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YOI Fan Rec Friday

I’m FINALLY back! Thank you to those who rec’d so many fics while I was away! If you don’t see your rec here, don’t worry! I send it in again for next week :) I randomly choose 30 fics for each week!

Rec’d by @bookwormpanda :
with these things i’ll never say by missmichellebelle, Gen, 1.8k
Yuuri has been Victor’s PA for well over a year now, but no matter how many times Victor has told him otherwise, he still leaves actual handwritten notes for Victor to find.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
I’ve Wanted This Before by undermyumbreon, Explicit, 3.3k
Yuuri is finding that it is becoming easier for him to be open about his desires with Victor. When he reveals that there’s a part of himself that he wants to explore, Victor offers a solution.

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Rec’d by @themosthappyambivalent :
Never Look Away by gabapple, mamodewberry, Mature, 152k (WIP)
Everything Viktor knows and loves is tangled up in the world of competitive skating- a world that, for him, is quickly coming to an end. Standing at the precipice of the inevitable, he must decide how his tale unfolds: should he retire into quiet obscurity? Allow himself to be eaten alive by the younger, more vicious competition? …Or risk it all on a struggling, but passionate, skater halfway across the world, who may prove to be the inspiration, life, and love that Viktor’s been missing all this time?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
against the dying of the light by the__magpie, Teen, 2.4k (WIP)
The facts were these: Yuuri Katsuki - twenty-four years, seventeen days, twenty-one hours, and three minutes old; pie maker by day and dead-waking private investigator also by day - has just brought Victor Nikiforov - Grand Prix Final winner; childhood best friend; first kiss - back to life, mostly on accident. Though they can never touch, or Victor will go back to being dead, they can team up to solve the mystery of Victor’s murder and, along the way, learn how to make this unexpected relationship work.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Inosculation by lazrbrain, Teen, 11k (WIP)
Viktor is motionless, life consisting of his shop and his dog. Yuuri is running, trapped by mistakes he cannot change. Both of them are desperate for more. They find it in each other.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
To the Moon by JMonCheri, Teen, 17k ***Major Character Death
Viktor Nikiforov’s last, literal dying wish is to get a gold medal. Yuri and Otabek figured it would be an easy goal to accomplish, until they figure out that Nikiforov was an Olympic figure skating champion with already a truck ton of other golden medals.

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Rec’d by anonymous, anonymous, and anonymous:
Pigeon Alley by DiAnna44, Teen, 31k
What’s meant to be will always find a way. Victor and Yuuri? They’re meant to be.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Tangle and Wind and Beguile by Mythmaker, Mature, 5.6k (WIP)
Lesson of the day: don’t let strange samovars into your apartment or doe-eyed Japanese boys might pop out and grant you wishes. …No wait.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
yuuri!!! on fire (the superhero au) by hinatella, Teen, 42k (WIP)
A detailed exposé of what working with an ex-villain is like, as told by a very distraught Yuuri Katsuki. (P.S.: it isn’t the fact that he’s an ex-villain that Yuuri is close to losing his mind.)

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Rec’d by @phoenixwaller :
Broken Vases by Aliferous_Sin, Explicit, 22k
Devastated after a performance, Viktor Nikiforov seeks isolation in a darkened closet to bear his loss alone again but discovers that something more than mops are witness to his pain. Will truth find victory in the dark or is pure honesty too much weight for love to thrive under?

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Rec’d by @faithsoprano :
Never Too Late by Soprano, Gen, 15k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov was not allowed to pursue skating as a child. In the end he still became a star, even if not quite the kind he had wanted to be. His dream, however, never truly died, and going into his 30s, he decided to enter the world of adult figure skating, with the help of his new coach, Katsuki Yuuri.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
That’s What They Say (When We’re Together) by Lightningcatters (Phoeliac), Teen, 2.7k (WIP)
In the wake of her divorce from Yakov, Lilia ran off to Japan and became Yuuri’s coach alongside Minako. She returns to Russia with a challenge for Yakov, who’s become increasingly concerned about Victor’s lack of motivation.Victor and Yuuri ruin everybody’s plans by falling in love instead of becoming rivals.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Where the Cliff Greets the Sea by RobotSquid, Mature, 27k (WIP)
For years, Victor and his crew of pirates have been the bane of the coast, unmatched and elusive. With little left to satisfy him, he visits the small seaside town of Hasetsu, drawn by its simple charms. Yuuri lives a quiet life sewing and tailoring dresses with the unattainable dream of designing gowns of his own. Victor sees him working through the window of the dress shop, and decides to stay.

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Rec’d by @trenazlore :
Namaste by Katri Jardine (heyanapau), Teen, 10k
Phichit drags Yuuri to a yoga class, but when the instructor walks in Yuuri can’t imagine himself anywhere else.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
stalemate by silencedmockingjay, Teen, 3.4k (WIP)
When Viktor, famous Youtuber and gaming prodigy, gets beaten in a simple straightforward game of chess by someone who calls himself “Eros”, Viktor decides to find him to prove he’s better - and hopefully meet up with him in real life, because hey. Someone who can beat the person with the highest IQ in the world - so far - has to be hot, right?

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Rec’d by anonymous:
A Change of Paths by RoseusJaeger, Teen, 7.9k (WIP)
After losing in the first round of the Pokemon League and finding out his first pokemon from his childhood has died, Katsuki Yuuri announces his retirement from professional battling and retires to his family onsen/pokemon day care. What he doesn’t expect is for five-time Pokemon Contest ribbon winner, Victor Nikiforov, to show up and insist on becoming his coach in the world of contests in exchange for learning how to battle.

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Rec’d @slash-bae
I Need A Hero by malchikelf, MrMich, Teen, 17k
When Yuuri was a kid, all he ever wanted was to be a hero; but his Quirk wasn’t good enough for hero work, and even though he had friends and family encouraging him, he still gave up on his dream. Until one day, when the Iron Prince, the world’s number one pro hero, sees Yuuri save someone’s life and immediately drags him into the world of heroes - and unfortunately for Yuuri, Victor doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Savior of the Night by Captain_Winter, Teen, 22k (WIP)
A single Yuuri Katsuki gets an invitation to a childhood friend’s wedding. After pressure from his family to find someone, he may have accidentally told them that he has a long-term boyfriend that he’s going to bring to the wedding. Oops. Yuuri’s forced to do what he never thought he would do… hire someone from an escort service and hope for the best. Enter the most beautiful, suave person in the world, who Yuuri hires to pose as his boyfriend for the wedding. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but who would have thought that desperate measures would have brought him a savior?

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Rec’d by @nekoclair :
Open wounds, closed heart by nekoclair, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Sometimes it hurts. It’s not a physical pain, but the marks that they leave are real, too real, and it express itself in the most diverse forms. The heavy breathing, the sleepless nights, the bad habit of thinking too much about matters that should be trivial, and so many other symptoms chase after the young writer who, no longer enduring his own routine, decides to accept any help. Yuri Katsuki opens his arms and welcomes the opportunity to change, and to learn how to live with his worst and most insistent companion: his anxiety.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Love In Times Of War And Peace by thegrimshapeofyoursmile, Teen, 5.7k (WIP)
It is the year 1904. In an attempt of de-escalating matters with Imperial Russia, translator Yuuri Katsuki accompanies his father to St. Petersburg in a diplomatic mission. However, he certainly did not expect to meet a man as stunning and peculiar as tsarevich Yuri Georgieviech’s bodyguard, Polkovnik Viktor Ivanovich Nikiforov - and even less he expected to fall in love when war is threatening the country.

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Rec’d by @nathanchcn :
Viktor Nikiforov Does NOT Have a Smurf Kink by FigureSgayts, Teen, 2.3k
Viktor loses a bet to Yuuri, leaving him at the mercy of his fiancé in a bathroom with hair dye.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
The Unknown Unknown by opalish, Teen, 7.4k
Yuuri never meant to become a supervillain. These things just happen to him.

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Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
let’s go steal an ice rink by FullmetalChords, Mature, 35k (WIP)
Insurance investigator Victor Nikiforov has spent the last decade of his life working for ISU, a corporation that caters to the 1%. His work brings him into contact with several of the world’s most notorious thieves: hacker Phichit Chulanont, infiltration specialist Yuri Plisetsky, retrieval specialist Otabek Altin, and a master grifter and con man known as Katsuki Yuuri. Yuuri in particular catches his eye at a banquet in Geneva, kicking off a whirlwind romance between thief and investigator.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
cancel your reservations by renaissance, renaissance_moving, Teen, 5.4k
Yuuri is a college student conducting private fencing lessons for a handsome, rich, and mysterious student. Viktor is not learning to fence because he does medieval reenactments.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Your eyes could drown a city by Proserpineceres, Gen, 4.2k
“Ocean, beautiful, selfish Ocean, wrap me up in foam, I am your betrothed. You who returns to the earth only the boats and the men you want to give back, give me the gold of the sumptuous sinking vessels, give me their treasures, bring in my town handsome sailors that I shall gaze upon. But, oh, don’t be jealous, I’ll give them back to you, one after the other.”

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Rec’d by anonymous:
With All My Heart by Hevheia, Explicit, 40k (WIP)
Once upon a time there was a prince and if you stole his heart, you would live forever. But the prince would only have three days left.

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Rec’d by anonymous:
Into the Deep by Ars_Matron, Mature, 74k (WIP)
For five years the mysterious pirate ship, the Eros, has tormented the eastern seas. The most heinous of their crimes, the abduction of omegas from their very homes. Some merely children.Viktor Nikiforov, captain of the Russian military’s fastest ship the Agape, has dedicated his life to finding the infamous pirate pack. Rescuing the omegas that he can, and avenging those beyond his reach.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

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Not everybody knows this, but Romania does have a (small) coast which you can visit. It’s not the most beautiful coast of Europe, but the Romanian seaside sure has its charm. Constanta is a nice city, you can party in Mamaia and Vama Veche is still great. And there’s plenty to do in the hinterland. Just saying…

Pater’s Rose

AU, I hope you will like it!!! tell me what you think about it…. Looking forward to hear from you!!! 

Breathlessly, I open the compartment, all my belongings in my hands. I enter the warm cabin, smiling at the other traveling passengers. A wealthy man stands up, helping me with my battered suitcase. With a slight movement he stows my suitcase away over my head.

I thank him, falling exhausted in my seat. He takes the seat opposite me; tiredly I smile, watching outside. With a loud toot, the railway signals that we’re ready to leave.

My hands are still clad in my new lace gloves. Carefully I pull on the fingers of the right hand, sliding out of my right glove, doing the same with the left. Holding both gloves in one hand I place them gently on my lap; in the same movement I bend forward to remove the hairpins which are holding my hat in place. Putting the hat on my lap too, covering my gloves, I close my eyes,feeling how the heavy machine starts to move.


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Operation Pirate Law

So, I answered the call to write a fic for the CSSV for someone who didn’t receive one. Imagine my delight when I discovered that it was for none other than @lenfaz! So, here you are Lena, I hope you enjoy. It may not take place during Valentine, but it does include two meddlesome boys trying to act like cupid! 

Thanks to @emmandhook for letting me be involved and a BIG thank you to @captndevil for being my amazing last minute beta!


All of Liam’s efforts to get his older brother together with the town Deputy are not having the desired effect. Maybe he needs to change tactics and find himself an accomplice? Fortunately, the Deputy’s son has the same idea, and together they put into action – Operation Pirate Law.

Word count: ~7000

Rating: general audiences

Also on Ao3 and ff.net

Killian Jones let out a deep sigh as he approached the Storybrooke Sheriff Station. He and his younger brother, Liam, had only been in town a few weeks, and although they’d had a rough few months leading up to this point, Killian thought Liam was past this sort of behavior. He supposes nothing should surprise him anymore.

It wasn’t until five months ago that Killian was even aware that he had a younger brother. His father, Brennan Jones, had passed back in England and the executor had been sent to America to both notify Killian of his father’s passing and to inquire whether or not he would accept guardianship over his half brother, per his father’s wishes. Killian hadn’t seen or heard from his father in nearly twenty-five years, and he wasn’t sure which had been the biggest shock, the news of Brennan’s death, the news that he had a half brother, or the fact that his younger brother shared the same name as his deceased older brother.

At first, Killian’s anger towards the man who had abandoned him, his older brother, and his mother had caused him to refuse taking responsibility of the younger Liam. For a brief few days Killian justified his refusal to uphold his father’s last wish as a way to somehow get back at the man who’d walked out on them and then, apparently, replaced them with another family, but then that voice of reason (which always sounded like his brother, Liam - his older brother, Liam) had prevailed. Within a week, the younger Liam had arrived and Killian found himself in the role of part brother, part parent to a thirteen-year-old boy whose entire world had been turned upside down.

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Queen Asks!
  • Bohemian Rhapsody: What is your favorite song of all time?
  • You’re My Best Friend: How did you meet your best friend/very good friend?
  • Too Much Love will Kill You: Have you ever had your heart broken?
  • Killer Queen: Do you like taking risks?
  • We Are the Champions: What is one major thing you want to accomplish in your life?
  • Freddie: Do you aspire to be a legend?
  • Brian: Do you see yourself as a kind-hearted person?
  • Roger: Are you considered popular among your peers?
  • John: Do people usually see you as shy and quiet at first?
  • Queen II: Do you think there are two different sides to your personality?
  • The Miracle: One thing you have been waiting for a long time?
  • Liar: Biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: If you could choose to become immortal, would you?
  • Live at the Rainbow: Do you like to perform on stage?
  • Live Aid: Biggest achievement?
  • See What a Fool I’ve Been: Most embarrassing moment?
  • Keep Yourself Alive: One thing you really love about yourself?
  • In Only Seven Days: Favorite day of the week?
  • Somebody to Love: Are you searching for your soulmate?
  • Las Palabras de Amor: One quality you would look for in a partner?
  • Leaving Home Ain’t Easy: Is there someone/something you really miss right now?
  • Death on Two Legs: One thing people do that drives you crazy?
  • It’s Late: Have you ever stayed up all night?
  • Red Special: Do you play an instrument/sing?
  • Dreamers Ball: Last dream you can remember?
  • I Want to Break Free: Have you ever been mistaken for someone of a different gender?
  • Seaside Rendezvous: If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  • A Winter’s Tale: Favorite season?
  • These Are the Days of Our Lives: If you could re-visit one event from the past, what would it be?
  • (Feel free to add!)

anonymous asked:

okay but like a headcanon where they look at their favourite photos of each other??

ok so.

aaron’s favourite photo of robert is one he took when they went on a weekend away. robert is a bit of a poser, at times, so he always looks a+ in photos (the wanker) but he was sitting at a pub bench, sunglasses and one of aarons hoodies on, laughing at something aaron had said and paying zero attention, and aaron had snapped a photo. its one of those rare moments when robert had his guard down and he’s just open, and happy, and aaron loves that photo. it was his screensaver for nearly six months, and it gave him the same rush of ‘god i love him’ every single time he checked the time on his phone. it still does, if he’s honest - it’s the photo he tends to look at when he’s contemplating killing robert in his sleeping for doing his head in, because it’s the best reminder of how much he loves his robert, the robert no one else really gets to see. 

robert’s favourite photo of aaron is from a night out. they’d gone for dinner, and drinks, wanting to get out of the village for a while, and ended up in a ridiculous cocktail bar in leeds. aaron’s pulling a face, a violently orange cocktail held to his mouth, and he just looks happy. it’s not like it’s a particularly significant moment, or anything, just a random friday date night, but aaron looks happy, carefree and just in love, and robert just treasures it. a close second is one robert took on christmas day, the first christmas they properly spent together, aaron sitting under the christmas tree, tea in hand, a look of complete adoration on his face as he watched chas and liv unwrap their presents.

they have a few favourite photos of them together, too. they weren’t very good for taking photos together, in the beginning. the first proper one they really had was one liv had taken of them in wales, liv forcing them to scoot closer together one day while they were visiting a little seaside village, aaron’s arm around robert’s waist, robert holding aaron close. robert was kind of floored, by how well they fit together, how normal it was to see themselves to affectionate and open, and honest - so floored, he made it his profile picture on facebook, the first time he’d sort of gone ‘yeah, i have a boyfriend now.’ it wasn’t the slightest bit momentous, in the end, and that was kind of the best bit.

they have one drunken selfie from their first wedding that they both cherish. they’re sitting in one of the booths of the woolpack, pints in hand, jackets long since discarded. robert had decided they needed a selfie, to commemorate the occasion and all, and so they’d done the whole cheesy taking a photo of themselves kissing thing. only, aaron had started to laugh, snorting into robert’s mouth, robert returning the grin (as always.) it’s probably the happiest either of them have ever looked, drunk and in love and having just promised to spend forever together.

6/11/17 recs

1. Where the Cliff Greets the Sea by RobotSquid || Rated M, 6.5k (WIP)

For years, Victor and his crew of pirates have been the bane of the coast, unmatched and elusive. With little left to satisfy him, he visits the small seaside town of Hasetsu, drawn by its simple charms.

Yuuri lives a quiet life sewing and tailoring dresses with the unattainable dream of designing gowns of his own.

Victor sees him working through the window of the dress shop, and decides to stay.

A pirate!Victor and dressmaker!Yuuri AU.

  • Comment: A fic that’s proven really promising just from the first chapter! The author’s done well in characterizing Yuuri’s personality as shaped by this AU already, and it looks to be shaping up to be cute with some drama. Something to keep an eye on, definitely. 

2. Driving Mr. Katsuki by CullinanKatsudon || Rated M, 13k (WIP)

Yuuri Katsuki gets into Victor Nikiforov’s car, mistaking it for his Uber ride…and Victor doesn’t correct him.

  • Comment: Oh my god this au and this fic are ridiculous but holy hell, the author has me fuckin invested as yell. I’ve laughed and pitied Yuuri and facepalmed at Victor and this fic is just a ride. Super duper fucking recommend, it’s hilarious and brilliant and I just. I laughed so hard.

3. Ocean Eyes by Jellyfish_Tacos || Rated T, 15.7k (WIP)

Prince Yuri had a curse placed on him when he was a baby. When he grows up, a wish intended to fix the curse goes awry, making the problem even worse. Eligible princesses come from far and wide to try and offer a solution in hopes of winning the prince’s hand, but nothing works. Besides, Yuri only has eyes for the mysterious stranger that visits the royal gardens every night.

  • Comment: Normally I don’t read Otayuri but this one snagged me. Very fairytale-esque, complete with a conniving mother and fairies and curses. Also cute, with a dash of sads due to Yuri’s situation. I’m rooting for their happy ending. 

4.  Waiting For Euphoria by sazzykins || Rated M, 30.8k (WIP)

Yuuri Katsuki and his flatmate Phichit Chulanont are broke ex-students who are facing the retail hell of the holidays while trying to break into the competitive arenas of entertainment. After a mistake with a Wanted advert, Yuuri ends up auditioning for a style of dance that is most certainly not ballet and as it turns out…he’s kinda good at it! However, trying to keep his night-work separate from the rest of his life becomes a damn near impossible task when the Mr. Perfect who comes to his store regularly starts showing up at the club and seems to take a shine to his stage persona!

  • Comment: Double identity shenanigans + burlesque au + mutual pining = 

Originally posted by ledudewithspecs

5. ‘Til I Tear the Walls, 'Til I Save Your Heart by ken_ichijouji (dommific) || Rated E, 9.4k (WIP)

O I forbid you, masters a’,
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Katsuki hall,
For young Tam Lin is there.

A chance encounter with a mysterious, beautiful man gives Katsuki Yuuri far more than he bargained for. There’s only one way for them to find salvation—an act of love and bravery on Samhain.

If Yuuri doesn’t succeed, then he and his beloved are doomed.

(A Yuri! On Ice Ballad of Tam Lin AU.)

  • Comment: Ohohohooooh boy. Off to an interesting beginning (ngl I’m not entirely familiar with Tam Lin so I’m going in kinda blind) but this shit is hype.
  • (。>ω<)。

hoo boi here we go-Here some Cardverse-world headcanons, that yall been wanting, so lets buckle up gang.

HEARTS(country of Hearts) 

-Through the years, they have done theyre best to develop truces and alliances with the other neighboring territories(some more successful than others). Militaristic Power, but only uses it when necessary. Although there hasnt been a real war in years, they continue to design in warfare weaponry. They sort of play the role of the ‘peackeepers’.

Country of Spades

-The Industrial Power House of the World! Ever since the new monarchy(Alfred Jones) came into power, there has been a mega boost of innovation. Inventors of the Locomotives and introduced the train as a luxury travel. 

Diamond Country

- Land mark of the Arts, entertainment, and beauty. Nick-named the ‘City of Diamonds’; its said that, at sunset, the stained-glass windows of the La Maison Royale, shine like diamonds. Located at the peninsula(geographically), its the sunny seaside vacation spot everybody wishes to visit at least once in there life(which means its a tourist trap for rich people)

Country of Clovers

-Surrounded by the snow Misted Mountains of the north, the Country of Clovers stands in(geographical) isolation to the other countries. Has tried at multiple attempts to invade neighboring territories, but since the other 2 nations have rounded alliances with HEARTS, they soon join the fray and push the invading army back north. 

this is sorta the abridged version of what i originally had. if yall have any more question about any the formalities or what ya fancy, go on ahead.

I hate mondays… not.

This place  exists, real and with all this palett of color and beauty.

| Portugal | West Coast | 2015 |