a very teen wolf christmas

  • Someone I know: Hey, happy holidays! What have you been up to?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* you know... Chillin' and stuff...
  • Me actually: *in my room all day, reading fluffy Christmas fics about all 27 of my definitely not heterosexual OTPs*

AU in which no one is dead and everyone is friends and celebrates Christmas at Lydia’s Cabin in Tahoe.


okay so it’s not christmas and it’s in fact october but WHATEVER

So my Super Secret Stydia Project is this: a Secret Santa

So check out the blog for all the deets and I’m hoping this goes incredibly. I was greatly inspired by other fandoms who have done this and so thanks to all of them who are completely fabulous.  So I’m hoping you guys are excited because I really am.

Basically what this is is just a cool gift exchange.  You make something, you get something. I’ll send out assignments and everything, all you’ve got to do is make something awesome, which I know you can do, I’ve seen it time and time again.  It can be literally anything you want.  And the best part is it’s a secret until the big reveal! You’ll get a cool gift and you’ll get to give a cool gift so what could be better.

Applications are due NOVEMBER 7TH

and all projects are due DECEMBER 20TH

Maybe this could even become a yearly thing, that would be freaking amazing.

In the meantime, please reblog this and tell everyone you know so that we can make Christmas 2014 as big as possible.

I suggest following this blog as it will be the central location for everything involving this project and maybe track the tag stydia secret santa

So I’m mega excited and I hope you are too.  Cheers and merry (very early) Christmas.