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I think one of the best feelings in the world is when someone remembers something you said. Whether it was something from yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. It’s just like, “Wow, you actually listen to me.”

what my depersonalization / derealization feel like
  • looking down at myself like through a camera lens
  • I feel like I watch life from above or next to my body
  • bad short term memory, fragmented memories, questioning my memories
  • I can move these hands and legs just like that? how is it that I’m walking?
  • feeling like I was put into this world without any reason or agency
  • I can’t visualize what people look like (but it has gotten better)
  • everything looks like I am looking through frosted glass
  • familiar faces and places can feel foreign, recognizing them is not always that easy
  • everything happens very slowly or way too quickly
  • I have no understanding of time progression, was this yesterday or two weeks ago?
  • feeling no emotional connections and attachments, life and everything in it bears no meaning
  • hearing a second voice that’s constantly commenting and mocking me (not anymore)
  • my body feeling like a shell to me, being separate from it, bodily functions are weird
  • numbness, I can “feel” pain, but most of the time there is no “hurting” to it
  • feeling nonexistent when my environment doesn’t react to / interact with me
  • my reflection being distorted and/or blurry
  • difficulty forming thoughts and verbalizing them, fragmented thoughts, no thoughts
  • delay in understanding what others are saying, delay in responding (at least it feels like it)
  • dizziness, feeling like I am going to faint
  • disorientation, forgetting where I am and how/why I got there for a minute
  • feeling weightless or feeling endlessly heavy
  • clumsiness
  • being on autopilot and not remembering what I did during that period
  • patterns can look like they are vibrating
  • my voice sounds different, clearer and louder, foreign to me, this can make it hard to speak
  • being unable to focus and concentrate, reading can be tough

I featured Studio Ghibli’s Only Yesterday a few weeks ago for its lovingly detailed depiction of safflower cultivation and processing. But the movie also fills the rest of its shots with weedy plants scattered around the farm. I’m very fond of weeds and Only Yesterday gives them a nostalgic sheen that feels doting even for a Ghibli film. They are so often unappreciated, but they bring change and vitality to human spaces and they’re deployed wonderfully to that end in these shots. 

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My mom started watching Sherlock a week ago (caught up through TLD yesterday) and knows nothing about how Johnlock trash I am, and just texted me that the episode was absolute shit...

mom knows

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I've wanted to say this for a while but I was too busy being salty on my blog since yesterday hdjahfjka a couple weeks ago I sent you an ask saying how you'd have to believe Mofftiss'd have to be literal demons from hell to go with Adl0ck or sth like that and I just wanted to apologize again and say how uh.. stupid and naive I feel for defending them and harassing you. But more importantly, you're still hilarious and have made me laugh in this surreal situation and I'm very grateful for it <3

it’s okay!! i defended them for the longest time we all made that mistake, i just realised two weeks earlier aslfkjsdlkfjsfkljs thank you! please don’t feel stupid and naive, they made you feel like this and it’s not your fault.

Rocky Road Relationships (Dean x Reader)


               You lay in bed watching some movie, you hadn’t really paid attention when you picked it. You simply wanted the background noise, which that was about a week ago. You had run out of ice cream yesterday and had decided to go get a new one only to have that stupid guy spill it all over your dad’s kitchen floor. You covered up and buried yourself under the blankets, letting the sound of your movie try to lull you to sleep.

               Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, a knock startled you about 10 minutes later; causing you to roll over, facing away from the door. “Go away” you mumbled into your pillow. “Uh…. Y/N?” a deep voice called out. You looked back at the door. “What do you want?” you said sitting up in bed. Your door slowly opened until the man your father had called Dean poked his head in. “May I come in?” he asked quietly. “Gonna hold me at gun point again?” you asked before rolling over and covering back up.

               “I uh, I bought you something” he spoke with little confidence when he noticed you didn’t flinch. “I had to go to 4 different places to find it” he chuckled. You sighed pulling the blankets tighter around you. “I wanted to apologize for that mess downstairs, you scared me when you came in the door and I shouldn’t have pulled my gun like that, I’m sorry” you heard something land on the nightstand beside your bed and a clank followed. You looked over your shoulder to see him walking toward the door and then your eyes landed on the ice cream sitting on your nightstand. “You bought me a new carton of ice cream?” you asked sitting up. Dean turned and stared at you, noting just how beautiful you were, no matter if your makeup was smeared and your hair was dirty, he smiled sheepishly and nodded. “Yeah, I felt bad for spilling yours so I went out and bought you a new one” he said shoving his hands in his pockets. You bit your lip as tears welled up in your eyes.

               “oh god, I bought the wrong kind didn’t I?” he said coming over to you and rubbing your back. “No, that’s my favorite” you put your face in your hands as the tears came down. “Gabe never would have done that for me!” you cried out before falling back into your pillow and crying again. Dean sat on your bed and rubbed your arm a little. “I’m guessing Gabe was your boyfriend and he broke up with you?” he asked quietly. You nodded and sniffled sitting up again “he cheated on me…with my own best friend…. how stupid could I be?” you cried more into your palms until two strong warm arms wrapped around you, pulling you against a warm, solid chest. “Hey, you’re not stupid. He’s the stupid one. Look at you, your beautiful. Why would someone throw out a diamond for a pebble?” he said as you buried your face deeper into his chest. “He doesn’t deserve your tears; you want to get back at him?” Dean whispered into your hair. You nodded a little turning your face to wipe your eyes.

               “Yes” you whispered quietly. Dean smiled some “Don’t let him know how much he hurt you, just hold your head high and wear a smile. Seeing you happy without him will make him feel like shit” he said softly. “How do you know this stuff?” you asked looking up at him. Dean smiled “Because there was a time when I wasn’t such a nice guy” he said quietly. You nodded and sat up, Dean still kept an arm around you. “I have an idea, why don’t we lay here and watch movies, you eat your ice cream and we’ll forget oh what’s his name” he said smiling.

               You smiled at him and shrugged “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea…. I should probably shower first though….” Dean chuckled as you crawled out of bed and grabbed clean clothes and went into the bathroom. He pulled out a selection of movies he figured you would like and went downstairs grabbing some snack foods. “What are you doing?” Bobby asked coming into the kitchen. “I’m having a movie day with Y/N…. I got her to stop crying, and she’s going to try and forget about Gabe” he said shrugging. Bobby narrowed his eyes. “Don’t. Try. Anything. Or Ill cut your balls off boy” Deans eyes widened and he turned walking back to your room.

               You were snuggled under the blankets, your hair up in a towel and a clean shirt on with new sweatpants. Dean turned down the lights, walked over kicking his shoes off and snuggled down into the blankets. You both laughed at the Princess Diaries and you eventually found yourself tucked under Deans arm, sound asleep with your head on his chest and his arms around you while he dozed off leaning his cheek against your head. Bobby stood in your doorway and stared at the two of you.

               “You know watching them is a little creepy” Sam said as he headed toward the living room. “Shut up. She’s my daughter” Bobby said. Sam looked at him. “But Bobby…. she’s not the same 15-year-old you saved from a wendigo either…. she can make her own choices….” Bobby sighed watching you bury your face into Deans neck. “I just don’t need another spilled pint of ice cream in my kitchen”

(A/N: So Sorry this took so long to get out! I hope everyone loves it that asked for it!! :) )