a weird daydreamer

I feel like I’m not here, sometimes. Like I’m in a dream. Everything is too near but also far away. I cannot think straight. I feel like if you cut my strings I might float away - or that if I’m not grounded, suddenly, I might drift into a daydream forever. Where is my mind?
—  broken thoughts

 Cat Dab Party

just a little silly fast animation of cats w/ sushi inspired by a weird as hell daydream

practising with the motion tracker in After Effects, footage used is x x thanks for the super helpful tutorial by Toniko Pantoja! x :)

Song is Meow- by Anamanaguchi <3

hope you enjoy this dumb 5 second thingy

Humans Are Weird: Maladaptive Daydreaming

That was it. X’Kora had to ask. They had come into the break room for their mandatory hour reprieve, and there was Human Skylar, sipping her coco and making faces again. The first time X’Kora had witnessed this, they had assumed that it was simply another human food time ritual (after all, Human Kevin was prone to humming whilst eating a satisfying meal). But now, after Human Skylar had muttered, “You crusty, sock-sniffing motherfucker,” under her breath, X’Kora had to know.

“Human Skylar, am I interrupting a delicate creative process?” they asked, concerned they might be intruding.

“Hmm?” Skylar asked, shaking herself a bit. “Oh god…did I say something out loud again?”

“Also interesting facial expressions. Is sock-sniffing frowned upon in human society?”

“Er…yeah…I uh… I sort of have this ongoing replay of high school in my head. I was thinking about the time one of the football guys made fun of me.”

“Was that your reply to his rudeness?”

“No, but I wish it was. I’ve thought up a few good ones, but that’s my favorite.”

“You replay this moment in your head to fix the dialogue?”

“…not just this moment…”

X’Kora nodded. “Perhaps next time, emphasize the crusty attributes and his tendency towards inappropriate mother-son relations, and downplay the sock-sniffing.”

“Will do.”

Me: (disassociating)
Me: Anyone lose a body? Not sure this one’s mine.

when you have an awesome normal dream and then you wake up but the dream must go on so you continue the story in your head cause aaahhhh you have to know what happens next and what happens after that and what happens after that and you can just *feel* it become a new maladaptive daydream universe

There’s this quote in the book when Arya thinks about her white horse and it’s name ‘Craven ’ and how she can never love someone who is a coward…and I am like ’ what is George trying to say? ’ I mean look at the quote…people think that there can’t be any romanticism in her storyline but this line somehow gave me butterflies in the stomach. I know it’s just a line but I think I know someone who has been incredibly brave just for Arya *hint**hint*.

Ok, maladaptive daydreaming is freaking weird. Like, the “ideal self/universe” makes sense, who wouldn’t want to experience that? But then you have the violent shit and the downright weird shit. Like daydreaming that you’re a baby. For hours. Otherwise you can’t sleep.

And it truly does make me happy/feel safe. It’s weird and I’d be incredibly embarrassed if anyone knew, but I can’t stop.

The beginnings of love for the signs
  • If you have a girl in mind check Venus+moon
  • If you have a boy in mind check Mars+moon
  • Check sun if you wish ;)
  • Aries: lots of hand gestures and eye contact and facial expressions whenever you two have a conversation (you'll love it and soak it all up), lots of food dates (they want to make sure you're comfortable around them), picking you up and twirling you around and quick cheek kisses, "you always calm me down"
  • Taurus: they'll show you the secret places they go to chill (this can be anything from a flower garden to Starbucks to an underground club just be ready honestly), they'll let you push them around like no one else dares to, they'll tell you that you're different and special (because in their eyes you're truly one of a kind), "oh, you have to go? Are you sure your don't want to stay around just a little longer?"
  • Gemini: expect lots of chats over the phone (they've realized that they can't hear your laugh or your stutters through text), "looks" from across the room when something stupid happens, just chilling at your place sounds like a good time to them, "hey, you're just like me"
  • Cancer: nose scrunching and suppressed smirks when you say something dirty (you could tell they were thinking the same thing), lots of high fives quick touches, asking lots of questions about you (they'll wriggle out of answering yours, but they're just trying to make sure you're one of their kind) "thanks for being patient with me"
  • Leo: whispers in your ear (they don't have to, but you can feel their grin on your cheek), bodies pressed together type hugs, admitting to stalking your social media (you'll call them a creep but you'll be blushing), "you know, I'd do anything for you..."
  • Virgo: they could listen to you speak all day (they love learning more about you), little things that go almost unnoticed (like putting an umbrella in your car or buying you new headphones when you complain about your others), you'll get to see their silly side (and you'll love it), "don't worry I'll take care of it"
  • Libra: they'll talk about how well you two look together (they'll want lots of pics of you two or just you), introduces you to friends and family, your head rested on their arm or their head in the nook of your neck (you're their safe place now), "I like you, you're genuine. it's really... refreshing, you know?"
  • Scorpio: mixing paints until they find the exact shade of your eyes (even if they're brown, they're a special kind of brown to them), opening their mouth to say something then closing it immediately because they don't want to scare you away, touches that linger a little bit too long to be just friendly, "finally, SOMEONE understands!"
  • Sagittarius: lots and lots of jokes made to get under your skin (throw it back at 'em twice as hard), making lots of plans because they really wanna hang out with you, all Sagittarius's are philosophers just wait and they'll show you, "hey I saw this thing and it sorta reminded me of you so here you go"
  • Capricorn: showing you what they geek about (believe me, it's there), gloating about how much better you two are than everyone else, arms over shoulders and hands around your waist randomly (just to shock you ) "I've always needed someone like you in my life"
  • Aquarius: pinching your cheek (just so that they can touch your face), saying things that the two of you are gonna do in the future, bringing you around their friends (and their face lighting up when you charm their asses off) "I can talk with you for hours and about anything... weird right?"
  • Pisces: daydreaming about running into you (even if it's just between classes), them showing you their secret hobbies, they stare into your eyes just a little bit too long (what even is too long?) "I can't believe you're real"

To my MaDD fellows

Does anyone else with MaDD has this feeling when you watch a movie or read a book and one of the character has the same name than one of your paras? Like, this weird feeling of this name belongs to me somehow? Or am I the only one?

anonymous asked:

Headcanons on what sort of weird daydreams or fantasies the Paladins would have about their secret crush?

*cracks knuckles* I live for this.



• Actually daydreams about you after his nightmares, just the mere thought of you calms his nerves

• Doesn’t look it but boy does this man wonder

• Most anything he sees makes him think of you in a way ‘Would [Y/N] like this?’ 'I wonder what [Y/N] would do..’ ect.

• This man thinks about you a L OT even though on the outside he keeps his regular fecade

• Sometimes can be caught muttering to himself about you

• Turns into a blushing mess whenever he talks outloud about you and is caught

• Though not all thoughts are pure. Some are KIN KY


• While he does in embarrassed about daydreaming outloud he won’t deny he was talking about you.

• A nervous mess whenever YOU notice him daydreaming about you

• For the rest of the day, if you look at him he’ll just blush.


• this man just loves you a lot okay?


• Is really open about daydreaming about you

• He openly states things like if you would like a certain thing, or if this would look good on you.

• If someone asks or notices he gets really excited?? And just goes on and on about you because he just wants to be the best boyfriend???

• Pure?????

• Actually will go on a rant about how much he loves you and how much he thinks about you if someone asks

• (Also does it when no one asks *cough cough*)

• One time actually rant into a wall and knocked himself cold when he was ranting about you and DIDNT PAY attention TO HIS SURROUNDINGS

• When you notice his constant daydreaming, it throws him off a little but overall loves your reaction and just showers you with kisses

• PICKUP LINES GET CHEESIER (if even possible)

• “are you an earthquake, cause you rock my world.”
“Lance no.”

• Also just loves you to pieces


• The most obvious he’s daydreaming about you but also the most oblivious

• Won’t even notice that hid face looks all lovestruck and mushy until someone asks what he’s thinking about

• He just kinda gets that confused puppy face

• He just thinks about you so much that he no longer notices anymore


• Honestly thinks about having a life with you, showering you with gifts, smiles and affection, baking together, just being #couplegoals

• Constantly tells you how much he thinks of you, but is always a blushing baby boy when he does

• Probably the most open Paladin about it

• Will get into a heated debate about you

• Best believe this boy is gonna carry your name on his shoulders if it’s the last thing he does.

• Best believe he’s gonna carry YOU on his shoulders

• Daydreams about you 24/7



• Help this boy

• He will never show how much he thinks of you

• because he has to keep the lean mean emo machine thing going

• If hes noticed, will straight up deny it. Even though he becomes a blushing mess and kinda gives it away


• defensive.

• Thinks about you most after training or when he’s laying down

• Always questioning how much you love him even though you love him lots???

• Always wonders what you like. And what you don’t like.

• Not too often though

• He has his own way of showing you his love ;)))

• (sorrynotsorry)



• she thinks about you all the time, when she works, when you cuddle, even on missions.

• She always wonders about your well-being, constantly wondering if you’re okay.

• She keeps a stern facade though, if someone looked at her while she was daydreaming. It would just look like regular Pidge

• She’s tells you about her daydreams behind closed doors, she’ll just casually tell you while she’s typing away at her computer and she’ll just watch you melt

• Never stops thinking about you. On the inside, she’s just like Hunk. On the outside, a blazing Keith in the making.

• Though won’t hesitate to step up for you. At that point will gladly admit your her world. (even though the smol would turn to a beet)

• Any other time it’s mentioned she denies it. If they keep going on..

• “I swear to gods Lance, if you don’t shut your quiznack I’m putting itch spray in your bed.”

• Will use it against you in private tho