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Weekly Reading List 10

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. 

Star Trek
Imagine Bones talking to you and his daughter by @startrekwonderer
Breathless by @auduna-druitt
I won’t bite by @medicatemedrmccoy
For You by @imagineangryspacegrump
Red by @kaitymccoy123
Safety in Numbers by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Being Sarcastic with Bones by @youre-on-a-starship
Sing It To Me by @kaitymccoy123
Duct Tape Kisses by @melodynightsong
An Uphill Battle by @outside-the-government          

Jim Kirk
Imagine Cheering Jim up at a Bar by @startrekwonderer
Pregnant by @nerdy-izzylightwood
Take Care of You by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Winter Blues by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse
Snowflakes by @imaginenterprise

Into Darkest Dreams by @starshiphufflebadger

How Is It That You Love Me So Damn Much? by This_ape_writes
‘Need” is a Strong Word by Rosa_abo (Rosawyn)

Steve Rogers
Swing by @melodynightsong
I’m Safest at Home by @marvelandassociates
Rain Makes the Flowers Grow by @opaque-daydream
Thinking of Us by @blog-of-a-multitude-of-fandoms
Bluebird by @knittingknerdy
I Didn’t Know (Not Your Fault) by @impala666
Cold Nights by @starspangleyimagines
The Inner Monologue of Captain Rogers by @goodnightwife
Lucy by @mavengers
He Fights for by @marvelandassociates
Dirty-Minded Cap by @fvckingsteverogers
Let Me Break Your Heart by @itsanerdlife (she will step all over your heart)
Super Bowl Sunday by @itsanerdlife

Tony Stark
Untitled by @writers-square
And If I Say No? by @writers-square
“Baby Stark” by @ourpeachskies

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Stitch by Stitch by @moresvuheadcanons
Sweet Talker by @rauliskafan
How to Stop Time by @musingsongbird
Letting Go of Tension by @xemopeachx
Find Me Guilty by @mrsrafaelbarba
Barba’s Stuble by @fanfictionforsvu
The Feeling of Audible Cracks by @carisiismyhomeboy
Homecooked by @hiddndaydreams
Untitled by @evs14u

Dwayne Pride
Chef Pride by @lucifersagents

Tony DiNozzo
None this week 

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Plain, White T-shirtPart 2 by @madamredwrites
Nothing Without You by @theunholygrails
All the Time by @kaunis-sielu

Modern AU
Biscuits and Gravy by @atari-writes Bones

Toddler Shenanigans by @captainjimsexypantskirk Leonard McCoy
Jack and Cuddles by @a-court-of-stydia Aaron Hotchner
The Starks by @kaunis-sielu
Tell Him by @pixiesimagines Tony Stark
Proud Poppa by @kaunis-sielu Bucky 

A/B/O Dynamics
Love and Protected by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex
Oil and Antiseptic by @whatif-animagineblog Scotty 

Misc Fandoms
The Text by @ohbelieveyoume Barba and Lucy
Evangelina Barba by @esparzart Rafael Barba
Make Me Forget by @amarabliss Jacob Frye
Heroes by @s-eba Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Request by @fangirlfanwritings
Queen of the North by @thatoneimaginesblog Robb Stark
Home Sweet Nerf Gun by @thejamesoldier Bucky Barnes (stop writing cute bucky barnes stories)

Karl Urban
Old Money by @theunholygrails Bones x OFC
Through Good and Bad by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex
The Siren Call by @It-sammi-matthews Black Hat
After Shift by @lurkch Bones x OC

Chris Evans (apparently I had a thing for Chris Evans this week)
Coffee Confessions by @soulful-ofevans
Whose Side Are You On by @mculove1
Quarterback Comeback by @soulful-ofevans
Halftime Show by @fvckingsteverogers
Untitled by @sleeping-inthe-shadows
A Needed Night of Romance by @avengedwritings
First Steps by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
The Patriot’s Boy by @soulful-ofevans
Disney and a Date by @poorcap

Birthday Challenge

I have an unusual amount of hate for fics that describe Anakin as stupid. 

He wasn’t stupid, guys, he was just emotionally abused by someone he trusted for over a decade and not given the proper mental healthcare he needed growing up. 

That doesn’t make one stupid, that makes one unstable. 


Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni (Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson), co-stars of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims, recently took a well deserved selfie.

Meloni shared the picture of him and Hargitay on his Instagram with the appropriate caption “Friends at Xmas.”

  • Spirit: Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by Franken Stein
  • Maka: *raises hand*
  • Soul: *raises hand*
  • Black*Star: *raises hand*
  • Tsubaki: *raises hand*
  • Lord Death: *raises his hand*
  • Sid: *raises his severed zombie hand*
  • Nygus: *raises her hand and side-eyes Stein*
  • Spirit: *raises both hands*
  • Everyone: *raises their hand*
  • Stein: *raises his hand*
  • Marie: D: Stein did nothing wrong. He is a good man. Don't be mean.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Dir. Jonathan Demme
Source Material: The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris (1988)
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
IMDb Description: A young F.B.I. cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims.
Stars: Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, Lawrence A. Bonney

Cary Fukunaga in Talks to Direct Atomic Bomb Drama 'Shockwave'

‘Drive’ scribe Hossein Amini is writing the script for Universal and Working Title.

Cary Fukunaga, best known for steering the first season of HBO’s True Detective, is in negotiations to direct Working Title and Universal’s adaptation of atomic bomb drama Shockwave: Countdown to Hiroshima.

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Dirk Gently stars:

  • A mentally ill victim of abuse who found meaning and people who love him even when he’s being “weird”
  • A man who manipulated the people around him out of selfishness who makes a real effort to change and face the consequenses of his actions
  • A mentally ill woc who couldn’t follow her dreams because of her mental illness but who made a solid life and career for herself anyway
  • A chronically ill woman who manages to be a badass despite it and who finds a group of friends who care about her and help her manage her symptoms

And it all works so well and they feel like real characters and all of them are given the development and personality they deserve. Nothing feels out of place or forced, I love it


“Everybody has bad shit happen to them, and you either use it to turn yourself into a star or you become a victim. And I don’t have time for victims. If you allow the bad things in your life to define you, you will only ever be a parasite.”

Milo Yiannopoulos for OUT magazine, September 2016 © Jill Greenberg