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Ophelia with model Ali Parker, photography by Lara Hotz and styling by Stefanie Ingram for Hooray Magazine.

Wearing Lonely bodysuit

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My fiancé and I are both ace and we chose black wedding rings. :D Hooray for carbon fiber/tungsten ace wedding rings. <3

Woo! Go you :)

Good news. There will be TWO skits coming up later on today for your sick, dirty, Pricefield needs. 😀 One of the skits was supposed to be up yesterday but I caught some kind of bug and had to sleep for half the day. So that sucked. 🤒

Anyway, some of you may have an idea of what these skits are about if you saw the recent roadmap I laid out.

The first skit will have Max and Chloe talking about their wedding plans. Hooray! I love weddings! Drinks and cake all around! 🥂

And… the second skit will be about Max’s recurring nightmares, only this one will be different and disturbing. Just a little taste of darkness and something for later.

If you’ve only just started following me, I love you. If you’ve been following my skits since the beginning (or near the beginning), I FUCKING love you, and here’s a cookie. If you’re NOT following me, well… it’s up to you to decide if my blog is worth following. Totally optional, of course. No gun to your head or anything crazy like that. Everything’s cool, my brother. Or sister.

Sorry, it’s been a weird day. 🙃

Stay tuned!


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.18.15

DAY SIX: wedding extras
featured: calligraphic cake toppers by betteroffwed // lovehooray

happy thursday, followers! today’s our second-last day of wedding week, and i’m going to delight you all with a series of fun wedding ‘extras’ — things like these glittery or shiny calligraphy cake toppers from betteroffwed. choose from words, phrases, or even custom names and dates and slogans! so fun.