a wedding breeze


Generation 1 Goals:
1. Have your fortune told at the caravan
2. Write a poetry novel
3. Throw an awesome party
4. Celebrate a wedding anniversary

5. Pull 50 weeds
6. Collect all 4 seasonal gnomes

Generation 2 Goals: 
1. Have your sim work too hard
2. Have your sim collect and cash in festival tickets
3. Plant 10 plants
4. Turn 8 sims into vampires
5. Make 15 sims think of you
(6. Find all positive outcomes of the group science project) I am not doing this one. If I’d made them stay at university, then yeah, but it’s too much! My rules need adjusting. 

Wedding Series: Wedding Planner

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     Nate’s head turned away from the game he was playing when he heard the words “wedding planner.” His mouth parted and he paused the game, making a groan leave Swazz’s lips. “What do you mean wedding planner?” Nate questioned, tossing the controller aside and followed you to the kitchen. “Do we even need one?” He leaned against the door frame, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yes, we need a wedding planner,” you replied, rolling your eyes at Nate. You began to pull stuff out of the refrigerator for breakfast. “With you working on your music and me busy with work…” you started, turning on the stove. He watched as you began to make the pancake batter. “We haven’t even chosen a wedding date yet!” you stated. It had been a month since the proposal and the two of you were still basking in the excitement of it all.

“Yeah you’re right we have been slacking,” Nate mumbled. He pushed off the door frame, walking over to you, and snaking his arms around your waist. “When’s the appointment?” he whispered, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You were moving around in his embrace, pouring some of the batter into the pan and getting ready to make the eggs.  

“I set up an appointment for one, so don’t be late,” you said. Nate scoffed at your words, pulling back to get a good look at your face.

“I’m never late, especially not for something this important,” he chuckled, kissing the side of your head. You puled away from his embrace, grabbing the bacon and smiling at his words. There was a lot of planning you two had to do and right now you needed all the help you could get. You felt a sharp slap against your backside and heat spread across one of your ass cheeks. Nate’s name left your lips in a whine and you shot him a glare. “Don’t forget to make the bacon extra crispy,” Nate grinned, running from the kitchen and back to his game. You rolled your eyes, mumbling something under your breath and continuing to cook.

     Nate’s breathing had become shallow and when he finally made it to the wedding planner’s office, he was out of breath. You were sitting on a bench outside of the office, eyebrow raised at him. His hands rested on his thighs, head hung low as he caught his breath. “I couldn’t find a parking spot, but I made it,” Nate huffed out, hearing you giggle at his words. Nate’s head rose at your laughter, sending you a dimpled smile. “Ready?” he questioned, standing up, dusting off his clothes, and holding a hand out for you to take. You smiled at him, interlocking your fingers with his, and standing up. 

“I’m nervous,” you admitted, squeezing Nate’s hands as you two entered the office. Nate lifted your locked fingers up and kissed the back of your hand to comfort you. 

“It’ll be fine,” he said, the two of you stopping at the front desk. The person sitting at the front desk looked up at you two, typing something into the computer before asking for your names. 

“Y/N Y/L/N and Nate Maloley,” you told her. She picked up the phone, talking to someone on the other end. You looked at Nate and he sent you a reassuring smile. “You can go in now,” the woman said, pointing towards the closed door. Nate gave her a nod, pulling you towards the door and opening it. When you entered the room, there was a male leaning against the desk, grinning at the two of you.

“Well hello,” he said, standing up to shake your hands. “I’m Liam Polly and I am here to make your wedding planning a breeze,” he said, “Please sit down.” Both you and Nate were quick on your feet, sliding into the leather chairs. Liam cleared his throat, rolling his chair closer to his desk and placing on glasses. “So tell me, do you have a wedding date in mind?” he questioned. Your mouth hung open and you glanced towards Nate in question.

“W-We actually haven’t decided on a date yet,” Nate told him, “But um I had my mind set on a Fall wedding.” You looked at Nate surprised, he had never mentioned anything to you about when he wanted to have the wedding. The fact that he had been thinking about a Fall wedding made your heart melt. Liam nodded, clicking something on the computer screen and typing out Nate’s suggestion.

“That’s just beautiful. Fall weddings are my favorite to plan,” Liam commented, sending a glance towards Nate. You held in a laugh as Nate nodded in agreement at Liam’s words, eyes sparkling. He was clearly oblivious to the flirting. “Y/N, what do you think of this? Now Fall is starting soon, but we do have all of summer to plan everything.” You nodded, biting onto your bottom lip. Nate turned in his chair to look at you, wondering what your thoughts were.

“I think it’s a great idea, preferably some time in September or October,” you suggested. Nate grinned nodding his head. Liam typed in some more notes and you were soon relaxing in your chair. You and Nate continued to tell Liam what you had in mind and soon the meeting was coming to a close.

“So far everything sounds great. If you have anymore you want to add just call, until then I’ll see you two for our scheduled appointments.” You let out a sigh of relief, collecting your things and hugging Liam goodbye. Once you were outside the office you started asking Nate questions on what he thought of the planner.

“I think he’s cool. Does his job well and he liked my suggestions,” Nate pointed out. You laughed making Nate give you a confused look. “What’s so funny?” he questioned, bumping his shoulder with yours.

“Liam was flirting with you,” you told him. Nate laughed at your words, scoffing at the end.

“Yeah right,” he chuckled, draping his arm over you shoulder. When you didn’t laugh at his comment, Nate’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked down at you. “Really?” he asked, earning a nod in return.

“You couldn’t tell?” you asked, “I think it’s cute. Plus we might be his favorite clients and get special treatment now because of you.” Nate rolled his eyes, a small smile on his face. 

“Well what can I say. I was born good looking,” Nate shrugged, shooting you a wink. You burst into laughter, slapping him in the arm, and shaking your head. The two of you stopped in front of your car and Nate opened the door for you. You climbed into the driver’s seat, started the car, and looked up at Nate. “I’ll pick up the take out. You get the drinks?” Nate asked, arm rest against the hood of the car. You nodded, tilting your head up to hint that you wanted him to kiss you. Nate’s lips pressed against yours in a quick peck and you hummed in satisfaction. “Drive safe…love you” he whispered against your lips.

“Love you too,” you replied, buckling your seat belt and hearing him close the door. Everything was finally coming into play and in a few months you were going to be walking down the aisle.


The Dinner

A happy summer wedding. The gentle breeze… The smell of flowers. Laughter and chatter. Poppy and Drox’s baking is a huge hit, while Nenú’s artistic talent with the piano puts everyone’s hearts at ease (even if a certain grumpy Zojja still doesn’t approve of Hobart being a simple human. Prisma is afraid of that fork.)

 Perhaps Kiki and Jitu will distract her with their table takeover??? ;–; They like each other as much as they like cupcakes *-*

Show Me Love 

Today is my 11th month of being happily married to my bestest bud and bestest man I ever met in my entire life, my husband. 

Every month we celebrate each month we are married (yes, we still are in the honeymoon stage) and we always and forever will be grateful God made us end up together. In any marriage, I believe, each person making up ½ of the union should always look and remember everything that is good and amazing about their other half and always be grateful for their existence in his/her life. When you are married to a person that always brings out the best in you and always make you smile and absolutely fucking fuzzy and blissful in the deepest depth of your very core, you better be very grateful every single day, so you learn how to value that person really well and never ever ever take him/her for granted. I must have done something really good in my lifetime for me to end up with such a wonderful, kindest and loving man. 

Anyway, why this picture of a Filipino sausage (Longganisa) when I am just babbling about warm fuzzy hitched love? Well, because my husband always celebrates my nationality by patronizing Filipino food every wedding monthsary we breezed through. You see I am a Filipina and my husband is American, a burger and steak loyalist really, but come our special day of the month, he eats Filipino food and buys Filipino products by himself to surprise me and put a huge huge smile on my face. And so today, he took home 3 grocery bags of Filipino products and the following are his hoards…

4 Skewers of Pork Barbecue

1 pack of Longganisa (Filipino sausages)

1 pack of red hotdogs (yes, RED hotdogs)

Several flavours of Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton (noodles)

Tobi Spicy Mexican Style Peanuts (his very favourite)

Star Anise

Mama Sita’s Flavour Packets (Sisig, Pancit Bihon Guisado, Adobo)

Canton Noodles (egg noodles)

Chopsuey Veggies Pack

Coconut Water

Knorr Liquid Seasoning 

Datu Puti Soy Sauce (VERY essential for cooking Filipino Adobo)

It’s the simple (yet very profound in effort and meaning) everyday things really and  I can’t ask for anything more.