a visitation of insomnia

FFXV Murder AU

We discussed this over the stream last night… along side a convict AU. Might do that one too, since the possibilities are endless. But the mURDER ONE WAS CALLING OUT TO ME BECAUSE MY BRAIN IS A SCARY PLACE.

God dammit Ignis’s turned into a novel again. WHOOPS 

Poor Ignis.


Anyway, tagging friends: @cupnoodle-queen, @themissimmortal, @itshaejinju, @stephicness, @nifwrites, @stunninglyignis, @acciocamp-half-blood​ <3

Trigger warning: mentions of blood and murder. 

Noctis Lucis Caelum  | First Degree Murder | Contract Killing | Diplomatic Immunity

As the King of the Country, Noctis has formed many enemies. The politics in Eos have often been rumored to be dangerous and dirty. Suspicious deaths have taken place to high standing government officials since the beginning of the Monarchies centuries ago. 

Ardyn Izunia, chancellor of Lucis’s enemy country; Niflheim, has caused much trouble for not only King Noctis… but for the citizens of Lucis as well. Ardyn had plagued the country with daemons and forced Noctis’s father, Regis into surrendering the lands outside of Insomnia, the capital city. 

Noctis had tried many different strategies in attempts to make amends with Izunia and his country peacefully, but to no avail. After years and years of constant clashing, Noctis had had enough. 

He felt as if he had no further options  but to enlist a hitman to end the ongoing feud with Chancellor Izuina. He turned to his trusted Royal Advisor to get the job done. 

Of course, Ignis Stupeo Scientia agreed without hesitations. His trust within the King is never ending. His loyalty remained with Noctis and the wellbeing of the country he served. He knew the consequences of his actions, but accepted his King’s request regardless. 

The job was done throughly and successfully. Ardyn Izunia was dead at the hands of both Ignis Scientia and Noctis Lucis Caelum.

It took hardly any time for the truth to surface about the murder. Noctis’s position of King kept him safe from any type of punishment, however, his actions ended up causing more harm than good.

Many of Lucis’s citizens began to question Noctis as their leader. His actions cause him to lose many valuable alliances…

A uprising is on the horizon.

Prompto Argentum | Third Degree Murder | Hit and Run | On The Run

Prompto Argentum has always been an outstanding citizen.  He was known well throughout all of Insomnia not only for his incredible photography skills, but his close friendship to the King.

Though he was a commoner, he was well respected throughout Noctis’s court. He does well for himself economically. He lives in a small apartment in Insomnia, but often finds himself venturing out of the city for photography jobs.

Lucis’s winding roads are more than often empty. Because of this, Prompto often lets his mind wander during such road trips. During one trip however, his car ended up colliding with a pedestrian not far off from an Empire Base. 

Prompto exited his vehicle to see a young woman, no older than thirty years, laying dead before him. Her platinum, silvery hair began to be tainted with a pool of her own blood. She was heavily armored, but her armor wasn’t enough to save her from a car speeding down the road. 

Prompto began to sob his apologies to the woman. Her eyes remained open, but they were lifeless and blank. 

“Aranea?” A male voice called out from a good distance away. From the Imperial Base. “She told me she was out here. Where the hell did she go?”

Prompto cursed underneath his breath as he watched as a undefinable figure exited the base. Prompto became paralyzed with fear. The closer the figure got, the clearer he could see the sight before him.

The fearsome, Areana Highwind was dead. Killed by a careless driver.

“HEY!” The figure screamed, breaking off into a sprint toward Prompto. “You killed a loyal mercenary solider to the Niflheim Empire!” The figure screamed, readying his weapon toward Prompto.

Without thinking, Prompto scurried back to his car, speeding off so the solider couldn’t follow. He is wanted throughout Lucis and Niflheim for manslaughter. Each day he remains on the run, his sentence gets worse and worse. 

Gladiolus Amicitia | Third Degree Murder | Bar Fight | 15 Years in Prison

The King’s Shield is well known to all. Many of Lucis’s enemies fear him and him alone. His brute force and occasional temper make him a force to not be reckoned with.

Still, Gladiolus finds himself fighting with strangers who wish to only prove their strength against the toughest warrior in all of Eos. The very man who defeated the legendary Gilagamesh and only left the battle with a simple scar. 

Gladio would be lying if he denied enjoy such fights. It allowed him the perfect opportunity to blow off steam, all the while getting a small workout. 

After a long day at work defending the King, Gladiolus went to a local bar found in the city of Insomnia. He visited the bar often. His frequent visits granted him a close friendship with the staff that worked there, along with several other usuals. 

He drank, he chatted. He was having fun. Of course, that fun was quickly ruined when a drunken, burly man approached Gladiolus, challenging him to a fight. 

Gladio and his sever acquaintances chuckled. It wasn’t the first time someone had challenged him in the bar… He figured it wouldn’t be the last either. 

The fight started like any other. A face off. Once the first punch was thrown, Gladio knew his new opponent would actually pose a challenge.  Gladiolus felt his rage consume him with each punch that collided with his face. ‘

The man was good. Perhaps this would be the fight Gladio would loose?

No, He thought,  I won’t be defeated by some drunkard. Through a heat of passion, Gladio picked up a glass located at the bar and broke it across the man’s head. The man soon yield, but Gladio refused to grant him the mercy he requested . He wanted to truly show his dominance… his strength. He continued to throw punch after punch. 

“Gladio! Stop!” The crowd cried. 

He didn’t listen. Only did he halt when he realized the life was drained from his opponent. Blood covered his knuckles. He had committed voluntary manslaughter. 

He accepted his punishment of time in prison with pride. He knew he deserved it. He would never live own the life he took from an innocent man.

Ignis Stupeo Scientia | First Degree Murder | Hitman | Death Penalty

When King Noctis approached Ignis with a request to eliminate Ardyn Izunia, Ignis found himself unable to decline. He knew that there would be dyer consequences for following through with the King’s request… but he didn’t care. The fate of his country felt as if it laid upon his shoulders. 

Noctis did not force this action upon Ignis. He assured him that he needn’t do it if he didn’t want to. He would find someone else to take care of such a matter…

Ignis assured the King he was willing and able to go through with the dead. He would become a hitman for the King and eliminate Lucis’s one true enemy. He would accept the consequences with open arms, though Noctis promised there would be no penalty for the deed.

Noctis soon invited the the chancellor to the Citadel to discuss terms over dinner. Of course, Ardyn accepted. The Chancellor would never turn down an opportunity to potentially humiliate Lucis’s King. 

Ignis prepared several methods in order to eliminate Ardyn. His first line of attack would be through poisoning the meal he would so willingly eat with Noctis. Incase that didn’t work… Ignis was quite skilled with a dagger.

He had been a trained fighter since childhood. Being so close to the King meant he had to trained in fighting. He had to be willing to risk his life in order to save Noctis’s. 

When the night finally arrived, Ignis found himself terrified of the crime he was about to commit. He was a man of elegance… not a murderer. He had to remind himself this was for the good of the country. 

He prepared dinner for his King as usual… making sure to add the extra ingredient into Ardyn’s meal before serving. Once the meal was served, Ignis lingered, awaiting to witness if his poison did the trick.

The Chancellor soon began to choke and gag on his food, falling from his chair and onto the floor.


After a few long minutes of a comforting silence, Ignis and Noctis approached Ardyn, only to find his eyes flickering open. “You thought a simple poison could kill me?” He smirked, getting to his feet. “I thought you were smarter than that, Mr. Scientia,” his amber eyes dragged away from the King and onto Ignis. Thinking quickly, Ignis drew his daggers, impaling Ardyn in the heart, killing him. 

Though Noctis advised his guards to leave Ignis alone, the Niflheim government took Ignis in to custody. They sentenced him to death for the murder of the Chancellor. 

Anxieties (Ignis x female!Reader-Spoilers)

Gosh damn I really need to learn to not write like 7 pages for one prompt. This was supposed to be super short, but I like to just keep on writing and writing. I thought i’d post it all anyways, because why not. 

I’m gonna tag @ladyscientia because it was pretty much her fault that inspired me to write this. 

Also, Spoilers under the cut. 

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Coming Out - Part 1: Eleven

Coming out is hard. Coming out to the people you love when you are uncertain of their response is harder. This is the story of Will Byers coming out to the people he loves most, told in three seperate parts. 

TW: homophobia, homophobic slurs

(Thank you @upsidedownwaffle for this amazing prompt!!! Everyone check them out!)

(Part 2: The Boys)

(Part 3: Family)

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A Man Of No Consequence, Chapter 15

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!
CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

An annoying, persistent buzzing sound tears you from your sleep, and you reach over to your nightstand, looking for your phone. A thud, signalling you’ve just dropped it on the carpet, and reluctantly you shuffle to the edge, finding your phone on the floor, flashing an incoming call.

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Alexander  pt.8 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff  

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 


Originally posted by sugutie

hey guys how have you been i hope you enjoy the chapter 

thx for the cute memory baby haha @pinkrima i love you ^^

you opened your eyes trailing your fingers up ,you felt the velvet bed surface  touching the tips the room was really dark and since jungkook wasn’t there it was cold 

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aithilin  asked:

NyxNoct - “Take my jacket, it’s cold outside.”

cute n’ nervous first date for all your fluffy nyxnoct needs~

“You okay over there?”

Noctis bit his lip to restrain the emotional tirade straining to spill past because no, everything was absolutely not fine, and he didn’t know why.

It was as perfect of a first date as he was ever going to have, he was sure of it. In no small part due to the fact that he didn’t want another first after this. Because he wanted Nyx Ulric forever.

He was so fucking perfect.

And Noctis was so fucking not.

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uvaception  asked:

I'll take any lunoct headcanon right now, i'm in pieces again for those two. Maybe first date + first kiss? (Noct not being the chosen one) Thank you so much <3


-Luna visits Noct in Insomnia. He takes her around the city one of the days, it’s a big thing. He shows her all the places he knows she’d love. They buy a ton of quirky stickers at various little shops. He loses her to a stationary store for a good few hours and she finds him in the store’s cafe and he’s got a drink on order for her and he flags the barista and asks them to make it now that she’s there.

-They eat all their meals out on the town that day. They started with a nice breakfast at a crepe place. They went alllll the way back to the crepe place for lunch because Luna desperately wanted to try one of their more savory ones but wasn’t ready for it in the morning. And they go to a fancy restaurant and they’re the most dressed-down people there cause who the hell is gonna tell the Crown Prince and (Future) Oracle that they’re underdressed

-After the fun day Noct casually refers to it as a date. Luna questions him about it. He realized “Oh… shit… I forgot to ask…. if it was okay to consider it that…….” and he’s really flustered and embarrassed and trying to recover. And Luna at first chides him, looking serious as she does, telling him he should really be more considerate, and that she hoped the day wasn’t just because he was looking for a relationship when it had been a great day of fun, and Noct is scrambling like “No, I was always going to bring you to these places” (and he really was) “I just… wanted…. to, uh… maybe… start something……. if you wanted it too…… and I thought… this could be a good starting point?”

-And she was never actually upset with him, and when he says that, she smirks and says “Well, today can’t have been a date, then. But maybe tomorrow can. Take me somewhere fun.” and he’s just dumbfounded at first and she asks if he was all talk or something and of course he can’t back down after being teased like that

-So the next day they go to whatever the Insomnia/Eos equivalent of Disneyland is (KENNYLAND, WAIT, NO, THAT’D BE A HORROR THEME PARK TO NOCT) and they have tons of fun all day going on rides, making each other wear ears, and get face paint, getting caricatures of themselves, eating snacks…

-End of the day, Noct gets a kiss for the date :D This is just a cute kiss, corner of the mouth really

-Somewhere in the mid-point of her trip, he takes her to one of the gardens in Insomnia, to show her that Insomnia isn’t all concrete. Somewhere in a maze of flowers, they share their first real, romantic kiss~

blindbae  asked:

Lol I'm totally the most annoying person in your inbox because I love you so much and I need your writing to survive. STELLA AND NOCTIS. GIMME GIMME THE SHIP INFO *incoherent screaming*

YOU’RE NOT ANNOYING AT ALL SWEET CHEEKS <3 Aaaaah I love these two- I hope this is not inaccurate but this is how I personally see your sweet OTP <3 :D

Tagging possible interested parties: @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites :) <3

who hogs the duvet: Noctis. Definitely Noctis, because he’s the one who’s always asleep. Stella kinda just judgmentally stares at him a few seconds of the day every morning like “I’m soulmates with a sloth.” Noctis proceeds to wrinkle his nose in his sleep and whimper a little, and Stella’s gaze softens. “Alright, a cute sloth.”

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Both Noctis and Stella, but I think Noctis does so more because he’s just so darn protective of Stella. He’s always been the protected one, so now he wants to be protective of Stella <3

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Stella! She’s used her talented mechanic hands to actually make Noctis a custom made tackle and bait kit for his fishing! Noctis… always gets Ignis to shop for Stella because one time Noct bought Stella scented soap as an anniversary gift and… well… she wasn’t too impressed about that.

who gets up first in the morning: Stella. Did I even have to say this? LMAO

who suggests new things in bed: Noctis. He’s a closet freak HAHAHAHA!

who cries at movies: Noctis. Stella kinda laughs at everything to cope with her emotions, so she can usually reign her tears in. Noctis, however, this guy… bawls. Stella holds him at the time, but afterwards life becomes hell for him because Stella is ruthless xD

who gives unprompted massages: Noctis doesn’t usually like massages, but when Stella begins to gently massage his shoulders and back, he doesn’t complain :)

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Stella fusses over Noctis. For sure- she is the first one to call Ignis over to administer a full check-up because she gets so worried. Noctis is always equally concerned for Stella, but he kind of panics to the point of stupidity and it’s kind of endearing!

who gets jealous easiest: Noctis. Noctis is a jealous poopie and Stella loves him for it.

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Noctis. He really likes to listen to EDM, which annoys the crap out of Stella. Noctis says it’s because he’s trying to rebel against his royal roots, but Stella claims it’s because Noctis is #trash. *She still loves him though so… xD*

who collects something unusual: Stella. She collects random scrap machinery. Anything that she can pick up off the ground and lug around with her, she will. Noctis claims Stella’s a hoarder. Stella rebukes this claim, stating that she is being resourceful.

who takes the longest to get ready: Noctis. Only because he falls asleep half way through his morning routine #sloth life.

who is the most tidy and organised: Stella. But not by much hahaha!

who gets most excited about the holidays: These two soulmates get equally as excited for holidays! Noctis is a little more low key on the excitement in public, but behind closed doors he’s zooming here and there in their shared bedroom, planning itineraries and booking all the flights while Stella just watched on with awe on her face.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Stella is usually the little spoon- but there are nights were Noctis has terrible nightmares and likes to be the little spoon. It’s adorable really!

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Noctis. He usually wins the games, but Stella’s surprisingly sporty and usually beats his ass in competitive sporting competitions.

who starts the most arguments: Stella, and this only happens in the mornings because she’s nagging Noctis to haul his ass out of bed. “You’re the KING OF LUCIS- GET UP!” “No, Astrals- you’re so annoying. Get out of my face.” “EXCUSE YOU?!” “Oh… shit. Stella, no don’t throw that- OW! OKAY I’M UP! I’M UP!” – yeah, that’s usually how it goes down, in the morning :P

who suggests that they buy a pet: Noctis. He wants a cat. Or two. Or three. Or seven. Just casually.

what couple traditions they have: They visit the old city of Insomnia every year, and pay their respects to their long past parents, and all the lives that were lost- caught up in their tragic, yet magically saved fates. *sobs sadly, I’m sorry I had to add some angst in here*

what tv shows they watch together: They watch weekend morning cartoons together. Spongebob is Noctis’ and Stella’s favourite. Noctis identifies with Patrick Star and Stella thinks that Sandy Cheeks is an inspiration.

what other couple they hang out with: Oh, we all know this one xD Cam and Gladio. Raine and Ignis. Potentially Claud and Prompto?

how they spend time together as a couple: Noctis likes to take Stella fishing, and Stella likes to watch Noctis use her custom made bait and tackle kit. Noctis often playfully teaches Stella how to fish, which is truly a big deal! *Gladio grumbles about the gender inequality for days* This usually devolves into hysterical laughter giggles and kisses… and then… well- if you’re gonna reblog this I won’t get into any specific details :P

who made the first move: As I recall, it was Stella who pulled Noct into a kiss pre-Altissia! But I think the first soulmate move thing was made by Noct after he woke up from his coma post-Altissia! Am I right about this? *desperately hoping I remembered those details and didn’t mix it up with a another fic*

who brings flowers home: I don’t think either one of them would bring flowers home. Noctis would be more likely to bring food home than flowers. And Stella would be more inclined to give Noct a cuddle or a kiss to show her appreciation for him. They don’t seem the flower type? I dunno- those are the vibes I get from the two because they are so casual and comfortable <3

who is the best cook: Stella, not by much though. Noctis and Stella usually ask Mama!Ignis to cook for them. Raine usually spoils everyone’s appetite with her yummy cookies, and Cam makes a mean stew but Stella… well- she can make nice fried eggs and toast. On a good day *I am so sorry, but honestly I don’t see Noct and Stella being able to cook very well xD*

extremepenguin10  asked:

My friend who moved to California two years ago is coming to visit tomorrow. Tonight I'm not gonna sleep just because of insomnia, basically what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to go to sleep either.

*happy squeal*

3 days ago was mine and my gf’s 2 month anniversary and I got he a handmade bracelet and a heart ring with a ladybug on it and I’m giving them to her tomorrow so I can’t sleep atm

The Gift of Sleep - GinAndShatteredDreams - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Day 3 of @fordsafetyweek - FordxSleep
While visiting the Mystery Shack on winter break, Dipper finds out about Ford’s insomnia. He and Mabel send him a gift to help him finally get some sleep but all doesn’t go as well as they had hoped.
(Hints strongly at autistic Ford and Dipper, especially at the end. Possibly Mabel and Stan as well if you’d like to headcanon it.)

Warnings: Insomnia, mentions of past trauma, sleep deprived emotional breakdown

I wrote this entirely at work again between customers so er… it’s basically a first draft like Day 2’s fic.

anonymous asked:

Can you translate pieces of ardyn biography? What about his 31 - 34 years old ?

Well, it’s basically just a timeline from 34 years prior to the start of the game, but sure.

34 years ago: 

  • Entered Nifleheim Empire
  • Proposed the development of Magitek soldiers. Used this to take office as Chancellor. 

31 years ago:

-ntroduced magitek soldiers into the war between Nifleheim and Lucis

10 years ago: 

  • Contact made with the Lucis general Drautos.

11 years ago:

  • Suppressed Shiva in ice in the Groves Valley

Immediately before events of main series: 

  • Visited the kingdom of Insomnia to propose a cease-fire. 

I hope that these are good. I had a hard time thinking of headcanons for this.


~ If Noct found out that you were suffering with depression, he would pull you into a tight hug and not let go for what would fell like hours

~ The young prince was depressed himself when he was younger, so he would know exactly how to help you out

~ Noctis would take you on long walks at night and stargaze with you

~ He would settle down with you in his room and the two of you would cuddle and he would let you cry in his shoulder if you needed to

~ Noct would do things to help you cheer up, such as visiting Wiz and going riding on chocobos or going to the beach

~ Noctis would demand that you move into the castle so he could take care of you. You would gladly agree and every night you would fall asleep in his arms


~ Ignis would not leave your side for a second after you told him that you were feeling depressed

~ He would invite you over to his house and cook all your favorite dishes

~ Iggy would kinda be like your personal doctor and allow you to talk about everything from how you were feeling to what you were thinking that might have made you upset

~ He would take you to Galdin Quay in the Regalia for a relaxing weekend

~ The two of you would go through old photos of the boys and laugh at pictures of everyone when they were younger


~ Luna would have known that something was up when you would have started to act weird and when you tell her that you’re going through depression, she would do everything in her power to help you get back to your old self

~ Shopping trips. The two of you would go shopping at your favorite stores. Luna would spoil you and buy whatever you wanted

~ Luna would rent a boat and the two of you would go out into the ocean and relax in the sun

~ You two would visit the boys back in Insomnia and spend the weekend together

~You and Luna would spend hours in her room reading books or playing with Umbra and Pryna

anonymous asked:

Can you write a cuddly imagine where Calvin hasn't slept in days because insomnia, and you guys just kinda fall asleep in eachothers arms?

FUCK me dude. I was going to upload this one last night but then it got erased, FUCK. REDO

INteresTIng request there anon.

Poor Cal-Cal, he has insomnia.

LeafyIsHere X Reader - Insomnia Cuddles

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