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Being Best Friends with Shawn

• Shawn always saving a seat for you at lunch

• Him always finding a way to leave class early so he can walk with you to your next class

• Being late to his class because of that, but not caring

• Every time you have a crush, Shawn talks them up and finds out if they like you

• Shawn paying for you
-“Shawn, it’s literally fifty cents”
-“Well, that’s fifty cents you can keep”

• Forcing him to take pictures of you or you guys together

• Him sucking at taking pictures

• But he eventually learns and it’s gone to the point where it’s a mini photo shoot every time you guys go anywhere

• Filming Shawn’s vines in return

• Shawn refusing to go into Victoria Secret with you

• Going to Starbucks together and being basic
-“We’ll have two butter beers”

• Shawn refusing to record any songs you dislike

• Working on songs for hours with him to perfect them

• Being his number 1 fan

• Freaking out when he blows up

• Supporting him no matter

• Skyping as often as possible

• Fans hating on you and Shawn always sticking up for you
-“I hope you all know that I don’t consider anyone a fan who hates on Y/N”

• Other fans spreading rumors of you guys dating

• Long time fans knowing you guys are just friends

• Not feeling neglected when Shawn starts dating

• Being good friends with his girlfriends

• Shawn being friends with you boyfriends

• Just having a good, non-toxic, platonic friendship

every vine compilation ever

- “there’s only one thing worse than a rapist…boom.” “a child?” “NO”

- “i got u frankincense.” “thank you.” “and i brought you myrrh.” “thank you.” “myrr-DUR” *gasp* “judas! nooo…”

- that one video of the girl with the sun glasses dancing to the beginning of take on me

- “this bitch empty…YEET”

- “do you have any ice?” “no i do not, i just have freezable fruit shapes.” “why?” *shakes glass* “just because…”

- the one of the lobster riding a skateboard to a kazoo cover of the final countdown

- “how much money have you got?” “69 cents.” “oh you know what that means!” “…i don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets.”

- any vine of that guy swearing about British traffic 

- the one of the dog dancing to Africa by toto

- “i’m just cooking pizza.” THWACK “I WASN’T READY!”

- “and they were roommates.” “oh my god, they were roommates.”

- the one with the person with the paper bag over their head dancing to the YMCA

- “and i realize, i left the won tons in.” “OHH the won tons.”

- “we got Chuck. we got barney. Barney’s about to meet his maker.” “die commie fucker” “DON’T KILL MY DAD!”

- an obligatory Thomas Sanders vine

based off of this vine

I did this a while ago but found a nice app to use to take better pictures! 

my dudes, this vine is so adorable omgjasnklndks

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rao_KvMEfh4