a very wolfstar christmas

  • Someone I know: Hey, happy holidays! What have you been up to?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* you know... Chillin' and stuff...
  • Me actually: *in my room all day, reading fluffy Christmas fics about all 27 of my definitely not heterosexual OTPs*
Wolfstar MWPP Era Fic Rec

Tartan Tribulations by theyshotmyclown (@sqvalors) - Teen, 1.4k

In which Remus’ clothes mysteriously disappear, McGonagall is surprisingly collected and Sirius is, as usual, insufferable.

Personal Space by peskywhistpaw - Gen, 2.7k

In which Remus is the only Marauder who appreciates personal space. Most of the time, anyway.

all alone on the edge of seventeen by nikkiRA (@sadzelda​) - Teen, 3k

He is seventeen and in love.

The Great Christmas Biscuit Misunderstanding of 1977 by xylodemon (@xylodemon) - Explicit, 3.2k, Christmas

In which Sirius just wants a bit of fun, James fancies himself awfully clever, Peter won’t be brewing any potions, and Remus would rather not get shouted at by McGonagall again, thank you very much.

Several Ways to Apologize by Aria (@thedaisiestdaisy​) - Teen, 3.3k, The Prank

“The thing is, though,” Sirius said, addressing the scarlet draperies, “Moony’s not going to give me legumes and yell. He’s too nice.”

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A Very Marauders Christmas List
  • One large tree
  • One smaller tree for when Mcgonagall finds a full sized tree in your bedroom. 
  • One package of assorted cheeses for Peter.
  • One more package of assorted cheeses after James leaves it by the fireplace.
  • One pair of deer antlers for Lily.
  • One roll of spell o tap for James’s mouth after a week of reindeer puns.
  • Matching sweaters for Dorcus and Marlene.
  • A pair of scissors for Marlene to turn her sweater into a crop top. 
  • One hand knit scarf for Remus. (Made by one Sirius Black) 
  • Two pairs of condoms from James to Sirius. 
  • Two pairs of condoms from Sirius to James
  • Two bros having a broment because they each bought each other the same thing. 
  • Six attempts to get Alice and Frank under mistletoe.
  • One hilarious prank unraveled right in front of Sinus from Remus. 
  • 5 weeks of detention
  • 4 calling birds
  • 3 french hens
  • 2 turtle doves
  • 1 angry Lily wondering how the hell James thought buying her all those birds was a good idea. 
  • 9 wizards and witches having a very Merry Christmas. 
Imagine Wolfstar *Christmas Edition*

Christmas Carols

Discription: On Christmas Eve the Marauders all join in to make the common Christmas Carols even worse than they already are. When Remus and Sirius get send away to steal some cake from the Hogwarts kitchen, they encounter something very special…
Genre: Fluff.

“Jingle bells, Remus smells”, James sung proudly, but Remus immediately picked it up and sang: “James is a twat.” Sirius chuckled and took over. “Peter cried, Batman died and NOBODY GOT ANY FUCKING PRESENT BECAUSE BATMAN DIED!”

Batman was something that Remus taught Sirius. The little black dog had been hooked on the strips ever since. That’s why Remus couldn’t help but smile to himself.

“Beautiful, mate”, James said, laughing. “I believe that’s one of our best ones yet. Ain’t I right?”

Remus rolled his eyes and nibbled on a candy cane he’d just picked up from the table. “I don’t get why we always do this on Christmas. I mean, what’s the point.”

“Artistic expression, Moony”, James said confidently. “Everybody here knows we’re all tortured artist begging for some freedom.”

“Of course… we’re merely wizards, James”, Remus then answered and noticed Sirius had been staring at him all along so he stared back and dared Sirius to took away. So a stare contest it was.

“They’re doing it again”, Peter mentioned to James and James let out a deep sigh. “It’s creeping me out to be honest.”

“Everything creeps you out, Wormtail”, Sirius remarked and Remus giggled, breaking the stare and admitting he’d lost.

“Why don’t you two go get some cake from the kitchen? I’m starving!” James suggested and Sirius was immediately up for it, but it took Remus a little longer to give in.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, though?” Remus asked and looked at James. Then he noticed the quirky glare in James’s eyes and he knew it just wasn’t because of the cake he send him and Sirius away. “Yeah fine, we’ll go get some…”

“Awesome!” Sirius got up and grabbed James’s invisibility cloak from the couch next to James. “We’ll be back in a jiffy.”

And so Remus and Sirius got on their way to the kitchen. With the invisibility cloak they would be fine. Little did they know that something else was awaiting them on their trip…

“God, Moony, I didn’t knew you were so badass! Damn”, Sirius said, laughing under the invisibility cloak and holding on to the cake they’d just stolen feom the kitchen.

And Remus was beaming. He’d impressed Sirius, the guy he’d been crushing on for like forever and he was alone with him under a cloak. Nobody could see them now…

“Give me a piece of that cake”, Remus then said, distracting himself. “I deserved it to say the least.”

He then grabbed himself a piece and shoved it into his mouth. Distract yourself, Moony. Distract yourself.

“Hey Moony, is that a mistletoe?” Sirius suddenly asked, looking up and poiting at the damned mistletoe that hung from the ceiling.

“Err… I guess so. It’s a shame Lily and James aren’t here then”, Remus said, not knowing what Sirius actually meant.

He was already walking forward again until Sirius pulled him back and looked him straight into the eyes. “Remus…”

Remus fell silent. The intense stare Sirius had on his face had him lost for words and he couldn’t bring out a single thing. If he did, he would just start stuttering and…

Sirius lips gently touched Remus’s and that startled Remus even more. Was Sirius seriously kissing him now? What about all the girls? What about…

But Remus enjoyed this kiss. He felt like it was not a meaningless kiss, but a kiss full of passion, and he didn’t held himself back anymore. Remus had waited so long for this…

“I… I’m so sorry, Sirius”, Remus stuttered when he eventually took a step back. “I didn’t… I just…”

“Shut up and kiss me again, moron.”

And Sirius pulled Remus back, kissing him while chuckling a little. Remus knew Sirius meant all this and he was happy. Very happy.

This was a very merry Christmas after all then…

anonymous asked:

Do you have any raising Harry fics with Harry dating Draco?

The only fic I could find that fits that request is a short one called Harry’s Perfect Little Snake by CanadianSlytherin. Otherwise, another anon asked for wolfstar fics that have harry/draco, so you might like some of these:


Moony wishes you all a very merry Christmas! @maaikemoony #harrypotter #wolfstar #suchnerds #merryChristmas

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