a way of toasting someone

My thoughts about tonight’s episode:

  1. Sheldon knows the right way to kidnap someone.  He learned it from Amy (”The Toast Derivation” 4.17).
  2. Richard Feynman has always been shown as being Sheldon’s hero.  Are we sure this isn’t his bachelor party?  It felt like it was catering to Sheldon.
  3. Penny’s line about Amy’s “ear virginity” was great because it was creepy from Penny to Amy.  That was refreshing.
  4. Penny could have changed that tire.
  5. The “sin closet” thing made me sad.  Why do they all have such terrible parents?  (Well, Mary isn’t terrible, and that makes me want Mary to swoop in and take care of Amy.)
  6. That was the first episode this season that didn’t make me cry.  Yay.

Thanks to the people who said they actually like reading my thoughts on episodes.  <3

A young pilot laughs. “Two fighters against a Star Destroyer? We’re toast. Burnt toast.”
Leia has a way of looking at someone that makes them feel very small and very stupid. “Thanks for you input, Hobbie. Your tactical opinions are always invaluable.”

The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to be a Jedi? by Adam Gidwitz 

Everything about Leia in charge gives me life tbh

Jonghyun/Taemin; Toaster; PG

the one were nothin rly happens but its cute uwu

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anonymous asked:

Popular opinion on this website seems to be that taylor used to be an insufferable bitchy princess, and then she got a tumblr and went through a couple epiphanies, and suddenly became cool. I was wondering what your opinion on this is, because to me it seems like she was always pretty amazing, and that tumblr is only just recognizing her.

Idk man I always liked her in the way someone likes toasted cheese you know? She’s always been comforting and homey and I love her. But she has gotten progressively smarter and more self aware which I admire and I think others are starting to see.