a werewolf boy

the 늑대소년 (a werewolf boy) AU that no one asked for 

midoriya izuku, having a weak constitution, decides to recuperate in the countryside and pursue his studies to become a professor. there, he meets werewolf!todoroki- a werewolf-human hybrid engineered by his own birth father who wanted to create the perfect soldier. in teaching todoroki how to read and write, midoriya too gains self-confidence and learns to love himself. 

[spoilers for the movie if u havent watched below]

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A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)


Phone Wallpapers - Song Joong Ki pt.2

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365 day movie challenge | 6. A Werewolf Boy (2012) ★★★★★

Werewolves are special predators, known for their remarkable persistence. They can survive without food for a long time and mate with just one partner for life.

After moving to the country to cope with illness, city girl Suni befriends a mute boy who appears to have literally been raised by wolves. But violent conflict brews when another man seeks Suni’s attention.

My thoughts; This movie literally broke me. It’s probably the most heart-wrenching Korean film I’ve seen since Heaven’s Postman and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard. I’d give it 30 stars if I could, it was completely perfect… and I think I’m just gonna go cry some more now.

My favorite actors and the ones I’ll be watching out for in 2015. No particular order. 

Actor and favorite role:

Gong Yoo - Coffee Prince
Won Bin - Mother
Lee Jong Suk - Pinnochio
Lee Sun-Kyun - Pasta
Lee Min Ho - City Hunter
Kim Soo Hyun - Love From Another Star
Ji Chang Wook - Healer
Song Joong-ki  - A Werewolf Boy
Sung Joon - Shut Up, Let’s Go!