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  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> Why don't you play some music? Y'know from your phone? It'd be nice to have some music while we do work.<p/><b>Me:</b> Uh. Um. Well. You see. *nervously sweats*<p/><b>Friend:</b> *grabs phone*<p/><b>Phone:</b> *whole bunch of anime OPs and EDs, Character songs, Kagepro music, Honeyworks, Utaites, Neruke, Rock bands from different countries, Kenshi Yonezu, Vocaloids, Undertale Music, Ace Attorney Music, some other trash*<p/><b>Friend:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Friend:</b> Your playlist literally says "Weeabo Trash"<p/><b>Me:</b> It's fittingly titled what's your point?<p/><b>Friend:</b> I'll just... turn on the radio.<p/></p>

We all spend a lot of time talking about Kai’s which is honestly great because just look at this pure little ray of smiling sunshine~

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but honestly the whole band has great smiles like take Ruki for example

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or the smile Uruha gets when he interacts with other members

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or Aoi when he’s being a goofy little shit

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or the one that sneaks onto Reita’s face when he’s not trying to act cool

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The GazettE has beautiful smiles and it’s one of the best things about this band~

Modern Spirits

I think about a Lot how when we think about spirits, whether be energetic beings or faefolk or mythical figures or Japanese demons, they’re all depicted as wearing or acting or speaking like whatever time period and region they’re from because we humans made art and recorded findings.

Japanese demons in kimonos and ukatas and robes with swords and bow n’ arrrows. Greek gods and beings wearing togas and wearing wreaths or other headpieces. That whole deal.

What I think about a lot is how since these beings presented themselves to match the era, when in the modern days practitioners or fans go “I can’t believe that artist drew Satan in a leather coat and gave him piercings and tattoos, he looks so edgy!!!” you know, the thing is: he could totally be wearing that. Maybe when you summon Satan in your summoning circle he might project himself to you as a 90’s metal band bassist. Or just in sweats.

Of course, I see spirits that look like some wild inconceivable amalgamation of figures and shapes and energy. But think about it. Maybe that faerie is wearing a t-shirt and leggings just because they can, with some cool theme. You know we got cool designs for those these days. Maybe these spirits look like some pastel anime otaku.

Maybe that angel is in sweats. Maybe they all wearing sweats. Or look like a scene kid. Maybe that spirit you summon decides to look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson because that was the appearance you’d be most receiving to when they relay their message.



Scorpio + Other Signs Songs (listen to the whole song)

If you want/need explanation send me an ask ;)

Scorpio + Aries: Summertime by My Chemical Romance. “Until we find our way in the dark and out of harm. You can run away with me.”

Scorpio + Taurus: Lucky by Jason Mraz. “They don’t know how long it takes, waiting for a love like this.”

Scorpio + Gemini: I know I’m a wolf by Young Heretics. “I can keep you warm as long as you try to be brave.”

Scorpio + Cancer: Happy by Never Shout Never. “You make me happy whether you know it or not.”

Scorpio + Leo: Kiss me by Ed Sheeran. “I was made to keep you warm but I’m as cold as the wind blows me so hold me in your arms.”

Scorpio + Virgo: Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping with Sirens. “Outstretched to wonder why we don’t belong. You deserve much more, and I’ll give until I’m all gone.”

Scorpio + Libra: Coffee and Cigarettes by Never Shout Never. “So won’t you sing with me because it’s cold outside and I’m feeling kind of lonely.”

Scorpio + Scorpio: Fire Escape by Love Robot. “But you came, the first day. And I was starting to feel safe.”

Scorpio + Sagittarius: Tear in my Heart by Twenty One Pilots. “You fell asleep in my car. I drove the whole way. But that’s okay. I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine.”

Scorpio + Capricorn: Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon. “I felt it in my chest as she looked at me. We were bound to be together.”

Scorpio + Aquarius: Immortals by Fall Out Boy. “Cause we could be immortals, just not for long.”

Scorpio + Pisces: Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s. “I’ve got my head in the clouds, you beg me to come down says boy, quit fooling around.”

Mimikyu studies:

Mimikyu are very Lonely Pokemon, and all they want is a friend. But why don’t they band together and befriend other Mimikyu? The case for an individual might be that it’s too shy, it’s lost, or it’s not sure where to find them.

There aren’t a whole lot of them out there, anyways. But making friends would be a lot easier if Mimikyu weren’t so viciously territorial. While they’re rarely aggressive and would rather settle a dispute peacefully, disputes pop up quite often and Mimikyu aren’t very well equipped for handling them. They would often rather run form the conflict than resolve it, and this makes for a very hard time making friends.

Mimikyu absolutely adore the attention their trainers give them, but they rarely bond with other Pokemon, even the rest of their team, and grow jealous and sometimes even aggressive towards other Pokemon unless boundaries are set and acknowledged. They can become quite possessive towards their trainers if the whole team isn’t careful.

Studies are still pending (it’s always hard to study rare and elusive Ghost types in the wild), but a theory suggests that Mimikyu are naturally prone to neurosis and behavioral quirks that make them quite a handful for the unprepared. Lamarkian Genetics likely played a powerful role in this developement, as being a creature so horrifying that it has to cover itself to interact with another being leaves a powerful mark on a species (especially a species as long-lived as a Ghost+Fairy dual type). If this theory proves true, a trainer will have to learn and embrace their individual’s quirks to get the very most out of their bond with a Mimikyu, and not just a co-dependent or desperately clingy partner.

Lucky for trainers, Mimikyu are rarely withdrawn, and are very expressive of their needs and desires. Whether it’s dysthymic tendancies, compulsive repetitive behavior, or intense separation anxiety, a Mimikyu is very good at expressing itself and getting a trainer’s attention when it’s needed. They’re even known to be one of the hardest Pokemon to keep in a Pokeball. They’re quite clever too, and once they figure out how to escape the Pokeball when they want your attention, the trick will stay with them for life. Oftentimes they learn how to escape when they’re still on battlefield, before the trainer can claim them.

On the other hand, when worked with and appropriately bonded, a Mimikyu’s rapt attention and total dedication to protecting their trainer can be quite a benefit. Mimikyu are willing to do anything for their trainer, even if it means learning how to watch for seizures, intruders, offer comforting chirps and cuddles, retrieve items, and sit watch over their bedside for eternity. The only thing they have trouble doing is leaving your side.

They may be dressed as Pikachu, but there are good reasons you will never hear a Professor suggesting a Mimiyku as a starting Pokemon unless the circumstances are very, very special.

Especially with all these special considerations, Mimikyu trainers will gladly tell you that a Mimikyu is one of the most unique, affectionate, dedicated partner you could have.

Consolidated answers from the contract person: 

The nature of entertainment contracts:

“Entertainment contracts are hard to explain to fans because there’s a lot in there that evolved over time and makes no real sense if you don’t have a LOT of context for how it got that way and how the power dynamics work. It’s very, very hard for fans to grasp that actors have very little [power] and don’t automatically make gobs and gobs of money because the things that make news are the exceptions where casts of huge hits banded together.”

Why would people in a pilot have different contracts:

“Negotiating pilot contracts is insane and often done during the whole going to network process where you’re standing around with the other finalist (or two) for the role while your agent and the network play chicken over if they’ll give you more or go with the other person with the same set of sides standing across the room. It’s nuts.  I can’t imagine any two of them in the [Once] cast having the same asking price as a starting point.  The only thing in pilot contracts that’s really standard is length [six years]. There are rare exceptions (Josh Charles, Viola Davis), but mostly a network won’t pick up a pilot unless all the regulars have whatever number of seasons they demand. Then it all changes depending on renegotiations - which basically everybody does unless they’re Clooney or have top dollar guarantees [an automatic raise to make more than anyone else in the cast if someone else gets a raise above what you are making]. It’s mind-numbingly stupid to not renegotiate otherwise because the pay increases start immediately and take you from pay off your debt to can afford a gated home and security system to deal with the stalkers.”

How do different actors have different starting points in a pilot contract:

“Every actor has an asking price their agent sets based on their current perceived level of demand and the gig in question. Hour drama pays more than half-hour comedy. Past experience and name recognition is worth more than being fresh off the bus. Series regular is more than a guest gig. This all adjusts roughly proportionately to the union contract minimums (scale) for those type roles. The asking rate varies wildly from actor to actor because they are not all created equal. You’re going to have to pay Tina Fey a lot more than Cecily Strong for the same role.

“Negotiations usually start with the actor’s asking rate.  Money, time, perks and anything else you can imagine get countered back and forth from there. Ginny has theme park tickets in her contract. It can actually get that weird. Every contract is different with few exceptions. Even three new brand people get different rates because the roles have different expectations in terms of work and promotion (lead, supporting, kid with hours limits, etc). Almost nobody on a series contract gets scale. That’s tacky and not done because a lot more is required of a series actor than a one off guest star in terms of promotional expectations and even brand new people have the image cost of becoming typecast as that character.  

“Everybody walked in the door to Once with different backgrounds and experiences. Every role had different levels of import and expectations assigned to it.  So they all had different asking prices/starting points in negotiations. They certainly didn’t wind up in the same contracts by the time they were signed for the pilot.  As time passed things got renegotiated, some of them cared more about theme park tickets than others, some wanted money, some wanted time to see their kids, one perhaps had top dollar and let others do the work.  So contracts naturally diverged further and further from there.”

Why do actors renegotiate early:

“Some of the reason actors renegotiate during season 2 these days is that very, very few shows go past season 6 anyway. You take the money now because 90% of the time it’s cancelled before it gets to the extra year and it’s basically a very favorable set of odds on free money. Back when contracts were shorter there was more reason to hold out if you were on a hit and getting movie offers. Now there’s no point. You’re stuck until the show ends or is losing buzz and petering out anyway. Take the money.”

Why do networks renegotiate with actors:

“The question I keep waiting for somebody to ask me is why networks still renegotiate these days when contracts are longer and it rarely winds up mattering. It’s basically a mix of wanting the cast to be able to afford to live like a tv star (not die from stalkers and show up well dressed to events), be happy show promoters, and that their nightmare scenario is needing to pick up a show in season 7 to plug a gaping schedule hole when the actors know they can hold you hostage for everything in the bank. Making everybody happy and giving them the bit more they need to live reasonably as a series tv star is well worth not being held hostage.  Besides, by that point they know they’re airing anything they order to reasonably predictable ratings that will make them money. It’s not like a new series that can totally tank and be an enormous loss. They can afford to share the spoils with the actors because they know there are spoils to be shared.  The economics of it actually do make sense. They don’t mind reasonable pay to actors on successful shows, but they can’t afford to pay that level on something where they may have to burn off 10 of the 13 episode order on Saturdays or streaming outlets to the sound of crickets.”

Would the crew/production people know anything about a contract negotiation?

“People around sets don’t necessarily know a damn thing about actor contracts. Most crew are hired weekly or daily.  Crew are in whole different situations [from actors]. The vast majority of them can walk any time they want.  The last place actors talk about their contracts is on set. It’s extremely tacky to talk about your pay rate/contract issues at work around other people who make far, far less when you’re fighting for top dollar, better billing, special perks or whatever.  It’s like millionaires discussing stock options with people living paycheck to paycheck.  It’s really not done beyond simple will/won’t be back once it’s decided.  Crew may literally know nothing until a public announcement or they get back to work in July.”

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tattooed!dean and tattooed!sam

oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on this shit right here. do not indulge me in my kink because once i start, i won’t be able to stop.

so listen up, i have this head canon that the boys would be covered in tattoos. i mean, it only makes sense right? in the show they have that only little anti-possession tattoo which only protects them from, you guessed it, demon possession. there is a whole lot of other shit out there that they need to be protected from and so they get inked up in all these sigils and phrases and pictures.

but like, other than that, for dean in particular, i imagine him having lines tattooed around his thigh for every hunter, every innocent soul that he thinks that he’s gotten killed on a hunt. like, the lines, they’re like a band that goes all the way around his thigh and it steadily grows because dean doesn’t stop blaming himself. and it’s a constant reminder for him to be better, to do better.

and then sam. i imagine him being not as covered in tattoos like dean is but he has his fair share of ink. like, i think of sam having jess’s name tattooed along the inside of his bicep in enochian. and i imagine him having just the most beautiful ink spanning along his hip and down his hip bones. maybe he has a sleeve that wraps around his forearm.

i could honestly go on forever and i want this in real life. i need my boys covered in ink.


I didnt get to post these the other night, but guess who got to meet Daveed (and later on the whole band) when they went to the nyc clipping concert?

He came up to us while we were waiting at the bar and he was hella cool. Then we got to talk to Bill and Jon for like an hour post show and we took an awkward family portrait. I’m still screaming internally?? i laughed a lot during the selfies


2011. Funerals from the Astral Sphere

is the first album by one man band Midnight Odyssey.

Death seems to be the main theme of the album, judging by the album’s title, a majority of the song titles, and the lyrics. What really intrigues about this band’s lyrics is how they incorporate themes such as space and nature into death. Nature is a common theme in black metal, but space isn’t really spoken of that often.   It seems that death is referenced as a parallel theme to space, and the themes of space and death work with each other to create a truly melancholic yet beautiful lyrical idea.

This may not be an easy album to digest for a lot of people given its length, and it may not have a whole lot of variation by using similar musical and lyrical ideas throughout, but it is a breathtakingly beautiful experience. The main charms of this album is its simplicity and sheer cold atmosphere. There really isn’t anything wrong with the album in my ears, and it is nearly perfect. If you like your black metal ambient and atmospheric, grab this album.

this album contains 16 tracks two hours of the beautifully executed ambient black metal that Midnight Odyssey has become known for producing.

While I got a bad case of Ghoul Attached™ like so many others I’m actually pretty excited and happy! This was how it was supposed to be, and we kind of have no one to blame but our crazy selves. 

But I mean… cmon MORE GHOULS TO LOVE Y’ALL! 

I have a whole lot of room in my heart for these newcomers, and I’m loving the positive outlooks I’m seeing thus far.

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Unfortunately people are always gonna jump to conclusions and look for a scapegoat when things don't go their way :/ We don't even have official word on what happened yet and people are swearing off the band entirely. WTF.

I’ve seen a lot of people say Omega confirmed everything in his video…which isn’t true.
And even the Priest interview and rather salty MCC facebook bio doesn’t really confirm anything either. For me, the whole Gollum shade furthers my belief that Tobias wanted to only focus on his “precious” which is Ghost. Who can blame the guy? That greed lead to strenuous touring and left everyone with a lack of/no time or opportunity due to contracts to work on other projects.
But still, no one really knows the truth. And it isn’t fair for all the hateful comments being left on every single Ghost post

Unapologetically Yours

I’ve been talking with a good friend of mine lately who is struggling with other people’s opinions of him. He feels the need to give an explanation to every action and bases a lot of what he does on how he thinks people will perceive him. He is constantly plagued with an underlying fear of causing disappointment, apologizing for himself before he even knows if what he did warrants an apology.
I know how tiring that is. I have always called myself a “reformed introvert”. It took truly immersing myself into this band, committing to my life and marching forward toward this whole “no back up plan” to truly come out of my shell.
I remember always worrying about what other people thought, and putting their comfort and happiness above my own, even to the point where it affected me physically.
I’m here to tell you that there is a way out of that shell! And there is a balance to be had, because respecting yourself does not mean that you are selfish, and it doesn’t mean you have to be a dick. It means that you have a great understanding of your surroundings, yourself and what truly matters.
I want to encourage you to stop apologizing for everything. Before “I’m sorry” comes out of your mouth, ask yourself “why”, and if you truly are.
And before you give an explanation to justify your actions, ask yourself why you feel the need to. You don’t need to censor yourself just to comfort someone else’s ignorance. And you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.
Me? I care about people, it’s part of what I do. If I see someone hurting, I want to help. It is my choice to help. Some people cannot be helped, and I have had to make that decision not to drown with them. I also care about me. I care about my sanity, and clarity. Because if I lose that… I cannot be a help to anyone else. Remember that Only By loving who we are do we truly open the door to love someone else.
I believe that Every choice You make should be your own. Don’t be scared of disappointing anyone because there’s Always gonna be someone who is disappointed no matter what you do.
For example, I had to make a hard decision last summer, to not finish a tour because of what I now know is a vocal change I am going through ( see my first tumblr blog post). There was a lot of love and understanding I got from people, and there also was a lot of hate. So much of both, that due to the volume of negative, battled by the positive people reporting all of it that FB actually shut my page down for a few days! Ha!! Truth is, I know that if I had continued on that tour and couldn’t give everyone my 100% or even my 80%… Someone would’ve been disappointed and hated me for that too.
In my position, Every action I make causes a ripple of passionate, and differing “opinion wars”. What I wear, what I eat, what I drink, my hair color, the occasional recreational weed or cigar… It’s a classic damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario.
I do appreciate all the passion people have for who I am and what I do! That is the beauty of music, impacting someone’s life in such a way that they feel the need to express their opinions. I’m grateful to be in a very amazing position in my life where I’m able to touch so many people.
I’m giving these examples of my life to help paint the picture of what everyone goes through now in this Internet/Social Media age we are in. Because everyone has a hard time separating the Internet with real life from time to time. And coming from someone who was born before the Internet…I feel the need to reiterate that people’s opinions of you online, good or bad, do not reflect who you are in real life. Only You know your story. And who cares if everyone agrees or disagrees with your story… It’s not theirs. It’s Yours. Just like my life is Mine.

“someones gotta hate, it’s never gonna change, it gets harder everyday, it’s a hell of a place to keep your heart from freezing, to keep yourself believing…
But I won’t run, I’m not afraid… I’ll look em in the eye, gonna hear me say it’s…
My life, my love, my sex, my drug, my lust, my god, it ain’t no sin… Can I get an Amen?”

“I promise to myself, me and no one else, I am more than this…I am the fire”

“Step into my closet and maybe you’ll find something that’ll scare you, something that you like…”

“I’m unapologetic with you tonight, nothing to hide, turn on the lights, all of the lights and I’ll take you as you are”

“I’m a sick individual and I’m doing this thing called whatever the fuck I want”

I’m currently encouraging my friend to do what he loves, unapologetically. And if he makes changes in his life, do it for him, not because he thinks someone’s opinion will change because of it.

As always, I hope that through putting pieces of myself out there on this blog, you in turn will find some peace and insight to carry on your own journey xx

In closing… Life’s too damn short…Might as well be happy!
Rock on my little freaks…Rock on!


having a very involved conversation about band shirts/bootlegs. and how people will pay a whole lot for a designer bootleg of a band shirt when the band still makes cheap shirts.

people cited a lot of reasons for this- some said it’s because bands put out ugly merchandise and the designer boutiques make better looking/better quality stuff. others said it’s because bands never tour near them and don’t put their shirts online. and a few people said their favorite bands always sell out of shirts.

at least with the stuff i listen to, whenever i ran into that kind of thing, i always. always. email the band. sometimes the band directs me to their label or distro, i’ll email them too if i have to. but usually it just takes one friendly email like “any chance i can get this shirt? any chance you can reprint or restock this? can i recommend you this illustrator for future shirts?”

and like, 100% of the time, the band or label is happy to hear me out. more than happy. a lot of the time, i end up getting follow up emails from the band or the label telling me they have extras of a shirt or leftovers after a tour i couldn’t attend. people have even set aside a shirt in my size before it hits the tour. and i’ve had long distance friends cop me something because i can’t go.

that’s good shit. and just an email away most of the time. people act like there is no solution when it comes to this. just speak up, it doesn’t hurt.

SITS: Trashed House

clairese1980 said: what about little shorts about what the guys from ravance would do if they came home to find the house trashed and you being hit?” 

clairese1980 said: Kyo, lori, and you can choose the other 2″

Requeested: Yes

For: clairese1980

Smut: No

Today at work, Mr. Sasayama didn’t need you. He suggested for you to stay at home to work on the upcoming lyrics. Your boyfriend agreed with the suggestion. 

He doesn’t want to admit it but ever since the two of you started dating, he gets distracted quite a lot. But the two kept it professional whenever the band is at an interview or photoshoot. However, when the two of you are alone, it’s a whole different story. 

You followed their instruction and stayed home with Little Yamada. You sat outside where Little Yamada’s dog house is. Petting him made you calm and it help clear your mind whenever you’re in a writers’ block writing songs. 

It was really peaceful in the house and you loved it. Once you found your inspiration on writing the lyrics Little Yamada started to bark. In a few moments glasses and vases were thrown to the floor to destroy any evidence. 

Just then you heard the front gate open….

Iori Enjo
“Orange breath?” He called out to you as he looked at the trashed house. He tried to keep his composure but it’s hard when he couldn’t find you anywhere. 

Iori heard footsteps in the upper level. He ran upstairs only to find the robber escaping from the hallway window near your room. Your room was wide open and he started to panic. He tried to catch up to the robber but he failed. 

He then ran to your room only to find you on the floor. Your head was bleeding. “Oi Orange breath!!” He held your hand and lightly slapped your cheeks. “Y/N!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!” He gritted his teeth. 

He laid you down on your bed as he treated the wound on your head. After that he moved your baby hairs away from your face. He watched your sleep peacefully, his touch made you feel calm and warm inside. You opened your eyes slowly and saw a very worried Iori. 

Iori hugged you. “You’re okay..” He mumbled. “Did that robber hurt you? Did you even lock all the doors? How did the robber get in?!?!” He was full of questions. 

“He only knocked me out cold.. But you already treated my wound so thank you. Yes, I did lock all the doors and I don’t know how he got in. I’m sorry okay?” You replied as you pouted. You thought that he’d call you stupid but to your surprise he didn’t say that. “You’re not leaving my side ever again got that Orange breath?” A smirked formed on his lips. Can he be more romantic you thought to yourself sarcastically. 

Kota Igarashi
Kota was shocked to see how messy the house was. There was no way you’d do this to the place. 

“Kota? Are you home?” You called out.He felt a weight being lifted off his chest when he found out you were okay. At least you were until the robber encountered the two of you down in the living room. The robber cursed under his breathe and grabbed you. 

Kota widened his eyes. “Take your filthy hands off her!” He yelled at the robber.However the didn’t listen and used you as a shield to get away. “Move and I’ll hurt this precious girl.” 

Kota stayed at his spot, he bit his lip to control himself from punching the robber. All Kota could do was obey what the robber wants. 

Once the robber was close to the door he placed the knife on your thigh and gave you a cut. It wasn’t big but it was enough for Kota to stop from his tracks and look after your wound. 

The robber knew that Kota would rather treat you first than Kota chasing the robber and it was very clever for the robber. “Once I catch that guy I’ll make his life a living hell.” Kota said in an angry tone. 

“You know Kota… You sounded like Kyohei there.” You said to lighten up the mood. After he treated your wound he promised that this will never happen again and that he never wants you to leave his side. He wants to be there for you and you were glad at how concern your boy friend is acting towards you. 

“I’m sorry for making you worry Kota. But you better hold on to your word.” He sealed his promise with a kiss. He doesn’t intend on breaking his promise ever. 

Kyohei Rikudoh
“Kyohei is that you?” You called out.

That was the worst thing to do right now, you startled the robbers and they went up to you.

“Who are y-…” The person hit you on the back of your head making you lose your conscience.

Kyohei heard your voice and quickly ran towards you. He found you lying on the floor unconscious and he started to panic. “Y/N! GET A GRIP OF YOURSELF. WAKE UP!!!”

Nothing happened, you were still unconscious and this made Kyohei mad. Who ever did this to you will pay.

He carried you to his room and waited until you woke up. He never left your side and held your hand to let you know that he’s here for you.

You stirred awake and Kyohei hugged you. “I’m sorry Y/N. I didn’t know that this was going to happen, only if I knew I would’ve never allowed you to stay home by yourself.”

“It’s okay Kyohei I’m fine. I’m a little bit traumatized by it but I’ll be fine.”

“I promise… this won’t ever happen again.”

“Don’t worry, I think Little Yamada scared the robbers off. If Little Yamada wasn’t here I would’ve been a goner now.”

You tried to ease up the atmosphere but Kyohei kept blaming himself. He also promise that he’ll never leave your side anymore.

It’s too risky for you to be alone now.

Takashi Ninagawa
The moment they entered the house and switched the light on. Their eyes widened in shock and fear. The ones who broke into the house tried to find an escape and avoided the front gate as much as possible. 

The entire living room and kitchen were a mess. Broken glass, broken chairs, tables were turned upside down, pillows and the couches were slashed. You were hiding behind the Kitchen Island and you were still trembling in fear. 

Takashi’s heart beat quicken. Bad thoughts came running into his mind and ran around the house yelling your name. When you heard his name you tried to get up but due to the shattered glass, you earned a cut on your finger. But that didn’t stop you from moving towards Takashi’s voice. 

“Taka I’m here!” You yelled. 

In just moments, Takashi showed up and hugged you. “Oh thank goodness you’re okay.”

He treated your bleeding finger and after cleaning it, he put a band aid over it and kissed it. “I’m just so glad you’re okay. The moment I saw the house trashed like this, I thought I lost you. I… I don’t think I’m ready to lose you yet. I’m not ready to lose the music in my world.” He was now crying. It touched your heart how worried he was and this showed how much he loves you. 

“Taka…” You cupped his face. “I promise that I won’t leave you. I’ll always be here for you no matter what. I’m sorry for making you worry.” 

He gave a small nod and buried his face on the crook of your neck.

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i'm not saying you're shitting over the other bands but without a doubt, a lot of your followers do

People are shitting over TF too more than anything. It’s been a whole shit fest for a while now.

Basic MBTI

ESTJ: Carries around an actual planner and writes in it and updates it regularly.

ESFJ: Your friend’s mom who tries to seem cool and “with it” by joining in on your conversations and sharing her very forceful opinions.

ESFP: The super energetic guitar player in your brother’s band.

ESTP: That guy who threw that really cool party with the fireworks.

ISTJ: That one girl who is overloading on college courses to get her degree in environmental biology.

ISFJ: Your other friend’s mom, who always offers you food.

ENFP: That guy that everyone is happy to be around.

ISTP: That hot guy who has totally mastered the whole eye contact thing.

ISFP: Your best friend’s brother, who spends a lot of time in his room designing a really intricate role-playing game.

ENTP: That casual guy who has really nice hair.

ENTJ: Your boss.

ENFJ: Your old high-school guidance counselor who recently added you on Facebook.

INTP: That random girl who is always being dragged to different gatherings by her best friend and who occasionally speaks up to share a “fun fact.”

INFP: That guy who posts all his art on instagram.

INTJ: Your friend’s friend, who jumps into the conversation occasionally to say something sarcastic and/or dry.

INFJ: Your insightful cousin, who sells vintage clothing on Etsy and always sends you really cool cards.

Today I thought a lot about how hard I worked to stay in a relationship with someone who didn’t also want to be in a relationship with me?

In the sense of how often I had to ask to see him or plan dates, and frankly mostly got scraps of his time when I did.

Like, this whole time I just thought, “oh he’s not good at planning/time management”

BUT ACTUALLY he’s always had set days of the week for band practice and his podcast, he coordinated tours and house shows for him and other musicians in our community a few times a month, he released and promoted an EP, he worked a full time job. He’s more than able to put effort into what he wants to succeed.

He just didn’t want me.

And that’s such a mind fuck to realize two years later, tbh.