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Lois Lane WeekDay 8: Romance

                     Lois, I have loved you from the beginning.
And I’ll love you til the end.
                           In my heart, I am your husband.
                                        And I’m your wife.


Penitentiary chances, the devil dances

And eventually answers to the call of Autumn

All of them fallin’ for the love of ballin’

Got caught with thirty rocks, the cop look like Alec Baldwin

Inter century anthems based off inner city tantrums

Based off the way we was branded

Face it, Jerome get more time than Brandon

And at the airport they check all through my bag and

Tell me that it’s random

But we stay winning, this week has been a bad massage

I need a happy ending and a new beginning

And a new fitted and some job opportunities that’s lucrative

This the real world, homie, school finished

They done stole your dreams, you dunno’ who did it

I treat the cash the way the government treats AIDS

I won’t be satisfied til all my niggas get it, get it?

Is hip hop, just a euphemism for a new religion

The soul music for the slaves that the youth is missing

This is more than just my road to redemption

Malcolm West had the whole nation standing at attention

As long as I’m in Polo’s smilin’ they think they got me

But they would try to crack me if they ever see a black me

I thought I chose a field where they couldn’t sack me

If a nigga ain’t running shootin’ a jump or running a track meet

But this pimp is, at the top of mount Olympus

Ready for the World’s game, this is my Olympics

We make ‘em say ho cause the game is so pimpish

Choke a southpark writer with a fishstick

I insisted to get up offa this dick

And these drugs, niggas cant resist it

Remind me of when they tried to have Ali enlisted

If I ever one of the greatest nigga, I must have missed it!

I need more drinks and less lights

And that American Apparal girl in just tights

She told the director she tryna get in a school

He said “take them glasses off and get in the pool”

It’s been a while since I watched the tube

Cause like a crip said,

“I got way too many blues for any more bad news”

I was looking at my resume feeling real fresh today

They rewrite history I don’t believe in yesterday

And what’s a black beetle anyway, a fucking roach

I guess that’s why they got me sitting in fucking coach

But God said I need a different approach

Cause people is looking at me like I’m sniffing coke

It ain’t funny anymore try different jokes

Tell 'em hug and kiss my ass, x and o

And kiss the ring while they at it,

do my thing while I got it

Play strings for the dramatic

Endening that wack shit

Act like I ain’t had a belt in two classes

I ain’t got it I’m coming after whoever who has it

I’m coming after whoever, who has it!?

You blowing up, that’s good, fantastic

That y'all, its like that y'all

I don’t really give a fuck about it at all

Cause the same people that tried to black ball me

Forgot about two things, my black balls

-K. West

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It’ll Always Be Me and You

Request: “Credence Fluff!!!! Haven’t seen Credence fics in so long, can you do it based off of “You and I” by Avant please?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Warnings: SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

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Oh baby
Funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far I wanna be where you are

Credence held you in his arms as you both lay in your new garden. The lease had been signed and it was final. This old beautiful home surrounded by lush landscape was yours to share. You hummed contently, Credence’s long fingers dragging through your hair. The air was rich with an array of sweet scents, and your knees were still dirty from planting the new Sweet Peas in the garden.

“The Sweet Peas look perfect in that spot!” You had said, huffing with your hands on your hips.

“And you look perfect too, my Sweet Pea.” Credence smiled, giving you a tender kiss.

You smiled to yourself, closing your eyes as you relished the feeling of being so close to him. The giddiness you felt had never died down, even after being with him for nearly two years now. You knew this memory would be one that would stick out in your mind whenever you reminisced about your life.

“Can you believe how far we’ve come?” You asked, looking up at a now slightly tanned Credence. He looked so different to when you’d first met. He was alone and afraid, and it showed. And now, he was loved and cared for, and it showed.

“I can.” He responded, combing a hand through his lengthy locks. They cascaded around his face, and you made a mental note that it would soon be time to trim his hair again. “I can believe it because anything’s possible when I’m with you.”

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Katsugeki/touken Ranbu Ep. 10 *Spoilers*

Knew it! I knew something like this would happen. Am I happy for being right? not at all.

Damn, I knew it, I knew Kunihiro would react that way, and even worse, I knew Kanesada would talk to him the way he did.

Listen, I know the animation was fantastic, we had beautiful backgrounds, and I know that most of you guys got focused on Kane-san crying, i get it, that hurts me too, but what hurts me the most is all the things Kunihiro is going through.

Can we take a time to talk about him? please? 

This episode was foucused almost completely on Kunihiro and Kane-san, something we don’t see since episode 1, but there’s a huge difference between both episodes. On episode 1 we see Kunihiro worried  because he though that he couldn’t stand the pressure, that he would go and ruin everything, I’d even dare to say he was afraid of disappointing Kane-san, but Kanesada let him know that he´d be fine, that they would be fine, Saniwa believed in them, shit he even let Kunihiro know (indirectly) that he believed in him. But now… now we see Kanesada grew closer to Mutsunokami and left Kunihiro aside. He left his partner aside!! He left the boy who has always been there for him. I know they’re side by side when it comes to stand guard like on this part

But are they really toghether? I mean, I know Kane-san is not that afective, but why he seems to bee always serious around Kunihiro lately?

For what we see on this escene Kunihiro is suffering (and it’s not the first time in the whole season) but why doesn’t none of the guys do nothing? are they waiting for kanesada to be the one who talks to him so they can make things better by themselfs? if that’s the case, it’s not working at all.

I know Kanesada is having a rough time to, but he has Mutsunokami, damn, he does even still have Kunihiro to rely on, and more important: he wasn’t there, Izuminokami Kanesada was Hijikata’s beloved sword, but he wasn’t there when his master died, but Kunihiro did and thet’s why he is the one who is feeling the worst about this mission.

This part, this fucking part broke my heart. Kunihiro knows that they must to protect the history, that they must to complete their missions despite their personal interest, despite their feelings… but these bodies… emotions take control over them, and Kunihiro is oversensitive, this must be overwhelmig for him, yet he stil tries to do the right thing and protect Ryoma, but he couldn´t take it anymore while watching Kanesada cry, that must meant Kanesada felt the same way he was feeling right? Maybe Kane-san would understand him, maybe… but then, listen his partner say otherwise… then something broke inside him, so he was alone after all?

My sweet boy is suffering, he has been in pain for a while now, and he is so transparent that it must have been obvious to everyone, so why Kanesada acts that way towards him? he’s acting exactly the same Hijikata does, strict and inlfexible. 

I know they’re on a mission, that they are warrios and Kanesada needs to stand up as a captain but, damn you, Kanesada, yes, you’re the captain, you need to make sure all the members of your unit do the right thing, but you also need to make sure they keep together. And right now that boy doesn’t need a captain, he doesn’t need Izuminokami Kanesada, the 2nd unit’s captain; he needs Kane-san, he needs his partner, he needs the person that knows him better than anyone. On this body, on this live he’s nothing but a teenager, a boy who feels alone, a child who knows that is doing the wrong thing but stil does it ‘cause he wants to protect what is important to him, he wants to save the people he loves the most. Kanesada, next episode you better be the partner, you better be the big brother my boy needs you to be. So don’t you ever go away from him again, don’t you ever dare to let him behind the way you did today.

Listen, I know that Kunihiro is making all the wrong choices, but I stil can’t blame him, ‘cause I know how he is feeling. I can’t go against him ‘cause I love him so much it’s killing me, and cause I know that, if I was there with him, I’d follow him to the end of the world, no matter what I’d stand by his side ‘til the very end.

Birthday Surprises

Prompt: ( @autoblocked) It’s the reader’s birthday and Sam and Dean spend all day doing things she likes to celebrate her special day. The thing she’s so surprised about is that they know it’s her birthday because she never told them.

Warnings: Fluff, angst, painful ending.

A/N: This is a semi-personalized fic where I filled in the favorites with those of the requester. Sorry not sorry for the ending! Here’s the song from the end!

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The Winchester boys have been sneaking around all week, acting more suspicious and secretive than usual, and you’d began to worry that more end of the world shit was stirring. They’d managed to avert the apocalypse once, but could they to do it again? You’re not sure. Sure, they’re strong, but two apocalypses? That’d be hard on anyone.

Shaking your head to clear your dark thoughts, you grab your phone from the table beside you and send a ‘see you tomorrow’ text to the brothers before glancing at the motel clock. Two minutes ‘til midnight.

You stare at the clock resolutely, your foot tapping impatiently. Swirling the whiskey around in your glass, you take a deep drink and let out a sigh just as the clock hits midnight. “Happy birthday to me.” You mumble, getting up and shutting off the lights before crawling into bed and passing out. The last hunt you were on, a djinn, had been exhausting, and you dream of your bed at the bunker.

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Aquarius- Fall Out Boy
  • Aquarius Sun & Aries Moon: Just One Yesterday // "Anything you say can and will be held against you, so only say my name"
  • Aquarius Sun & Taurus Moon: The Takeover the break's over // "Baby, seasons change but people don't, and I'll always be waiting in the back room"
  • Aquarius Sun & Gemini Moon: This Ain't A Scene // "I am an arms dealer, fitting you with weapons in the form of words"
  • Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon: Dance, dance // "I don't want to forget how your voice sounds, these words are all I have so I'll write them"
  • Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon: Centuries // "Cant stop til the whole world knows my name cause I was only born inside my dreams"
  • Aquarius Sun & Virgo Moon: Alone Together // "'Cause I don't know where you're going but do you got room for one more troubled soul?"
  • Aquarius Sun & Libra Moon: Sugar We're Going Down // "I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear, cause that's just who I am this week"
  • Aquarius Sun & Scorpio Moon: Young Volcanoes // "We are the lions, free of the coliseums, in poisoned places, we are anti-venom, we're the beginning of the end"
  • Aquarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon: I Don't Care // "Erase myself and let go start it over again in Mexico"
  • Aquarius Sun & Capricorn Moon: Irresistible // "I didn't come for a fight but I will fight till the end"
  • Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Moon: Uma Thurman // "Take me down the line, in Gem City we turned the tide, you’ll find your way"
  • Aquarius Sun & Pisces Moon: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs // "One night and one more time, thanks for the memories"
The New World - Part 3

A shorter chapter, but hopefully will answer some questions, but not the BIG question… not yet. Stay tuned, my lovelies!

Part 1 | Part 2

Daryl x Reader, Daryl x Maggie, Maggie X Reader, Daryl x Glenn, Negan x All

Warnings: Implied smut, language, Canon-Violence, Canon-divergence, some fluffy moments with Daddy Daryl

Word Count: 3401

The only light trickling into the cell through the one small window cast a dark shadow across his face. His hair no longer neatly slicked back, hanging long in his face. A grin crawled across his lips as the voices from outside became louder. The iron gate opened into the exterior of the cell, and he waited patiently for them to make their entrance.

The moment they were all in his line of sight, Negan pushed himself away from the wall, his hands shoved deep into his pockets. Chuckling darkly, he smirked as his eyes locked onto the sheriff.

“Been wonderin’ when you fuckers were gonna come down here and see me.”

“What? No ‘happy-to-fucking-see-you-Negan’ smiles? C’mon, I thought we were all friends now?!” Negan’s voice bellowed and bounced off the walls of his cell, making him sound larger than life, a sardonic grin plastered across his face as his eyes flicked from each one of their glares.

“Now, I imagine there is a problem of some kind, because normally, it’s just my buddy Rick here stoppin’ on by for a chat,” Negan’s eyes narrowed, a playful defiance burning in them as he met Rick’s gaze. “But, lucky me! I get the whole damn crew!”

He ran his tongue over his top lip and bit down as Rick took a step closer to the bars of the cell door.

“What did you do?” Rick growled, trying to fight the urge to shoot the man through the door.

“Do? Me? Awe, Rick,” Negan feigned disappointment and clutched his chest with one hand, “I’m hurt. What is it that you think I’ve done?”

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Kygo —  Cloud Nine Album  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I adore you.”
  • “You’re not alone.”
  • “Come back to me.”
  • “It’s making me sad.”
  • “I know you’re faking.”
  • “Could you carry me?“
  • “I know that you hate it.”
  • “We can dance in desire.”
  • “Tell me that you need me.”
  • “I’ll promise to stand for you.”
  • “We’ve got a wild love raging.”
  • “Yes, I’ll love you with all I am.”
  • “So take me up, take me higher.”
  • “I ain’t the best at times, I’m told.”
  • “No heroes, villains, one to blame.”
  • “There’s a world not far from here.”
  • “I can brave it… brave it all for you.”
  • “I know you lie, I’ve seen you lying.”
  • “Pray you’ll find joy through your pain.”
  • “It’s gonna be weeks ‘til I breathe again.”
  • “I like you, but it’s just so, so many miles.”
  • “It’s not what I’ve been used to, I confess.”
  • “She knows how to smile, but not like you.”
  • “I’m leaving you behind, but it’s not the end.”
  • “Call me anytime that you see the lightning.”
  • “But when they strike, we light up the world.”
  • “Why can’t I say ‘No’ to the look on your face?”
  • “Don’t you feel alone, you can always find me.”
  • “And now, I’ve found there’s nothing left to hold.”
  • “I give you my trust, can you give me your word?“
  • “We used to have it all, but now’s our curtain call.”
  • “I know you couldn’t stand to be here on your own.”
  • “Fell in deeper this time and I’m struggling to get out.”
  • “It’d take a miracle for you to really try and change me.”
  • “But I don’t need you… and you should know that, baby.”
  • “I can’t protect you from every heartbreak. The world isn’t easy that way.”
  • “But I’ll be there for you when you crawl, then I’ll pick you up when you fall.”
The ML fandom in a nutshell
  • *new episode airs*
  • *adriennette moments*
  • *ladynoir moments*
  • *marichat moments*
  • *ladrien momen*.......oh wait
  • *repeats every single week til the end of time*
BTS reaction to finding out you’re the younger sister of a SNSD member

This was kind of special, but I just felt like making it! I hope you like it!

Jin: J: “Jagiya you really remind me of someone when I look at you closely” You: “Hmmm, Seohyun from Girls Generation, maybe?” J: “YES exactly..but how did you..wait.” You: “Seohyuns my sister, silly. Oh I didn’t tell you?” J: “No, you didn’t! Wow you really look alike!”

Jin would be so shocked that your sister actually was Seohyun, but at the same time he got more excited to meeting your whole family later. “Is your whole family as gorgeous as you two?”, he’d ask.

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Namjoon/Rapmonster: RM: “Y/N, from where do you know Yuri sunbaenim, because she just posted a selca of you two. I didn’t know you two were friends”. You: “Namjoonie, Yuri unnie is my older sister.” RM: “REALLY? Jagi, you never told me!” You: “Yes I did, you most likely just didn’t listen!”

Namjoon would be surprised, but after looking at you for a while, he would notice the similarities. He would find it cool that his girlfriend had such a cool older sister.

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Yoongi/Suga: You and Suga where on your way to meet your whole family. Suga had met your parents before, but never your siblings. As you two walked in, Yoongi suddently stopped at the door, as he spotted Im Yoona in the living room. “What is Yoona sunbaenim doing here”, he’d ask. You’d laugh and tell him that Yoonas you’re sister. “You told me you’re sister was named Yoona, not that she was that Yoona!” He would try and act cool so that your sister would like him, but on the inside he was dying.

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Hoseok/J-Hope: Hoseok would come home to your apartment, to find you talking to someone on skype. He would hear: “I miss you unnie, I hope to see you soon after the tour!”. JH: “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO Y/N” YOU: “Oh, Hoseok come meet my sister, you haven’t talked to her yet, right?” Hoseok would come running to the living room and sit down next to you. Then when he would look to the screen, he would see no one other than Kim Hyoyeon smiling at him. Hoseok would become nervous and talk really politely until Hyoyeon would tell him to stop and talk unformally. I feel like they would get along really well.

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Jimin: Jimin was going to visit you at your parents house, where you were staying for a couple weeks while your apartment was getting fixed. He would knock on the door and take a step back. When the door flew open, it was no other than Sunny. JM: “Sunny sunbaenim, what are you..am I…right house”. Sunny would laugh. SY: Yes, yes, come in. Y/N hasn’t told you about me? Aish, that kid. I’m Sunny and you must be Jimin!” JM: “I know, I mean yes you are.” Poor Jimin would stutter til the end of the world. Thank god it was only moments later you came to greet him. SY: “Aish Y/N, you should really tell your friends & boyfriends more about me”, she would say teasingly.

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Taehyung/V: You were attending the same music gala event as Taehyung with his group. When you came to your seats, you realised that you had the luck of sitting behind Taehyung. He wouldn’t notice at first, but when you started talking to someone next to you in english, he would turn around. Next to you was no other than Tiffany of Girls Generation. V would become shocked just staring at you two. You would then introduce her to V. You: “Taehyung this is my sister Stephanie.” He would then awkwardly whisper to you: “You’re sisters with Tiffany sunbaenim”, making Tiffany giggle a little.

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Jungkook: You: “Kookie, come here. Have you seen Taeyeon unnies new video for Rain yet?” JK: “Yes I saw it. She’s really good. I’d love to do music with her someday.” You: “Unnies voice would sound nice with yours, that i’ll admit”. JK: “You keep talking about her in a way, jagi, do you know her?” You: Taeyeons my sister, kookie.” JK: Oh, Jagi, could you show sunbaenim my covers?”. You would laugh at Jungkooks fangirling and promise him to show your unnie his music. He would become the happiest little one.

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imagine bucky in this au okay (basically the world is in black and white until you meet your soulmate and if they die it goes back to black and white IDK MAGIC)

and basically bucky’s life has ALWAYS been in color and when he’s in germany everything just sharpens suddenly and he almost passes out from how vivid the world is.

and the whole world is horribly black and white whenever they take him out of cryo for assassinations, and even when they unfreeze cap his world is only slightly saturated because he can’t remember who it was that brought the world to color.

and when he sees steve for the first time he pauses because the whole world is in that weird stage between greyscale and color but steve is so full of color it almost hurts his eyes and he can hardly stand it.

and the color is starting to bleed through again until they wipe him and then the world is so black and white there almost isn’t any grey.

and when steve whispers “i’m with you til the end of the line” in the helicarrier he explodes in color again and it’s starting to bleed into the world around him and so when he falls bucky barely hesitates before following after him.

imagine bucky wandering around alone while the world slowly bleeds back to color as his memory returns and when steve opens up his front door two weeks after he and sam start hunting bucky down the world just bursts in color and bucky just cracks a weak little smile and says.

“til the end of the line, huh?”

This fandom doesn’t have nearly enough witness protection AUs. Like honestly, where is the fic where Zayn witnesses some sort of crime and the cop assigned to his case is all COOL, YOU’RE GOOD TO TESTIFY, RIGHT? Only Zayn starts getting all sorts of threatening notes that he doesn’t think to show to Detective Payne until the night he’s sitting in his apartment and one minute he’s chilling, watching tv, and the next there’s a bullet hole in the wall above his head.

“Okay cool we’re getting you out of here,” Detective Payne tells him, it’s not even a question, and Zayn’s shoved into one car and then another and eventually he falls asleep and when he wakes up he’s in like, fucking Tuscon or some shit. Some hellhole he doesn’t need to spend five minutes in to know there’s fuck all to do all day. “This is Detective Tomlinson, we were in the Academy together, he’ll take care of you while you’re out here.” Which is all well and good but Zayn doesn’t WANT to be in Tuscon and he’s already established a relationship with ONE cop, why does he have to start fresh? Why does he have to go by Zack? Why does he have to live on some weird farm? Who knew lemons were from farms anyway, let alone farms in Arizona?

“What, did you think they just grew on trees?”

Zayn blinks at the farmer. Detective Tomlinson rolls his eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Harold, someone’s trying to kill this guy, can you –”

“It was a joke.” Zayn’s impressed by how deadpan Harold is. “Because, you know, they do grow on trees.”

Louis apologizes a thousand times for leaving Zayn there, but it’s the safest place he knows. He’ll be back to check on him by the end of the week, and until then… it’ll be fine. Harry’s real great, once you get used to him. “His breakfasts are like, out of this world.”

“I’m not really a breakfast guy.” Zayn’s used to staying up til all hours, doing his own shit. Waiting tables and then going out tagging. Though he probably won’t be doing that again, not since he was under that bridge and saw some guy’s brains get sprayed all over a wall. 

“I can make lunch, too?” Harry’s trying. Zayn’ll give him that. 

And then, obviously, that’s all followed by like, THE STRESS OF HIDING and MURDER NIGHTMARES that have Harry and Zayn sitting up in the kitchen in the middle of the night, and at some point Harry’s like oh hey no one cares about this barn structure if you wanna spray paint it, and sometimes they go into town (much to Louis’s chagrin) to hang out with the chill bartender, Niall. And there’s nothing else to do so Zayn and Harry start hooking up – whatever, just something to pass the time, he keeps telling himself, even though he knows he’s lying, but everyone in town tells stories about how Harry can’t be tied down, he used to have a ranch in Montana and before that he had a nine-to-five in Chicago, he’s likely to up and leave whenever. Which is fine because once this trial is over Zayn’s leaving too. Leaving and never coming back to a farm again. He’ll bring the abandoned coyote pup he and Harry are raising back to the city with him. He’s pretty sure Harry doesn’t even like the thing.

So OF COURSE one night when they’re at Niall’s the mafia finds them and Zayn probably ends up with a minor wound and everyone is DYING and Harry’s in the hospital room waiting for him to wake up and everyone confronts their feelings and their mortality and not long after Liam is like GOOD NEWS YOU CAN GO HOME BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO SHOT YOU AND WHO YOU SAW SHOOTING PEOPLE IS IN CUSTODY and Zayn is like what…. if I don’t want to leave and Harry is full :D

anonymous asked:

For a player choice game they gave Max too much of a personality in my opinion, yeah you can chose what to do but she states many times what she would rather do or what she really wants. This is part of the reason why I have such a big problem with the sacbae ending. Max CLEARLY wants to be with Chloe no matter what the consequences are and to "force" her to end Chloe's life for people that wouldn't even give her the time of day without her powers seems wrong. I'm still bitter so maybe I'm wrong

Oh this is a great ask, indeed! Love the way you think, because I agree.

See, I get that Max was a player-controlled protagonist and we were supposed to be able to find ourselves in her, be able to relate to her. That’s why it’s great that she had her name, and her sexuality was never hit in stone. That left it for us to interpret things that made it easier to fit in her shoes.

But the story is still about Max, and her personality, her thoughts and feelings aren’t ours to decide. The entire game is about her and Chloe, about coming back to your town and the best friend you once left behind, and about falling in love with said friend as you uncover a mystery together.

The SacBae ending doesn’t and will never in my life make sense. Because this goes against everything Max has done. I get that Chloe tries to convince Max to let her go, that’s what a lot of people would do. But Max is her own person, with her own thoughts, and everything she’s been thru - the power struggle, the nosebleeds, trouble with Nathan, being taken to the Dark Room by a maniac and near-pedophile she looked up to, you name it - she did it all to make sure Chloe was happy and alive.

The entire last episode puts a 100% emphasis on her relationship with Chloe, how much she means to her, how much she needs her alive. She gives up her dream to be with her, she tries changing time to make sure she’s okay. Heck, she’s going through literal hell for Chloe, and at the end, after everything we’ve been through, we find out that “hey yo, your power? yeah, I know, you shouldn’t use it. oh and the tornado is your doing and Chloe is the sacrifice if you want it gone”.

A deal with the devil. A deal I’ll never make.

Because Chloe has been Max’s lighthouse, a beacon of safety and hope, someone she trusted, never had to manipulate with her powers - someone that always felt like home. And to let her go because in the heat of the moment, she think’s that’s her fault?

Chloe’s always been the scapegoat, up until the last episode where Max becomes one as well. But focusing on Chloe; she’s lost an immense amount of people dear to her. Every single one of them, gone. She felt alone and abandoned and god knows what for a long time. Nobody was there for her til Rachel showed up, and then she vanished too. Everything was against Chloe, and then Max came back and we could see how much they meant for each other.

One is never going to be okay without the other. Not after this week, not after any week. Their friendship and love is what drove this story forward and into the end, and to give up a girl who can finally get some peace and quiet with the person that means the world to her - and to see Max finally accept and let go of the things this fucked-up power led to, to be able to just get a clean slate and move on - with Chloe, her partner in crime and love on her side?

That’s everything I needed. No sacrifice will ever be too great for this.

But I will NEVER, ever in my life, see Max allowing Chloe to die. This is why I’m pissed we never got a Sacrifice Max ending.

Because even if I’d be hurt no matter if she survived or actually took a bullet for Chloe, I would NEVER sacrifice Chloe. (Not that I want Max to die, I believe she’d survive, but that’d still come at a cost of trauma and coma and hospitalization and the actual resetting of time). Out of letting Chloe die or herself, Max would as a person choose herself, because her ultimate goal has always been saving Chloe.

Sacrificing Chloe shouldn’t be an option, and I don’t care if the player wants to let the girl go or just plainly dislikes her. Max doesn’t, and Max isn’t us. Max is Max.

And Max loves Chloe above anything else in the world.

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I am the BIGGEST fan of Outlander the tv show, and all things Sam Heughan/Jamie Fraiser! But I haven’t read the Outlander books … ‘til now!! 🍃💚 I literally screamed when this came in the mail! I’m so excited to dive into Claire and Jamie’s world (in book form) all over again!
I’m so in love with Outlander, that I’ve formed this great love for Scotland too! 🏔 Scotland is such a stunning country and it has the richest culture, I can’t wait to visit one day! 💙
Do any of you watch Outlander the tv show? Or read the books? 💕


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I went to the World Tour for Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. I traveled 4 hours to Albany. It snowed! I got on line at 1pm and I was like the tenth person in line! I met some amazing people who I hung out with throughout the whole day. It was so freaking cold outside we ended up huddling like penguins together! I got inside at 4pm because of VIP. I didn’t actually get to meet them til 5pm. But while waiting I learned a lot about my new friends and I feel like became very close like we were friends for years. Anyways I ended up burning my arm on a stupid metal heater. When I got to go meet the bands it was more like a hey and pay but whatever it was totally worth it. I first got a picture with Sleeping With Sirens. I told Kellin he smelt nice XD and I hugged them. Then I walked over to Pierce The Veil and I was messing with my gauge because I was super nervous, I actually dropped my gauge then got it. But when I walked over to them, turned around and then turned back and Tony said “Hey don’t be nervous. Come on over.” I said “wow you talk.” He smiled and chuckled, then replied “um yeah”. I said “where do I stand?” Vic replied “anywhere you want” and he move a little over so I could stand in between him and Mike. I said “can I stand next to Tony?” Vic looked at me surprised. I stood between Mike and Tony. Mike had an arm tightly around my back and Tony had an arm tightly around my waist. I accidentally touched Tony’s butt, oops. We took the picture and then it happened. I turned to Tony and said “um will you marry me, just not in a weird way, like not in the way let me have your babies but in the not weird way.” Tony smiled at me and said “Yes! *chuckles* not in the weird way.” I said to Tony “thank you.” Then I asked If I Could give them my letter I wrote for them and they said yes. Jaime says “Look Tony she is perfect. You guys are are perfect match,” and smiled at me. Then Vic said, “yeah you found your soulmate.” I hugged them all then I left and started crying. Because of being VIP I was at the barrier and I stayed at the barrier for the whole concert. The whole concert was amazing. I got a guitar pick from Beartooth. Justin Hills smiled at me and pointed his guitar in my direction. I cried when Sleeping With Sirens played A Trophy Father’s Trophy Son and Iris. When Pierce the Veil came on Tony was right in front of me. I was so happy. When Jaime came over to the side of the Stage where I was he smiled at me and nodded then nodded to Tony. Tony looked at me and smiled and keep watching me the whole show. Vic came over to the side of the stage I was on and sang and looked at me when he sang. At the end Tony threw a pick in my direction but someone else got it :c anyways the concert was amazing. I am so happy and grateful. Although I suffered pain it was totally worth it!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: [Verse 1]
  • Say no more, I'm out the door
  • The day is gone
  • Lick my wounds
  • And face the tunes
  • To the call
  • Five days done, the mood is swung
  • I'm moving on
  • I puff my chest, come up for air
  • Take a breath
  • [Pre-Chorus]
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • [Chorus]
  • We are night people
  • Roaming the streets
  • Night people
  • Get what we need
  • [Verse 2]
  • It's been a hell of a week
  • I couldn't bring myself to sleep
  • On the move, move with you
  • Raise a glass to tomorrow's blues
  • Have a word with my nerve
  • Talk it off the ledge
  • I'm in control, invincible
  • Keep my world 'til the end
  • [Pre-Chorus]
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • [Chorus]
  • We are night people
  • Roaming the streets
  • Night people
  • Get what we need
  • [Pre-Chorus]
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • [Chorus]
  • We are night people
  • Roaming the streets
  • Night people
  • We get what we need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need
  • It's what you want (it's)
  • It's what you need