a weird daydreamer

Not a problem!! I’m happy to help.

Maladaptive daydreaming disorder is a mental disorder where a person has the urge to daydream every day.

Important word there: *disorder*!!!

Meaning everyone daydreams, but not everyone has MaDD. Maladaptive daydreamers daydream to the point where it interferes with their lifestyles and relationships, hence the word “disorder”.

Ex: preferring to daydream in their head instead of going out, or interacting with people.

Some common traits of MaDD are:

•performing repetitive movements and/or stimming while daydreaming. Ex: pacing/walking in a circle, tossing small objects in the air over and over, swinging on a swing, rocking back and forth, bouncing up and down, humming or making noises, listening to a specific song, making “weird faces”, etc.

•daydreaming for hours at a time, loosing track of time when daydreaming, being late to things because they were too busy daydreaming

•would rather daydream than do something very important, use daydreaming as a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with real-life situations (i often catch myself going straight inside my head whenever I am even mildly inconvenienced…), procrastinating to daydream.

•you will see on many articles that MaDD is caused by (early life) trauma or abuse, this IS common, but is not always the case

•having (usually multiple) very very detailed worlds or universes in your heads that are constructed over months and years of daydreaming. (I’ve noticed the word “paracosm” gaining traction in the community to describe these.) Some of my oldest paracosms date to four to five years old! Others I abandon after just a month or two. It depends.

•gathering elements for your paracosms from already existing fictional universes or even real life (adopting real people or fictional characters to interact with them in your head, making your paracosm exist in the world of a movie or book franchise, etc.)

•while MDers do daydream for hours on end, they also will slip into daydreams without even realizing it for short periods of time. It happens very quickly, and usually I’ll daydream for a minute or two before “snapping out of it”.

•feeling very intense emotions from daydreaming, daydreaming to feel intense emotion that they feel they cannot get from “real life”.

•having very violent daydreams, daydreaming about “taboo” subjects, having intrusive daydreams that might be disturbing even to the person daydreaming about them.

For more information and symptoms, you can simply search “maladaptive daydreaming disorder” on google and read the Wikipedia, WebMD, and other articles on it. There’s lots of good info there and I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of symptoms.

After reading up on some more clinical descriptions of MaDD, maybe simply browse the “maladaptive daydreaming” or “actuallymadd” tag on tumblr. See if you relate to most of the posts on there.

(Note: people without MaDD will be able to relate to a few posts made by maladaptive daydreamers, because nearly everyone daydreams. But, like I said at the top of this post, everyone daydreams, but not everyone daydreams to the point where it negatively affects their life.)

If you’ve done extensive research and really feel like you have MaDD, there’s a nice little community right here on tumblr! We don’t bite, and I certainly don’t, so if you have any more questions I’d be glad to answer them, as would many other MDers on here!!

I hoped this helped to answer your question.

I long to write, really, I do.
But I sit at the open document,
And stare,
At the cursor, blinking back at me.
Blinking back at me in the same rhythm of my own heartbeat.
It’s weird, life is.
You daydream impossible situations and then carry on living.
You dream terrible nightmares and then carry on living.
You see man fly off this planet, into space, and wish that you could be there aswell.
To escape this life of pain.
But that’s the thing with our species.
We love pain.
We cause it.
We feel it.
And we live with it.
In the end, we die.
We die and cause pain to others.
It’s this endless ripple,
Throughout everyone’s lives.
Pain is what makes us human.
We can’t fight it.
We can’t escape it.
We just have to accept it.


theangrymunchkin  asked:

So I had a really weird daydream while mopping at work this morning. I seriously cannot control where my mind wanders. But anyways, I somehow met Martin at an MCC show and I went to take a selfie with him and he saw your Death of Omega as my wallpaper and thought it was amazing. He kept trying to get me to give him your Tumblr URL Because he wanted to see more of your art. I was torn and frantically messaging you like "OMG Martin wants to see your art take down the porn!!" Then I got distracted