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ID #32845

Name: Will
Age: 18
Country: United Kingdom

My name’s Will and I’m just finishing up my last year of A levels at the minute (not sure what the equivalent is in other countries so bear with me). Over the last few years I’ve kinda come out of my shell a bit so it’d be awesome if I could talk to some new people :)
I’d say I’m quite into music and I don’t have a genre I don’t really listen to. I play violin and guitar and I like to tell myself I can somewhat sing. I used to draw and write a fair amount too but exam stress means that’s on hold for a little bit at the moment. I watch anime every now and then and game a bit too.
At school I learn German so anyone who’s willing to put up with clunky German is very much appreciated :P But considering I’ve spent my life living in a small village I have a fascination with the rest of the world and the people in it and so I want to talk to more people and just branch out some more really.

Preferences: Around my age would be preferable but my only preference is that you’re not a douche really :P

ID #44001

Name: Summer
Age: 18
Country: New Zealand

I’m looking for a penpal as a new way to get to know people. I haven’t had a penpal for years.
I really love music, rock and metal (pop punk, metalcore and all other genres). I love reading and I really love video games. I love RPGs and all fantasy games (The Elder Scrolls are definitely my favourite series). I’m starting Uni next year (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) so it’d be cool to talk to someone about uni and biology. I’ve lived in New Zealand my entire life and only speak English.

Preferences: Preferably someone between 16-20. Not much else really


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We are thrilled to announce that you can now get the Midli original soundtrack at a super discounted £5, via our Kickstarter! We are working with College Emmy-nominated composer Robert Mai, who will be bringing you 8+ calming and mystical tracks to the game. Make sure to take advantage of this offer today, as once the Kickstarter ends, you will no longer be able to purchase for this low price!

Update Announcement

I must say, I am truly glad to state our progress regarding Incorrect Fire Emblem Heroes Quotes.

- As of today, we have exceeded 2,400 followers! Such is simply splendid!

- Of course, I simply must mention I have located the true font used in Fire Emblem Heroes and as such, we shall offer naught but the highest of quality in our images.

- The “Browse by Character” page has been inaugurated. If one truly wishes to use such a tool, you may now choose to view Incorrect Quotes based upon a selected character.

- I have also bestowed a music player into our pages! If one may ask, this playlist contains many music tracks from the Fire Emblem video game series befitting of this most whimsical “blog”. Pray, these musical pieces will make one deem browsing our Incorrect Quotes to be ever so enjoyable.

~Moderator Clarine


hiya pals ! =^o^=

i’m Addy ! i’m 19 & i live in Canada !
i am looking for friends whether they be for chatting, snail mail, video games, etc. !

i have a hedgehog, a deaf ferret, a dog, and a cat :3

some of my hobbies/interests:
poetry, plants, nature, piano, photography, art, animals, naps, music, video games, studio ghibli, horror movies, blogging, writing, positive activism & human/animal rights, meeting new people, helping others, + more !

some of my fave video games:
paladins, borderlands 2, animal crossing: new leaf, pokémon, + more !

some of my fave bands:
coldplay, the 1975, twenty one pilots, arctic monkeys, melanie martinez, the weeknd, lorde, foster the people, + more !

some of my fave shows:
the office, oitnb, misfits, the inbetweeners, stranger things, the fresh prince of bel-air, freaks & geeks, bates motel, skins, + more !

feel free to message me anytime ! :D i look forward to meeting u !


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PVRIS - Anyone Else (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - REACTION | BethRobinson94
Today's video reaction is the stunning third video from rap/rock band PVRIS, titled 'Anyone Else' off their second album, titled 'All We Know Of Heaven, All ...

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ID #85653

Name: Roberto
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

‘sup, I’m interested in meeting new people around the world. I’m studying high school, I like to play video games, listening to music, philosophy, watching anime, having long walks, I’m 17 years old (i will be 18 in may 19), I want to improve my English too, I love doggos, dank memes. I hope w get along well.

Preferences: No preference for age or gender, just be open minded. :)