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This feels like a historic moment! Seriously this has to be the first relationship in kdramaland when neither the parents or grandparents oppose the OTP’s relationship - hell, they have secured their approval even before they actually started dating. BS’s grandma is already calling Min Hyuk her son-in-law, her dad entrusted her under his protection, her brother and BBF like him as well, her mum is finding ways for them to sleep together and his dad is already planning the wedding ceremony - THEY ARE LIKE A PERSONAL SHIPPING ARMY!

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All I know is that they need to give us a selfie before filming is over. I know they see they see everyone asking in the comments!

I hope they do, at least for you anon lol! I won’t be holding my breathe. 

I know a lot of women planned their wedding since they were little girls. Barry is a glorious case as he’s dreamed of marrying Iris since he was a little boy.

The Swan-Jones wedding

As someone currently watching a family member deal with the stress of planning a big wedding, I hope OUAT will touch upon that some. Weddings are so hard because often parents (who are paying) push their children to change their wedding plans to make it bigger and more extravagant to impress other people.

Like maybe Snow wants a full royal wedding and wants to invite the whole town, and the thought of that many people staring at her makes Emma want to run.

Maybe Killian has no clue who to pick for his groomsmen, because Smee has long since left the town with his magical hat and Robin is wish-Robin and not his best mate, and you certainly can’t have your father-in-law as a best man.

Snow is secretly sad as she watches David walk Emma down the aisle because her father died before he could walk her down the aisle.

Bring it! Bring all the wedding drama! Screw this whole “Captain Hook killed David’s father arc”; you could make a lot of episodes out of normal wedding drama.

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I think S4 will focus on WA planning the wedding once Iris is safe and sound in the S3 finale. In my mind, I picture Barry being a Groomzilla. He's wanted this day for so long, he's going to make sure everything is better than perfect (If that's even remotely possible).

I don’t think Barry will be a groomzilla, but I’d love to see Cisco being a Best-Man-zilla (is that a thing?) and just going overboard for everything. Like wanting to Vibe him around the world for his bachelor party. LOL

let go.

ya real clever guys

on their wedding day viktor decides to wear a traditional haori while yuri wears a uhhhh whatever the russian term for a groom’s outfit is

(the russian groom outfits are really hard to draw cut me some slack)