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Got7 Ideal Types

Note: Just like with my BTS ideal types, I will not be taking looks into consideration. This is purely based on personality alone.
-Admin Max

Jaebum: JB could date a girl who is either really cutesy and quiet or someone who is crazy and adventurous, maybe even someone who is a little bit of both. He would probably want to date someone who has some walls that he can break down and he would love to see that person change as they open up. He’d love someone who is witty and sarcastic, someone who is confident and willing to speak their mind. Despite liking someone who spoke their mind, he would probably also want them to be friendly, someone who is honest, but not brutal.

Mark: He would want a girl that could keep a conversation going for hours. Someone who always has something to say, but not in an annoying way. He would probably want to date someone who is intelligent and funny. A girl that makes him laugh and someone who really keeps his interest. But he would also want her to know that the silence doesn’t always have to be filled. Someone who can be serious, but also funny.

Jackson: A girl who is bubbly, but not extremely talkative. Someone optimistic and family oriented. Someone who is playfully mean to him, but is actually a genuinely kind person. Someone into fitness and someone who is willing to work out with him. Probably a girl on the smarter side. Just an all around, nice, happy-go-lucky girl. He would probably also date someone who dresses casually.

Jinyoung: A very artsy and creative girl. Someone who is into reading and into the arts. Someone extremely intelligent. He would probably want to date someone with a very cute sense of style and maybe a natural cuteness about her in general. A girl who can take care of herself and doesn’t have to rely on him. He wouldn’t want to be with someone who is insanely clingy or in constant need of skinship. A girl who is smart and modest.

Youngjae: A very kind and very understanding person. He would want his significant other to love animals and probably want her to be a fan of skinship. A girl who is just genuinely kind and isn’t extremely judgmental. Someone who he can laugh with and have fun with, but also someone who can support him when he is upset or when he really needs it. Someone who is willing to partake in a mutual dependency upon each other. They would need to be each other’s support system and he would need a girl who is open as well.

Bambam: Someone who is super adorable and really funny. A carefree girl who is stylish and nice, but very teasing to him. Someone he can be completely honest to and someone that makes him feel like it is safe to say what is on his mind. He wouldn’t want to feel like he is walking on eggshells around her. A girl who can make him laugh and smile and someone who laughs at all the crazy things he does. A very care-free, honest, and open person. He would probably date someone who is sarcastic and sassy.

Yugyeom: A girl that is bubbly and out-going. Someone who can help him open up. He would like a girl that dances and is passionate about music. Someone who can be loud and dorky, but also someone who can be thoughtful and serious. Someone who is sassy and maybe even challenges him. Someone who is honest and maybe even a little sensitive. Someone who might be a little high maintenance, but not to the point to where it is annoying. Just someone kind fun to be around, and a very passionate person.

Not to be lesbian™ but I love girls. Like, all girls. Like girls with hair of all colors of the rainbow and girls with dramatic facial features. Girls who are masterful make up artists and girls who’ve never worn more than mascara. I love tall girls who tower above humanity and short girls who get easily lost in a crowd of people. I love girls who carefully put together their outfits every morning and girls who lazily throw on whatever is clean. Girls with beautiful long flowing hair and girls with very short stylish hair. Girls who wear bright pink pastels and girls whose color scheme suggests murder and witchcraft. I love girls who speak their mind with ease and girls who take time to articulate their thoughts. I just… Really love girls you know?

Girlfriends Style

Request: HEYYYYY! I was wondering what outfits would all members like seeing their gfs wearing. Gonna really appreciate it if you answer this 😃 Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much. And I really love this blog. Like REALLY love this blog. 😍 Again… THANK YOU ❤️ Love ya!

Of course I’m gonna do it :D!! Aww Thank you!!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I thought this would be an easier request but it was so hard finding a style that I reckon they’ll like XD

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Red Data Girl: My First Familiar (Week 1)

This is the first installment in my translation of Red Data Girl: My First Familiar by Noriko Ogiwara.

I’ve wanted to read this book for a while and now that I’m reading it, I’ve decided to translate it into English so that other people can enjoy it with me. Red Data Girl: My First Familiar is the first of a six book series about Izumiko Suzuhara, a girl with mysterious powers. For those who didn’t see my post earlier today, here’s the eye catch summary on the back of the book:

Living in Kumanokodou, Japan, 3rd year middle schooler Izumiko is reunited with Miyuki, an old acquaintance. Miyuki, whose fate is to protect Izumiko, is disgusted to find that people are calling her a goddess and Izumiko is just as confused as he is. But when they visit Tokyo on a school excursion, secrets come to light.

The series was turned into an anime about a year ago and I enjoyed it a lot. However, the story seemed to be missing something just like many books turned anime/movies do. As a result, I’m expecting to like this book even more than I did the anime because I’ll finally get that missing piece.

My plan is to post about ten translated pages from the book each week although the posts might be shorter or longer than that depending on the week. The book itself is divided into chapters which are then divided further into parts. Each part is about twenty pages long, so my plan is to cut each part in half at appropriate breaks. This week’s translation is a little shorter than I’m hoping most of the following ones will be, but I’m just so excited to share it with you, so I wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

So without further ado, Red Data Girl: My First Familiar.

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Sit back and close your eyes.

How does he look?

Very good. I must say I am amazed.

He is a very stylish boy. 

How do I look?

Very good. I must say I am amazed.

I am a very stylish boy.

Dimitri of Paris

Une Very Stylish Fille - a bit of a change Very Stylish garçon

source: http://www.voicesofeastanglia.com/2011/08/modern-man-in-carnaby-street-sixties.html

[TRANS/INT] 140910 ORICON STYLE: B1A4's Experiences about sudden breakups

Experiences about sudden breakups… What would you do when you go through a break up!?

Reaching first place across all the Korean music programs, they without a doubt have the capability to be artists, but also the capability to appear in dramas, movies, variety shows and so on, their every single action is a big success! B1A4, who is collecting large amounts of attention, have released their new song [SOLO DAY -Japanese ver-] after about a year absence. Right at the height of their development, we asked these five boys about their album and went even further by asking about worries they've had with relationships.

With a sense of duty, they work hard for every action - the moment when you return to your original intention

Q. Your new piece SOLO DAY has won first place across all the Korean music programmes! Everyone had their own active solo input and Jinyoung once again took the position of songwriter, which lead to another first place win, however, are there any different feelings to when you won first place with your earlier pieces?

Jinyoung: In order for more people to know of our group called B1A4, we each worked hard on our individual activities and the result was that B1A4’s level of recognition rose, which is linked to this time’s result so we have to keep working hard on all our activities from here on too. We say we always come back to the intentions from our debut or that our bond towards this group called B1A4 has become much stronger since then.

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Когда начинаются недели моды, для меня начинаются райские дни полные вдохновения. Я просматриваю все показы, все обновления и новости с каждого мероприятия. Но больше всего я люблю рассматривать образы известных блоггеров, it-girls, редакторов, журналистов. Они меняют несколько нарядов в день, от показа до показа, продумывая каждую деталь, каждый аксессуар. Сколько нужно потратить времени, чтобы подготовить столько нарядов на неделю? 

When the start of fashion week, days begin paradise full of inspiration. I look at all the shows, all updates and news from each event. But most of all I like to look outfits of well-known bloggers, it-girls, editors and journalists. They change several outfits a day, from the show to the show, thinking through every detail, every accessory. How long time they prepare as many outfits for the week?

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