a white girl standing in a field

Revolution is
Tiananmen Square brimming with bodies
June 4, 1988.

A protest
For freedom.
Chests throbbing with passion,
Clawing out of spirit and into flesh,
Into voice

Against time,
Creating change too slowly.
Without explosions, without fervor.

Revolution is
Small town peasants rejoicing
October 1, 1949

A protest
For equality.
Well, would you agree
Equality is poverty,
Equality, is death?

Against time,
Shortages during the Cultural Revolution
Boasts the highest death toll of any famine;
Comparable to life loss in World War Two.

Revolution is
Abstract expressionism
Surfing on political funds
Driven by egotism?

A protest
For superiority
In all fields:
Economy, technology, creativity.

Against time,
A race to the moon,
To the stars.

Revolution is
A lone man-boy standing in granulated black and white,
In front of a tank, one thousand times heavier

Revolution is
Women-girls, bare breasts,
Being dragged away by cops

Revolution is
Bob the Drag Queen
Sitting behind bars in dim

Revolution is
Gay men kissing on the street
And the ugly stares of Asian tourists.

Revolution is
Going from wearing silk slippers
To wearing no shoes
Hiding in barns away from daylight
And sneaking past trees in moonlight
Hung with drying body parts

Revolution is
Clinging to a wee fishing boat filling with seawater
As the clouds unleash their fury upon mankind
Dark trolls manifesting from water, hard like stone
Battering hopes to cross the Taiwan Straight

Revolution is
Your baby brother crying for water in the night
Telling him shh, at dawn, at dawn…
In your heart not knowing where water could be found.

Revolution is
Walking on a dirt road
With hunger, your old friend.
A man-skeleton is swaying in the field

Against time,
At dawn brother-child is gone.
Leaving only his stiffening husk.
And when you tell the story
You never say if you cried.

Against time
The scarecrow-man falls
But by the time you rush over
He has become just scarecrow, no man.

Revolution is
A protest
Against time.

Not next decade
Not next century,

Here’s the problem…well, here’s a problem with Tumblr - the slippery slope of suggestions. See, I love history, and followed a bunch of World War One blogs. Then Suggestions suggested World War Two blogs. Which is cool, it’s the more popular direct sequel, and it’s also interesting. But aparently if you like blogs about WWII, Tumblr thinks you’re a fucking Nazi, even though you think Nazis wouldn’t be hot on that shit since the war did not go well for them. The suggestions are just fucking “1488” “SS” “Down-with-ZOG” whatever the fuck to the point that it’s genuinely upsetting.

I’m not sure, but I think the Nazis must have Trojan-horsed me with what I assumed was an aesthetics blog. You know what I’m talking about, one of those gentle, unassuming blogs called european-beauty or whatever with pretty white girls with flower crowns and vaguely slavic dresses standing alone in fields of wheat. It’s not even sinister because it looks just like a Joanna Newsome cover.

They’re always going on about protecting white women but they always leave them alone in vast f i e l d s o f w h e a t