a week of mother's day


🌼 Happy Earth Day 2016/04/22 🌼

What a beautiful day it is to celebrate the wonders of nature.
But may I remind you to cherish this earth everyday! Simple things such as turning the lights off when a room is not being occupied, recycling, & simply spending some of your time outdoors can create an overall positive experience for both you and the earth your feet are grounded on.

Billie’s body disintegrated mere moments after Castiel’s speech, a small plume of smoke eradicating any idea that Death 2.0 was even there to begin with. No one said a word after that, too busy fully realizing the implications of what just happened in front of them. Cas basically killed death to save all of their lives… because he couldn’t bare losing them. It spoke volumes to Dean.

The past two months have been hell. The agent was right; isolation is one of the most surefire ways to get information out of someone. He’s been in this exact situation more than once, but that didn’t make it any easier. Not a day went by that he didn’t think about Castiel, Sam on the other side of the wall, or his mother, but as the days turned into weeks Dean found himself focusing more and more on the angel that he knew was feeling the same isolation he was. His words after breaking Sam and Dean out of their deal only cemented that.

They piled into the car silently, Mary and Sam in the front and Dean and Castiel in the back. That was when Dean finally decompressed the one thought that was going through his head after he’d made the deal with Billie to begin with. He’d gotten ‘till midnight to get out and to find Cas before he’d bite it for good, to tell him the truth, especially after knowing how Cas feels now. 

Slowly, Dean found himself sliding across the seat. He sucked with words, always had; actions counted better when it came to him. 

For his part, Castiel seemed to be thinking the same thing. He said nothing as Dean moved his hand to have Cas turn inwards, his back half resting on the backseat and half resting on the car door, his chest now facing Dean’s direction. Dean made sure to look into the blue eyes, conveying all he could in the looks’ they’d been trading for years. He’d just gone through nearly two months without someone else to hold on to. He’ll be damned to let that chance go now.

The car continued moving as Mary focused on the car, but in the back of the car, Dean positioned himself so that his back was to Castiel’s chest, one foot on the now vacated seat as Dean shifted his weight so that it connected with Castiel’s, Dean’s head finding it’s spot near Castiel’s neck. Neither said a word, instead each took in what the other was trying to say, what the other has been trying to say for the last nine years.

They stayed that way the entire seven hours it took to drive back to Kansas, but not before Dean felt Castiel’s arm wrap around Dean’s body: an acceptance.

Dean sighed quietly and closed his eyes. Sam and he had made it out. He’d made it back to Cas. 

He was home.



Sunday          Sun             Success, healing, happiness

Monday         Moon           Intuition, women, mother figure, creativity

Tuesday        Mars           Energy, passion, sexuality, aggression

Wednesday   Mercury     Communication, the mind, siblings

Thursday      Jupiter         Expansion, luck, success, higher education

Friday           Venus         Love, art, beauty, money, women

Saturday       Saturn        Responsibility, structure, details    


DC TV LADIES APPRECIATION WEEK - Day 5:  favorite relationship (familial)

mother/daughter :Felicity Smoak/Donna Smoak-Cailtin Snow/Carla Taunnhauser

Since my mom’s visiting her and I had a cute little mother – daughter day this week! I treated myself to a few things like lace curtains, flower seeds and even a few gems! My mom also bought a pretty little black obsidian point necklace at the crystal store then spent forever wandering around an amazing three story antique shop w me 🗝🕰
I also found a pretty crystal hiding in that shop and the first store we went to had a bin of wrapped books (under a sign stating not to judge a book by its cover) which I think is such a neat idea plus they’re only a dollar each so I bought another two this time then she treated me to lunch as well! 💞

Virescit vulnere virtus
Courage grows strong at a wound
Adversa Vurtute Repello
I repel adversity with fortitude

What the actual...

So, I am reading about the functionality of a Deschi Da Parto (or Desco da parto) which were basically birth plates or trays that were popular among wealthy families in medieval Florence. Because infant and mother mortality were very high back then, in the event that both infant and mother survived the crucial first days and weeks after a birth, a birth tray would be given to them as a symbolic gift. So naturally, I wanted to know more and whilst I was doing my regular image search and I came across this:

This is the image found in a birth tray, done by Giovanni di ser Giovanni Guidi, c.1450 and it’s called Game of Civettino.

I am now forever scarred. Both mentally and emotionally. 

I feel like I need to go and wash my eyes. I need someone that knows more about the peculiar iconography and iconology depicted above to explain things to me please. WHY. HOW. BUT MOSTLY, WHY. 

File under: weird stuff I come across during my academic research. 

The Years Keep On Turning

I’m late, but oh well. Life happened and it was shitty, so I wrote this to cheer myself up and I hope it works for some of you as well. It’s not betad, so the copious mistakes are all mine. A birthday vignette in honor of our beloved muse, Katniss Everdeen. May she never be without her toastbabies, her dandelion in the spring, and plenty of delicious food. RATED M for smut.


She plays in the meadow, twirling and leaping, pretending to have wings like a bird so she can fly. Her father needs only a word, though, to draw her from play and into their chores. The flying girl doesn’t view the chores with distaste at all. She rather enjoys them, especially the moments of free time they get to savor the woods. Like today.

“Come down from that tree, Hummingbird,” the girl’s father calls up to her, his hands cupped around his mouth to amplify the sound. She grins and flips so she’s hanging from the branch by her knees, completely missing her father’s gasp of fear and the handful of running steps he makes towards the base of the tree before her giggle stops him.

“Your Mama’s waiting with your birthday surprise,” he admonishes, the fear of a moment ago making his voice harsher than intended. The girl sobers, hearing the subtle difference, and swings her feet over her head to the branch below before scurrying down the trunk and landing with a soft crunch of leaves, next to her father.

“I’m sorry, Papa,” she whispers, her expression contrite.

“It’s okay, Katniss,” the father says, picking up the girl’s game bag and handing it to her. “But we should get going.”

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This week at MoMA: Warhol-inspired art making workshops, Gilbert & George: The Early Years opens, a special Mother’s Day tour, and more. 

[Installation view of Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953–1967 at The Museum of Modern Art, April 25–October 12, 2015. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar. © 2015 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Shown: Andy Warhol. Marilyn Monroe. 1967. Portfolio of 10 screenprints, each composition and sheet: 36 x 36″ (91.5 x 91.5 cm). The Museum of Modern Art. Publisher: Factory Additions, New York. Printer: Aetna Silkscreen Products Inc., New York. Edition: 250. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of Mr. David Whitney, 1968. © 2015 Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York]