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Ophelia with model Ali Parker, photography by Lara Hotz and styling by Stefanie Ingram for Hooray Magazine.

Wearing Lonely bodysuit

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My fiancé and I are both ace and we chose black wedding rings. :D Hooray for carbon fiber/tungsten ace wedding rings. <3

Woo! Go you :)

So imagine a gay couple whose family and friends have saved up (they’ve been together 20 years or so) and they’ve finally had a wedding, and the family and friends sponsor the honeymoon. And they can’t afford a fancy plane and all that. So they end up with… DUN DUN DUN: MJN Air. 

Halfway through the flight Arthur notices that they’re so very happy but also very tense?? Which doesn’t make sense??? Because weddings are HAPPY TIEMS AND YAAAAAY HOORAY WEDDING and so he consults Douglas.

Carolyn reflects, later, that there shall henceforth and always be a ban upon Arthur taking his Crafting Set (more of a suitcase) onto any future flights. 

Arthur works very diligently and eventually comes up with a Solution to the Sad. This includes COLOURFUL CROWNS, and long paper-chains of rainbow colours, and taping crepe paper over the lights in the order of the rainbow. He also volunteers Douglas’ sexy singing voice for Love Songs (BECAUSE, he explains, HE SUNG FOR MUM AND HERC, SO I KNOW HE’S GOOD AT IT) ((One has to write Arthur’s enthusiasm in caps, it’s the law)). 

The couple arrives at their honeymoon destination with Carolyn trying to apologise (she had a nap in the steward’s cabin, and woke up to the colours). Neither of them will let her apologise, and end up trading phone numbers with Arthur, who regularly updates them on the Gay Penguins and their Baby at the Zoo.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.18.15

DAY SIX: wedding extras
featured: calligraphic cake toppers by betteroffwed // lovehooray

happy thursday, followers! today’s our second-last day of wedding week, and i’m going to delight you all with a series of fun wedding ‘extras’ — things like these glittery or shiny calligraphy cake toppers from betteroffwed. choose from words, phrases, or even custom names and dates and slogans! so fun.