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My submission for issue II of the @shallurazine, Stars Aligned ~

Thank you Cat and Jules for all your hard work, and for letting me be a part of this! Everyone’s submissions are so beautiful and creative. I’m blown away ♡

More Screaming Yuma
Rejet (Yuma, Ruki, Raito)
More Screaming Yuma

Ruki sent Yuma to go wake up Kou… 
But then Yuma was like “ RUKI RUKI RUUUKIIII” (Ruki is cooking~)
And basically he was freaking out because Kou wasn’t there and then RAITO was there and just kept calling him “Onii-chan~~” AND YUMA JUST WASN’T HAVING IT AT ALL 
But since he was freaking out so much.. Ruki told him to calm down .. which he sorta did ;;v;; 


anonymous asked:

You know your 'Summer Traveling Essentials' post? What would you suggest for traveling during the other seasons?

anon, i love you so much for this ask. so, so much. just picture that one happy tennant gif and know that’s the face i made upon reading this.

spring travel essentials:

  • hardcover copy of The Secret Garden
  • vanilla or lilac perfume
  • long silk scarf
  • several pairs of sandals (to be kicked off for barefoot adventures)
  • earl grey tea sachets
  • rose lip balm
  • picnic basket, just in case
  • bottle of St. Germaine

fall travel essentials:

  • snuggly blanket scarf 
  • tin of Van Houten cocoa powder
  • knee high boots
  • jar of cinnamon sticks
  • ceramic travel mug (for cocoa & handwarming)
  • bonfire-scented candle
  • dark plum lipstick
  • bottle of honeyed whiskey

winter travel essentials:

  • cashmere gloves
  • box of small ornaments
  • at least 10 sweaters
  • assorted candy canes
  • smartly tailored coat
  • 2 bottles champagne & coupe glasses (1 reserved for New Years)
  • jewel-tone flannel pajamas
  • honey scented hand cream

simplymoemega  asked:

I want a continuation to the Ace 'dying' instead of Sabo plz!

When Ace died Sabo’s dream of being a pirate died with him.

 He hadn’t wanted to be a pirate until Ace mentioned it when they were younger- he was content being one of the men sitting around the giant fires in the Gray Terminal. 

He used to sneak out to hear those men tell their stories of freedom. Though they had nothing but the clothes on their backs most of the men were friendlier than all the nobles he interacted with. 

Sabo wanted that. He wanted to be able to laugh when a strange boy came back night after night to hear a tale and sit under the stars while doing so. It was far warmer than the marble floors and high ceilings. 

A life as a trash digger didn’t sound too bad to him back then. 

Then Ace told him about pirates.  Told him what it meant to be a pirate. To not take orders from anyone, go anywhere his heart wanted and most of all to live as free as possible.

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dude I,, what on earth. I love the movie designs and how they’re only meant for the movie but,, why would they bring it into the show? sure lloyd needed a new voice since he is growing but I dislike how they need to change the characters into looking similar to the movie ones. it completely changes their personalities too. both personalities are different and honestly seeing it change would pretty much change the whole show too. (might be in a positive way though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I’m a person that dislikes changes, sadly)

lol also imagine how confused new fans will be when they see lloyd randomly gets green eyes in season 8 after a voice change. like heck, if only if your eyes changed colours too irl when your voice changes