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❤Valentine's Day Special #1: She Doesn't Love Me❤

Request: JASON GOING BACK TO HIS S/O AFTER HE ‘DIED’ AND GIVING A BOX OF CHOCOLATES ON VALENTINE’S DAY AS HIS WELCOME BACK…? sorry that’s the most cliché gift ever ive never truly celebrated the holiday… heh


Jason excitedly entered the patisserie. He was so happy to be back to you on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t really like these shitty holidays but knowing how much you enjoyed feeling loved in such days, he thought buying you a ton of gifts would be the best option to reveal his return to you.

And of course chocolates. You loved chocolates. Once he bought the most expensive package of chocolates he proceeded to walk to your apartment.

The huge teddy bear in his arms made it a bit hard not to drop the other things, such as flowers and heart shaped balloons.

Once out of the door to your apartment he took a deep breath. He’d get to see your beautiful face after such a long time. He’d get to cherish you once again, and he’d never leave you again. You were eachother’s first loves. What was purest than that?

As he headed to the elevator, he saw it opening before he even got the chance to approach. With a close look he saw you, you out of all people, your smiling face, your happy eyes.

The world tumbled under his feet. At that moment so much rage overwhelmed his entire being. It was only Bruce who had completely replaced him, you had replaced his spot in your heart.

The flowers fell off his hands, along with the chocolates, he wanted to be dead again.

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  can you do more crossovers with marvel and the joker ? more specifically Bucky Barnes :)) thank you
A/N:…. I’m back to see one of my joker imagines trending holy shit best welcome back gift ever


He glared at your smug form as you finished reading the news article with a delicious smile on your lips. You glanced at your boyfriend – he looked away to pretend he wasn’t paying attention. You chuckled, biting your lower lip.

“The Winter Solder.” The Joker didn’t like the way you pronounced his name, “He likes to raise hell, no?” You stood up from your seat, slowly circling the green haired man. Your hands landed on his shoulders, “I like him.” You murmured into his ear. He tensed his jaw. “I think my business would do even better with him.”

“You have me.”

“But I want Bucky.” He suddenly grabbed your wrist, his long fingers squeezing around it.

“You wont.” He growled.

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The Terminal, Ch. II

So I will not ask you where you came from
I would not ask and neither would you.

The flight was bumpy and short. The call came at 6:01. Clarke waited for her luggage and her friend to appear, hugging her and welcoming her back, asking for gifts and complaining about traffic and the weather and tourists and her boyfriend. The ringing of her phone shook her hands and she felt the pressure of choosing, suddenly at hand. She debated picking up, stuck and frozen as the carousel beeped and bags began a slow, arduous journey down the chute and towards the weary passengers.

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Halo 5 The Light is Green Piano Cover
Adam Kallibjian, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Dylan Thompson
Halo 5 The Light is Green Piano Cover

Hello Tumblr, I am back, on a brand new Blog, ready to start over anew. :)

This is a recent cover I learned from the Halo 5: Guardians soundtrack, thanks to Youtuber Adam Kallibjian for providing sheet music to this amazing creation. He gets all the credit for the cover, and as does Kazuma Jinnouchi for making Halo 5′s soundtrack. :) 

Enjoy, it’s a welcome back gift. 

I went to dinner with hooverdamnn tonight and he paid for it as a welcome back gift and this is why he’s the best of the best. ANYWAYS, hello, I am Andy Leo and I am the clean vocalist for Crown the Empire. Being good to people is my passion but so is music and acting like I’m not a complete softie when I am. I hope you are all having an absolutely wonderful night, peace out xx 


Before I go to bed, did some more work on the sweater. Moved the neckline and did some meshing magic on the collar to make it invisible. ;) And just so you know, the sweater is not a mesh but just a recolor of the cat’s skin categorized as a cat accessory. So If you have a fluffy cat, the sweater will look like hair. This is really intended for hairless or short hair cats. 

*No Coco I will not mesh you a sweater :P*

Also, I do intend to share this with everyone. I have a few things that I made for cats that I forgot to release back at Halloween. But….let me get through the last bit of my cc organizing. Maybe another week of purging, 2 at the most, and I’ll have a new spiffy welcome back gift for everyone. 

P.S. This cat is from the premades sim bin.