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the wardrobe

James: Look at him being all “I’m a cool teacher”. Wanker.

Lily: Shut up you are just jealous.

James: Jealous? Jealous?! He became everything we hated Lils.

Lily: You are as dramatic as Sirius today Jamie.

James: Ooh, the Longbottom kid is first, I bet he is afraid of Augusta, Merlin knows Frankie was.

Lily: Did he just say-

James: Oh yes he did. That bastard bullied that kid so much, he became his biggest fear.

Lily: I- I’m-

James: I’m so excited! He is gonna make Snivellus look like Augusta, I remember that red handbag!

*Wands at the ready, Remus opens the wardrobe Snape walks out*

Lily: *watching warily* He looks so different, like he is taller.

James: It’s because the poor kid is scared of him shitless, Riddikulus Neville come on.

*Riddikulus and Snape is now wearing Augusta’s clothes*

James: *doubles over laughing* Moony– You– legend.

Lily: *tries not to laugh, fails* If Severus hears this–

James: *still laughing* Moony doesn’t give a fuck.

Lily: *grinning* I can see that.

James: Merlin– that hat. It suits him well. *tries to regulate his breath*

Lily: *smiling* That smirk on Harry’s face is all too familiar. 

James: Like father, like son.

*Boggart morphs into a mummy in front of Parvati*

James: That Parvati girl did well! 

Lily: Oh my– Seriously Seamus, a banshee?

James: I mean, kid has a point, that thing is scary.

*Dean walks up to the wardrobe*

Lily: A severed hand, like the one from the Addams Family?

James: From the what?

Lily: Don’t worry about it, Muggle thing. 

James: I know most Muggle things.

Lily: *disappointed* I never had the time to show you this one.

James: *changes the subject* Oh, Ronniekins of course has spiders for Boggarts.

*Harry walks up to the wardrobe, wand at the ready, looking excited*

Lily: It’s Harry’s turn, what if–

James: It wouldn’t assume his form Lils

Lily: But

*Remus throws himself in front of the Boggart*

Lily: Of course, it’s the full moon. 

James: The one thing he is scared of. 

Lily: He probably thought what we thought, still protective of the fawn.

James: Well, of course he is, don’t you remember how scared he was when he first held him?

Lily: *with a smile* Of course, I do

James: Well at least there’s someone who’s looking out for him now.

Lily: Soon, he will have Sirius back, too.

James: If the idiot doesn’t get himself locked up for committing the murder he was locked up for.

Lily: Well, that’s a possibility but Remus is sensible, I trust him.

*cue to the scene where Remus says “together” and Lily just stares at the camera like she’s in the office*

Lily: Have you ever seen a Boggart?

James: Yeah, once when I was 18 and I couldn’t do shit until my mum came and found me.

Lily: What did you see?

James: All of you guys were de-

Lily: *looking away* Oh, I- I see.

James: Those are foul creatures Lils, I’m actually glad Moony stopped Harry from facing his Boggart. 

Lily: Me, too. 

My 63 year old mum wrote a letter to her doctor after a recent physical that she asked if I would be willing to share online. It is regarding the experience of being overweight and how doctors, and the world at large, treat you when you are. It’s a bit lengthy, but please give it a read if you have the time!

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Okay little shits I want to say some words about the Earp Sisters- particularly my darling Willa

I see a lot of you guys have been giving her quite a bit of flack- you know for hating Waverly and shooting Nicole and unleashing a writhing tentacle beast on Purgatory. Now these are all very bad things. But I’d like to take a moment to explore how we got here. And as a clinical child psychologist specializing in abuse and trauma- I have A LOT to say about these three. Because OH BOY do they run the spectrum of child abuse outcomes in the real world.

Now, I want to start by saying all three of the Earp sisters were born into an abusive household. But the three had some very different experiences of abuse/neglect, and environment is SO important on child development. Like genetics is some basic groundwork but really it’s environment that does most of the shaping. In this analysis, let’s start youngest:

Waverly Earp. Now Waverly is like an ideal outcome from abuse. Clearly this girl was born with a hell of a lot of resilience in her genes (that Earp? legacy). She can bounce back from a crisis. But, she kinda got it easiest of the three: she was only in the homestead until she was 6- after that she was raised by Gus and Uncle Curtis in what was no doubt a much healthier, stabler household. Now see age 6 is important- because personality is generally done developing just before puberty- about 10 years of age. This factoid of personality development will come up again later, but for Waverly, being removed from a toxic environment at a young age meant she actually had a chance to unlearn/recover from many of the more nasty potential effects of severe neglect (she was by far the most neglected I mean a demon was her best friend and NO ONE KNEW) as well as the sibling abuse inflicted by Willa (blackmail, sadism, power plays- not a good sign in a child). 

Now does the abuse still affect her? Hell yeah! She still lived through it and it changed her permanently- you see it in how she needs love and attention (why else go for Champ as soon as Wynonna leaves town? She needed ANYBODY) even at her own expense. She downplays herself, but simultaneously wants to be important (the Heir- cause you know her dad only cared about the Heir). And you know what I think? She didn’t resist telling Wynonna about Nicole because she was scared what she would think. No. Wynonna of course doesn’t care. No she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to even risk Nicole getting involved in the toxicity surrounding the Earp family. She wanted Nicole separate to keep her safe (remnant thought process from Willa using what Waverly loved to blackmail her). But still, even with all of this, she is not as severely affected as she would’ve been if she had stayed neglected and abused for say, 12 or 13 years. Waverly had intervention, and real world case studies of severe emotional neglect have shown that a child as old as 5-6 can bounce back remarkably well in the right care. I mean to where you wouldn’t know they had been through Hell- at least not immediately.

Wynonna Earp. Middle sibling, mix of neglect and abuse. She is the most moderate/common outcome from abusive childhoods- with healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and personality traits meshed together. Like Waverly, resilient as hell, because she lived in that environment for 12 years, and unlike Waverly didn’t get a healthy stable home afterwards. No she got the foster care system and juvie and unhelpful counselors who essentially gaslighted her (unintentionally but it’s still gaslighting) which does no one any favors. So Wynonna had way more negative environment time, yet she still held on to her “good” side- she has a moral code she follows, she cares for those close to her, she’s able to have a healthy relationship with at least one person (Waverly). I’d almost say she’s shown the most resilience of the three. Now her childhood experience is interesting, because she’s in the middle of this spectrum. She didn’t receive the full force of Ward’s attention because she wasn’t the Heir, Willa was. So that’s less aggression abuse from him, instead she was more neglected by him. But her very close age with Willa put her close to that aggression abuse as she experienced it vicariously through Willa. She saw what he did to Willa by way of abuse and Waverly by neglect, and seeing that affected her. It made her so, so protective and parental. Of both Waverly and Willa. So while Ward may not have done much direct abuse to Wynonna, she still lived it. And it affected her to make her a caretaker. 

It’s also a form of displacement on Wynonna’s part- to be a caretaker. The prospect of caring for herself is far too daunting but caring for another? More doable. Taking a caretaker role also helps her regain some sense of control, none of which she had when she had to witness Ward’s abuse and couldn’t help Willa or Waverly. Now some of you may be asking: “Didn’t she see Willa abuse Waverly? How could she still care for Willa?” Remember she had known Willa much longer than Waverly, and on top of that she knew WHY Willa was so callous and aggressive- she knew first hand why. So she explained it away because she loved Willa and saw she was broken and I’m willing to bet when she witnessed the sibling abuse, she stepped in. I have a feeling Willa did most of it under the radar. Hell I bet even Wynonna got some verbal or emotional abuse at times from Willa, but she went with it because it was less severe. And again she would explain it away. And in Willa’s absence, Wynonna idolized her even more, and she became a myth of herself. Her good qualities remembered over her bad ones. Waverly had a different experience seeing as she didn’t HAVE any good memories of Willa.

Now to the contentious point. Willa Earp. Now I’ve taken you through the personality development of Waverly and Wynonna. You see how they came to be. Now I’m going to show you how Willa came to be. As the Heir, Willa was THE focus of Ward’s attention. And this is where it begins. If she had been neglected she may have actually had a shot, ironically. Because Ward promoted aggression, antisocial behavior, and created a culture of fear. We’ve only seen glimpses but he was taking her out in the middle of night telling her how everyone would die and it’d be her fault. He was creating a paranoid soldier. Now this is awful for a child’s development, especially personality. Remember she lived under Ward’s thumb for 13 years- her personality had long since formed, and it formed to cope with constant fear and a desire to gain some semblance of control over her situation to stay safe. And to keep Wynonna safe. I do not doubt she loved Wynonna- but she loved her how she LEARNED to love another human. Ward had no problem hurting and scaring Willa in a horribly misguided attempt at raising her. She knew as a child that fathers are supposed to love their daughters. So Ward’s abuse must have been how you love (in the mind of young Willa), and you see her applying this with Wynonna. She was more than ready to kill Wynonna because she truly believed it was a kindness and a show of love. 

Did Willa ever love Waverly? I do not think so. Because Waverly didn’t show up until Willa was already about 8 years old and completely bonded to Wynonna. And, I think she was too busy to learn to love her, which I’ll explain more later on. Even in a healthy family, it’s not uncommon for an older sibling to resent a younger one, but add in the way Willa has been treated and raised up until that point, and you get the extreme response of sibling abuse. Now you might ask “So why didn’t Wynonna do the same? Why did she get parental while Willa got aggressive?” and the answer is (for the first time in this whole spiel) likely genetics. 

A quick lesson: everyone is born with a specific type of temperament, which in short is how a child naturally deals with their emotions. Do they sorta “go with the flow” of their emotions, are they a powder keg with strong, uncontrollable emotions, or some mix? Temperament forms the building blocks of all further personality development, and it is far far from destiny. But it’s a genetic predisposition to regulate your emotions in a certain way. And it is interconnected with that resilience I’ve mentioned previously. 

Resilience, if you aren’t sure, is a child’s ability to cope with adversity. The greater the resilience, the more likely a child is to come away from adversity without major psychological harm. A highly resilient child, is more likely to have a “good” temperament (moderate level emotions, relatively easy to work with) whereas a child with low resilience is more likely to have an “at-risk” temperament (very strong emotions that are difficult to regulate). Wynonna, with her obviously high resilience, clearly had a “good” temperament growing up. Willa, most definitely was an “at-risk” temperament (her losing her cool at the slightest provocation with Whiskey Jim for example), and combined with the severe abuse and aggressive environment, that temperament blossomed into the rest of her personality. 

A third vital ingredient in this is called cognitive load. What that refers to is basically how much mental effort/energy the brain spends performing a task or tasks. There is a finite amount of cognitive load the brain can handle, and so it must apportion its time as it sees fit. If there’s a lot of stimuli (external and internal) to deal with, the brain will prioritize, again, as it sees most fit, leaving out “unnecessary” information. EVERYTHING take some cognitive load, from thinking through a problem, to emotional regulation, to social relationships. And we all know you can only juggle so much.

Now let’s combine these three concepts together in Willa. Willa was born with an “at-risk” temperament, which means she has BIG emotions and cannot regulate them well. That takes a LOT of cognitive load to manage. She also has lower resilience to adversity, and some of resiliency’s power comes from a LARGE capacity for cognitive load. You are more resilient if you are better able to process and work through adversity instead of getting drowned in it. So low resiliency=low cognitive load capacity. This already low cognitive load capacity had to deal with emotional regulation of a veritable firecracker, so it’s mostly busy doing that. Add in her forced focus on Ward’s “training” (skills and cognitive tasks) and abuse, and her close bond to Wynonna (a social relationship to manage and someone to protect) and her poor brain is overloaded. It can’t handle any more responsibilities. So when Waverly comes along she sees another potential responsibility and says no. So instead Waverly becomes not only a nuisance to her (she’s got enough to focus on already), but an outlet for her frustration and pain. She has no control with Ward, but she can control Waverly like he does to her. She can feel big, and what kid doesn’t take comfort in feeling big?

Another major thing I want to point out with adult Willa is her obviously stunted emotional and social development, which is no surprise. I’m willing to bet growing up she really didn’t have any friends besides Wynonna, so all of her socialization happened in the Earp homestead (not a great place as has been clearly demonstrated). Willa shows an understanding of the world that is basically that of a preteen. It’s shown as a black and white understanding of other people when she tells Wynonna of the citizens of Purgatory “They hate us Wynonna, they’re evil they deserve that thing!”. It also plays into her lack of emotional regulation, because even a child with an “at-risk” temperament tends to improve some as they age because they learn ways to cope. Willa never did. Now not only did Ward contribute to this stunted development but so did being isolated by Bobo and Lou.

And finally it is here where I will address the Stockholm Syndrome briefly. Only briefly because while she clearly has it- believing Bobo loves her- it did not create Willa as she is. That happened long before Bobo. Bobo used what Ward had started, that’s probably part of what drew him to Willa. Bobo’s influence sure as hell didn’t help because all he did was reinforce everything she had learned up until that point. But Stockholm alone did not make Willa. It’s a much more complicated story and it is tragic and it is one that needs to be heard. She is a product of fear and pain and the need to survive, and while her history does not change the fact that as she is now she is a villain, she is a villain worth sympathy. Because the poor thing never really had a chance from day one. So I dare you to instead take a look at Willa not as the evil lesbian-shooter, but as a scared child trained to be a soldier who is solely responsible for everyone’s lives who cannot handle the pressure and needs to escape and doesn’t know any other way but destruction.

It sucks that contemporary American conservatives, on virtually every issue, take the path of least intellectual resistance so it’s easy for conservatives to mindlessly stick to some bird brain talking point that if you think about it for one second it sounds correct, but not if you think critically for a couple more seconds. It’s so hard to debate because their bird brain answers to all our political questions are so casual, skim, and critically effortless, while the liberal reply demands like a half-hour of educational background and a deep look into exhaustively obtained analysis. Like God forbid conservatives learn how having entirely unfettered gun rights makes our society less safe, free, and healthy, but the Second Amendment is literally one sentence and they don’t even take the minimum time to contemplate the seemingly relevant usage of the words “well-regulated” and “militia”. But meanwhile liberals come to the argument with decades’ worth of historical precedence, gun studies, violence statistics, psychological understanding, as well as empathetic, unselfish personal accounts of the effects of gun violence on other people even if they have not personally been affected by it. It sucks that on virtually every issue there is the same, stupidly omnipresent dichotomy of intellectual rigor between the political perspectives.
—  Levi Olson
TalesFromYourServer: Should have just given me my 15%

Like any good server I’ve already had a few so bear with me. I work in a very laid back trendy barbecue restaurant with fun shit like empanadas and lots of craft beer so our clientele tends to be easy going with a lot of playful banter but sometimes enough is enough. Enter my first table of the dinner shift I’m working: four relatively young employees wearing their company shirts and I do my normal script before running off to grab their drinks. They seem to be having a good afternoon and good moods are infectious so I’m expecting them to be a fun group, right? And then it began.

Cue fuckhead #1 whipping out his tupperware of leftovers and tells me that he’s just going to have them microwaved. Yes, you read that correctly. He wanted me to microwave his food for him like he’s a drooling toddler who wants mac and cheese but can’t work the buttons.

Me: “I’m sorry sir, it’s a health code violation for us to even allow you to bring your own food in this restaurant in the first place”(I’m not a health inspector but I ran out of fucks to give before I could check the local regulations)

Fuckhead: “Well you have a microwave don’t you?”

Me: “Yes but it’s not for outside use”

Fuckhead: “Well who uses it then?”

Me: “Us?” (I asked this in a confused manner since apparently he’s the only one that can solve his riddle of shear stupidity as to why a restaurant would have a microwave)

Fuckhead: “Well I guess I just won’t order anything then”

Meanwhile his three co-workers are laughing at me like I’m some sort of zoo animal and egging him on because I guess sociopaths like to travel in herds. Eventually I drop their food off and the check waiting for them to just fucking leave me be. I’m organizing tables for a reservation and hear them talk about them wanting to stiff me on the tip because I wouldn’t microwave his food. And that’s when I snapped. Not in a going postal way but in the “I will fuck you 6 ways from here to next Sunday” kind of snapping.

Remember how they’re all wearing company shirts? Well I sure did and I sure remembered the $3 I got on their $60 order. I duck out back, google the name of the company, and decide to give them a little phone call to let their manager know what their employees act like in a public setting and they immediately feed my phone number and story up the food chain so tomorrow I’m going to have a lovely conversation with their district manager.

Should have just given me my 15%.

By: toga-Blutarsky

anonymous asked:

Do you think Yuuri has high emotional intelligence, that sometimes being fucked up by his anxiety?

This is a really interesting question that I’m not sure I’m fully capable of answering properly, but I’ll do my best. 

Ok looking at the most common model for emotional intelligence, you can measure it in 5 traits. So let’s look at how Yuuri does in each. By the way I’m kinda ignoring episode 12 for this.


Self-awareness in the context of emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your own emotions as they happen and being in tune with your true feelings. Also the recognition of your own self-worth and skills.

Yeah, Yuuri “I don’t really have a name for this feeling” Katsuki has some trouble with this one. With the self-confidence and recognition of his own merit as well, as we know. Here though, I do believe anxiety plays a huge factor. Yuuri is very prideful, and stubborn and he’s not completely lacking in awareness. He has his moments.

Also, I think Yuuri’s problem is mostly that he’s extremely self-absorbed and hyper aware of himself. Which you know, comes with his anxiety. He is very aware of what his failings, to the extreme where he can’t see his assets a lot of times. 

He has difficulty identifying his own feelings a lot, particularly when it comes to Victor, but he seems to be very aware of how his anxiety works from how we see him react to it in episodes 1, 7 and 9. A good example is this little piece of dialogue in episode 7

I know. As in, he’s aware that his fear is unfounded, he’s aware that his feelings are irrational but he can’t help feeling them.

He certainly lacks in accurate self-assessment with how he’s constantly devaluating himself, but the anxiety is clearly playing a role in that. So the jury’s out on this one. He doesn’t excel at this, but it’s not where he lacks the most out of the five.


This is the ability to have self-control and managing your emotions, being adaptable and open to new things and ideas. 

I actually think Yuuri does a lot better here than what it may seem at first.

Of course, the entire series happened because Yuuri was not able to deal with his emotions during the Grand Prix Final. But let’s look at what those emotions were. Yuuri was grieving. He had just learned that Vicchan died, so that on top of the pressure of being at the GPF, of wanting to meet Victor as an equal, plus his usual insecurity, it’s no wonder the whole thing spiraled out of control. Can you really blame him for not keeping his emotions in check and underperforming in that situation? 

Besides, Yuuri does a really good job at holding it together. He only allows himself to cry when he’s by himself.

But what about episode 7? Well, episode 7 shows us once again Yuuri doing his hardest to keep it together. The difference here is that, for the first time, he’s not doing it for his own sake, but for Victor’s as well, which is why the whole thing blows up once Victor pulls the “I’ll quit” card. Even with all that though, after being given an outlet for his emotions, Yuuri is able to regulate them well enough that he skates one of his best performers, completely relaxed, and while suffering from sever lack of sleep and having just come out of an anxiety attack.

In episode 9 Yuuri is completely alone and he manages. I wrote about this before.

He also regulates his anxiety through skating and going on runs. We seem him do both often throughout the series and Minako even spells it out for us that whenever Yuuri is nervous or troubled he skates it out. So he’s very aware of what methods work for him to calm down. 

As for adaptability and innovation, he’s constantly showing heaps of both throughout the series. Since Victor’s arrival, he is forcefully thrown into new situations and his comfort zone is pushed to the limits and he always adapts. Eros is the best example. He both adapted and innovated there.

Yuuri’s entire style of skating require a lot of self-regulation. It’s canon that Yuuri’s skating is immensely emotionally driven. He can’t skate what he doesn’t feel. So for him to be able to perform he must be able to control his emotions. And again, any time he fails to do so, it’s his anxiety overtaking him.


The ability to motive oneself, having clear goals and the drive to achieve them, having initative, being able to commit and keeping a positive outlook in the pursuit of one’s goals despite obstacles. 

Ok so maybe Yuuri is lacking a bit on the last part of keeping a positive outlook. Otherwise though? Yuuri is extremely driven. He has worked his entire skating career with the very clear goal of meeting Victor as an equal. He needed time to work through the setback that was his first GPF, but he still actively tries to get out of it on his own

I’ve talked about this before in my analysis of his character arc. Yuuri is very much driven by his desire to win the GPF and his wish of becoming an equal to Victor and keep him by his side. Even though all his lows in the series, his goals are ever present and he is capable of motivating himself to get back up again and pursuit them. He experiences a lot of physical and mental strain and he still pushes forward. His initiative, while lacking at first, is one of the things that grow in him as he goes through character development. 

The optimism needs to be worked on though. 

Social Skill

This involves a lot of things, from good communication, ability to be persuasive, conflict management, nurturing bonds with others and being able to cooperate and work with others as a team.

Here’s where Yuuri is probably lacking the most. But he gets better. 

Communication is not Yuuri’s strongest asset, not by a long shot. I mean the boy has a very hard time expressing his feelings for Victor without using skating metaphors. He has a lot of trouble communicating with almost everyone in the rest of the cast, as we see from his inner monologues. He’s better with Phichit and gets better with Victor, but still terribly lacking by the end of the series.

We’re told he didn’t really have friends growing up aside from Yuko (and later Takashi as they grew), and in present day, aside from them, the only person Yuuri considers a friend is Phichit. Despite the fact that, as we see, other characters express interest in being Yuuri’s friend. 

Both Yuuri and Victor have poor social skills in entirely different ways, and that’s what makes their relationship difficult, especially at first. But they do manage to reach a balance, work together and develop. They meet each other half-way. 

So yes, not bit on the EQ here.


Recognizing other people’s feelings and understanding them. 

Yuuri is not completely hopeless here but he’s still got a long way to go. He has a hard time reaching that awareness of other people’s feelings. He didn’t recognize the love of his family and friends as such as instead saw it as pity (that’s the anxiety), he didn’t recognize Minami’s admiration for him, he wrongly assumed that he was holding Victor back and that Victor would be happier not being his coach, he didn’t seem to notice at all that Victor had feelings for him before the kiss. 

Thing is, as soon as he’s aware of people’s feelings, he’s very understanding. He’s so grateful for the love of the people surrounding him the makes it his theme, he accepts Minami’s feelings and cheers him on. Even the whole issue of “I’m holding Victor back”, that’s empathy. That’s Yuuri being so concerned over someone else’s feelings he is willing to sacrifice himself for them. 

Anxiety does probably play a role here in the way he’s lacking. 

So overall, I would say Yuuri has an average level of emotional intelligence. His anxiety certainly screws it over a lot, but he has many moments where he shows a surprisingly high EQ. He really needs to work on his social skills and self-awareness though. Could do with more empathy as well. Here’s hoping for more development on that in s2. 

Just a reminder to everyone who thinks this “Invasion Day” business should be put behind us; until 1967 Aboriginal people, their lives and well being, were regulated under the Flora and Fauna Act, meaning that they weren’t even classed as human.

That’s less than 50 years ago.

The legal recognition of Aboriginal humanity in Australia is younger than my father, and that generation still holds the reins of power today.

This history exists, and it doesn’t go away overnight.


Scully honestly cannot remember the last time she was this bored.

She’s going on night three – three! – of this ridiculous stakeout. Originally, she and Mulder were supposed to take turns on the overnight shift. But after the first night, which he’d somehow talked her into taking, Skinner had called Mulder away to Vermont, and it’s been up to her to carry on alone.

On a case she doesn’t for a second believe is actually an X-File to begin with.

She hasn’t been here around the clock, of course. Even if she could stay awake for days on end, Mulder knows better than to ask that of her. But Skinner won’t approve a second set of agents for backup, either. He called her last night, about two hours after he called Mulder away.

“Agent Scully, I apologize for pulling Agent Mulder off the stakeout. Something’s come up that I need him to look into.”

“Just Agent Mulder, sir?”

“For the moment at least, yes. But while I cannot authorize the use of an agent to replace him, I will allow you to rely on videotape for the hours you can’t personally be on-site.”

“Sir, the regulations require–”

“I’m well aware of the regulations, Agent Scully. I’m overruling them in this instance. If Mulder’s work out of state keeps him away for more than 48 hours, we will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Understood?”

She hadn’t even attempted to hide her sigh. “Yes, sir.”

She is, at least, off the hook entirely for the hours the club is closed, and video surveillance covers the rest of the time she’s not here. Of course, she’s still responsible for reviewing the footage in search of their mystery woman. So far, no sign.

She is so. Very. Incredibly. Bored.

The furnace makes a sudden, horrible groan, and she jumps at the sound. There’s a clank, followed by another, and then silence.

“Oh no. No, nono, no, no…”

It doesn’t take much examination to determine the thing is dead. No amount of cajoling, fiddling, or downright begging will get it to turn on again. Great. Because this assignment wasn’t miserable enough already.


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Please do the Pottermore Reading!

I’m seeing people throwing a fit about there being only one Great Wizarding School for North America and it’s stated on Pottermore exactly why. 

Wizarding populations of most countries choose the option of home schooling. Occasionally, too, the magical community in a given country is tiny or far-flung and correspondence courses(distance learning, it would be akin to online courses now) have been found a more cost-effective means of educating the young.”

It’s not safe to assume that all the magical children in the country would even attend the school but instead would be homeschooled or do their schooling through the mail.  

In regards to smaller schools that is also addressed:

“There are eleven long-established and prestigious wizarding schools worldwide, all of which are registered with the International Confederation of Wizards. Smaller and less well-regulated institutions have come and gone, are difficult to keep track of, and are rarely registered with the appropriate Ministry (in which case, I cannot vouch for the standard of education they might offer).”

This is also mentioned when discussing Uagadou,the African school:

“ Although Africa has a number of smaller wizarding schools, there is only one that has stood the test of time (at least a thousand years) and achieved an enviable international reputation: Uagadou. The largest of all wizarding schools, it welcomes students from all over the enormous continent.”

As far as Ilvermorny itself there are some things that are being stated in the schools story such as the sorting ceremony,wand selection and the robe colors. They’re simply being overlooked.

Ilvermorny Sorting Ceremony:

“ While the rest of the school watches from the circular balcony overhead, new students file into the round entrance hall. They stand around the walls and, one by one, are called to stand on the symbol of the Gordian Knot set into the middle of the stone floor. In silence the school then waits for the enchanted carvings to react. If the Horned Serpent wants the student, the crystal set into its forehead will light up. If the Wampus wants the student, it roars. The Thunderbird signifies its approval by beating its wings, and the Pukwudgie will raise its arrow into the air.

Should more than one carving signify its wish to include the student in its house, the choice rests with the student. Very rarely – perhaps once a decade – a student is offered a place in all four houses.“

Wand Selection:

“Once students have been allocated a house they are led into a large hall where they select (or are selected by) a wand.”

Ilvermorny robes and their colors:

“ The robes of Ilvermorny are blue and cranberry. The colours honour Isolt and James: blue because it was Isolt’s favourite colour and because she had wished to be in Ravenclaw house as a child; cranberry in honour of James’s love of cranberry pie. All Ilvermorny students’ robes are fastened by a gold Gordian Knot, in memory of the brooch Isolt found in the ruins of the original Ilvermorny cottage.

Why I eat a banana everyday!

Bananas are great sources of many nutrients. Bananas:

-Have ~350mg of potassium per serving, which helps to regulate the cardiovascular system
-Contain trace amounts of fat. The fat they do have belongs to the sterol family, which helps to control blood cholesterol
-Packs 3g of fiber. Soluble fiber helps to clean the digestive track, regulate carbohydrate conversion, and may lower the risk of heart disease
-Has the amino acid tryptophan, which the body uses to create serotonin. This chemical promotes a good mood
-Are low in terms of glycemic index
-Gives your body a quick burst of energy without feeling a comedown
-Contains ~43% of your daily needed B6. This water-soluble vitamin must be replenished daily, and is responsible for enabling antibody and red blood cell production, as well as regulating blood sugar levels

My favorite ways to eat a banana are plain, cut up in oatmeal, or frozen as part of a smoothie!

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What r u...... thirsting for

Well see thirst is regulated both by the kidneys by the RAAS and also by the CNS (thanks hypothalamus and posterior pituitary!!!) but honestly I just want dick n’ ass. 

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has already put himself at odds with the vast majority of climate scientists. In a TV interview today, Pruitt said he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to climate change. As NPR’s Nathan Rott reports, his own agency has said otherwise.

NATHAN ROTT, BYLINE: The question asked of Mr. Pruitt on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” was whether or not he believed it’s been proven that carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the, quote, “primary control knob for climate.” Here’s the EPA administrator’s response.

SCOTT PRUITT: No. I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do. And there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact. That - so, no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.

DAVID TITLEY: I don’t know what Mr. Pruitt does or does not believe in. And honestly it doesn’t really matter what he believes in.

ROTT: This is David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate at Pennsylvania State University and a former rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

TITLEY: The atmosphere doesn’t care what any single person believes. It’s just going to keep getting warmer, and the climate’s going to change as long as we keep increasing the amount of greenhouse gases.

ROTT: The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees with Titley’s point. A report by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just earlier this year said that changes in the planet’s surface temperature are largely driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. The EPA’s own website says, quote, “it is extremely likely that human activities have been the dominant cause of that warming.” Jennifer Francis is a research professor at Rutgers University.

JENNIFER FRANCIS: It would be hard to find a scientist that disagreed with that. The evidence is overwhelming.

ROTT: Pruitt’s comments to the contrary, though, aren’t out of the ordinary for him. During his confirmation hearing, he said that the degree to which humans impact climate change is in question. He’s written on the topic, and as Oklahoma’s attorney general, he sued to stop the Obama administration’s biggest regulation to combat climate change, the clean power plan, with the backing of the oil and gas industry.

Donald Trump has promised to get rid of that plan, as well as another major regulation that aims to limit carbon emissions from cars and trucks. An executive order that would set those changes in motion is expected just next week. Francis thinks all of that is concerning.

FRANCIS: The longer it takes us to get a grip and start reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases, the worse problem it’s going to get and the harder it’s going to be to fix it.

ROTT: The EPA actually has a legal mandate to regulate greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide because of a Supreme Court decision in 2007. But Pruitt in his interview today said he’d like to see Congress weigh in on that, as well. Nathan Rott, NPR News.

Read more: http://www.npr.org/2017/03/09/519499975/epa-head-scott-pruitt-doubts-basic-consensus-on-climate-change

Bad Sun

Every sun sign has something they don’t want people to see. I am bringing to light all that the zodiac keeps in the dark. May I present to you the negative aspects of the Sun in the signs…

Aries: the Meth Head; aggressive and gutsy, tries to prove valiancy and heroism to others; volatile, childish and demanding temperament; tries to bully and boss others around; convinced of infallibility; insensitive, rough and raw.

Taurus: Lazarus; complacent with consuming, and only concerned with cash and collectibles; a blind, passive, stubborn underachiever satisfied only with self-indulgence; controlling and sluggish, places too much importance on relaxation and materials.  

Gemini: ADHD; can’t focus long enough to complete anything; burns bridges and blames others; a superficial teller of tall tales whose inconstancy makes them unreliable; immature; instigates and flirts, but never consummates.

Cancer: The Bummer; fearful of abandonment and isolation; private, prying and protective, yet defensive and manipulative; imagines only disaster and tragedy; defeatist with lack of confidence; depends on others for strength, security and encouragement.

Leo: Whoredom; bossy bombastic demeanor with smidgens of superiority; compulsively draws attention to self to inflate a deflated ego; overly expectant and demanding, extremely self-involved; vain and vicious; lazy obnoxious and overrated.

Virgo: The Chump; permits abuse and allows others to take advantage of them; self-sabotage; over works to lift perpetually low self-esteem; undervalues talents and triumphs; represses, resents, and whines; doesn’t aim too high.

Libra: The Dealer; judges others’ imperfections and insists on emotional detachment; a logical and idealistic liar who is promiscuous and persuasive; vacillating moods and mind causes unreliability and uncertainty; self-indulgent, shallow and wasteful.

Scorpio: Melancholia; unable to move on; manipulates, tests and tortures; looks for the worst in people; proud and unforgiving; secretive and scheming psychotic; power complex; obsessed with control; cruel, calculated and concentrated.  

Sagittarius: The Rootless Gypsy; juvenile; lacks follow through, commitment and focus; erratic pot stirrer; insulting, insensitive and irresponsible; tactless words and actions; overheats and goes to the extreme to gamble and chase absurd pipe dreams.

Capricorn: The Pimp; suspicious self-seeker with a desperately industrious outlook; stingy and capitalistic; stubborn and egotistical money monger only concerned with having money in the bank; uses people and takes advantage of them.

Aquarius: Stiff-Neck; rejects rules and regulations, as well as close relationships; intellectual arrogance, lacks proof to support glorified visions of proliferation; rigid and strict about personal opinions and beliefs; weird and stubborn.

Pisces: The Passenger; too passive and impractical to fully apply self; fear of failing causes professional flailing, which leads to bitter outlook; quits too soon; fantasies, lies, excuses and addictions replace and distract.



You stared at Hank with a raised eyebrow as he rambled on about neural transmission. How you asking if he wanted any lunch turned into him ranting, you have no clue. “So basically,” He continued, “Neurons are filled with a fluid called cytoplasm which suspends the nucleus and other basic cell structures made of folded membranes that are full of Ribonucleic Acid which is not to be confused with Deoxyribonucleic acid.”

You opened your mouth to try and get the conversation back on track, thinking he was done but boy were you wrong. “Now you might be wondering what Ribonucleic Acid is for. Well, it regulates the synthesis of proteins and other substances that maintain-” Without another word falling from his mouth, you slammed your lips against his. You felt him jump in surprise before quickly responding, gently resting his hands on your back, gripping your top tightly in his fists.

You pulled away, leaving Hank to chase your lips for a moment before snapping upright, a bright blush dusting his cheeks. “Was I talking too much?”

“Just a little,” You teased and he grinned at you.

~ Clara

The Colony Ch 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

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Chapter 40: Yippie Ki Yi Yay

Their appointment the next morning with Aldous Leekie went smoothly; Cosima’s familiarity with the protocol and the proceeding disarmed Delphine at first, until she remembered that her beloved was an old hand at divorce colony life.  The two women sat across from the counselor at his cherry desk in fine wood chairs; they both had their hands folded in front of them, relaxed, respectful. Leekie lead each of them through the specific  questions they could expect as well as the standard responses.  

“Now Cosima, you’ll be called as a witness and asked to take the stand; you’ll state your name and swear an oath to tell the truth.”

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ugh that scene in the handmaid’s tale where the wives are standing around the table when janine is giving birth, and one of the wives says to offred “breached, dear, have you heard that word?”, in that tone and like, i think i could deal with being a handmaid but i don’t know if i could deal with someone treating me like that

Weight Gainer

As Devlin was leaving the gym he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was easily one of the biggest body builders he’d seen around his gym. Devlin always hated those kind of guys. They would get all the attention while he would have to sit on the sidelines. Sure he didn’t have a bad physique; he just didn’t understand why no one else wanted to be around him.

“Hey man,” Devlin said in a friendly tone.

The big bodybuilder looked down. “Oh, Hey man. What’s up?” He did a quick flex and everyone around him ooed in their amazement. His muscle bulged all over the place. Devlin frowned as he was being shown up.

“So, like, what are you on?” he asked. The small group of people just stared a little blankly. The bodybuilder lost his smile only for a second. He had clearly dealt with people like Devlin before. “Yeah to get so big. What are you on? I’m just curious. I’ve got a bit of a physique right now and I was just curious how I could get bigger.”

“Well…” the bodybuilder paused for a second and did another pose. He showed off his deeply cut horseshoe tricep. “Through hard work! Diet! And consistent training!” The small group around him cheered as he performed a different pose with each word. They were eating this shit up. Devlin wasn’t going to let this go. This guy was obviously not a natural bodybuilder. His bulging veins and overdeveloped muscles made that clear. Why couldn’t anyone else see this?

“Yeah but, like, what are you on? Guys like you always have a little bit of a secret. I’m just trying to find out what else you’re taking. I’m really trying to gain some weight,” now Devlin was sounding indignant.

“Oh I’m glad you asked!” the bodybuilder sounded like a game show announcer. His loud baritone voice filled the parking lot. He started into a full spiel on the types of protein powders and other weight gainers he had for sale. The small group of people seem to have grown after seeing some kind of commotion. They all sounded so interested in what looked like sugar pills and flour sitting in brightly colored tins.

“And now for my very special guy, I’ll give you a free sample,” he gave Devlin a punch to the arm. It wasn’t quite as friendly as it looked. “Go on. Take it.” Devlin knew it was going to be a lot better for him if he just took the small bottle of pills. The bodybuilder clearly wasn’t happy about his questions. Devlin smiled to himself knowing he’d just gotten a free sample. That wasn’t his intent but at least it was some sort of consolation prize. And he got to piss off someone he thought was a jackass. So win-win.

He got home and down two of the pills with water. “Might as well regulate my sugar,” he quipped. “Why doesn’t anyone else think I’m funny… Their lose.” Devlin smiled as he went to sit in his favorite chair and turned on the TV. He leaned his chair back and stared blankly at the screen. He was really getting into the show he was watching.

It was distracting him as his body started to gain weight. His stomach started to bulge out in front of him while his pecs started to lose their defined shape. He scratched his belly nonchalantly as hair started to grow. The itch started to grow a little bit stronger. He scratched it again not thinking about it. Another few minutes passed as his stomach grew even wider. The pain suddenly hit him as his pants strained against the extra weight. “What the…” he tried to spring up from his seat. His husky kept him firmly planted. His stomach kept growing wider as he struggled to get out of his chair. Words refused to form in his mouth. He had to see what had just happened.

In the mirror he saw his body. A large belly protruded in front on him. He gave it a quick rub. It felt oddly nice. He stared deeper into the mirror seeing how his face looked a lot fuller. The stress lines from trying to maintain a strict diet to keep his thin waist disappeared. He stepped on the scale. 220. He’d gained at least 60 pounds. He didn’t really mind though. It felt nice being a bigger guy. A part of him actually felt like he was stronger. And for some odd reason he really wanted to snuggle with someone.

“Fuck…” he cursed absent mindedly while scratching the hair between his deep pecs. He gave his reflection a bit of a smirk. “Guess I did say I wanted to be bigger…”

tbh I wish like….. narrative wise I had a reason for my self insert to know more of the taz canon characters >: I want to have more in universe friends but alas, my character is a swamp hermit