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Hello!! I just wanna start by saying we appreciate all the dedication and effort you put into this blog, and I always love the fics you guys recommend! This isn't a fic related ask but, how do you save fanfics, especially on aff? I just want to save them in case they're ever deleted :(

hey anon! you can save fics on aff by their offline mode but im not sure if that would work if the fic got deleted so just to sure, you can use browsers with webpage saving feature such as opera and uc browser. (in my case, im currently using uc browser bc it can adjust the font size and customize ur theme lol) and last option, you can use apps that convert web pages into pdf 😊 i really hope aff and lj would have a download feature like ao3 bc that would really solve all our problems 😂

anyways, i hoped this had helped you! happy saving! hehe 😃

- Admin Elle ♡


Welp. That’s it for this chapter. Will there be more? I don’t know. I mean, I wrote 3 more chapters, so probably.

A very, very special, special thanks to my pally pal Drew Grella for creating the guest page for this chapter. Check out his amazing work at drewgrella.com

JOEY~ #80cbec          JUDE~ #cbec81

There’s a popular assumption in the fandom that, according to their shirts, Joey’s ASSOCIATED COLOR is green and Jude’s is blue, and following the Homestuck pattern, these would also be the colors of their eyes, both of which I’ve seen in the great majority of the fanart.

However, if we follow the Homestuck pattern to the fullest extent and remember that text-colors indicate both of those for all (player) characters (with the exceptions of Karkat, Calliope and Caliborn), it seems the reverse is true.

Also worth remembering is that Joey and Jude, Jake Harley’s biological kids, share this reversal with John and Jade, his ectobiological ones.

Approximate colors because it’s a video-game and not a web-page, so I could be wrong, but the codes seem to fit, in my opinion, and could also indicate their birth-years (Joey is 14 on 11/11/94 and her password is mrstaylorthomas80, and Jude is at least one year younger, three tops), Universe C (which is associated with the number 1111), and Becquerel (who was made with the genetic code of Jake Harley’s dog Halley, which is in two pictures on the staircase wall, from which Jake got his last name through a speech impediment), and a connection to the cherub-key-that-is-probably-a-juju through ouroboros (much like the juju codes the cherubs sent to the Alpha Prospit kids), but this entire paragraph is theory-only.

Would anyone else like to share their thoughts?

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Travail de fin d’année “Réminiscence” - 2017/05/27

Dernier gros travail de l’année, une bande dessinée de 8 pages avec couverture et 4ème de couverture. Pas de thème précis cette fois-ci, l’on était libre de traiter de ce que l’on voulait. On avait quand même deux contraintes : avoir une narration particulière et ne pas inclure de violence gratuite.

Du coup j’ai choisi de parler des elfes de mon univers, encore une fois ahah

J’espère que vous passerez un bon moment en lisant ces planches que je me suis bien amusé à faire malgré le stress et le rush de cette période~

- - -

The final big work for the school, a 8 page comic with two restraint : no free violence and a particular telling (like flashback etc). 

This was really fun to do, especially because I’d the opportunity to draw my dears elves as I wished ahah <3

Sorry for the full french comic, I’ll maybe translate it later~

Museum Hopping

Request: museum hopping with Shawn

a/n: here’s 5 pages of pure fluff!!! i hope you enjoy!! also: this might be the last piece of writing i post before i go back to college! still gotta pack too lol but enjoy this fuff and let me know what ya thought :)

        Any day in London was a good day in London.  At least that’s what you thought.  But when you and Shawn woke up fairly early in the morning, planning on watching the sunrise from a park, the sky was bleak with clouds and a touch of rain.  Everything the two of you planned was outside, but with the weather not looking too great, the plans were canceled.

        You sat on the hotel bed, dressed in dark wash jeans and a gray sweater that resembled the sky outside, scrolling through your phone trying to find something to do in London.  Shawn was on the phone with Andrew, no doubt going over the game plan for his concert tomorrow night.

        While scrolling, your thumb accidentally hit a link that you didn’t want to see.  Rolling your eyes at how long it took the web page to load, you were about to hit the ‘previous page’ button when something caught your eye.

        Victoria & Albert Museum.

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The Second Underground

You smiled and wiped away a small tear as you watched your pixel friends wander off screen into their sunset happiness, beginning a new life together. Sighing in happiness, your heart fluttered as you finished the post pacifist route for the fifth time. You remembered why you love the game so much, from the soundtrack, to the boss fights,  it always left you with sense of being loved. It’s crazy, you know, but just for a moment, you felt as if these characters cared for you, as you care for them. But every blissful moment comes to end, and you inevitably turned off your screen. A dull blackness swept across the world you so badly want to be in, leaving you staring at your reflection. Alone. Tear stained. Your fond smile instantly dipped as you realized that you’re here by yourself. No one is here with you and no one ever will be. Shaking your head, you turned away from your screen and head to bed. 

The following months blurred together, but no matter where you go, the game stayed with you. You cracked skeletal puns whenever you can and laughed at your own jokes, pretending Sans was there to laugh with you. You purposely stayed clear of yellow flowers, pronouncing them evil yet you care for every single one of them, imagining Flowey being happy on the surface. You baked a cinnamon butterscotch pie, mouth watering at the sweetness and your stomach growling from slaving over the oven, imagining Toriel giving you motherly baking tips and guiding you on how to perfect it. All these little interactions moved you through your day, knowing that you will always have them in your heart. 

But it’s not good enough. You can make as many skeleton puns as you want, but there’s no one there to laugh with you. You can fear a yellow flower, but there’s no one there to cower in fear with you. You can bake the perfect pie, but there’s no one here for you to share it. You have your characters, but you need more. You can replay and reset as many times as you want, but it will never fill the empty hole in your heart. 

As you join the fandom through Tumblr, you watch from the sidelines, consuming art, fanfiction, music, and audios. You did so silently, without interacting with everyone else, despite it looking like fun. You were scared of approaching. Who would you talk to? What do you say? Will you be a burden? You never quite got over this fear until a while later, but you did one act of bravery on your own. You admired these content creators, so you became one.

It didn’t take long for you to create your new blog. You only spent a few hours customizing your web page and creating your rules, but once you finished, now what? You had to do what you feared the most: asking for help. Going around your favorite blog, you asked them to help give you a boost and promote you. You were excited to start working. 

And work you did. You poured endless hours slaving over your keyboard to publish your best content until you made your first friend on this blog at 200 followers. You were overjoyed and ecstatic, talking to them day and night and at this point, the hole in your heart closed up a bit more. 

You never expected to gain popularity. Followers poured in until it got too much and you broke in the beginning of spring, where the flowers bloomed from your despair. You gave this new blog of yours everything that you wanted to have, leaving you empty and vulnerable, open to attacks from small mistakes. But, to your surprise, the friend you made lifted you up, but not only that, so did your beloved followers flood in to support you. You got fanart, praise, encouragement, and love, something that you did not have before and at that moment, your tears turned into tears of joy. You wanted to hug each and every one of them for helping you get through this, and even though it was hard,  you never felt alone. 

Months passed, and your motivation declined, yet you still loved what you do. You continue to push out content, taking breaks every once in awhile, and everything was at peace. You gain even more friends that you talk to on a daily basis and interact with some regular followers, often giving advice to those who needed it. Some come and go, but that loneliness you felt before rarely ever surfaced. You didn’t think that your life could get better, until it did. 

You recognized them from when they asked you to promote their blog, which you gladly did and followed soon after. They posted a link to a discord where everyone who gathered could talk about Undertale and make friends. Before, you would’ve scrolled past that link, too scared to talk to anyone. But now, you were more confident, proud to be yourself, and joined. Just by doing such a small act, you gained friends that you loved and hold so dear, and they would do the same to you. You had a place where you felt like you belong, where you could relax and be yourself. Every time you received a notification or see your friends’ icons, you can’t help but smile as your heart thuds louder. Was this love? Pure love that you have for these people, that you want to cherish with all you have? Friends is no longer a term you use for each other, but something more. 

And now, you’re sitting in front of your desk at 2 AM, the day of the two year anniversary of Undertale, the game that changed your life. One of your amazing artist friends nags you to sleep, and you chuckle, promising her you would once you publish this post. You sit there, with tears in your eyes, reminiscing your journey and how far you’ve gotten.  Is it too arrogant to say how proud of yourself you are? Perhaps, perhaps not. Either way, you don’t care. You’re surrounded by people who love you, people who you can confide in, people who support you no matter what. All thanks to a simple videogame. You’ve never been more grateful in your entire life. 

This is my contribution to the Determination Project and Undertale’s 2 year anniversary. I wanted to go with the theme of how the game shaped my life, and I didn’t realize how vulnerable writing this left me. There were tears as I wrote this haha. I guess, I’m just so grateful for every single follower, because without you, I would be nothing. Thank you so much for reading my content and brightening my day with cute comments. You guys make me so happy and I am so proud to be a part of this fandom.