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Asian Actresses in Period Dramas - (Mini Masterlist)

It’s not as easy to find an abundance of pictures for Chinese actresses as it is for actresses from elsewhere. Let alone actresses in period dramas. If you’re not an avid drama-watcher and just want an actress who’ll fit your period faceclaim, you might not know who to start with or who’ll fit. Because of this problem, I’ve made a little list of Asian actresses/models (mostly Chinese) in period dramas. In this, I’ll list who has enough pictures and even videos for you to icon and/or gif.

When searching these actresses, try to search both their Chinese and English (if they have one) names. Also search for their name followed by the their movie/show name. For video resources, I use Youtube. Now, let’s start with…

Liu Shi Shi / Cecilia Liu

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high (predominately on tumblr)
Videos for gif & gif icons: High (video(s) to look for: Imperial Doctress, Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3, Brotherhood of Blades)

Zhao Wei / Vicki Zhao

Pictures for icon-ing: Very high
Videos for gif & gif icons: Medium (video(s) to look for: Painted Skin, The Duel, Mulan: Rise of Warrior)

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SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, My stepdad turned on Pacific Rim because we’re both hopelessly obsessed with it. 

And I remembered an idea from a while back

Inspired by that basketball player from a while back who resembled Charlie Day

And I thought:

What if Newt was that tall and athletic?

Chapter 187: How to REALLY make SOMEONE WORRY!

Note: Thank you to Sienna and Sae for the translation of this chapter! <3 I also dedicate it to the almighty cat/neko. They don’t necessarily have to be a tsundere uke because they are related to the King of Beasts (Lion) and the Lord of the Jungle (Tiger). I’m looking at you Kev! -_-       - Alec

While reading, please read the footnotes at the end of the chapter for clarification.

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Hanging out with Aunt “momboss”! ;D – at Republic City Police Department 

Detectiveson Mako took the photo, btw. (random info…haha). :P

The world needs more fanart of Lin bonding with her niece and nephews. (Yes. Even with Baatar Jr.) 
Or just more Beifong family bonding in general. <3 <3