a void existance

Banging pots together while shouting from rooftops...

Antisemitism and hatred against Jews is alive and real in the world today and the denial that it exists or the idea that it ended with the holocaust or that it’s not as bad as what other minority communities face is in and of itself an act of antisemitism and a denial of the real life experiences of Jews who have faced antisemitism in their lives.

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Stiles was erased and never existed which means Void Stiles has never existed either. Since he never existed that means either the Nogitsune found another host, or never came back and then the Oni would've never been in Beacon Hills. Void Stiles also would have never taken control of the Oni and kidnapped Lydia to Oak Creek. If none of this ever happened, and they never went to Oak Creek to save Stiles and Lydia resulting in the fight with the dark!Oni then how did Allison Argent die??

You think you can escape The Void? HAHAHA. You can’t escape! The Void is all around you! The Void is inside you. Trillions of cells in your body with tiny empty spaces in between. Voids. The Void is everywhere and everything and you cannot escape. Anyways. How was your day?

My dearest, John Laurens.


On this page, I write my confession: I am lost for words and my soul has no song to sing. I cannot bear it - I refuse to believe - it could not be true. I am broken into pieces by your loss, and I must apologise sincerely to you - you always told me I shouldn’t, but I have retreated once more into solitude, into my work, with disappointing and fruitless results.

You rendered me speechless in life and now, in (dare I write it, it is too final and too blunt a penman’s sword to your delicate, infinite state of rest) death lack of life, I am lost and wandering in a void where nothing exists but reminders of you in every touch, every sound, every image. There is only you, and nothing more.

You would have found humour in the sorry sight I have become: John, a comic tragedy manifests in the way that I haunt these halls almost as if I might somehow encounter your own spirit, and I am afraid Eliza finds it more distressing than you would find it full of hilarity. Yet how am I to return to shore when my lighthouse is lost to the waves and rocks lay all around?

Now, I wait. Now, I long for your safe passage into some other life - the first time I have hoped sincerely that something lies beyond. For my own selfish sake, if not yours, I cling steadfast to the hope that we may meet once more, for I cannot imagine a world without your voice, and yet I dwell within it in this very moment.

Sleep well, I beg of you. Rest.

Your dearest,


To feel empty inside — and even more, to feel how you’re being emptied. To get accustomed with your initial shape, to embrace your origin, the space you were before you were. To feel how you’re transposed into nothingness. To become less, to feel less, to get systematically diminished. To accede the eternity that, odd enough, is not, and still is. To merge your being with the void, with that primordial immensity. To fuse with the vacuity means to be infinite. Not to be means to be eternal.

top schizoid feelings:
  •  zzzzz
  • *someone is sad* can you do that somewhere else
  • vague irritation
  • ??????? ok
  • friend goes through ur phone w/o permission for some innocent reason, react with utter betrayal and passlock that shit with rotating passcodes henceforth
  • sorry i forgot your birthday but you were out of my direct line of sight for 2 seconds and i forgot you existed
  • [void]

what she says: im fine

what she means: if stiles never existed that means that void stiles never existed which means void stiles never took lydia and allison never died saving her. if stiles’ mom is still alive in a world without stiles, shouldn’t allison still be alive? where’s allison?

So I’ve been listening to “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last for the past 6 hours…