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Inspired by his love of the outdoors, artist and Head Screen Printer Jonny Alexander’s work incorporates Nature, landscapes, and its objects/processes, creating large open landscapes to cross sectional terrestrial islands sometimes floating in space, surrounded by oceans, or inhabiting surreal terrains.  Devoid of humans and human interactions, his visual narratives do, however, reflect his own “existential quandaries” or spotlight the human consequences to the environment as in a 2016 mural he created with the Pangeaseed: SeaWalls Murals in New Zealand.  We’re super excited to chat with Jonny about his art school experiences, his love of the outdoors, as well as his work ethic and tenacious attitude, all in this session of Art School. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist

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anonymous asked:

do you prefer drawing traditionally or digitally?? i really enjoy traditional but i wanna color and do art like digital artists do, and want to do animatics as well :,) im just kinda torn and wanna ask how you dont feel so torn between drawing traditionally and digitally?

In fact, I prefer the traditional drawing. also trying to use both methods because it is hard to draw a picture with a computer yet :/

This is my way of working from last year. First, I draw a picture with my hand. I think I need a little skill at this time. Well … I spoke a few times, I’ve learned art for a long time. (and still practice myself :D)

If you want to have a watercolor feel on your computer, it’s a good idea to try the watercolor before that! The only thing I can say is that to develop painting skills is to practice constantly! I hope it helped! Have a nice day!

Indigo Flowers

Fire Emblem: Fates

Pairing: Xander/Inigo

Description: After a tough mission, Xander is feeling down and Laslow tries to cheer him up with mixed results.

another fic for @brynhild-r, who introduced me to this under appreciated pairing



A tentative knock at the door brought Xander from the hellscape of his thoughts. He wasn’t sure how long he could continue to follow King Garon’s orders, especially when they meant murdering innocent women and children for suspected treason. Their final expressions of terror were imprinted on the back of his eyelids and no matter what he tried to do they refused to leave.

“Come in,” he said, head in his hands.

“Milord, you haven’t left your quarters in six hours, I thought I’d check up on you,” Laslow said.

Xander looked up and saw the young man smiling at him, concern hidden beneath his familiar grin.

“Thank you for your concern Laslow, but I’m fine,” Xander replied, as much as he enjoyed the company of his flirtatious retainer, he was not in the mood for a friendly chat.

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anonymous asked:

How can I unlearn my anger when I'm riding? I get very frustrated when I'm asking for something I know I (& my horse) can do, what can I do to be patient is what I'm asking. (I'm on mobile)

okay this ask is over 2 years old so don’t shoot me just yet.  

I struggle with this too.  And honestly, the best advice I can give you is to:

a) ALWAYS have a plan.  If you’re a novice rider or trainer (for context, I consider myself a novice) Its extremely beneficial/ almost essential to make a game plan.  Go over what it is that you want to work on during your training session.  For instance, I might want to work on developing lateral work at the walk.  Ill think about the steps I need to take to warm up my horse so he will be ready to do walking laterals, and I need to think about how I will apply my aids to get those behaviors Im asking for, and I need to asses whether my horse understands those aids well enough to be able to preform the exercises correctly.  To get to that point in my session, I may warm up at the trot, and canter to loosen him up.  I may begin with a simple leg yield.  As I do this exercise, I asses if my horse is responding to me in a way id like.  Even though I KNOW my horse can yield away from my leg, if he isn’t responding the way id  like him to, I need tell myself to take a step back and go over each little behavior that constitutes a leg yield.  I may hop off and work on sensitizing him to my leg by touching a whip to where my leg would be and rewarding him for responding to it.  I may also sensitize him to rein aids, were if I pick up the inside rein, he should shift weight to the outside shoulder and calmly drift away from me.  I could even break these steps into smaller steps if he’s still not responding etc. etc.  Its a little complicated, but training requires extensive theoretical knowledge, and if you make a plan on how to address a horse who isn’t doing what you’d like it to, you’ll be able to stay calm and reasonable in your requests.  If you don’t make a plan, you risk “escalation”, where instead of trying to explain yourself either more clearly or in a different way, you just make your aids bigger, bolder, and increasingly more aggressive if the horse continues to “disobey” you.  This is NOT the path to harmony with your horse lol.  Easier said than done FOR SURE, but practice this and you’ll get better.  Having a backup plan is really helpful too.  If something isn’t going well and you feel yourself becoming frustrated, its best to move onto plan B and start “fresh” with a new behavior.  As you gain more experience, you can be more flexible with your initial plan and adjust your training session as you go to suit how your horse feels on that day.  Flexibility is a learned skill essential to training animals and it takes time to develop, so don’t beat yourself up for not being able to to it.  I still struggle haha.

 and b) break the behavior into super small steps that make it easy for the horse to understand.  If you’re struggling to work on something that you know you or your horse is capable of, its completely OKAY to go back a few steps and work on it like you just introduced the behavior.  Thats called building a better basic.  It doesn’t mean that your horse “forgot” the training you’ve done in the past.  Think of this as an opportunity to build up the foundation of your training that allows you to move on to more difficult things that require greater degrees of balance and control.  Heres my shitty example:

Say you’ve been working on getting your horse to walk on an accurate circle without leaning to one side or the other (its difficult!)  You’ve done it and you feel that your ready to move on to trot.  Now you’re working on trotting on the circle, and then you feel ready for the canter.  You work on this for a few weeks, but one day, all of the sudden, your horse is leaning to the inside and just will not yield to your inside rein or leg.  Instead of fighting the horse in the canter, go back to walking (or trotting) on a circle.  There are SO many variations of walking/trotting on a circle and so many useful exercises you can do at the walk/trot on a circle.  If you work on these, you may very well find that not only has your walk work improved, but so has your trot and canter!

See how in the “after”, the base is wider? This represents the better foundation you’ve just put under your more advanced training.

I know a lot of people on here reading this will probably roll their eyes thinking “this is common sense”, but you have no idea how many professional instructors I’ve watched or taken a lesson with have insisted that their students and horses “already know how to do that” and make their students reprimand their horses for not obeying aids that their horse clearly never had a good fundamental understanding in… an example I’ve seen is when a trainer insist that their student keep their very crooked/ physically asymmetrical horse “straight” at the trot and canter when jumping a line of jumps, even when said horse hasn’t even the slightest clue on how to be straight and even at the walk! 

aplutypus  asked:

Hey Cookz! I saw your awesome original art on twitter (the four pretty badass ladies) and well, I just started learning 3d character modeling and I wanted to know If I could model them for practice? It would be only for my developing​ skills :3

WoaH? seriously???!!! ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

be careful, even meh,i dunno if i could modelise them ! But s-sure !of course!!

Hope u’ll have fun and learn stuff thanks to this !

Keep practicin’ ! (and thanks for likin’ mah ladies !8u8 i’m super dupeh flattered ! )

daveattenbruh  asked:

Hi darling! What are your top tips for developing art skills?

Hello there!! Well, I am not a pro but I can of course give you some tips that I personally find helpful:

- Draw everyday if you can, even if it’s just a little doodle! Drawing is like riding a bike, if you stop doing it for a while, you’ll get out of practice and nothing is more annoying that grabbing a pen after a few weeks of not drawing and feeling like you have to relearn basic stuff that you actually know by heart.

- Use references! Everybody does it, it’s not stealing, it’s not wrong. It doesn’t make your artwork worth less. Masters like Michelangelo or Mucha etc used references, it’s totally legit and cool. 

- What I currently learned (and what still makes me go MWEEEEHH) is this: don’t just draw stuff you already know how to draw over and over. It doesn’t really help you get better. For me personally it’s very hard to draw things that I know I suck at, because I get frustrated very easily when my drawings don’t look good - buuut I think if you can bring yourself to draw new, challenging things all the time, that helps you get better very quickly.

- Gesture drawing and drawing from photos helps you with poses and anatomy a lot. It’s great and it’s fun! Try not to give yourself too much time with anatomy studies, (Try maybe 5 minutes first, or even less) because the ultimate goal is to get a feeling for what looks right quickly, and not working on a single sketch for three hours. 

- Keep a sketchbook and take it everywhere! <3

- If I lack inspiration, I usually just scroll through tumblr or pinterest or search for stuff that I find interesting. Just take a few inspirations and try mashing them together to create one thing, or take just one idea that you really like and work it into your drawing. 

- Things like Inktober are amazing. It’s the first artist challenge I actually managed to finish and it felt great and I made a lot of progress in that month.

- Ask people to be honest with you when you show them your drawings (if you want critique) - or better surround yourself with other suffering souls (=other artists) and push eachother with motivation, inspiration and honest, respectful criticism. It’s super important. And don’t take it personally, it’s just about your work, not your character or your worth as a human being. (I know, easier said than done haha)

- What I personally like to do is challenging myself with unusual shapes in characters. I looked through some of my older art, and recognized a pattern of faces and body shapes that all kind of looked the same. So now, whenever I catch myself drawing the same thing over and over just because it’s easy and fun, I try to avoid it, because I feel that it makes characters look very repetitive and uninteresting after a while?
So be bold with shapes! Ditch the hourglass figure, give feminine characters big noses and cool doublechins, or even better don’t let gender stereotypes destroy your fun with drawing! I always get so annoyed when I see “male and female” tutorials for characters, because that’s how you teach people to draw the same thing over and over again. There are men with narrow shoulders or wide hips or tiny, dainty fingers etc.
Don’t be afraid to use characteristics that are seen as “male” or “female” for whatever character you like, you’re the creator, nobody can tell you how your characters have to look like. (Also, don’t take it seriously when people ask the “lol is this a man or a woman”-question because their opinion shouldn’t matter anyway if this is the only thing they have to say about your art)
Oh, and generally don’t be afraid of drawing things that might be considered “unattractive” !

- PLEASE be kind to yourself. It always breaks my heart when I read artists say ugly things about themselves and their art. Accept that you are awesome and that your art is great, and that there will always be something that you can improve (which is great) and that art is a wonderful way of expressing yourself and your thoughts - it’s a gift, not a curse. You don’t have to draw for anyone except yourself, it’s all yours.

So I hope that helped! Thank you for your ask <3 

[TRANS] 170727 10Asia's Interview with MXM (Donghyun)

10. I heard that you enjoy the acoustic genre. Your company, Brand New Music, is a hip-hop label, so how did you end up joining?

Donghyun: I enjoyed listening to San E and Hanhae seniors’ music and respected them. And at that time, my vocal teacher had a tie with Brand New Music, so I ended up auditioning. At first, I thought ‘Would this fit with my style?’. But after hearing what Rhymer CEO said, I thought ‘I’m someone who fits with Brand New Music’. He told me ‘Hip-hop is something that company, Brand New Music, does. You can just do the music that you have been doing. I respect your style and am here to just develop your skills.’ With that one phrase, I gained belief.

10. Are there company seniors that are cheering you on?

Donghyun: Whenever Kanto senior sees me at the practice studio, he tells me, ‘I’m watching you well’, ‘You need to work harder’, and although it feels like it’s something he says lightly, I can feel his sincerity. I gained strength from it. The company’s senior artists sincerely care about the trainees too, so I’m thankful.

10. When did you start dreaming of becoming a singer?

Donghyun: In my 3rd year of middle school, I was part of a band in school as a club. We stood on stage during festivals and while practicing as a band, I naturally formed the dream of becoming a singer. I officially thought ‘Let’s do this’ in my 1st year of high school.

10. Were there any oppositions in your family?

Donghyun: There isn’t any who pursued arts in my family. Maybe that’s why, but they opposed strongly at first. However, since their son continuously said he wanted to do it, my parents’ hearts weakened. With a good opportunity, I was able to join an entertainment for a bit during my 1st year of high school. Ever since then, my parents supported me too.

10. Do you remember what you sang during your audition for Brand New Music?

Donghyun: I sang it on ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 as well, but I sang Jang Beomjun senior’s ‘Between Hongdae and Geondae’ along with Maroon 5’s ‘Sunday Morning’. I remember the person reviewing at the time was very fascinated. Something like ‘How could he sing something like this?’, I felt a very good fascination. (Laughter)

10. You’re 20 years old this year, but I heard you had a fantasy about university life?

Donghyun: I hear about campus stories from my twin brother. (Laughter) He told me that he would befriend upperclassmen and get along with his peers from all locations, and that he’s experiencing a lot of fun things. But I also experienced quite a meaningful experience through ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 too! (Youngmin: With trainees from even more locations) (Everyone laughs) That’s true. I’m thankful that I was able to beginning my 20’s so fruitfully.

10. Since it was a survival program, you were probably burdened or anxious. Did trainees from your company give you strength?

Donghyun: I relied a lot on Youngmin hyung. Especially when learning the choreography? When we were learning the ‘나야 나 (Pick Me)’ choreography, we were in the same B class. Since it wasn’t the dance style I normally did, it was very hard. So I kept clinging on Hyung who dances well and asked him to teach me. Hyung probably had a hard time too, but he taught it to me till the middle of the night. I was so thankful.

10. During the position evaluation, you chose the rap position song, ‘Boys and Girls’. Aren’t vocals your main position?

Donghyun: I drew out a big picture. (Everyone laughs) At first, I wanted to choose ‘Playing With Fire’. But with Dongho hyung as the last, the team for ‘Playing With Fire’ was full. I felt like my world was crashing down. (Laughter) From then, I thought that I should be smart about this. Although ‘Boys and Girls’ is a rap song, there are many vocal parts. I thought I could show various sides through vocals and rap. I drew a big picture and went, but Youngmin hyung was in that team. (Laughter) Even the PD-nims on-scene asked us ‘You guys planned this out, right?’, but we really didn’t. (Laughter)

10. The performance you remember the most?

Donghyun: It would have to be our concept evaluation song, ‘I Know You Know’. I remember having a hard time while preparing for other stages, but I have more fun memories from ‘I Know You Know’. I felt that the concept suited me well too and I was able to happily prepare the performance.

10. I saw that you wanted to be the leader at that team?

Donghyun: During the member voting, I lacked in one vote, so I wasn’t able to. (Laughter) Hyunbin hyung did well as the leader. I took the role of helping Hyung from the back. After the performance was finished, I felt that Hyunbin hyung received good results as a leader, so I was quite proud. (Laughter)

10. You were regrettably unable to make it to the final competition. You watched the live broadcast on the scene, but how did you feel?

Donghyun: Youngmin hyung, Woojin, and Daehwi all stood on the final stage. Prior to the stage beginning, I told them at the waiting room, ‘You guys all worked hard and went through a lot, so it’s okay even if you don’t make it into WANNA ONE. Don’t feel burdened’, but I realized that I was actually thinking that they had to make it no matter what. Every time each of their faces were captured on screen, my heart started to beat. (Laughter)

10. A phrase that gives you strength?

Donghyun: Although I’m working hard and know that I have to work even harder in the future, there are times I feel tired since I am human after all. At those moments, I gain strength whenever fans would tell me, ‘You’re doing well as is right now’. When I heard ‘Don’t try to do too well, you just need to do the amount you like and the amount that you can do’, it was something very obvious, but gave me strength. (Laughter)

original post: tenasia
translation credits: @woojinprk

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for working with a team? I'm rather a perfectionist and have difficulty trusting others with a project, especially when something like a grade hangs in the balance. I would rather work alone, I don't know if I work better alone or not. I'm not good at thinking up iras but I can make them work so I kind of need others for that. Also, I'm considering a career that involves a lot of teamwork. How can I, as an INTP improve these skills? Thanks

Well, what’s the best way to improve any skill? You have to practice it and accept the fact that you’ll maybe be gaining your expertise slowly. This is a pretty serious drawback to the auxiliary Ne of an INTP, but it is necessary.

So, my suggestion is, if you want to develop your teamworking skills, then don’t shy away from opportunities involving teamwork. It’s a simple concept, maybe, but not necessarily an easy one to implement. For instance, I know I need to develop my social skills, and I even have a desire to do so, but I definitely don’t seize every opportunity to do so. In fact, I avoid opportunities.

It seems to me that this is a pretty common INTP shortcoming. We know what needs to be done and how to do it, but we absolutely don’t want to force ourselves to do hard and slow things. We’re lazy and impatient.

Of course, we can overcome these things. If you do the hard thing, you’re sure to get better at it.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

LOOK at this tiny nerd who just slayed a big-ass bear probably in a fit of panic and then has to spend several minutes to come down from the shock of it all PLUS nowadays has the humility to admit to his own shortcomings in a reasonable manner

I looooove Alphinaud’s development through the HW journey. It was expected that he’d become a more skilled tactician, but I honestly hadn’t expected that he’d be furthering his combat prowess as well. Throughout HW he gradually becomes more confident on the battlefield, all from having to actually apply his arcanima in practice now.

I especially like him in the rush through Azys Lla. At one point between quests, you have to speak to him of your own volition to have him say that he was “struck by inspiration” during battle or something to that effect, and that he thinks he can think of a more powerful familiar for it. Soon after that, your group is challenged by some empire dude, and Alphinaud summons Obsidian Carbuncle for the first time in the heat of battle. Aaaaahhhh I’m so proud of this tiny booksmart privileged kiddo who went from sending you into battle like his own private army to -> unflinchingly fighting with you side by side.


hey i managed to have a really productive conversation with my mum like dispelling some fake science beliefs shes picked up somewhere that mean eugenics is good somehow, and like helping her get over pessimistic stuff about how we will never defeat capitalism and stuff. this made me think about how like. i feel like i dont do anyhting bc im not making money or getting qualifications but tbh ive learned a lot about philosophy and stuff over the last year. as well as developing really practical skills in food production

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So, you wanted some ficlet prompts? I've got one that's angel family a bit if you want it? I was thinking Gabriel, the awesome archangel that he is, knows all of his siblings and has some nice memories with all of them. Except one. There is this one fledgling who is incredibly quiet and serious. He doesn't like that. So he tries constantly to get the kid to smile but nada. Until... (I'm sure you can guess the rest) just brother fluffiness. Write only if you want. ~sensational!anon

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Hit Good

I did it. I did the thing. Now read the thing.


Word count: just under 7000 words

Summary: Weiss is trying to sleep while Ruby and Blake are off on their zen songwriting trip. Yang has odd drumming habits. Things escalate rather quickly. Part of the RWBY Rock AU.

Read it here on AO3!

- - -

It was three in the morning.

It was three in the goddamn morning and Yang was still playing the drums.

At midnight, Weiss had just thought, “oh, no big deal, really, she’ll have to stop in an hour, her arms will get tired eventually.”

Weiss had apparently underestimated how much Yang’s five-minute morning weight lifts increased her endurance.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a routine for practicing drawing and writing

well i take art classes which is where i practice most of my drawing! as for writing, i write short stories and fanfiction (im such a nerd) to help exercise diction and coming up with plot

i also do debate which helps with developing persuasive writing / argumentative skills!

anonymous asked:

Well I wish I could sleep but I have developed sleep anxiety recently and have only been sleeping when I pass out, like every other day. It's not healthy but there's nothing else I can do before I see my doctor! However I've run out of things to clean and need something besides staring at the wall to do. ~💜

Ah, I see. That’s no good, dear. Well, while you’re forced to have this time, use it to learn a new skill. Try drawing or writing- or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, download Duolingo and do some of the easier practice sessions. Use your insomnia to learn a language! 

If you’re looking for something less involved, then, you know, you can always browse Reddit,or download a game on your phone. It’s all about what you want to do with this time.

sirbartonslady replied to your post “spiderrebelnews replied to your post: it’s really…”

DON’T LISTEN TO THAT NEGATIVE VOICE. That voice is trying to defeat you. Finish what you start, develop that as a habit, otherwise quitting will become a habit. I know that all too well. Writing and art are skills you have to work to hone. Practice is never actually wasted.

spiderrebelnews said: 

Well, the thing is, it takes an impressive amount of practice and training before you can consistently do impressive things. So you’re on the road at least.

like, i love you both, and i’m sure that’s really good advice for later, but this is less a “im frustrated that i’m not improving fast enough and want to quit” thing and it’s more a 

‘i used to be a “gifted kid” and very frequently the best at the things i tried doing, and i’m having trouble coming to terms with the fact that activities i do for fun are, due to depression and mental health bullshit, very frequently devoid of personal joy and fulfillment, along with the fact that not only are these activities empty of purpose with agonizing frequency, but i’m barely meeting my own standards for mediocrity with it, due to a formative period of expecting perfection and excellence from myself in everything i did, with varying amounts of effort involved”


Important announcement! I’m GETTING A PUPPY!! I’ve been watching this litter since they were born and have been preparing all month for the arrival of this little girl. Now the time is almost here! I’ll be driving to pick her up on the 31st! She is a purebred Brittany pup from a line of falconry dogs. I’ll be naming her Malia (it’s from one of my favorite tv shows, as are most of my animal names lol).

I’ve been obsessively reading dog training books trying to decide on my favorite training method. She’ll have to be very well-behaved if I ever want to use her with Kai. My plan is to spend the first year developing her hunting skills and field manners, while slowly introducing her to Kai. I’ll take her to rabbit fields for practice, but not with the bird. Next season, if she’s ready, I’ll start using her in the field with us. It’s an investment, but I’m so excited!! I’ve been wanting a Brittany for years but have been waiting for the right time to finally get one. Now’s that time!!

lukewrenarchive-deactivated2017  asked:

Hi, I'm curious, what made you decide to make such a sudden character design change on Cuddy? I understand character development and art style changes and so forth, like in the case of Ben I thought the change had a good transition and I barely noticed it aside from when I went back and re-read and thought his design was really smoothed out and looked great. But in Cuddy's case, it seems quite sudden? Are you planning to change her appearance in past pages, or leave it as is?

Hey there! I’m going to answer this publicly because I think it’s important:

When I started Monsterkind, I was used to drawing characters that were very similar in body types/physical features. My designs, while different in other ways, didn’t have a lot of body type variety.

I’d always planned for Ben to be a bigger dude, but looking back at the old pages we can obviously see I was lacking in the skill to properly portray that. I’m very satisfied with Ben’s design at its most recent state. He finally looks the way I always wanted- the way I imagined him in my head. 

It was because of that realization, that acknowledgement of “my characters all look similar” that pushed me to, well, PUSH myself into developing my skill at drawing people with different body types. I still have a long way to go, but I have and always will refer to Monsterkind as my first, experimental comic. Things will constantly change as I improve and learn more about drawing and creating.

When I designed Cuddy’s character, I did so basically RIGHT BEFORE she showed up in the story (a bad practice, you shouldn’t generally do this). I threw together a quick design that was appealing to me at the time, and honestly she was basically just Kate with a different face/slightly different hair- which isn’t good enough to my standards nowadays. 

Going on, it probably seemed like a smoother transition with Ben because he has been a recurring character in the comic and has been slightly changing (as my art improved) ever since he showed up. Meanwhile, Cuddy’s only been shown one other time which was when she was first introduced on page 24 of the Prologue way back in September of 2012. Her design has been slightly changing between then and now, but only in sketchbooks. Also to answer your other question, I will not be going back and making edits or design changes to pages that have already been published.

Ultimately, drawing/creating characters with different body types is important. It was something I didn’t really think about or challenge myself on when I started concept work for this comic all those years ago. Changing this character’s design slightly to provide my comic with a more varied cast and more representation of body types is only an improvement, and one step in the right direction. 

I know for a fact that there will be people out there excited to see a character that looks like them in a work they’re already enjoying, so I’m happy to make these changes even if they seem a little jarring at first.

Thank you for the great questions! 


Dil Humphrey-Umezulike aka Dilomprizulike aka The Junkman Of Africa


Style: neo-expressionist sculpture

medium: Mixed/ Junk

Fun Fact: He creates sculptures and performances that are tied deeply to traditional African masquerade yet informed by postmodern awareness. He lives in what seems to be a junkyard in a permanent performance, recycling the detritus of Lagos into artwork, clothes, a home, and a way of life that questions much of what we take for granted.

Quote:Talent is not Enough.In my 25 years of art practice, I have severally encountered a curious need to attend to a characteristically fleeting and ever smaller world which seems also almost non-existent. This development tends to vehemently challenge established norms of art practice as well as the modules of art education, thereby dictating a significant shift in the exploration of artistic practices; not only in the packaging of aesthetics, myths and skills in artistic creations but more as a vehicle of expression; in respect to the place and iconic rendering of art in and for an evolving society. In no other time therefore is the demand for a dynamic representation of art so necessary.


1. The Face Of The City

2. Waiting for Bus


4.Waiting for the Bus

anonymous asked:

What causes the price to be so expensive? (not in a bad way im just curious)

It’s a fair question (when asked nicely), and it’s one that artists get a lot (though often asked not so nicely).

Pricing your art can be one of the more stressful parts of the job, especially when that art is your sole or main income.  There are a few main factors to consider:

First, materials.  Pretty basic logic there. How much did you spend to assemble the materials necessary?

Second, time. You basically have to work out what would be a good hourly wage for your work.  If you spend a bajillion hours on something, that has to be taken into account when you price it.

Third, knowledge/experience/expertise. This is the weird nebulous part of pricing.  You have to consider all the hours of practice, refinement, failures, and development that goes into each piece and your style and skill overall.  Magweno put it well in a response to someone on DA:

Original art is expensive.  I actually had the Gubbin bases cast in resin because it means I can charge $125 for them instead of the higher price I would need to charge if I’d made each one from scratch without that base.  I had initially been hoping to sell each for a bit less, but I got too wrapped up in doing extra details on the paint job, so the hours I invested started to lengthen a bit.

Anyway, I hope that helps!