a whole new blue

I have no control over where my thoughts go, but sometimes they come up with beautiful scenarios like this:

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one who is liking this new look that Daryl has, with the whole navy blue buttoned down shirt that shows off his muscles *swoons*…

BUT GUYS! What if in the (hopefully) near future, like in s8, we get to see that same shirt on Carol as she walks out of the bedroom with nothing else on. 

Cause I mean, I’ve always loved her in navy blue…

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PS: @lapicesypantones or @thaliasandy I would love y’all forever if you could draw her in that shirt

Y’know I don’t mind the ideas of lance reaching a low point in his self-esteem that causes him to leave the group in some belief that they’d be better off without him. Or Lance somehow being captured or taken out of commission.

But I’ve never liked the idea that they would somehow find a “new” blue paladin. I mean the whole point is that finding a paladin is NOT easy. that was why Pidge leaving in season 1 and shiro disappearing at the end of season 2 was such a huge deal. The group didn’t even know if finding a new pilot was even POSSIBLE at this point hence all the drama. And we’ve repeatedly seen that having even ONE of the paladins gone is this huge dramatic deal that completely throws the team dynamic off. (Ark of Taujeer anyone?)

I mean its fun to think of what other characters would match which lion, but its never really felt like a genuine possibility for me. 

Lance leaving the group is dramatic precisely BECAUSE he’s not replaceable and even if he was I doubt the others would even entertain the idea of doing so. Getting Lance back would become priority number one. No argument.

I’m not dissing anyones ideas here,. I’m really just confused as to why I dont see the same kind of thinking I tend to have about the subject more often. Mostly cause I feel like there’s a lot of story potential there that isnt being explored.

Just picked up my package from yumetenbo ☺️💕

Action Comics #976 – All is whole but continuity probably exploded and put itself back together at some point.

So, what everyone were expecting to happen happened. We didn’t get team-up of two Supermen, but New 52 versions of Superman and Lois came back. Much to confusion of Jon, their own and probably the readers as well. But luckily, Jon manages to save (out of lack of better word) souls of his parents and convinces New 52 versions to merge with them. In a symbolic manner Superman Red (Superbro of New 52) and Superman Blue (Superdad) unite into one, whole Superman. The history apparently rewrites itself to adjust to these changes as well, which I hope next issues of Action Comics and Superman will explain.

We also got some small hints of something bad coming. Mxyztplk mentions being who divided Superman and “something worse” coming, Mr. Oz wonders what will be reaction of mysterious him to undoing of that divide. We get not-so-subtle hint that “him” is on Mars. It makes a good job questioning what we do actually know of the role Doctor Manhattan played in New 52 and continues of playing in DC Rebirth. Is he really the misguided villain? Or merely trying to protect DC Universe from something (Maybe Empty Hand?)… while still being very misguided?

If a writer falls in love with you,
you’ll find out billions of things you never even knew about yourself.
They will find poetry in knots of your hair,
and discover a whole new galaxy in your piercing blue eyes.
They might forget to pay their phone bill, or how to breathe around you,
but the way your fingers dance across
a keyboard will forever be imprinted in their minds.
Every comment you make that you
think goes unnoticed will influence
a line in a poem.
Every little brush of the hand will make them stay up late writing in their journal.
You tell them that you fear being insignificant.
The fear of dying before you have
a chance of making an impact on this world haunts your mind late at night.
The writer, will call you foolish for this.
For you have already impacted them
and gave them enough inspiration
to last a lifetime.
The little poems and songs,
that they wrote specifically for you,
give you immortality.
As long as those words shall live,
you will too.
For not only had you captured the heart
of the writer,
but everyone who takes the time to listen
can’t help fall in love with you as well.
—  If A Writer Falls In Love With You

BOTTOM!ARTHUR FIC RECS 2.OO (<- double capital o’s necessary for the booty)

an anon asked for bottom!Arthur recs and i figured it was time for another list of bottom!arthur fics that have been posted recently/didn’t make the last post HERE. i do read more mod!au fics, so there are more of those than canon.

50+ fics below the cut!

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I see a whole new greenish blue
time runs wild in the eye of the storm
we call it vibration
but does it move, or is it just perspective?

- Cody Simpson

Okay, but The Raven King’s ending puts a whole new meaning to that quote: “Blue was a little in love with all of them.”

It’s beautiful that while the Gansey we knew is still dead, there’s a new version of him now. Same memories, but a different way of dealing with time. Still Gansey, but with the essences of Ronan, Adam, Blue, and Cabeswater literally a part of this new Gansey 3.0.

I couldn’t have possibly dreamt of a better end. He’s ALL of them.

Coming Down - Part One

Genre: Romance, Angst

Pairing: Leo x You

Warnings: None in particular. Some very minor violence. 

Additional Notes: Bodyguard!Leo AU

AN: So this started as a whole different request that was simply a Leo smut with several aspects tied to it and it became this whole new AU that led to the second part of this series. Part One is usually always the shortest and this is 9 and a half pages long on MS Word. So basically, something that could have been so simple became this whole new monster for me. And the sky is blue and the water is wet, what else is new?

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A Whole New World (Closed RP with blue-bae-and-her-hidden-fox)

With another work done, Arthur was now free to do what he pleased on Earth or heaven. Arthur chose to be on Earth like normal for while most humans couldn’t see him, it was still better than going back home.

The town he was in was all right so he decided to stay. Flying a bit higher than the humans so they wouldn’t walk through him, he went to a bakery first and stole a slice of cake. After putting the contained cake into his messenger bag, he then went to a store and stole some more food items. Once he had enough for a small meal, he flew to a small park.

This park wasn’t the one for children since it was mostly nature based so Arthur already knew there might not be any people there. Once he was sure there wasn’t anyone, he set his bag aside and laid on his stomach. He wasn’t worried about grass stains on his white tunic as he stretched his gold tinted wings to give them some breathing room. He then grabbed the bag of chips he stole and began to nibble on them, liking their high salty taste.

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