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You attend a football game between your own university and its rival, Silver Creek Institute. At the game, you meet a super sweet guy, Park Woojin. However, you soon realize that maybe you didn’t know everything you needed to about him. 

  • for an anon who requested a romeo and juliet fic without death
  • based off of the usa university system

You stared at your reflection in the mirror, tugging the red and white beanie further onto your head. Your huge t-shirt, emblazoned with the huge words “UNIVERSITY OF GATEWAY”, was equally as red and white. Behind you, your best friend Kang Daniel struggled to shove his white “UoG” cap over his freshly dyed red hair.

It was the day you’d all been waiting for—the day that your own university, University of Gateway—faced off against its rival, Silver Creek Institute, in the royal game of football. While you knew nothing about football, you definitely had school pride, and Daniel’s friends had gotten tickets to the big game.

“(y/n), Daniel, you guys ready to go?” Seongwoo asked, holding up the car keys in his hand. His entire face had been painted red in honor of the game that night, and next to him stood Jisung, carrying a huge cooler of drinks.

“Let’s do this!” Daehwi yelled loudly, excited for his first UoG vs SCI game.

The seven of you trudged out to Jisung’s van, everyone settling in for the ride to the stadium.

The streets were packed with other UoG students dressed in their red and white gear, making noise and screaming in preparation for the big game. The stadium was already packed as well, and the seven of you had to fight your way to get to your seats.

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Game of Thrones Preferences/Imagines: How You Meet

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Tyrion Lannister:

You met Tyrion when he accidentally stumbled into you, in a drunken stupor. He had spilled his chalice of wine down your dress and threw up on your shoes. He quickly wiped the filth from his mouth and looked up into your (e/c) eyes. “My lady, where do I begin to apologize?” He asked.

You didn’t answer right away. You just stared down at the little lord in amazement. How could such a handsome man be such a drunken little lecher? “You could start by buying me a new dress and uhm, new shoes.” You replied.

He smiled widely. “A Lannister always pays his debts.”

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Jaqen H'ghar being in your debt. 


“A girl should know better than to wonder in the dark by herself.”

Spinning around on your heel, you scanned the empty courtyard until your eyes traveled up the steps to the castle wall, finding the red and white haired man looking down at you with a knowing smile. 

“Jaqen, “ You sighed in relief. “Have I not said before that it’s rude to sneak up on people like that?”

“A man must ask forgiveness.” He said, his eyes following you as you walked up the stone steps to stand beside him, looking out into the open fields on the other side of the old castle wall. “This man did not mean to startle you.”

“You didn’t startle me.” You insisted, lifting your chin up in a authoritative manner. “What do you want?”

“A man has his debts. A man owes one.”

“One what?”

“Lovely girl,” He said, “You saved me, meaning you stole a life from the Red God. We have to give it back. Speak a single name and the man will do the rest.”

“I can name anyone and you’ll kill them?” 


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Sense8 + All For The Game?

  • Neil’s still holding his mum’s hand tightly, her whispered “stay safe, Nathaniel.” circling around his head, when he hears a muttered “holy shit.”
  • he whips around, his gun already out and pointing at the small blonde guy standing behind him
  • they stand there in silence for what seems like an age, Neil trembling, the other guy standing casually, arms crossed. until he tuts and strolls around Neil, leaning down to look at his mum’s body through the car window
  • he checks the pulse, does a quick scan of the body, muttering to himself, “blood loss, probable internal bleeding.”
  • Neil snaps out of his shock, yells at him to get away from her or he’ll shoot
  • the guy laughs. “and draw attention to yourself? you’re not that stupid. you should probably figure out what you’re gonna do. sun’s coming up.”
  • Neil turns around to look at the horizon. when he turns back, he’s alone.
  • that’s the first time he meets Aaron

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Vampire!Mingyu (Part 2+revised Part 1)

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

@diaryofadorkykid: “EXTEND IT E X TE N D I T” (and also others lol)

Woo! Extended version! This version will be more detailed, so ATTENTION: SOME OF THE FIRST PART IS REPEATED HERE, but reread it anyway bc it’s different. (I added more details)ALSO THIS IS NOT GENDER NEUTRAL FOR A REASON SORRY

  • So he lets you and Mingyu in, and Mingyu leads you through a giant red room
  • “Uh…you should stay close to me, okay?”
  • You just nod bc you’re stunned at this giant red ballroom filled with vampires and bats And when you pass some furry bat person, you just jump and gasp, and latch onto Mingyu’s arm
  • He still thinks you shouldn’t touch him with your “pure hands” but you’re not touching his skin so he lets it slide
  • But people start staring at you and murmuring things, before clearing a path when someone spots your necklace
  • Mingyu leads you through this giant red ballroom to some giant door in the back, leading to a black room that is slightly smaller There sitting on a throne was a tired looking vampire
  • Mingyu kneels and you were about to follow suit, when the vampire at the throne perked his head up
  • “Don’t kneel!” He exclaims, and immediately bows to you until everyone else did the same
  • You’re still completely oblivious to what’s happening 👏👏👏
  • It’s finally explained you were given the heir rose, one of 6 pendants scattered around the globe to indicate a bloodline (“blood tainted”; but also bc it has red paint)
  • These pendants trace back to the 6 daughters of a vampire and a human, making them halflings
  • Wow explains your sharp teeth But basically you 6 descendents were going to be gathered to find a suitable “mate” to give the human blood another jolt of vampire blood
  • This is really weird and creepy but hey, they’re vampires and NO I’m not trying to copy Twilight I literally just remembered that this kinda happened in that series
  • But as Mingyu explains what had happened, the royal vampire court starts to yell him
  • The vampire on the throne, Vampire prince Jun *cough* Intouchables influenced this *cough*, is really chill but has to listen to his advisors bc he isn’t king yet
  • (He explains later that his widowed mother is in hiding bc her husband was killed by vampire hunters, so he can’t rule on his own yet)
  • “Mingyu…you know you are lower class. We have strictly banned feeding on the streets. You broke that rule”
  • Poor Mingyu is about to break down he’s shaking
  • You place a hand on his lowered head but Jun tells you to leave him be
  • To the vampires, Mingyu is some kind of “peasant”, a weaker vampire because he was “turned” and not born to vampire parents
  • Since you are a halfblood (more like 1/32 blood but anyway) or a human with vampire blood, you are the highest class and the “purest” making anyone else filthy to you and not suited to be touched
  • But as Mingyu takes the screaming
  • Yea NOPE™ you’re not taking any of this BS
  • Like c'mon! You’re screaming at him bc he’s hungry?! What logic is that?!?!
  • “Yes, but he broke a rule. He has to be executed-”
  • Room: dead silent
  • Vampires: stunned
  • You: ticked off
  • Mingyu: in love
  • Jun can’t even do anything bc you’re a higher class than him
  • They can’t execute you anyway they need you
  • Also you have a good point, Mingyu could be helpful
  • He would talk to you about Mingyu’s life options
  • But Mingyu just storms off and you follow him to a guest room in this giant palace
  • And he sits on the bed with his head in his hands
  • You sit next to him without a word
  • “…Mingyu? Are you okay”
  • *audible grumbles*
  • “Hey! I just saved your life, and I get nothing?! No ‘thank you’?!”
  • “…sorry…thank you…I just…”
  • You turn his head to face you
  • He’s too upset to even care at this point that you’re touching him
  • You’re looking into his reddish tinted eyes
  • He tries to avoid eye contact but your eyes…too…irresistible… (DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING)
  • Flustered Vampire Gyu can’t help himself from touching your cheek
  • “I…I can’t help it…can I…”
  • And he kisses you
  • He even lifts you onto his lap comfortably
  • Like forget his teeth his breath smells sweet
  • And vampires can’t taste other vampire spit, it’s normal to them…but to you his spit must taste like candy (kind of disgusting but you get the point)
  • (Behind the scenes secret it tastes like pink cotten candy)
  • And tbh this would probably continue further…except-
  • Cue your necklace glowing bright white
  • Mingyu stops kissing you and stares at your necklace…in disbelief?
  • He pulls you straight out of the room and into a different garden than the one at the entrance
  • And there are 6 different colored rose fields surrounding a space in the center
  • Mingyu nudges you to walk to the center
  • And when you do the white roses start glowing instead of your necklace
  • And soon every vampire at the ball is gathered around, and 5 other girls are standing next to you
  • All the roses are glowing at this point
  • “Oh, look girls! The last heir has arrived!” a girl says
  • Once Jun arrives at the scene, everyone goes quiet
  • “Ah, finally. ‘The roses will smile at the moon’. Well, this is it you 6, all we need now is to find you suitable partners”
  • Jun arranges for the other vampire groups around the world to send their pure bloods to his palace
  • The test to win your heart begins!!!
  • As for Mingyu…for now he’s watching in the shadows…
I Wear Short Skirts, She Definitely Doesn't (Sasha x Valentina)-Luci

An: for the lovely anon who requested Sasha/Valentina, hope you like it! Also thanks to the aq brits who’ve had to deal with my writing meltdowns for the past week and my amazing beta!

The Glamazons, the cheer squad of Rupaul’s College for Girls, finally found out why the weirdo art student always watches them from the bleachers at every football game.

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The Partner Revealed - Part 6

Originally posted by aestheticsprouse

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader 

Description: After the Drive-In’s incident, will things between them return to normal? Jason’s memorial reveals more than they expected about the case.  

Warnings: Cheryl’s bullying; other than that, I think you’re good. 

Word count: 3964  

A/N: Took me long enough to get it done. This is the slowest of burns… I wanted their relationship to build in the fic, not just explain it and move on. I promise you’ll get some ‘action’ next part! Also, there’s a reference to one of @jugheadxreaderinyourhead‘s stories.

Y/N’s point of view  

Y/N squints her eyes when sunlight invades her room, hitting her mirror and eventually her face. She’s been up all night after the Drive-In, with everything about it still clear in her memory. First, the long wait for Jughead, then the way his arm rested on the back of her seat, his breathing close to her skin… She imagines what his lips would’ve felt like, had he not backed away. Anyway, it’s no good wasting time on what ifs, so she gets up to take a shower and change the clothes that still smell like buttered popcorn and men’s cologne. The warm water falls down her body, soaking her hair and slowing her thoughts, finally getting her mind out of that.

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Another Chance// Chapter 1 Ignis Scientia x Reader

Here is the first chapter!!! If you have not read the prologue read that before reading this! (Y/f/f)=Your favorite flower.

You woke up with a groan and slowly sat up. Opening your eyes you noticed that the world was blurry.You blinked a few times to get your vision to focus. Once your vision focused you looked around confused as you sat in a field of (Y/f/f). What happen? Why were you here? You looked to farther to your left to see a white coffin. Why was it there? And who was in it? You stumble to your feet and look inside the box to see a photo. You kneel next to the coffin and pick up the photo. 

There were a man and a woman smilingly happily in the photo. They were covered in snow and more snow was falling around them. They seemed so happy like nothing could make their smiles disappear.

“Are they a couple?” You whispered and turned to look at the coffin. 

It was beautiful, snow white with a silver design going around it. Were you in there? You looked down to notice you were in a white dress. Just as beautiful as the coffin. You looked closer to the coffin and noticed you looked like the girl in the photo. You brought the photo up to the coffin and held it by your reflection.

“That’s me…but who’s that guy?” You whispered and noticed a bracelet of a white rabbit on your wrist along with a flower like the ones in the field in your hair and a fox necklace dangling from your neck.

Who was the man in the photo and where did the items come from? Looking around the field you noticed a man standing a few feet from you. Slowly you stood up and walked over to him, stumbling the whole way there. You stopped walking only a foot away from the man and looked down at your legs.

“Why can’t I walk normally?” You asked yourself

“Because you’ve been dead.” A voice said

You gasped and backed up only to fall to the ground. The man stood in front of you with a smile on his face. It made you feel uneasy but safe at the same time. You sat up onto your elbows and stared at him.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me.” He said with a gentle voice 

“What happened to me?” You asked him. Your voice hoarse from not being used in a long time.

“You died protecting your friend.” He told you and dropped down on one knee in front of you.

You looked at the man closely. He was handsome, his hair was a mix of red and violet. His eyes were a beautiful amber that you couldn’t but get sucked into. And he wore a hat that made him look even more charming. But why was he here? And if you died why were you here?

“Is this heaven?” You asked making him chuckle

“No, you are alive and on Earth.” He said 

The man reached over to the side of your head and he brought his hand back revealing the (Y/f/f). He weaves it into your hair and you look back at the photo in your hands.

“Why can’t I remember anything?”  You looked at him 

“For you to come back, you had to let go of something precious to you. Your memories are your most treasured possession.” He said with a kind voice and cupped your cheek

“Your memories will come back in time.” He reassured you 

“Who are you?”

“A friend.” He answered your question 

He moved his hand from your cheek and grabbed your hands. He slowly stood up pulling you up with him. You stumbled a bit before regaining your balance. You turned you back to him and gazed at the meadow again. You were buried here, you had died, but someone or something brought you back. 

“Good luck, (Y/n).” You heard him say and spun around.

He was gone, it was like he was never there in the first place. There you stood alone, not knowing what to do. It was a lot of information to take in. You took a deep breath and moved forward leaving the meadow behind you. You had to find out what happened, and you decided to start with the man in the photo. Maybe he knew who you were, you are in the photo with him. It had to mean something right?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chariotdunord 

The family computer is finally free so here’s your belated (ish?) present, hope you enjoy it! ^_^ 

Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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Pie||dean X reader

“Okay fine!” Jodi sighed.
“I’ll make you a pie.”
Sam watched as his brothers face lit up like a child in Christmas.
“If..” She continued.
“You go get the supplies.”
Dean nodded vigorously, excitement taking over him, he hadn’t had a good home cooked pie for as long as he could remember.
“There’s a real good farm down the road about 50 miles, the girl who owns it, y/n; she’s a real sweetie.”
And with that Dean had grabbed his keys off the counter an flew out the door.
He spent about 30 minutes traveling down the long doesn’t road, and taking in the sights.
It was such a beautiful area, especially around this time of day.
Eventually he saw a path leading up to a big field with multitudes is fruits and vegetable growing.
“This must be the place.” He muttered, turning into the narrow path.
He got up the path and met with a small white house, with a wooden sign in the end of the driveway.
“Fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and more.” Was hand painted in a soft pink.
Dean got out and closed the door to his car, the scent of dirt and fruit hit his nose.
“Oh hello!”
He turned around to see a h/c haired girl standing on a stepping stool waving at him.
“I’m y/n.” She greeted, getting off the stool and leading him into the house.
“Dean.” He replied curtly.
He watched y/n’s face break into a smile.
“Oh! Jodi talks about you all the time!!” She exclaimed.
Dean chuckled nervously and observed his surroundings.
There was a big kitchen in the front of the house, with a Woden counter and a cash register.
The rest of the house just seemed like a humble little farm house with mismatched furniture, and small antiques on every shelf.
A small smile painted over his lips as he saw this.
It just seemed so normal.
“So what’ll you be buying?” Y/n asked, snapping him out of his thoughts.
“Oh uh, some fruits. And some jam.”
As if it weren’t possible, y/n smiled bigger.
“Sure thing! I’ll take you down to the field, just let me pull this pie out of the oven.” She explained putting on some oven gloves.
“You make pie?” Dean asked in awe.
Y/n started laughing, her e/c eyes sparkling and her smile wide and beautiful.
“Of course!”
She pulled the pie out of the oven, and set it on the counter.
As Dean inhaled the scent filled his nose, he couldn’t quite place the smell; but he knew it smelt amazing.
Y/n came out from behind the counter, and tripped on the big rug near the door.
The rug pulled back an revealed a large Devils trap, Dean stared at the floor unknowing what to do.
He watched as the girl got up, unfazed by the situation.
“So um…what fruits did you want?”

Y’all will write essays about how it makes “narrative sense” for minority characters to suffer and die (even when it makes no sense whatsoever) but you have to acknowledge that the narrative is nothing but a serious of decisions made by the creators. Someone had to decide that a lesbian with no survival or combat experience would be standing in the middle of an open field when enemies started shooting at the protagonist. Someone had to decide that the black guy (who they decided is overprotective and self sacrificing) would be the only person around to dive in harm’s way to save the more innocent, helpless character (who they decided should be a little white girl). Someone has to decide that a graphic rape scene is not only acceptable, but necessary due to some contrived plot point about the nature of sex they decided was important to their story. 

When lesbians and people of color and trans people die needlessly in our media over and over again, we are not judging the story on how ”good” of a death it was. We’re judging a series of decisions made by a creator that led to a situation where their death is the only likely outcome. Or even more infuriatingly, when it’s the least likely outcome but it happens anyway to be “shocking.”

By the way, y’all have been killing us off for as long as Hollywood has existed. It’s not shocking anymore. It’s just tiring.

This is the future we are forging: Where women and girls, no matter what they look like or where they are from, can live free from the fear of violence. A future where all girls know they can hold any job, run any company, and compete in any field. Today, we recommit ourselves to the belief that when everyone has the opportunity to go to school, explore their passions, and achieve their dreams, our communities are stronger, more resilient, and better positioned for peace and prosperity. Let us keep working to build a world that is more just and free – because nothing should stand in the way of strong girls with bold dreams.

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Klance - They told me you passed out. How do you feel?

here’s a high school au, because i haven’t done one before and i’ve been wanting to.

Keith hadn’t thought much of the crowd that had gathered out by the baseball field earlier that day before lunch. He’d only seen it through the window while he was out for a bathroom break, and his mind had been on the pop quiz he’d just taken that he’s pretty sure he failed. There’s nothing particularly unusual about seeing a crowd out by the baseball field. 

At least, he hadn’t thought so until he got to his next class. He sits near the front by the wall. He’s got his back leaned against the white painted cinderblock and is reading the sci-fi novel Shiro lent him when his ear catches a snippet of conversation behind him from two boys and a girl he’s never spoken to in his life. 

“That was scary. I hope nothing’s really wrong.”

“Yeah. What exactly happened, anyway? I was on the other side of the field. All I saw was people suddenly running over there.”

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I need you to understand that we are the women that marched from cotton fields into fields of medicine, politics, law, education, entertainment. We even found ourselves a way to march into the White House as the First Lady of The United States of America. And I say “WE” because it’s my belief that we do this together. And one woman’s achievement is an achievement for us all!
—  Jada Pinkett Smith
Sam X Reader: with Gabriel

Request: hi! can i get an imagine where the reader is an archangel and she and sam like each other but they’ve never said anything ((think destiel)). so gabriel puts them in a bunch of tv shows and won’t let them out until they confess their feelings. can gabe also be protective like “”if you hurt my sister i’ll kill you”” thank you so so much!!!

Request: A fic where gabe zaps the reader into Clara’s place in The Snowmen episode and the gabe forces the guys to watch the episode so they would see her die (I didn’t see this episode, so I’m basing it off of whatever Wikipedia can tell me.)

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The Lucky Ones

It’s still Christmas in Pacific Time so this is totally on time! Woo! 

Christmas Truce Fic for @myghostlywail​. Prompt was pretty open, so I went with a Kitty ghost story. Also I was given full permission to end it as I liked, hehehe. I hope this is satisfactory and that you enjoy reading it. Merry Christmas!!


* * * 

Highway 10 at 3 am, fifteen miles out.

On an ordinary night, darkness held sway over the hills and fields, punctuated every now and then by bright red pinpricks, the tail lights of some night traveler on the way to more populated areas. Tonight, light reigned. A christmas string of brake lights flickered as backed-up cars inched by through a single lane; neon blue and red flashed from police cars and fire trucks. Big floodlights set on tripods illuminated a long stretch of road, barred by the fallen hulk of an eighteen wheeler. Framed against it a big white van, front smashed, utterly engulfed in flame.

The fire licked at the gutted van, turning everything not made of metal into glowing ash. Heat waves shimmered on its red-hot surface. Tongues of fire darted up to the sky and sent bright orange sparks floating off in the breeze.

To the girl hovering fifty feet above the highway, the whole mess looked like a bright and festive carnival. Or maybe Christmas, especially with white snow blanketing the fields and people standing around bundled up in coats. She folded her arms inside her red leather jacket and watched.

Policemen picked their way through crumpled bits of car and took photos. Firemen zipped up black bags and loaded them onto stretchers. The van burned bright, as if it were a portal straight to hell.

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Sister Knows Best

And this is what happens when I try to write drabbles. Perhaps just one or two paragraphs, thinks the oh-so-naive writer. One hour later this is what happens. Thanks for reading mates. I am caressing your faces lovingly/thankfully as you read. Cheers.

She wasn’t cold, though many believed she was. 

She wasn’t dangerous, even when people shied away from her.

She wasn’t a curse, despite what the whispered rumours might say.

Anna knew what others said and she knew better.

Anna had long learned that a simple inquiry as to what book her sister was reading could easily lead into a wild speech of the book’s many beauties, its flaws and the intricacies of how these qualities intertwined to make it perfection. She would listen, captivated by the flush upon porcelain skin, the gleam of excitement in those large blue eyes, the sway and fall of that slim body to emphasize certain points. 

On cold winter’s days when the wind serenaded the skies with a piercing melody, when the storm raged through the streets and alleys of Arendelle, they would sit by the hearth, a player and her audience. Wrapped in the warm embrace of a blanket, Anna would listen, on the edge of her seat as Elsa read aloud to her. A laugh would be teased from the younger girl as her sister imitated a dragon’s speech, white tendrils of smoke flowing from her lips for theatrical effect. 

How could anyone possibly think of her as cold?

When Anna retired from her lessons with the weapons master, she would pause by a secluded practice field to watch. Her form was beautiful, light reflecting off overlapping scales of ice that formed a mobile armour. Sometimes she would trip, hitting the dust hard, and Anna would start forward, itching to help and comfort before she caught herself. 

“Again!” barked the slim man standing by. “Your stance is sloppy. Do you call that a defense? Hah! You say you wish to defend and protect Arendelle and those you love. How will you do that when you can not even defend yourself? Again!”

And the routine would start anew, blunt arrows packed with red dust to mark a hit instead of sharp steel. They flew in from all sides, some finding their mark. Elsa would bite her lip to the bone, tossing up barriers of ice almost as fast as the arrows flew, hurling blunt-headed missiles to counter those hurtling at her, always careful now to hit the archers with her weapons. Later Anna would soothe the bruised skin with gentle caresses and loving kisses.

Would they still call her dangerous if they saw her then?

Early in the mornings, when all the world was asleep, Anna would sometimes awake. Clad in nightgown and slippers, she would trot down the hallways and head for the tallest tower of the palace. Once it was a gloomy place, strewn with dust and cobwebs, home of a fearsome monster that would snip off the noses of misbehaving children. 

The faintest creak would whisper in the air as Anna stood upon the landing in front of the door. Inhaling the faint scent of chocolate and peppermint in the air, she would push upon the oaken door to enter a room of light and beauty. 

Strands of ice woven thin as silk decked the walls, creating a faint halo about the room. The centrepiece of the room was a small-scale recreation of Arendelle and its surrounding waters, miniature inhabitants moving along the streets and in the houses. A tiny Elsa sat upon a bench reading while a tiny Anna built snowmen out on the snowy grounds.

Engrossed in her work, Elsa started as Anna touched her shoulder. She turned, greeting her sister with a tired but brilliant smile, gesturing at her masterpiece. Returning the smile, Anna pressed a kiss to the crown of her sister’s head. Turning her attention back to her creation, Elsa waved a hand over it, casting a gentle fall of snow over its turrets and towers, and stifled a yawn, her eyes drifting shut as she leaned back in the couch and began to snore gently.

Anna smiled, plopping down beside Elsa and covering the two of the them with a blanket. 

Why was such beauty considered a curse?

She was cold, because they didn’t see her passions and warmth.

She was dangerous, because she was their queen and guardian against all ill-wishers.

She was a curse, but only against those that dared harm those she loved.

Elsa mumbled in her sleep, curling into herself as a frown furrowed her brow. Anna smoothed the creased skin, cooing comforts into the girl’s ear as the tension in Elsa’s face eased away.

One day they would venture past their own fears to see the truth behind all those false rumours and terrors. But until then, Anna would keep these to herself, treasuring the kisses and smiles, the whispered words of love in the dark that belonged solely to her.

Here’s the problem…well, here’s a problem with Tumblr - the slippery slope of suggestions. See, I love history, and followed a bunch of World War One blogs. Then Suggestions suggested World War Two blogs. Which is cool, it’s the more popular direct sequel, and it’s also interesting. But aparently if you like blogs about WWII, Tumblr thinks you’re a fucking Nazi, even though you think Nazis wouldn’t be hot on that shit since the war did not go well for them. The suggestions are just fucking “1488” “SS” “Down-with-ZOG” whatever the fuck to the point that it’s genuinely upsetting.

I’m not sure, but I think the Nazis must have Trojan-horsed me with what I assumed was an aesthetics blog. You know what I’m talking about, one of those gentle, unassuming blogs called european-beauty or whatever with pretty white girls with flower crowns and vaguely slavic dresses standing alone in fields of wheat. It’s not even sinister because it looks just like a Joanna Newsome cover.

They’re always going on about protecting white women but they always leave them alone in vast f i e l d s o f w h e a t

Revolution is
Tiananmen Square brimming with bodies
June 4, 1988.

A protest
For freedom.
Chests throbbing with passion,
Clawing out of spirit and into flesh,
Into voice

Against time,
Creating change too slowly.
Without explosions, without fervor.

Revolution is
Small town peasants rejoicing
October 1, 1949

A protest
For equality.
Well, would you agree
Equality is poverty,
Equality, is death?

Against time,
Shortages during the Cultural Revolution
Boasts the highest death toll of any famine;
Comparable to life loss in World War Two.

Revolution is
Abstract expressionism
Surfing on political funds
Driven by egotism?

A protest
For superiority
In all fields:
Economy, technology, creativity.

Against time,
A race to the moon,
To the stars.

Revolution is
A lone man-boy standing in granulated black and white,
In front of a tank, one thousand times heavier

Revolution is
Women-girls, bare breasts,
Being dragged away by cops

Revolution is
Bob the Drag Queen
Sitting behind bars in dim

Revolution is
Gay men kissing on the street
And the ugly stares of Asian tourists.

Revolution is
Going from wearing silk slippers
To wearing no shoes
Hiding in barns away from daylight
And sneaking past trees in moonlight
Hung with drying body parts

Revolution is
Clinging to a wee fishing boat filling with seawater
As the clouds unleash their fury upon mankind
Dark trolls manifesting from water, hard like stone
Battering hopes to cross the Taiwan Straight

Revolution is
Your baby brother crying for water in the night
Telling him shh, at dawn, at dawn…
In your heart not knowing where water could be found.

Revolution is
Walking on a dirt road
With hunger, your old friend.
A man-skeleton is swaying in the field

Against time,
At dawn brother-child is gone.
Leaving only his stiffening husk.
And when you tell the story
You never say if you cried.

Against time
The scarecrow-man falls
But by the time you rush over
He has become just scarecrow, no man.

Revolution is
A protest
Against time.

Not next decade
Not next century,