a very whovengered christmas


Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well. :) 

Anyway, let’s jump right in - I’ve decided that it’s time for a little Ficmas in July, for many reasons, mostly because I love Christmas and I love you guys and it’s summer so let’s combine all those things, eh? 

SO: Here’s the scoop. Sign up for this fabulous event by messaging me, and I will assign you a partner by July 5! You then have until July 24 to submit your entry - a fic, or a graphic, or a gifset, or whatever you can dream up fitting the guidelines I give you for your partner. 

On July 25, I will publish them, and we’ll also plan to have a little reunion chat - details to come. 

So there will be more details soon, but for now, lovelies, please SIGN UP by inboxing me via this blog, and telling me your favorite whovengers ship - Rose x Loki, Donna x Bruce, Martha x Steve, or whichever pairing you can come up with! Following this blog will also be helpful for updates and whatnot. I’ll use the “a very whovengered christmas” tag like I did for the Secret Santa exchange, to keep it simple. 

I hope you’re all as excited about this as I am. :)