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YouTube Sensation Pt. 1 - A Night To Remember

: Reader, Single!Jensen Ackles

Pairings: Reader x Single!Jensen

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1053

Summary: You are traveling for a YouTube tour, and get a chance to stop in Vancouver during VanCon. You meet Jensen at a concert.

Things to know: I feel like this one got away from me. Started as an Imagine and turned into a one shot.

I do not own the images.

Imagine Jensen spots you in a crowd and recognizes you.

This was an amazing time in your life. You were getting to tour around North America with some of your favorite people, doing what you love most, singing.
Sure, you had just started with a video here and there on YouTube, but before you knew it, you were being contacted by numerous “YouTube Stars” to do collab videos. Next thing you knew, those same amazing people were asking you to join their tour. It had been the most incredible experience in your measly 29 years. 

That’s how you ended up in Vancouver the summer of 2015. You couldn’t believe that you were getting the opportunity to perform the same weekend as VanCon. Such great exposure. 

The best part was you were actually getting to attend the convention. You were geeking out at the thought of getting to possibly hear Jensen Ackles sing and go to the panels. To say you were excited would be THE understatement of the century. 

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