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Can you do prompt 3: "I'm not jealous"


Hiccup clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes, trying so hard not to explode, to contain his emotions and-

Aedan moved even closer to Astrid, going so far as to wrap an arm about her stiff shoulders. She was gnawing on her lip, obviously looking uncomfortable but knowing she couldn’t say anything- this was Chief Murtagh’s son after all. The Chief’s son… and doing anything against him would disrupt the peace. She couldn’t punch him, show any signs of physical violence… if she did, the peace treaty could be destroyed. Especially since she was just a shield maiden, if she had been a general or anyone else in higher rank it would be a totally different story.

“So, babe, how about… a midnight walk, huh? On the beach? Sound romantic?” Aedan asked with a smug smirk down at the girl captured in his rough embrace.

Hiccup wanted to puke, then he wanted to punch Aedan’s smug face. Then he wanted to grab Astrid and tote her away from the Great Hall, do anything to get away from that miserable excuse of a Viking. Hiccup looked over towards his Dad, Stoick also looking slightly concerned as he eyed Astrid and Aedan worriedly. When Hiccup caught his eye, he smiled reassuringly and nodded his head.               

Hiccup looked back over at Aedan, seeing red when he noticed how comfortable that lunk looked sitting next to Astrid. Hiccup’s girlfriend. NOBODY ELSES.

And with no thought on what he was doing, Hiccup shoved away from the table and made his way over to the “gang’s” table where Astrid-and now Aedan-were sitting. If his Dad hadn’t forced him to sit with the other Chief’s, Hiccup would’ve been sitting beside Astrid, and none of this would’ve happened…

The gang’s eyes widened when he stopped before Aedan, and Hiccup thought he saw Snotlout lift a hand to his face. The twins began whispering in a chant “Thor’s Mighty Hammer! Thor’s Mighty Hammer!”

Hiccup’s hands fisted, and he took in a shaky deep breath before saying as calmly as possible, “Aedan. Move.”

“…And why would I do that?” Aedan asked leisurely. “Don’t think I’m gonna move for a skinny toothpick like you, do you?”

“Thor’s Mighty Hammer!” the twins chanted a bit louder, while Fishlegs smiled widely. Astrid just stared at Hiccup, calmly letting him take care of this situation.

“Move, Aedan.”

“I’d listen, man!” Snotlout snorted, his hand still rubbing his jaw tenderly.

Aedan rolled his eyes, “…Yeah…Sorry, but no.”

Hiccup tried to hold himself back, but when Aedan tightened the arm around Astrid even more- causing her to squirm- he snapped. He grabbed Aedan’s shirt front and punched him, straight in the face, before giving him a hard shove and a harsh kick of his prosthetic, sending Aedan tumbling to the ground.

Silence fell in the hall, broken only by Hiccup’s heavy breathing and Aedan’s whimpered moans. The guy was clearly not seriously injured-besides a possibly broken nose and a few missing teeth. It looked to be mainly his pride was the only thing seriously harmed.

“I said move.” Hiccup hissed, and Aedan didn’t hesitate to scuttle off towards the Hall’s exit, holding a hand over his bleeding nose as he went.

The twins broke into applause, while everyone else let out whoops and Astrid just smiled broadly, waving a hand and motioning for him to sit beside her.

“Jealous, much?” She asked with a laugh.

“I’m not jealous.” He muttered, but smiled at her before quickly kissing her, Astrid’s arms going to wrap about his neck while his wrapped around her waist.

“Odin, I’m sorry, Stoick!” came Murtagh’s voice. “I’ll have a talk with my son, and I apologize on his behalf. But my congratulations! You’re son looks to have improved in his skills, and it looks you’ll be planning a weddin’ soon, aye?”

Hiccup blushed, but didn’t hesitate to pull Astrid a bit closer. He didn’t want to ever let go of her again.

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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter 2

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Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC   |  Word Count: 5415
Warnings: Fluff and swearing

“Hell no!” Steve said, the words bursting forth with vigor.

“Steve, please!” Lauren begged, clutching her hands in her lap. This was not what she’d expected to happen when she’d gone to see the Captain about Loki going to Greensville with her. Sure she’d assumed there would be a little resistance but not this much.

“Lauren…” he trailed off with a sigh. “He hasn’t been part of the team long enough, or off probation for that matter, to agree to this.”

“So you’re sayin’ you don’t trust your own team mate?”

“I’m saying I don’t trust him to run around Greensville unsupervised!”

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The Best Gift 1/2

((Art is, as always, by the fabulous @fontsandsins. Seriously, go poke Fonty for commissions if you want art done- He’s an amazing artist. ANYWAYS. This is a two-parter, folks. 8) Got the first part for you now~ Second part will come shortly, once ya’ll have had time to properly digest this bit. 83 Anyways, there are lots of other characters that aren’t mentioned that would be here too- but I didn’t want to assume anything. If your character regularly associates with Skylar or any of the boys, your character probably got an invitation, so it’s safe to assume they were there in the guest list. Most of this was done on mobile, back when i had my old phone, though, so i was limited on what i could add XD

ANYWAYS. Enough of my blathering. ENJOY!))

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Damn Butterflies

Prompt; Will You Marry Me? Requested by @kmmcm

If he were being honest with himself, he was nervous; horribly, terribly nervous. This was an entirely new feeling for the man. Gajeel was more of an on-the-fly kind of person, whatever happened, happened and he would just roll with the punches. But these plans had his nerves on full alert and the butterflies in his gut were going absolutely insane.

He loosed a breath and fiddled with the box in his pocket; the weight, though light, still felt unbearably heavy. The long hours he’d put in at the shop had finally paid off and he was more than excited to finally spend some well overdue and much deserved quality time with his girlfriend. She had been busy making their new house into more of a home and he was beyond ready to take that one step further.

The front door swung open with little effort on his part, his eyes instantly zoned in on the artwork hanging in the living room. She had been hard at work today putting those up, it seemed. The furniture was still scattered but that would have to wait another time, he had bigger plans to deal with this evening.

“Lev, I’m home!”

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My Ma’ is gettin’ fuckin’ married and I am not okay at all. Mama Hudson is now gonna be Mrs Fox in the matter of months, like lameo’s they are gettin ‘ hitched on Valentines Day. Who else can plan a weddin’ in 3 months if not us?  My Ma’ is tryin’ to get a bitch to cry, askin’ me to be the officiant~  I got some readin’ up to do.