a visitation of insomnia

The full Jupiter Ascending write-up will be around tomorrow, because of last night’s visit from the Insomnia Fairy and a bunch of day job work. But! Some of the things I will probably talk about in it:

  • Regency romance + space opera.
  • I think audiences are so used to the narrative beats of the Hero’s Journey (thank you, Joseph Campbell), that when a sf/fantasy epic doesn’t follow that path, the audience doesn’t automatically fill in/accept jumps or gaps in plot or character motivation.
  • There’s a reason behind Balem’s vocal affectation and (some) of his costume design! (Thank you, StuntHusband, for making that connection!)
  • This is not male power fantasy/wish fulfillment. 

Yes, there will be spoilers in my write-up. I will put them behind a “read more” tag.