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Hot Pink. 

I just genuinely hope people won’t compare Harry and Niall. They’re so different in literally anything, most importantly the music. Of course we haven’t heard anything from H yet, but he’s not gonna go into that folky style for sure.
So that’s nothing you could/should compare! Especially not sales-wise. I see Harry doing pop, a very modern and new way of pop, which will speak to more people than niall’s more Indy style.
Also Harry’s single will be played on every radio station on repeat because he’s Harry. Nialls start as “solo artist” was definitely harder (he did great though! And he seems to be happy with the way it all worked out) but the pressure the media set on Harry shouldn’t be underestimated too, I guess.

I hope both of them get the love and support they deserve from people who genuinely love their work.
They’re both gonna do great as the individuals as they are.

This is for the beautiful, amazing, talented @harmonization. Happy belated Birthday love. I hope this New Year kicks serious ass for you and that you’re happy and well, and loved. That you do everything you want to do, see all the places you want to see, experience everything you want to experience and do it all with an open heart and an open mind. This drabble’s for you, and I hope you like it.

Pandemonium at three in the morning was nothing like it was in late at night. Most of the mundanes had left, prodded by Magnus’ magic so they would take their “partying” to other more mundane clubs. Three AM was for the downworlders whose appearance couldn’t easily be explained as being in costume. After all, not everybody would find it believable that the scales underneath Vera’s skin wasn’t a part of an elaborate costume. And Veraa was too pretty, her warlock mark one she’d just learned to embrace—after having been ridiculed for it for so long—for Magnus to let her feel like she couldn’t come have a blast amongst her own kind for fear of what a tactless mundane would say or attempt to do.

His club had been created as a safe haven for downworlders and thus, they took precedence over any mundane who thought he was having too good a time to leave. And so, Magnus helped them along, a little nudging of their minds that had them convinced that the mundane club on the other end of the street had some big buzz going and they all had to be there.

They flocked out of Pandemonium just like he’d expected and Magnus grinned as he watched the last of them hurry off, sending a gentle nudge at the few stragglers who looked like they’d changed their mind and wanted to come back to Pandemonium. The prompting worked and Magnus made to turn around and head back into his club when he caught something glinting a couple of meters from where he stood.

He walked over, eyes flashing golden in the dark when he heard footsteps, just as he noted that the glint had been the edge of a Seraph blade.

Damn. He should have know after he’d caught those two Circle snakes in his club that more of them would show up out of the woodwork.

He turned around just as four circle members appeared. All men, although they looked like they just kissed their teenage years goodbye and were just greeting their twenties with a kiss. Barely babies.

It just went to confirm how much of a swine Valentine Morgenstern really was; to recruit children into his ranks.

“Well to what do I owe this honour,” Magnus crooned even as he turned, taking note of their stance, their grip on their blades and the fact that there was a fifth, a couple of meters away, observing or to serve as back up, Magnus wasn’t sure which he was meant to be.

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flower cloak.

Currently working on a Swan Prince!Victuuri AU, and it’s not going so well so have a feathery Victor instead :’3c He’s so pretty, but so hard to draw….

this anime is killing me in more ways than one

 Okay so I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this at all, but there is a Polish song from the 60s that really fits the events of the post Grand Prix Final banquet. (the song also has a Russian version btw)

Allow me to pair the translation with the images from the show.

You- down drink by drink at the buffet 

Your eyes search the room - your heart pounding (do you remember?)

[…] (Do you remember how with me…?)

Your gaze found my eyes

And you stride forward […]

And in just a moment (do you remember how you danced with me…?)

You tiptoe up to me and above us, the music thunders

You pull me into the Grand Valse Brilliante

Do you remember how you danced the Waltz with me?

With […] the legend of those times?

Do you remember how the world began dancing?

The world that you held in your arms?


When you spin through the dancefloor, you pretend to be strong

You flex your meek muscles

You puff up your chest

I shall take this athlete, this warrior as my husband