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Jack Maynard - Pool

A/N: Hey guys, this is my first imagine here on this blog. I was inspired by the marshmallow video Joe filmed with Oli and Casper. Hope you enjoy! And feel free to send in your requests!

Word count: 1109

“C’mon now! Get your buttocks here then”, Joe called out to you and Jack, who were stood at the other end of the pool goofing around. The lot of you were at LA at the moment. You were staying with the whole lot as well as Mikey’s girlfriend and a couple of other mates in the huge summer house. They were trying to make the most of the free time to film some quick videos. You were with Jack and Oli filming for Joe’s channel.

“No Jack you really had better not”, you squealed as he tried to push you into the pool.

“Afraid of a little splash eh?” he continued tickling you closer to the pool.

“No you really can’t. I can’t-”, you got cut off by Joe who yelled at the both of you again.

“Oi! Trying to film a video here. Either get out or sit down”, he scrunched his face up as he called out, so you knew he was not really upset with you. Either way you took this chance to run back to Joe and Oli who were sat by the pool chairs while Jack had loosened his grip on you. Dressed in your black AA one-piece bathing suit and a pair of cut-offs, you couldn’t help but notice the looks Jack kept giving you when he thought you were not looking. It made you feel a little self-conscious but at the same time also more confident. “OLI WHAT THE HELL! You’ve never heard of them?” you laughed as Oli was at a lost the majority of this game.

“Bloody hell (Y/N) I bet you’ve cheated” Oli grumbled out. You’ve just finished the game and you had beaten all three boys, but Oli had lost sourly. You tried to defend yourself through the laughs that were escaping. “I swear, how could I cheated. Don’t be sore loser Oli”, you teased.

Jack tickled you causing you to squirm under his grip before Oli joined in the attack. Joe had reappeared with a pool noodle filled with water and proceeded to attack you. You let out loud squeals of laughter as the three boys attacked you with water toys and tickled you to the death. Suddenly the water ceased, and you felt the boys loosen their grip. You tried to clear the water from your eyes and nose so you could see what was going on, but before you could, you felt yourself being lifted off the ground.

“NO NO DON’T PLEASE GUYS!” you tried to yell out amidst the coughs. “I swear I’ll kill you all!” The last thing you heard was laughs from the boys before they threw you into the pool. You struggled to breathe with all the water that was rushing up your nose and down your lungs. Not being able to open your eyes in chlorine water, you could not see a thing. You tried to just make your way up to the surface but you were too disoriented.

The boys’ laughter died down as soon as they realised you’ve been underwater for too long. Jack’s face paled, and panic started to fill him. He looked fearfully to Joe and Oli and turning back to you, he dived straight into the pool. His heart beat quickened when he noticed your arms and legs flailing around, and your hair a mess as you shook your head. Rushing towards you he pulled you up and brought you to the edge of the pool. The boys rushed over as Jack laid you down by the pool. Jack had one arm resting under your head, the other was tightly squeezing your hand. Horror and guilt was written across Joe and Oli’s faces as they kept stuttering apologies to you and Jack amongst other things. Jack’s face held a mixture of worry, guilt and anger all at once. He knew it was not the boys fault, but he could not think straight at the moment.

“Shit Jack I had no idea mate”

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry I really didn’t know”

“She breathing alright?”

“She’ll be fine mate- look”

Just then your coughing slowed down and you could open your eyes a little. “(Y/N)”, Jack breathed out raggedly.

“I’m okay really. Sorry if I gave y’all a scare”, you said once your throat cleared up. At that you felt Jack rest his head on your stomach as he tried to calm himself down.

“Y-your sorry? It was all us (Y/N). Nothing’s on you!” you heard Joe’s voice.

“Yeah (Y/N) we’re really sorry. We thought you just didn’t want to be thrown in. We didn’t think you actually couldn’t swim”, Oli’s face was still pale and he looked fairly scared. The fear was from the fact that you had just about nearly drowned and he was the cause of it. And also because he now feared Jack would kill him. “I can swim”, this caused a look of confusion to form on their faces. You continued before they could ask more questions, “I can swim fairly well. I just can’t see underwater. Especially in chlorine water. Plus, I kinda just chocked up then.”

“You’re okay now then?”, Jack lifted his head up to look at you.

“Yup. All good now”, you smiled at his worried face. “Thanks to you of course. You saved me didn’t you?” you teased.

“W-well of course! I mean you were drowning! They bloody threw you in! What the-what the fuck was I meant to do?” he continued stammering for a bit. You noticed how his eyes widened and his voice went up as he ranted.

You’re cute when you’re worried you know that”, the words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop it.

He winked back at you, “Oh sweet cheeks I’m always cute.” Rolling your eyes, you pushed him so he fell further into the water. “Ohhhh”, he grabbed onto you, his eyes twinkling, and pulled you into the water with him. This time he kept a grip on your waist to make sure nothing happened to you.

“CANONBALL”, both Joe and Oli shouted together and jumped in. The lot of you goofed around a bit, and the boys taught you how to see underwater without burning your eyes. It was a bit of a struggle seeing as they didn’t know how to not splash you in the eyes. Eventually, you got there, but by the time you got out of the pool, your eyes were burning from the chlorine water and you were all dead tired. The night ended with everyone back out by the pool tables with pizza and beers, and you were nestled in Jack’s arms.