a war between demon and angel

So I’ve put together some of my favorite stories! I hope you all will enjoy them as much as I do!

Guys, thank you for your work and thank you for your words!

(note: be careful, some fanfics contain spoilers for s7)


Wait Out the Storm by @killians-dimples - Killian and Emma are enjoying a day on the water when a storm happens upon them. They decide to wait it out down below, where Killian has some interesting ideas as to what can occupy their time. Mindless fluff and smut. 

Something Just Like This by @killians-dimples​ - Killian and Emma enjoy a quiet morning in their home.

February Thirteenth & February Fourteenth  by @cutieodonoghue - After a trip around the world, emma returns home to storybrooke, unprepared to be suddenly entwined in killian jones’ life thanks to ruby’s constant meddling, and her dad’s insistence that killian is off limits.

Let’s Just Be Us by @cutieodonoghue​ - rockstar!killian and movie star!emma secretly dating, but those pesky fans figure it out… 

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hi! that fic rec list you wrote out was very thorough and i was wondering is you could add some more! i think what the fandom needs right now is a much good fic as possible.

I agree w you, doll!! and this fandom is blessedly full of good fics (seriously I’ve read a lot of fics from a lot of fandoms and I’ve never read as many beautiful ones as I have in the CS fandom) I was asked by @e98mh for a list w a lot of Captain Ducking so I’m gonna include as much of that as possible ~previous list~

Beyond the Horizon by @alexandralyman: Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the pirate Captain Killian Jones. She offers herself for ransom in place of her crew’s safety. It’s a beautifully written story. I’ve been following it for about two yrs now and boy has it been a wild ride. It’s a moderately slow burn and the payoff is spectacular. 212k words. Rated M. Another sinfully delightful fic by the same author is Between Heaven and Hell. An angel/demon AU, Emma’s the Angel, Hook’s the demon. Full of smut and forbidden romance. 113k words. Rated M.

I am mind boggled that I somehow left @this-too-too-sullied-flesh off the last list because I mean come on how to you have a fic rec list w out her? (smdh @ myself) The Next Wounded Soul: Killian, a sailor recovering from wounds received during the war against the Dark One, is aided by a noblewoman, who’s exact identity he is unaware of. A Captain Duckling fic full of slow burn, mutual pining goodness, bedsharing and foulmouthed princess Emma. 41k words. Rated E. Also of note, possibly my favoritest smut of all time, Theoretically: Let’s just put it this way, for Emma’s 30th birthday, Killian gives a gift that she will never forget. 36k Rated E.

Walking on Water by @msstarlight: Captain Duckling AU. Princess Emma, on her way to meet a powerful nobleman to help aid her kingdom in the ogre war, is kidnapped by…. you guessed it! pirate captain Killian Jones, set on avenging his brother’s death. Twisty and turny and the best kind of drama, that at one point, forces Killian to chose between vengeance and love. Ya wanna read it don’t ya? Some nice Captain Charming moments as well. An overall excellent fic. *side note: I wouldn’t say for certain that it was the first (I was horrible at clicking the follow button and would always have to go back and search for fics for new chaps lol) but it was definitely one of the first multi-chapter fics I started following for this pairing and it has a very special place in my heart. 138k words. Rated M.

Under the Crimson Flag by @a-fictional-life : Captain Ducking AU feat. an arguably bi Killian. Emma Swan disguises herself as a boy to escape upon the open seas but her ship crosses paths with Captain Hook’s. This is just like a really freaking good fic. I’ve read it multiple times and each time reading it is as good at the last. Family feels abound. 98k words. Rated M.

I’m gonna include some fics by @caprelloidea because by golly her writing is breathtaking. It’s captivating, her imagery lifelike, and I’m never disappointed after reading something of hers. Also, maybe an odd thing but I love her titles. Duodenary (the link to this is a stunning graphic of the story and the actual story link is attached to that but I just couldn’t not add the graphic link): A beautiful fairytale in which Killian finds himself in a place that’s existence allows for Neverland and its inhabitants’ immortality. There he meets a princess looking for help. 36k Rated M. Another notable mention Amaranthine: The most beautiful soulmates AU you shall ever read. 41k Rated M.

As You Wish by @gentlesleaze : A PRINCESS BRIDE AU, NEED I SAY MORE? Just as lovely as the film w Bonus drama. 38k Rated T. (The only fic not rated M/E on this list; idk what that says about my tastes…)

I just want to thank every person on the list for bringing such beautiful content to such a beautiful fandom. Shipping Captain Swan would not be the same w out you guys. ♥

Fic Update - Between Heaven & Hell 

Summary -  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

This chapter on AO3 here and on ff.net here

                                           Part Twenty-One

Caribbean Sea - 1802

The white sails rose high against a cloudless sky, rippling loud as thunder and snapping taut in the wind. The sea breeze raked through his hair like a lover’s eager caress while he stood at the helm, watching the unending line of the horizon in the distance and holding their course towards the isle that bore the French colony of Saint-Domingue. The island itself was not yet visible to the naked eye, not even to Killian’s gaze, far keener than that of any of the mortal sailors who worked the lines, pumped the bilges and swabbed the deck under his command. They were a rough crew, made up of deserters and thieves and degenerates, a hard-drinking, gambling, whoring group of men who were all guilty right down to the marrow of their bones of a multitude of sins. But they all feared Captain Hook, known in every port from the northern reaches of the Carolina coast down to Rio de Janeiro for his ruthless methods and black heart, a heart - that it was whispered quietly below decks over one too many cups of grog - was not human.

That same dark heart beat a bit faster in his chest with the rise and fall of the ship on the waves, the narrow prow cutting easily through the white swells like a hot knife through butter. With nothing but the sea and the sky surrounding him on all sides it was the closest a demon like him could get to flying, with the whistle of the wind in his ears and the warmth of the sun on his face. If he closed his eyes he could barely feel the planks under his feet or the smooth wood under his hands for a brief moment that seemed to last for an eternity. His initial foray into the Caribbean sea trade had started as nothing more than a whim, an opportunity to invest some capital, add to his considerable fortune and he found the tropical weather to be much more to his taste than the chill of the drab and damp European winters. But Killian had found to his surprise that he genuinely enjoyed sailing for its own sake as well. There was a subtle art to it, in the rise and fall of the sails to make the most of the breeze, in the turn of the hull into ancient currents that led right to the four corners of the globe. North, south, east, or west, under the crimson flag of piracy it was all just pure freedom. The chains that bound him were not the shackles worn by the mortal souls helplessly trapped in the most inhuman of bondage practiced in the whole of history, his irons went unseen by all by him. He felt the weight of them nonetheless, and the burn of the invisible brand that marked him for what he was. Forever damned, with no hope of salvation in this world or the next, his master’s leash was long but the collar could not be pried from his neck.

Yet out on the open sea, with the salt in his throat and the spray on his skin, he forgot all of that for a little while.

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Imagine: Helping the Avengers fight demons

Originally posted by robertsdowneystark

When you originally got this mission from Castiel you thought it was going to be solo. Then you found out you had to convince people with already weird lives that they coexist with angels and demons, which is harder than it sounds.

Now, you’ve awaken in a chair with a bunch of interesting characters, to say the least, surrounding you.

“Do you work for Hydra?” the one in the red and gold suit started interrogating you.

“What? Hydra?” you shake your head still feeling a little dazed.

“Then who do you work for then? what do you want?” the one who looked a little too patriotic for the state the country is in said.

You sit up a little more trying to look at everyone else. The once green giant is now a half naked man asking for aspirin while rubbing his head. Blondie over there looked a bit too full of himself for your taste, a live action role player maybe? The ginger looked so amazing that you had to blink twice. The man in front, who you presume doesn’t get to be in front that often, looks like he wants to go home. You take a deep breath.

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Easter Pranks

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Summary: Twin!Sister and Ethan have had a prank war every Easter for as long as they can remember. This year, things take a turn for the scandalous.

A/N: Hello all! Hoppy Easter! Here’s an extra Easter themed (kinda) fic! Hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t worry, I have another batch of requests I’ll be working on this week so I’ll get to those soon! Just had this idea while I was in the shower, so I decided to write it :) As always, italics signify the inner monologue, or in this case the little angel and demon on their shoulder, of a character. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 720, smol blurb

Request some more!

“Ethan!” Your scream was heard throughout your apartment as you screamed at the top of your lungs.

“You snooze you lose sis, set an alarm next Easter yeah?” Ethan laughed as he ran out of your room and down the stairs.

You sat in your bed, drenched in ice cold water, fuming. It was like this every year. You’re not sure when it started, maybe in the womb, but Easter Sunday was a free-for-all prank war between you two. One year you put bleach in his hair gel and he had to go to Easter mass blonde. Another year, Ethan hid a raw egg among all the Easter eggs and when you found it and cracked it on your head expecting a burst of confetti and candy you were instead met with a sore spot and egg yolk in your hair.

This year you’d gotten a rude wake up call, it’s not your fault your boyfriend had kept you up all night doing… stuff.

Your boyfriend came in, he’d been in your en suite hiding from Ethan, laughing as you shivered in bed, “Aw, Ethan got you already?”

“Yes! I overslept because of you so he woke me up with a bucket of ice water,” you said with a pout on your lips.

“Guess it’s time for a nice, warm shower,” he said, leaning down to place a soft kiss on your freezing lips. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” you giggled as he lifted you out of bed and carried you to the shower.


Ethan was downstairs eating all your cereal when he heard the water turn on. What a fool, he thought to himself, so vulnerable! It was almost too easy.

He snickered as he made his way to your water heater. Wait! The little angel on his shoulder said. You know the rules! You can’t prank twice in a row! You said so in the pact of ‘06!

Ethan shrugged, you have a point.

Who cares? The little devil on his shoulder argued. If you prank twice in a row, the prank war is called off till next year. This way, you’ll get off clean and unscathed until next year!

Ah yes, that’s an even better point. Ethan smirked as he turned the heater off, expecting another high pitched scream to ring throughout the apartment.


That was certainly not his twin sisters voice.

He ran up the stairs, who-was that-in the shower-whAT? He couldn’t even keep a steady train of thought as he flew up the stairs and tore open the bathroom door.


“Dude shut up he’ll hear you!” You whispered as your boyfriend shivered in the cold water spewing from the shower head.

“Easy for you to say you’re not in the cold water,” his teeth chattered as he tried to move out of the stream of water.

“Do you even remember how I was woken up??” You yelled in a hushed whisper.

“What the fuck?” You two heard Ethan yell outside the curtain.

“Ethan get out!” You cried, hiding behind your secret boyfriend as Ethan pulled the shower curtain back.

“Mark what the fuck are you doing?!” Ethan yelled, whoever he expected to be behind the curtain it definitely wasn’t his boss.

“Uh, you know. Conserving water? The droughts not over you know,” Mark said nervously, a blush covering his cheeks, as he held a shampoo bottle at his groin.

“Ethan! Out!” You screamed, chucking a bar of soap at him. “The war’s off! You know the rules!” You cried, mortified, as he backed away from the curtain.

“You could’ve told me you know,” Ethan yelled, still in the bathroom but at least he was covering his eyes now. “You have my blessing Mark, just don’t do… this while I’m here,” he said as he backed out of the bathroom.

“Hey buddy? Best friend of mine? Will you turn the heater back on?” Mark asked with a laugh as goosebumps rose all over his skin.

“I suddenly have no idea how to work the heater!” Ethan yelled up the stairs. “I’ll be at the office bleaching my eyes if you guys need me.”

“Ethan!” Your scream melted into Mark’s laugh and rang throughout the now empty apartment.

What an eventful Easter morning.

A/N 2.0 There you go peeps. Hope you enjoyed this one! It was really fun to write this, hope you guys got a kick out of imagining Ethan’s reaction to seeing a naked Mark in the shower with his sister! 😂

Thanks to @ myself for requesting this fic. I’ve been wanting to write something besides romantic ethan x readers hehe (not to say I don’t love writing ethan x readers! I love the smol blu boi! just wanted a little break is all)

Request some more pls and thank 

“Home” - (Alec Lightwood)

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is Alec and Izzy’s sister and she’s dating Raphael. And in episode 1x03 when Izzy went to Meliorn, (Y/N) goes to Raphael to interrogate him but Alec does not agree with that and says some hurtful stuff which ends up with (Y/N) running away in tears and at the end just a lot of big brother Alec fluff.

(i feel like i got a bit carried away but i hope you still like it!)

Shadowhunters and downworlders have history together, they never got along. Shadowhunters disliked downwolders, which included vampires, werewolves, warlocks and every creature that wasn’t fully demon or half angels. Therefore, downwolders disliked shadowhunters too, finding them arrogant and superior. But sometimes there could be an exception. It was the case for Izzy, who had a relationship with Meliorn or for (Y/N), who was deeply in love with Raphael, a vampire.

Raphael and (Y/N) have been together for almost a year, they were aware of the endless war between their peoples, but love was stronger than hate, and they always knew their love was strong enough to survive in a world full of hatred.

(Y/N) just got back from Hotel Dumort, she went to see Raphael. Alec Lightwood, (Y/N)’s older brother, met (Y/N) in the main room of the Institute. He looked angry and (Y/N) already knew the reason why. While Izzy was quite understanding about (Y/N)’s relationship with Raphael, Alec never approved.

“Where were you?” Alec’s tone was harsh.
“Give me a break, Alec.” (Y/N) sighed.
“Where were you?” Alec repeated, his eyes dark with anger.
“I went to see Raphael. I needed to ask him a few questions about the recent murder in the shadow world.”
Alec stepped closer to (Y/N) but she didn’t flinch. Alec could be quite scary when he was angry but (Y/N) knew he would never hurt her.
“You can’t be serious.” He said, raising his voice.
“What? I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“Our parents are back from Idris and you go flirting with your stupid vampire. Do you have any idea how they would react if they find out about your relationship with a downwolder?” Alec put all the disgust he had in the word “downwolder”.

(Y/N) didn’t want to fight with her brother about Raphael again, so she just started to walk away. But Alec grabbed her arm and held her back.
“Hey! I’m talking to you!”
“Let go of me, Alec.” (Y/N) said. Anger started to run through her veins.
“You don’t get to break the rules and get away with it. We don’t like downworlders. We don’t hang out with them, we don’t talk to them let alone be in a relationship with them!” Alec let go of (Y/N)’s arm, definitely bruising it.
“What about Izzy? She is seeing a downworlder but you never made a big deal out of it.”
“It’s different! Raphael is a vampire, he drinks blood from people’s body, he is a murderer!” Alec claimed.
“Raphael is a good guy! He is not a killer!”
Alec laughed. But it wasn’t a nice or joyful laugh. His hazel eyes glanced around the room and then came back on (Y/N).
“You know what (Y/N)? Do whatever you want, I’m done looking after you.”
“Alec, don’t.” (Y/N)’s voice started shaking.
“No, (Y/N). You’re just a waste of time. Go see your boyfriend, hang out with your buddies the vampires, but don’t come back here, asking for help when they’ll dry your body of blood. I won’t be there to help you, I won’t even care. I’m done with you, (Y/N). You’re just a shame to the Clave.” Alec’s words hit (Y/N) as if someone just slapped her in the face.

Alec walked away, leaving (Y/N) standing alone in the room. Tears started to roll down her cheeks and there’s nothing she could do to stop it. She went to her room and put her stele on her bed. Then, she ran out of the Institute, crying.


Izzy walked to her brother, Alec. She was holding (Y/N)’s stele in her hands.
“Did something happened with (Y/N)?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.” Alec mumbled. It has been two days since he last argued with (Y/N). It was all Alec could think about, he realised how hard he was on his sister and he felt very guilty.
“Alec, what happened?” Izzy insisted.
“Why do you care, Izzy? Just leave me alone.”
“She’s gone.” Izzy claimed.
Alec looked up at Izzy, his eyes widened.
“What do you mean she’s gone?”
“I can’t find her anywhere. And she left this in her room, along with her phone.” Izzy handed (Y/N)’s stele to Alec. “She never leave without her stele. I think she ran off.” Izzy said, she looked worried.
“If she is out there on her own without any weapon and without her stele, we gotta find her, now!” Alec said rushing to the weapons room to pick up his bow and arrows.


(Y/N) was sat in a dark alley. She had been wandering around the city since she had left the Institute. She couldn’t stop thinking about what Alec had said to her and she couldn’t believe he actually said all those hurtful things to her. It’s true, Alec and (Y/N) were fighting sometimes, like all siblings would, but at the end of the day they would die for each other.

When (Y/N) started dating Raphael, Alec was always trying to pick up a fight with her about it. At first, (Y/N) thought it was part of the whole big brother role and that he was just being overprotective. But this time it was different, he had been mean to her, he had said really horrific things and the worst part, (Y/N) thought, was that he looked like he really meant it. “You’re just a waste of time.” he said, “I won’t even care.”, “You’re just a shame to the Clave.”
Tears threatened to roll down (Y/N)’s cheeks again, but was tired of crying. 

Suddenly, a dark form appeared in front of her, she didn’t bother to look up to see who it could be.
“Go away.”
She felt a strong hand, hardly human, lifting her off the ground. She gasped and her eyes widened as she realised it wasn’t someone, it was something.
The demon pushed her against the wall and (Y/N) felt a sharp pain at the back of her head. She groaned and tried to fight back, but deep down she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to die, but she couldn’t find the strength to fight for her life, not today, not right now.
The demon pushed her against the wall again and again. (Y/N) felt a thick liquid running down her neck : blood. She felt dizzy and she knew whe was soon going to pass out. The pain in her head was unbearable, she felt as if her skull was cracked open.

Suddenly, the demon made a unhuman groan and disappeared into a cloud of darkness. (Y/N) fell onto the hard ground. She heard someone call her name before two strong arms helped her sat down against the wall.
“Oh my God, (Y/N)!” A female voice said
(Y/N) wasn’t moving, her eyes were half closed and it was hard to process what was happening. Everything was blurry and the voices were muffled.
“Come on, (Y/N). Come on.”
She felt a hand pressed on her wounded head, she winced.
“She is bleeding. Give me your stele.”
The young boy drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s arm. She closed her eyes and reopened them as the pain started to disappear. She saw Alec and Izzy standing in front of her. Alec looked really concerned.
“We need to take her back to the Institute and call mum and dad.” Alec said to Izzy.
“I’m fine.” (Y/N)’s voice was no near nice. She tried to stand up but her head felt heavy and she had to lean on Alec to stay on her feet. He held her by the shoulders but she pushed him away.
“What happened, (Y/N)? What were you even doing here by yourself?” Izzy asked.
“I’m fine, Izzy.”

Alec looked at his sister, Isabelle. They both exchanged a look and Izzy understood that Alec wanted a moment alone with (Y/N) to fix the mess he created earlier.
“I have to go back to the Institute. I just remembered that mom and dad asked me to keep an eye on Max tonight.” Izzy lied.
“What? No, Izzy, wait.” (Y/N) said, not wanting to be alone with Alec.
“See you later, OK?” Izzy squeezed (Y/N)’s hand and left the alley before (Y/N) could say anything. She leaned on the wall, she was still feeling a bit dizzy.

“Are you okay?” Alec asked, holding her arm.
“Leave me alone, Alec.” (Y/N) pushed him away again. Alec sighed. He was feeling guilty, about everything.
“(Y/N), listen to me please.”
“I think you already said enough. You made your point Alec, you don’t want me near you anymore, don’t worry, I won’t go back to the Institute.” (Y/N) started to walk away.
“No, (Y/N), wait. I’m so sorry for what I said. And I know it’s gonna take more than a few apologies to make things right again. But I’ll do everything it takes to earn your forgiveness.”

(Y/N)’s eyes filled with tears but she fought them. She didn’t want to cry in front of Alec, normally she wouldn’t care, but this time it was different.
“I can’t take back what I said, I wish I could. You didn’t deserve any of it. And I don’t know if you’re ever gonna forgive me. I’d understand if you don’t ‘cause I can’t forgive myself either.” Alec breathed. “I’m so sorry (Y/N). I hate myself for what I said, and I swear I didn’t mean any of it. I’m your brother and I’m supposed to protect you from the people who want to hurt you, instead I am the one who hurt you.”
(Y/N) never saw Alec cry before, but right now she could swear she saw a tear fell down his face.
“You’re my little sister and I love you. I’d give up my life for you. You have every right to hate me, I deserve it. But please just come back to the Institute so I can know you’re safe.”

(Y/N) locked her eyes on Alec’s. She could see how sad and guilty he felt and no matter what he said to her, she hated seeing him like this.
“I don’t hate you Alec. I want to, but I can’t.”
“What do you mean?”
“Your words were like blades, and you stabbed me a hundred times with them. But I can’t hate you because you’re my brother and the love I carry for you is stronger than the hate I could ever feel towards anyone. You’re my family, my home. And no matter what happens, no matter where we go, we always find our way back home.”
(Y/N) wiped a few tears away. Alec stepped forward and hugged her. She always felt safe with his strong arms around her small body. She hugged him back.
“I’m sorry.” Alec whispered and pulled away.
“I know. Let’s just put it behind us, OK?” 
Alec nodded. From now on, he was going to do everything to make it up to his younger sister, starting with this whole Raphael thing.

“So…Raphael, do you love him?” He asked awkwardly.
“Yes, I do love him.” (Y/N) said, smiling. “But come on, we don’t have to talk about it, I don’t want to fight.”
“No, it’s okay. I want to apologize.” Alec claimed.
“You already did.”
“About Raphael, I mean. I’m sure he is a great guy. And if he makes you happy then it’s all that matters.”
“Thanks.” (Y/N) was surprised. She knew how much efforts it took for Alec to say that, and she really appreciated it.
“But if he hurts you, he will be in serious trouble.” Alec added.
“There it is. The overprotective brother just came back.” (Y/N) laughed a little.
“Sorry. Looks like I can’t help it.” Alec looked down.
“No, it’s okay. I like that you’re looking after me.”
“Always.” Alec looked at (Y/N) and smiled.
“Come on, let’s go home.” (Y/N) smiled and she headed back to the Institute with Alec.

In a world full of evil demons and darkness, no weapon was better than family to help you survive. No place could feel like home without the people you loved the most and no hatred was strong enough to defeat that love.

Fic Update: Between Heaven and Hell

Summary: A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Read this chapter on ff.net here and on AO3 here

                                             Part Twenty

Something was about to go down.

Something big.

Something soon.

Will could sense it, the way he’d always been able to tell the exact moment when he had to ditch a boosted ride before the plates were broadcasted to every police cruiser in the city, or noticed Loss Prevention discreetly following him around in a store and watching to see if he was going to try to slip something under his jacket and walk out without paying. He was good at it, always getting out just before the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan, no matter how much his teenage buddies used to protest when he pulled over in the stolen Merc or Mustang they were joyriding in and ordered them to all get out and scatter. Three of them got busted for Grand Theft Auto one night when Will was busy on a snatch-and-grab job for Hood, one was lucky, he was barely sixteen and got tried as a juvenile, but the other two…they got handed felony sentences and three years in the state pen.

His phone had been vibrating in his pocket during the whole ride from the Jolly Roger to Jones’s condo but he didn’t dare answer, not with the way Jones was staring out the tinted window, as still as a statue save for the drumming of his fingers on the empty leather seat next to him. He hadn’t said a word after his curt order of “drive” and he stayed completely silent while Will parked in the plum spot reserved in the underground garage for the penthouse, exiting the SUV before Will even had the keys out of the ignition and making a beeline towards the elevator. Will watched him in the rearview mirror, the brake lights casting a red glow over Jones’s face as he walked behind the car. His head turned and their eyes met for a brief moment, the red reflection going even brighter in his pupils and Will blinked at the weirdly distorted image. He had looked almost….inhuman, for a split-second, all red eyes and lips that curled in a sneer against a mouth as dark as a black hole. But then it was gone, and Will blinked again and rubbed his finger nervously over the key fob, feeling the raised lines and edges of the tiny logo press against his palm like an anchor to reality.

It must have just been a trick of the light.

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Mythologies of Mannan and the Faerie Weapon...

Manannan mac Lir is a Sea God in Celtic Mythology. His name is shortened in Manx Gaelic to Mannan.

Cherry picked interesting facts: He has a sword too. Fragarach (The Answerer)

He is the guardian of the Otherworld, who ferries souls to the afterlife. Wikipedia: “He was a pagan, a lawgiver among the Tuatha De Danann (most likely origin people of the Fae), and a necromancer possessed of power to envelope himself and others in a mist, so they could not be seen by their enemies” (Gasp, a Necromancer?)

Necromancer + Sea god = Malcolm sort of sea demon resurrection

And are the old gods of Faerie of the same mythology as the Nephilim Angels, or are they from two totally different pantheons? Could TWP be a war between two mythologies?

Could this ancient pagan god play into the water symbolism of the books, especially Emma’s fear of the ocean and her nightmares? Are Clary and Magnus the only ones having premonition dreams?

Faerie Weapon:

I’ve had questions about what I think the faerie weapon is, so I looked up the old stories (because they are all true, right?)

Balor was a Fomorian (Irish/Celtic) King associated with his deadly evil eye. It was a weapon of mass destruction. Wiki: “It was always covered with seven cloaks to keep it cool. He took the cloaks off one by one. At the first, ferns began to wither. At the second, grass began to redden. At the third, wood and trees began to heat up. At the fourth, smoke came out of wood and trees. At the fifth, everything got red hot. At the sixth and seventh, the whole land caught fire.” Therefore he’s, “been interpreted as a god or personification of drought and blight.”


But, alas there is hope, for there was this druid prophecy that the King would be killed by his grandson. So, he locked his daughter Ethna away in a tower and away from men to keep her from becoming pregnant. A man, Cian entered the tower with the help of the sea god Manannan and she became pregnant with Lugh, who kills Balor, and becomes a savior of the Tuatha De Danann.  

So, I’m postulating a theory: The Unseelie King is the equivalent of Balor, and he’s killed his daughters in an attempt to keep the prophecy from coming true. But two daughters managed to get away. Could one be Kit’s mother, and that’s why there was an imperative to find Kit and keep him safe before the Unseelie King found him first?

Love to know everybody’s thoughts, please add on!

DSP worlds masterpost

Hello, everybody! I was asked (long time ago…. I’m sorry…..) if there are any complete lists of all confirmed Mogeko worlds and their residents, and since I don’t think I’ve ever come across any satisfying compendium, I decided to make one myself. Here we go~ 
(under the cut because it’s longer than I expected)

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Parallels between 1x1 and 12x23 and continued reference to The Book of Enoch in Supernatural

As @tinkdw has posted about recently, the parallels to the first episode are strong in 12x22. 

In the first episode there is a nursery where Sam (a baby) has the blood of Azazel (a demon but actually a fallen angel) combined with his. Then his mother dies. Then the love of Sam’s life (Jess) is killed which spurs Sam on to hunt with Dean to find their father.

In 12.23 it ends with a nursery where Jack (a baby turned teen) is a combination of human and fallen angel. Then his mother dies. Just before that the love of Dean’s life (Cass) is killed and Sam and Dean’s mother whist technically hunting is lost to an alternate reality. 



So, what does this mean for Jack? I think Jack is being paralleled with Sam because of this. Sam was destined to be a special child (which is inspired by Judaic lore about fallen angels making nephilim, specifically Azazel creating nephilim which starts the war between Heaven’s angels and the fallen angels). 

Let’s do some background on Azalea’s children. Here is the entry from Supernatural wikia, cred to that site; ‘Special Children refers to children to whom Azazel fed his blood when they were babies, having snuck into their homes after making a deal with their parents. The result was that the blood caused the children to develop supernatural abilities in them so they could serve as generals in Lucifer’s army against humanity and God. These abilities could be strengthened by the consumption of demon blood. Around Season 2, Azazel wanted to test these children to find who would be the strongest, so he put them in an abandoned town called Cold Oak and told them only one could survive. This eventually triggered a fight among the Children. Azazel led everyone to believe that he wanted a leader for his demon army. However, as it was later revealed, the endgame was bigger than just leading a demon army. Azazel chose the children because they were all potential vessels for Lucifer. The strongest one would be chosen to contain Lucifer throughout the Apocalypse. Sam Winchester was the sole survivor and so, despite his greatest efforts, was taken over by Lucifer both as a result of being a Special Child and also because of his predetermined destiny as Lucifer’s true vessel.’ 

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deanwinchcester  asked:

I've seen so many people say that it was AU Cas who stabbed Lucifer and then got stabbed and died but if Sam and Dean were never born then the war between heaven and hell would've likely started earlier and Jimmy would've been a lot younger or may not have been Cas' vessel at all. I mean he wouldn't have looked like our Cas, with that tie or that coat. And didn't Bobby say that angels wore... I don't remember. Was it ears around their necks? What do you think about AU Cas (if he's still alive)?

yeah, AU angels wear baby ear necklaces.

And demons in that AU are NOT like “our” demons. They’re physical bodies with weird skin and horns. So why would angels in that AU be grace possessing people? Why wouldn’t their true forms be equally physical to the demons? At least, that’s my logic.

I think the AU wasn’t just a divergence from our world at that moment Azazel killed John. I have a feeling that Azazel didn’t even OFFER her a deal, because in that world the angels and demons didn’t bother with the “middleman” of working their plans through humanity. They just fought each other directly. I think it’s a fundamentally different sort of world, with very different “magic.”

They’d just reminded us about the French Mistake universe where magic didn’t exist AT ALL. Where there WERE NO ANGELS OR DEMONS AT ALL.

Plus it didn’t look like they had shopping malls in that AU. It was a very Mad Max sort of world, you know? Even if Cas DID look like Jimmy in that AU, I can’t imagine any scenario in which he’d be wearing OUR Cas’s modern business clothes. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

I get that folks are clinging to this idea because they don’t want OUR Cas to be dead… but he is. We know he isn’t going to STAY dead though. Just like in 7.01 when he was reanimated almost immediately (but “contaminated” by the Leviathan), I think he’s going to be reanimated almost immediately in 13.01, but “contaminated” by Jack’s orange grace.

I’ve also read several theories that go to ridiculously convoluted lengths to postulate MULTIPLE AU’s that are very similar to ours, just to explain Cas’s “odd” behavior from scene to scene in 12.23. I get a headache just trying to follow along on them, because there’s one key piece of info they’re all overlooking in an effort to explain what seems VERY consistent to me…

It simply requires us to accept that Cas hasn’t been entirely under his own control since Jack touched him in 12.19.

If you begin from that assumption, EVERYTHING else Cas does in 12.23 makes perfect sense.

And we don’t have to jump through flaming hoops backward to try and find any more reason for it.

Exactly the way Tasha Banes seemed SO much like herself until she was compelled into serving the witch’s needs or wants in 12.20, Cas has seemed very much like himself EXCEPT WHEN JACK OVERRODE HIM OUT OF “NECESSITY.”

Like trying to keep Sam and Dean away from the rift, or trying to explain the rift to them, or reassuring Kelly about everything having to do with the vision of “paradise” Jack would bring to the world. That… was not Cas. I mean, it WAS Cas, but it was Jack influencing him with that weird golden grace.

(and yes this extends to Cas healing Dean both in 12.19 AND in 12.23 when we got to SEE him actively using Jack’s golden grace instead of his usual blue-white grace)

At least, that seems like the most reasonable explanation for everything to me.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I think you've been doing a great job with all these fic lists, but i was wondering if you might have any forbidden romance lists (sorry if this has already been done)? Thanks!

Forbidden Love!

Between Heaven and Hell by @alexandralyman​  A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU. They hide in plain sight, the servants of heaven and hell. The angels and the demons, who can save your soul or damn it. They stand on opposite sides, they are the bringers of light and the agents of darkness, they are enemies in an eternal war, but what happens when an angel and a demon are inexplicably drawn to each other?

Forbidden by @totheendoftheworldortime She is an Amazon. He is Greek. She is a princess. He is captured in battle. An ancient Amazonian tradition brings them together but their love is forbidden. This is their story

Evergreen by @shoedonym CS secret relationship/forbidden love AU. Killian is wrong, she knows he is; they are not cursed. But she also knows he feels trapped between a rock and an even less forgiving place. It was never about her. It was never about whether he loved her enough to fight for them - nothing could be further from the truth. It was about him.

Tied With A Silver Chain by Commandante Theresa AU Captain Swan. Pirate Killian/Princess Emma. When Princess Emma is captured by the dreaded Captain Hook, she learns he’s the same man who broke into her castle & seduced her 2 years ago. Head over heels in love , yet betrothed to a tyrant’s son, can Killian save her, or will their forbidden passion destroy not only themselves but the Enchanted Forest too? No curse.

When in Rome by @qqueenofhades Historical AU. When a slave gladiator, Killian mac Dáithí, catches the eye of Emma Aurelia, the praetor’s daughter, they are plunged into a world of intrigue, treachery, danger, and forbidden love, among the high halls of power in the Roman Empire and the shadowy men who rule it. Captain Swan with some Outlaw Queen. Complete. 

and of course all the priest fics

worth it by @boyfriendhook Priest!Killian and Emma Swan share an intimate evening behind closed doors.

Forgive Me, Father by @captainswanismyendgame  Mary Margaret and Emma are roommates, and she keeps trying to get Emma to attend church with her. When she finally gives in, she gets more than she bargains for

Take Me to Church by @optomisticgirl  Emma Swan returned to her southern hometown of Storybrooke to pick up the pieces of her last shattered relationship, determined to rebuild her life in the one place she swore she’d never return to. What she didn’t expect was the new priest and the journey of passion, love, and redemption he would take her on. [Priest!Killian Modern AU]

and many more in the  Priest Killian Masterlist by @cslibrary

want more recs ? cs + Long Distance

and thank you :)

Haikyū!! Modern Fantasy AU

Alright, so before we begin, I would just like to say I have had this idea in my head for an incredibly long time now. And I am actually in the process of writing it into a chapter based fanfiction on Ao3. Since my plan is to write at least 4 chapters worth of content before I post the first chapter, I thought why not do a little synopsis and overview of the content for those who want a little preview. The following will contain spoilers, so if you would rather wait for the fic to be published before reading this, you might want to ignore this post. This is going to be rather long, so sit back and enjoy :D

This is kinda Iwaoi-centric, it mainly revolves around Iwa though.

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will you stay with me, will you be my love among the fields of barley?
we’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we lie in fields of gold

fields of gold: a klonnie AU that i wish i had time to write

A war is brewing between the courts of angels and the legions of demons, a war for the soul of humanity that threatens to scorch the earth itself. Wary of the hidden forces instigating conflict between angels and demons and determined to avert an apocalyptic battle, young seraph Bonnie Bennett undertakes a dangerous mission: transforming into a human in order to live among them and discover a means to their salvation. In Venice, she meets anarchist painter Niklaus Mikaelson who, unbeknownst to her, is a powerful demon cursed to live a human life. Despite the fiery clash of their wills, honed over centuries of living on the opposing sides of humanity, in their quest for truth Bonnie and Niklaus find common ground that blooms into passion, and even love. But as the brooding storm of war gains power, all must choose a side: angels, demons, humans, and those who walk between them.

Gothic Klonnie 2k17, Day 7: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

“If I am the phantom, it is because man’s hatred has made me so. If I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me.”


Pairing: Kim Yugyeom/Bambam

Words: 2,642

Originally posted by chocoshakeyugyeom

A/N: This is late, I know. It’s late, because I suck, but I would also like to alert everyone that this will be my first extended story for this blog. I haven’t gotten all the details figured out, but I did want to put this out there so everyone will have a taste for the story. Also the title might eventually change, but I’ll notify everyone if it does. It’s mentioned in the shot, but I’ll let you know here that Yugyeom is a nephilim (half angel, half human hybrid) and Bambam is a demon.

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I just uploaded the 6th chapter of: (Destiel) From Another World

((Set after season 12 finale. Spoilers in the summary and the story)) There, in the grey, desolate landscape of a world devastated by the war between Heaven and Hell, Dean saw Castiel alive and battling demons… but Lucifer had killed the angel before his very eyes only a few weeks before. Dean, grief stricken after Cas’ death, pulls the Castiel of another world through the portal back to his own world without thinking of the consequences.

(I take no credit for the beautiful artwork)

We know that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings, but we didn’t know that every time someone swears, a demon gets a power boost. There’s been a war raging between heaven and hell for thousands of years, but now, thanks to people swearing more than ever before, the tide of battle is beginning to turn…

Oh, no, you didn’t!

So, I got this image suddenly in my head today and all I could think was this:

Cosmic Consequences

Seriously, though. Could this moment be it? Because I’ve been thinking, oh, they did do a Joss Whedon and sort of glanced over the whole Cosmic Consequences thing. Or maybe they’re saving them? For later? Like, they’ll actually outdo Cas dying? Didn’t feel very likely. So, maybe they’re actually not saving the Cosmic Consequences because  - lo and behold - they happened! And what they are saving is the fallout. Think about it!

With Joshua gone, what state will Heaven be in at the start of S13? Who will lead? Who can lead? And with Crowley “dead” in AU World, not to mention Lucifer stuck in AU World, who is leading Hell? 

These questions, and the facts behind them, just scream out that It’s going to be chaos on a grand scale (again) - only this time there might actually brew a proper war between the Angels and the Demons - and Earth will be severely stuck in the middle

@fawert just sent me an ask and I am getting to it asap, my dear, but your opening statement fits so nicely here I just had to quote you:

Since Sam and Dean don’t exist in au, Michael and Lucifer definitely skipped the true vessel bs then went to war with angels and demons in their true forms (angel blades sticking out of the ground proves it).

I love this observation, and I’m going to build on it, because if this is true - and I believe it to be more than plausible *claps hands* - then whatever Mary learns from surviving AU World might prove useful as f**k once she’s back in the Real World, because what happened in AUW just might be about to happen in RealW.

Cosmic frigging Consequences, you guys, if ever I heard of any.

And if the stakes are raised this high, if it’s possible they want to raise them this high (well, if the narrative is revving up to final season time then why wouldn’t they?) then wouldn’t it be lovely for the resolution to hinge on the most powerful being in the universe (save Granddad) learning to embrace his humanity and bring balanced leadership before it’s too late? I’ve been the spokeswoman for balance for months now. I want the goddamn balance to be endgame! 

Jack would bring his oh, so balanced leadership to both Heaven and Hell, leaving Earth in… well, peace is too strong a word for the human condition, but then rather Jack leaving Earth to its own devices, governed by our God given right to choose for ourselves through our Free Will.

Yes. I think that would be lovely, actually.

Anyway, I might be wrong wrong wrong, but whatever is up ahead, all my money is truly on Jack bringing miracles to fix it all in the end. 

Agreements? Disagreements? @tinkdw @margarittet @shixpe @magnificent-winged-beast? And, of course, anyone else who wants to chip in, I’m super curious to hear from other meta writers! I love an open discussion! Tentatively tagging @bluestar86 and @mittensmorgul and @postmodernmulticoloredcloak (hi, hello, how are you *wave*)

Thanks for the absolutely smashing GIF, @shixpe! <3