at an attempt to alleviate stress but his eyes showed his anxiety was still there. “It wasn’t fair, I had to pick.”

“Excuse me?” I mumbled barely even hearing my own voice. I could feel my eyes squinting causing a vicious glare to be shown at the object of my complete emotional breakdown. “What?” Luke asked with his head cocked to the side. I didn’t respond, instead I allowed my fingernails to dig into the palms of my hands. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you-“ Luke said with a look of confusion written across his face.  “Fuck you.” I snarled. 

“You said you didn’t love her anymore! You said you wanted me!” I yelled as tears spilled from my eyes drenching my face. Usually I would be concerned about my make-up but I was so distressed I couldn’t think about anything other than Luke and her. 

“I’m sorry! It wasn’t exactly easy for me either!” Luke screamed back to which angered me even more. “It wasn’t easy for you?! It was your fucking idea!” I exclaimed as I shoved his chest so I could walk around him to exit the bathroom. “Are you crazy! Don’t hit me.” Luke said with a sigh. “Let’s talk it out, okay?” 

“You want to talk, Luke? Let’s talk about how you manipulated me. You told me you didn’t love her,  that things wouldn’t last between the two of you. You told me you wanted me, to forget about her, that I made you happy, that I was everything to you. You told me you loved me. Now, you tell me you’re engaged to her?”

“It’s a lot to take in I get it.” Luke sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. But I couldn’t take it any more, the sobs had wracked my body now and I was incapable of forming words. He was everything to me for these past few months I lived, breathed, and dreamed of Luke Hemmings. Now it was Luke Hemmings who had shattered my ego, dignity, and my hope into miniscule pieces. I leaned against the wall before sliding down to the ground allowing the uncontrollable sobs I was producing to engulf me.

I sat there and cried with knees to my chest, arms folded on top of my knees, and my head on my arms, and cried until I was incapable of producing tears. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Luke spoke with a few tears sliding down his cheek. “Just go now, please.” I begged and so he left. I thought I would feel relief having the boy who crushed me leave me to be in complete and utter disarray alone but the loneliness was even a bigger presence now than it had been before, it that was even possible.


The night of the premier had finally arrived, an event I had been dreading for an entire month. Luckily I was able to work out a schedule with everyone for promotional events, Luke and I did everything separately which was extremely uncommon for actors in a romantic movie to do, but I refused to show up knowing he would be there. This was the one event I could not convince them to let me skip out on. 

Luke followed me out of the premier, I could hear his footsteps crashing on the marble floor running after me, but I ran faster even in my heels. “(Y/N), wait up!” He called but I ignored him pushing the door to lead outside so I could get the hell out of here. Cool crisp air hit my flushed face as I stepped outside into the New York City streets as Luke finally caught up with me he rested a hand on my shoulder causing me to spin around in his direction shooing him a wicked glare. “I’m sorry (Y/N), you meant so much to me and I was an idiot… I-“ Luke shook his head as he cleared his throat his blue eyes I once adored so much I had actually memorized to the point they were vivid in my dreams began to form tears, “Maybe if you would let me, we could try-“

“In your wildest dreams.” I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and walked down to the black town car waiting for me erasing any memory of Luke Hemmings.

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Liam’s never been particularly gifted at making friends, not even in his pack where they’re, like, guaranteed stuck with him. Though he reckons that’s the reason he’s never gone out and did anything about it. He didn’t want anyone to be stuck with him.

He can’t get a read on his randomly assigned flatmate, a bloke named Louis who’s got sharp eyes and a sharper tongue. He makes Liam nervous though there’s a flicker inside him that tells him not to worry.

The rest of the university’s population moves like a mass, thousands of people with their own paths to follow, and none of them seem to lead to Liam. And Liam’s not got a clue where his is going, besides his first lecture. He doesn’t know what he was playing at, enrolling in a 9.30 lecture, which will be hell on nights where he has to run.

He’s too nervous to arrive at a normal time like a normal student, which leaves him alone in a massive lecture hall about twenty minutes too early. Hearing the lecture isn’t going to be an issue, so he picks his seat like he’s at the movies – middle of the middle row, able to see all, hear all, and, if he’s lucky, put his feet up.

There’s an entire lecture hall worth of empty seats and Liam gets sat next to almost immediately. He doesn’t see it coming with his head buried in his bag, fishing for a pencil and the muffin he knows for a fact he put in there before he left. He goes tense in a way that the simple action of someone sitting next to him genuinely doesn’t deserve.

Liam looks over at the stranger, finding wide eyes pointed back at him. His face softens Liam once Liam realizes what he is and why he’s come to sit next to Liam.

“I’m Niall, I’m going to sit next to you.” Niall’s quite matter of fact about it, startling but also a relief. Niall’s chosen him, Niall knows what he is. Liam feels his guard melting for the first time since he’s stepped foot on his campus.

Niall has this easy look about him. Like he’s just rolled out of bed, but also sort of like he wants to look like he’s just rolled out of bed, with the lazy flop of blond hair across his forehead and his loose clothing. He knows because he spends quite some time staring at Niall staring at him before he gets his mouth to say, “Liam. I’m Liam. Hello.”

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