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Saturn in Your Natal Chart

Saturn in Aries : Mercury, as the esoteric ruler of Aries, blends its energies with those of Saturn allowing the Third Ray of Active Intelligence to work well with Mercury’s urge to communicate. The Soul-centered purpose for this position is involved with the need to discipline and structure the mind for the birthing of new ideas. Problems can arise if there is a lack of responsibility in the proper use of mental energy. Another factor that may inhibit soul growth is the habit of dominating other people with one’s thoughts for the purpose of personal gain. When the right use of will is coupled with the right use of mind, this can be an excellent position.

Saturn in the First House: A very strong need to express the responsibility of one’s Soul Purpose. This is an incarnation in which a sense of personal limitation can be transformed into a sense of self-discipline so that the nature and structure of the personality may conform to the will of the Soul.

Saturn in Taurus: This position can be most helpful in structuring those ideas that bring (or inhibit) material prosperity into one’s life. If one is polarized in the desire nature of the personality, such a manifestation of resources will block the wealth of the Soul from exteriorizing in one’s life. The Soul-centered purpose has a great deal to do with harnessing material possessions and the treasures of the Earth for the service of the Soul and the benefit of humanity. Saturn in Vulcan’s sign (esoteric ruler of Taurus), will break up and destroy anything in the formative world that prevents the Higher Self from externalizing.

Saturn in the Second House: The test here is one of personal values. What do we value in ourself, in others, and in the world in general? How to we go about expressing these values? Do these values inhibit Soul awareness or give us the right sense of responsibility to live in our truth?

Saturn in Gemini: Venus is the esoteric ruler of The Twins and her energy blends with Saturn in this placement. The Soul-centered purpose is for the individual to become an agent for the Law of Right Human Relationships. There is a need to understand mutual responsibilities in relationship and to use the mind as a loving tool of communication. The achievement of harmonious relationships is very much the goal. In this respect, an individual with Saturn in Gemini (especially if afflicted to Venus in the natal chart) may experience a certain sense of restriction in his or her ability to communicate. The dualities and crises in one’s relationships are but the training ground for the wider communicative aspirations of the Soul.

Saturn in the Third House: This can be an excellent position for the right use of the mind for the purpose of the Higher Self and also bestows a tendency towards being self-disciplined towards the goals of intellectual development. If afflicted, it reveals a narrow perspective and the urge to limit and control all forms of communication.

Saturn in Cancer: This placement often reveals that the surrounding family or fundamental psychological circumstances of the personality life limit the expression of the Soul. What is required is the ability to detach from the emotional/astral dynamics of the earlier life and build a strong, conscious connection to the higher mind. Saturn is a planet of the Third Ray and Cancer is a Third Ray sign. Emotional restriction on the personality level has to be transformed into greater compassion and worldly understanding. The message here is: Give up the personal pain and grow mentally. Such growth will provide the detachment required for higher consciousness.

Saturn in the Fourth House: Take charge of yourself! The path towards a greater sense of personal fulfillment is totally connected to the construction of a strong inner foundation of mature responsibility. When well aspected and/or in a favorable sign, Saturn in the Fourth shows that such efforts have already been achieved and that the individual may now build upon such a solid foundation.

Saturn in Leo: As Leo is a First (Will/Power) and Fifth (Concrete Mind) Ray sign, and Saturn is the planetary ruler of the Third Ray (Intelligence), the lesson of this position is very clear.. “Creativity” is always the keyword in any planetary combination involving the Lion. The creative dynamics of the Soul will be inhibited in their release as long as conscious attachment to the needs of the personality predominate. People with Saturn in Leo often tend to use personal power to control the environment. From a Soul-centered perspective this tendency has to be transformed in such a way that personal creative power is directed towards service to the collective.

Saturn in the Fifth House: Discrimination is called for in order that the individual express only those creative activities which actualize and express the Higher Self. Limitations in one’s creative self-expression will dominate the life until the person finds the correct pathway for his or her talents and abilities.

Saturn in Virgo: Virgo is strongly connected to the Mother and is thus involved with birthing those forms which give rise to the opportunity to express the love of the Soul. Saturn in this position requires that the individual learn the necessary discrimination so that one’s mental efforts are not wasted on superfluous activities. When well aspected, Saturn in Virgo can reveal that an individual has already achieved the intuitive ability to know what “works” and what does not, thus saving time and energy for more important things. This focus of practicality comes from knowing what will create a more integrated sense of wholeness in a given life situation. Such inclusivity is a characteristic of Virgo’s connection to the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom.

Saturn in the Sixth House: The mastery of the right processes, techniques, methodologies, and tools for true service to others are characteristic of Saturn when well placed in this house. When afflicted, there is dis-ease, a lack of cohesion, and limitations caused by misplaced talents and abilities.

Saturn in Libra: We find Saturn in its exaltation when positioned in this sign. A Soul-centered individual with Saturn in Libra will function to administer a balanced judgment in the right use of energy, an impartiality expressed in all forms of human interchange. This planetary combination involves all of the Rays of Mind. The Third (Saturn and Libra), the Fifth (Venus as exoteric ruler of the Scales), the First (through Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn), and the Seventh (through Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra). Thus we have a person with the potential to relate to others in ways that are proper and fair no matter what the circumstances may be.

Saturn in the Seventh House: This usually indicates the need to take on responsibility in relationships, the nature of which in a Soul-centered chart is to point to the path of orientation necessary for spiritual growth. Limitations and blockages in relationships on the personality level are likely until one learns to go beyond the urge to control others for purely personal reasons.

Saturn in Scorpio: Not the easiest position as it combines the energies of Ray Three (Saturn) with those of Ray Six (Mars, as ruler of Scorpio). There may thus be a very strong battle between the emotional and mental aspects within oneself. On the personality level, this often leads to some very distinct challenges in dealing with one’s sexual expression. It is through the Fourth Ray of Scorpio that harmony will have to be established out of this conflict. If achieved, Saturn in Scorpio gives the ability to release hidden strengths and resources. This position works to break down the compulsive nature of negative emotional habit patterns. In this way more refined mental structures may be built for the externalization of the Higher Self.

Saturn in the Eighth House: The desire nature of the personality has to be transformed. This position gives this opportunity but not often through the easiest tests or lessons. In effect certain sexual/emotional blockages arise that cause a person to recognize his or her patterns of Self-denial. This Self, the Soul, will manifest more directly once such frustrating inhibitions are transmuted.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn and the Earth (esoteric ruler of Sagittarius) combine to bring a certain mental pragmatism to this combination. The Archer-Centaur gives direction and purpose to walking the Path. When Soul-centered, Saturn in Sagittarius provides the ability for an individual to take the inherent wisdom contained in all the world’s creeds and philosophies, and synthesize this information into a teaching that transcends all religious differences. On the personality level, this position may restrict a person from widening his perspective through a rigid adherence to one’s personal beliefs.

Saturn in the Ninth House: The potential to stabilize the higher mind in order to anchor a firm foothold on the spiritual Path. Saturn in this house may also block any further mental progress until one learns not to control or dominate others through a particular philosophy or orthodox teaching.

Saturn in Capricorn: When accompanied by love and wisdom, this potent position may serve to create those structures that lead the individual (and others) up the Mountain of Initiation. The Third Ray is at its most powerful here, endowing the Soul-centered individual with astute mental abilities and an especial talent for handling the economic considerations of life. On the personality level, there is the tendency to make up one’s own rules and regulations no matter what the reality of universal Law may be. An incarnation with abundant opportunities to put the Will-to-Good into material form and concrete actions.

Saturn in the Tenth House: The culmination of a very special purpose in life, giving the need to achieve. But on which level? The personality will seek to rule and govern based on personal opinions and emotional needs. The Soul will seek to administer the Law expressed through Love.

Saturn in Aquarius: A most benevolent position for Saturn from the level of the Soul. Jupiter (esoteric ruler of the Water Bearer) adds the energies of the Second Ray of Love Wisdom to this Venus-ruled Fifth Ray (Science and Technology) sign. This combination may contribute to a person hard at work creating those social institutions and networks that anchor group consciousness. A position which has the inherent ability to blend worthy ideas from the past with the unfolding concepts for the future. On the personality level, personal ideologies and concepts inhibit an individual from a more positive contribution to society.

Saturn in the Eleventh House: The orientation to take on social responsibilities for the sake of the group. It also gives the experience of consolidating spiritual visions and aspirations for the benefit of many people. If afflicted on the personality level, blocks occur to one’s social progress leading to frustration.

Saturn in Pisces: Pluto (esoteric ruler of Pisces) joins with Saturn on the Soul level to create a most powerful force that works to pierce the veils of glamour and illusion. Thus the individual with this planetary combination may be able to uncover the subconscious dynamics which give rise to our fears and their resulting miseries. On a more practical level, this can lead to wonderful discoveries in the laboratory which are used to heal illnesses and other human ills. When afflicted on the personality level, Saturn in Pisces gives the tendency to create artificial walls and barriers, thus fencing in one’s fears and adding to inner tensions.

Saturn in the Twelfth House: In terms of the personality, this position often results in fear of the direct use of personal will power. This leads one into conflict with people in authority and may gives rise to a manipulative nature. The Soul-centered meaning may indicate the need to take on the responsibility for redeeming some of the collective karma of humanity and the willpower to be able to accomplish this task.

I did not write this, I got it from AlanOken.com and wanted to share the wisdom with tumblr folk! I do give readings, so private message me if you’re interested!


I doodled this in my sketchbook while I was away on a trip and since I forgot my mouse, I had to wait till I got home to color it.

Aside from the “Scary Godmother” specials, “Monster House” is right next to it as being one of my favorite Halloween specials to watch. As much as I love it now, this movie scared the living heck out of me when I first saw this as a kid and it left me terrified of houses for a period of time. I still get goosebumps after recently re-watching it hahaa

also the design and the way this house is animated. good stuff. <3

Bunnies are Underestimated Companions
  • Bunnies are anything but dull. However, if you’re going to keep them confined in a small cramped hutch away from regular interaction then of course you aren’t going to understand what your bunny is really capable of. They are incredibly social animals by nature and should never be kept alone without regular companionship.
  • Rabbits can live over 10 years in age with proper care. This is a big commitment, a long-living family member. The oldest recorded rabbit was 18 years old. However, this statistic is only for house rabbits. Outdoor rabbits sadly have less than half of the expected lifespan due to the risks and dangers of predators and disease, and also often due to depression from negligence.
  • Bunnies have the same intelligence levels as dogs. This means they can be taught tricks, learn commands, and can partake in agility courses. There are official rabbit agility tournaments across the world for bunnies that enjoy agility training!
  • Bunnies are emotional and sensitive animals, despite not expressing emotions in an anthromorphised way such as a dog would. A lot of people look at their blank stares and think “this creature is dumb”. WRONG. Bunnies feel great joy, deep sorrow, get moody spells, and can throw angry tantrums too! They just express it through subtle body language and you need to pay attention to connect with them. As prey animals, everything must be done quietly and subtly for survival. Some rabbits are more forward and will nudge or lick you as a way of saying “pay attention to me!!”
  • Bunnies are CLEAN AND ODORLESS animals. They constantly groom themselves, like cats, and they can be litter-trained in just a few days (they must be neutered/spayed). It is a myth that they are smelly pets, normally due to people keeping rabbits in what is basically a tiny cramped toilet and/or not cleaning it regularly, and never bothering to litter-train them. My rabbits smell like freshly-picked freaking daisies.
  • When given the space they need to play, bunnies will express themselves in super adorable and hilarious ways!! “Binkies” are when a rabbit jumps, twists and/or shakes their body and it’s an expression of sheer joy. They’ll also occasionally race around the room, just ‘cause it’s fun! Some bunnies have proper cheeky sides and will invite you to play or tease you. They can’t express themselves in all these ways if you only give them tiny spaces to live or “exercise”.
  • Bunnies will not put up with your nonsense. If you do something they disapprove of, they will sass you; some examples would be by giving you the cold-shoulder or grumpily thumping/digging at your feet. They will remind you when you are late to feeding them dinner and treats by sitting in front of you and staring, or by begging, nudging, or even the occasional nip on the ankle! They’re certainly not the docile creatures you’d expect. You have to do things on their terms, much like many cats. This helps you respect each other in the home. You’re both the boss in this house.
  • When a rabbit’s nose is twitching, this isn’t related to their breathing. Their twitching nose is actually how they express their interest!! They read things first and foremost by smelling with their noses to collect information. When their nose is twitching away, this is them signalling to you that they are interested! If the twitching is slow, it’s a “meh”, and if it’s very fast it’s a “FASCINATING!!”
  • Some house rabbits have made special bonds with other pets in the family. They get on surprisingly well with cats especially. However, each cat’s personality and history must be considered before this should be allowed, and supervision must be given in the first few months.
  • Once you completely earn a rabbit’s trust, they will love you deeply and their affectionate sides will properly come out. They may show this by getting excited when you come to play and following you around, licking or chinning you, booping noses together with you, snuggling up with you, or even requesting petting from you. Earning a naturally anxious animal’s trust can take a long time, especially if you haven’t been with them since childhood/teenhood, but your patience will be rewarded. You need to give them lots of time to adjust to living with you; don’t just assume they’re “boring” or unworthy of love if they don’t reciprocate with you within the first few weeks or months.

Please think again about keeping these intelligent, loving animals locked outside in a small hutch away from your family. They deserve to have their potentials nurtured and to share a loving companionship with you.

If you feel like you have the patience and understanding to make a bond with a bunny, please consider adopting one of the thousands of abandoned and rescued rabbits in shelters who have been thrown away simply for being underestimated.

Jane was out of town when all the Avengers trudged in looking the least heroic Darcy had ever seen them. Without even speaking Clint stomps threw the common room where Darcy is lounging watching DogCops. Natasha follows silently but heading the same path her friend had taken. Steve came threw next giving her a grim nod and  heading for the elevator and likely the gym. Tony and Bruce had settled at the counter and Tony is already pouring shots in between sipping from the bottle. Normally Bruce would complain but he makes no comment and knocks back his first one before staring morosely into the second. Bucky flings himself down on the armchair and Sam takes the other end of the couch both oddly quite.

“I’m glad you’re home” Darcy offers softly. Sam doesn’t acknowledge other than his eyes glazing over looking exhausted. Bucky grunts and scratches absently at his stomach. Whatever happened must have been really rough for Bucky to not even wink at her. Before Darcy can decide on her next course of action the last Avenger comes in from the cold.

“I would eat and then meet you on the train grounds, Lightening Sister.” Thor’s voice usually fills a room. Even in his softest tones his words swell to seem fuller somehow than any non Asgardian’s. Darcy nods and is standing before she realizes. “The Armour you wear for Lady Natasha will suffice” and then he’s rooting around in the fridge, back to the others. Darcy looks around but Only Bucky is even paying attention and he just shrugs.

“Have fun Doll”


“Where did you get that?” Darcy exclaims in awe when she arrives in the gym. She must have been wrong about Steve because Thor is sitting alone beside a number of impressive looking mid evil weaponry. Thor looks up from the short sword he’s holding. 

“Anthony and I fashioned them when you mentioned your interest in taking up arms” He smiled lightly flipping the sword causally. “It was an good bonding experience to bend metal with the Man of Iron”  

Darcy steps closer and can tell the Tony works from the Thor works. Tony’s look impeccably sharp and deadly. All raw edges and gleaming in the sunlight pouring in threw the windows. Thor’s however, they look just as deadly but the handles are more interesting. One is a curving a leaves and stars and it reminds her of Jane. There’s a huge double headed halberd that has a wing on each blade and is connected to a twisting center pole that ends in a hawk like bird on the end. There are several smaller knives and Darcy could spend all day looking at the things he’d made with his hand. 

“Which of these calls to you?” Thor asks gently breaking up her look at all the sweet stuff trance. Darcy’s a little overwhelmed. She had jokingly told him she’d like to be a bad ass wielding claymore warrior like Lady Sif from the Norse stories but it seemed a tall order for her to not only hold one but successfully swing one as she was 5f3 to Sif’s 6f4.  Darcy’s lamenting the lack of Claymore and her stature when she sees it. 

It’s undoubtedly one of Thor’s because the hilt is engraved with lightning and runes. If she didn’t know any better she’d call it a long sword but it’s thicker than anything she knows the words for. When her fingers close around the hilt she surprised at how light it is. The weight it perfect and she closes both hands around the grip admiring the center ridge and shininess. Thor chuckles lowly. 

“I have told you that this is a highly personal request yes?” Thor speaks again and Darcy manages to stop staring at her new found friend. She nods. “The first weapons training Asguardian children have is with their father or mother, whichever is more skilled. Most of the time parents will craft the weapon together for their young and then the parent and child go on a trip together to learn. It is different with each house and each child. It is a very special thing Darcy” He says. Darcy nods again almost afraid Thor will change his mind. He waits however needing to hear her speak.

“Did you make this for me?” Darcy gestures to the weapon in her hand. He gives her a tight smile that reminds her of all the years he has lived. He nods. “It’s amazing, buddy, I love it. If you don’t want to do this it’s okay I can learn on my own and well spar or something” He chuckles at her babbling. He holds up a hand before she can talk herself out of this. The sun is beginning to set and the way it slams into their tower windows has her sweating slightly. 

“I did not know what to make of your request at first. But Anthony tells me you have no father or mother. I have long considered you my family, Darcy and I can not hope to replace that which you have lost but I should like to be your family as much as I know how.” His lower lips trembles just enough that Darcy’s heart instantly breaks. Whatever happened today has him in knots. 

“Yes.” Her voice is thick too seeing his emotions. “Yea of course.” Thor shakes his head as if to clear whatever was bothering him, he wants to push it off a little longer. “So does she have a name?” Darcy smiles holding her weapon again and striking a pose.

“Not yet, little one, We’ll name her together when we finish.”


They practice until the sweat rolling down Darcy’s body has nothing to do with the Sun that has long disappeared. Thor shows her the correct way to hold position her top hand so the cross guard doesn’t chafe her knuckles so badly. He demonstrates a thrust and Darcy copies. He continues it shoulder muscles rippling with each ferocious jab and they repeat it until Darcy finally lets loose and completes the move with all her energy. Thor beams and they move onto perrys. 

Eventually Thor senses her tiring and calls it quits, passing her a bottle of water. Darcy is exhausted and aching in weird places her workouts with Nat don’t touch. It was incredibly difficult and she feels another flare of respect for Sif and her Claymore. 

“You would have made a formidable opponent had you learned as a child” Thor commends. “and will be sooner than I anticipate, no doubt” He winks with a secret smile. Darcy grins back. It was weird to say they bonded thru arms training but she really did feel closer to her giant bestie. 

“Did you like use Mjolnir to make this? Because I feel like that makes me pretty worthy be default. I fully expect a coronation on my first visit” She giggles. Thor barks out a laugh.

“Why wait?” He grabs his cape from where he’d tossed in on the bench and throws it around Darcy’s shoulders. The cape is heavier than she would have guessed and of course is a foot too long for her. It pools around her on the ground but Darcy stands a little straighter beaming up at him. “By the power granted me by this might hammer, I proclaim you, Lady Darcy, Princess of Asgard.” He grabs her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead. His lips linger and Darcy feels his fierce love and his emotional day surrounding her. She wraps as much of her arms around him as she can, keeping him in close. It seems so wrong that such a big guy could tremble in her arms, like a child, but his arms shake with tremors that the work out had pushed off. 

“It’s okay” She says softly. Hot wet tears splash on the top of her head and forehead. “It’s gonna be okay Thor, There’s nothing we can’t fix. It’ll be okay” She mutters gentle reassurances until he’s calmed and finally he pulls back with a watery snotty smile. It was mildly comforting to Darcy that even Thor was an ugly crier. 

“You are surely a blessing I have not earned little one.” He says. “Come let us name your blade” He smiles for real and grabs the hilt and presses it back into Darcy’s hands. She grips it expectantly waiting for instruction. Thor beams at the picture she makes, short, flushed, eager and in under armor gear and his billowing red cape. 

“So how bout Alfred?” She says awkwardly rocking on the balls of her feet. Thor laughs again and clasps his hands on the grip over hers. 

“Do your best to relax.” Thor says and that’s all the warning she has before their hands begin to glow a bright white color and heat flares up her am like she’s touched a car that’s been the hot sun. It’s almost too much to bare when Thor finally releases her and the white light fades to blue and the blue light rescinds into the weapon.  “Loki is not the only son to study with Mother” He smiles. 

Darcy spreads her fingers curiously to find two things. The first is that the dull silver lightning engraved on the grip is now an otherworldly blue and a name has been carved into the blade just above the rain guard, Thor peers at it curiously before beaming at her. 

“Eldr Hjarta ?” Darcy stumbles threw the unfamiliar words. “Fire something right?” She looks up into Thor’s eyes, thumb still rubbing the words. The lightning matches his eyes, she thinks. 

“Fire heart” He agrees. “It is a good name. My first one was called, Byrstr, or thirsty” 

Darcy laughs and the worry she held about Thor softens a little. He’s going to be okay. 

“Come let us spread the news.” He passes her the scabbard and belt. Thor is packing away the other weapons while she fastens the belt and blade to her side. 

“You’ll talk to Jane about whatever happened? and maybe Sam?” She asks. Thor hums noncommittally. “Seriously Thor if you can’t tell those two who can you tell?” 

“You are very wise, sister.” He huffs. “Very well, let us dwell on it no longer. Instead I should like to brag to Anthony that you chose a blade of my fashioning over his.” His smirk is playful and Darcy can’t help but giggle.


They enter the common room and Darcy’s so excited to show off her present she doesn’t really think before she speaks. 

“Bucky look at my sword!” She shouts the second she’s off the elevator pushing her hips  toward his face.Sam must have gone to bed or he’d be laughing at the bewildered owlish look on Bucky’s face. Bucky blinks rapidly at her pelvis for a moment before seeing the actual weapon 

“That certainly would explain a lot about you Lewis.” Tony sniggers from behind his glass. Darcy glowers. 

“As if I would call my hypothetical dick a sword!” She scoffs. “It’d be a Thompson gun” She smirks. Bruce chokes out a laugh and even Tony cracks a smile. 

“I happen to be a weapons expert Doll” Bucky winks with a smile. Darcy pats his head affectionately and beams at Thor..

“So am I Buck, so am I” 

Asleep after her filling meal of worms and cat food, Pancake sends dream treats to the sticky froggos! ^°^

Hello Pancake! 😀🐸

Voigt says thank you, she is now dreaming about the delicious treats! 😊

She likes your spiky jacket with pink ears very much! And she is impressed you have a special house just for napping! 

Voigt sends you some kissies and a big dream hug! 🐸

Aggayu painting by Erik Oliveras

Agayu (Aganju, Aggayu) is the brother of Shangó. He is the volcano, the deserted places, the fire in the earth. Agayu is also the ferryman who takes people across Oshun’s rivers, and for this reason he and Oshun have a very close and special relationship. In many houses, children of Oshun must receive Agayu either in their Kariocha or at their ebo meta (three month ebó, the first ritual obligation a new priest must perform following their initiation). Agayu is also closely related to Egun (the dead), and as a result has a close association with Oyá. One elder who is now iba’e taught me that Agayu is an Orisha who will save his omo (children) without asking for anything in return - which is exactly why we must never forget to give him something to show our gratitude. Maferefun Agayu Sola! Biaya!

Can I get the boys with their s/o on St Patricks day??

I don’t know too much about the event itself but I certainly hope I met your standards, anon! Also, it was really fun to write!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • This man is so hyped for St Patrick’s day
  • You can’t tell he’s excited by normally speaking to him before the actual day, and you actually don’t find out how happy he is until the morning of March 17th
  • Because st patrick’s day is all about irish folklore!! Why the hell would he not go full out on St patrick’s day???
  • Tbh he probably wears green so much in remembrance of the leprechauns
  • When you wake up all you see is green confetti everywhere
  • Your clothes for the day are all green (the shirt says kiss me i’m irish)
  • The breakfast waiting for you downstairs is green (the shape of the pancake is probably supposed to be a clover)
  • And somehow he has green flowers downstairs for you?? Apparently they are Hydrangeas and they represent wellness and youth and harmony
  • When you two leave the house to go on a very special St patrick’s day stroll, he refuses to wash any of the paint off his face. He also refuses to not pinch anything that is not wearing green
  • He also makes sure anything he eats that day is green and that when, at night, he will prepare a cold/warm bath for you and him
  • And its green
  • Obviously
  • The entire day, unlike your boyfriend, you are spending the day laughing at his adorable plans
  • Because when do you get to see a normally composed man get so excited about little green men??

Rantarou Amami Avocado Son

  • Okay so if you insist on wearing green, then he has to too.
  • But he doesn’t want to! It doesn’t really fit his pair of jeans for that day. But he has green hair, so you can stop trying to pinch him now!
  • Honestly, he doesn’t celebrate it much, but he finds your excitement of the silly basics really cute
  • He even buys you a tacky shirt that says “Kiss me, I’m Irish”
  • It’s mostly just an excuse to kiss you more

Ouma Kokichi

  • Normally, when you see members of ouma’s secret society, they wear dark purple.
  • But today, they are all wearing the brightest neon green that there is in the universe.
  • And they are running around, pinching random strangers who are not wearing green
  • You often wear green on St patrick’s day, but you are over shadowed by Ouma’s Pepe mask and DAT BOI costume
  • He’s also wearing one of those kiss me im irish shirts and is dangling four leaf clover necklaces over your neck
  • And because at midnight, when it was March 17th, you were wearing gray pajamas and not green, Ouma pinched you until you would at least put on green socks
  • So you are laughing at his pranks because they are so funny, while strangers are yelling at him and his comrades for disturbing the peace.
  • And if leprechauns are supposed to represent pranks, then you have one small ouma-chaun for this St patrick’s day!!

Shuuchi Saihara

  • He doesn’t really celebrate St Patrick’s day…
  • But nevertheless, he will wear green, although it clashes with his normally black outfit
  • So can you please stop pinching him?
  • He also buys you a bag of chocolate coins because after being surrounding by merchandise all day he starts to get into the mood
  • He thinks it’s adorable how excited you are over this holiday so he buys you little four leaf clover stickers and lets you stick some on his face
  • But you think it’s cute when you see how red his face becomes when you put stickers on him

Kaito Momota

  • You two get into the ultimate pinching war the moment you wake up
  • Because no one has green pajamas and no one was wearing green when St Patrick’s day started!!
  • So one hand is trying to get through the sleeve of your sweater and the other one is trying to defend yourself from Kaito’s pinches
  • After you are both change, Kaito brings out some green paint and he asks you to paint his face with those “cool stripes that make me look tough”
  • He says he’s going to war
  • But with who?
  • He’s going after Ouma this St. Patrick’s day??
  • And he’s going to try and pinch him as much as possible??
  • And he wants your help to ambush Ouma??
  • You’re not sure how well it’s going to turn out. But Kaito is so excited and he looks like a pleading puppy so you can’t help but offer your assistance
  • The moment you reach Ouma’s base, it’s oddly quiet. His house isn’t decorated at all and there are no society members outside
  • Kaito thinks this is the perfect opportunity
  • But the moment he takes another step you two are ambushed and SABOTAGED!!
  • Ouma has set up his members with cannons that shoot out green paint! And they are spraying you two with a whole lot of it!
  • Kaito’s first instinct is to push you down and shield your body from ouma’s attacks. By the time the members leave, you and Kaito are plastered in green paint.
  • Kaito is completely green and it’s hilarious
  • He’s a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to attack Ouma but you’re laughing and smiling and that’s all that matters to him.
  • So when you go back home to clean yourselves off, you’re laughing all the way
  • It has definitely been the most eventful St. Patrick’s day you had!


  • What? He’s supposed to wear green otherwise he gets pinched??
  • Kiibo is very confused
  • And you are also very confused because you have no idea how to pinch a robot.
  • But Kiibo doesn’t have any clothes. And all of the clothes that are green from your closet don’t fit him!
  • Fine! We will just go see Iruma!
  • Iruma also pinches him the moment that you see her, and it’s a bit difficult to explain your dilemma
  • So she tinkers with some things in the corner and somehow she concocts a green paint for metal that will wash off when wiped off with a moist towel
  • Kiibo’s a little iffy about the moist towelette, but when you remind him that Iruma water-proofed him a while back, he becomes more reassured.
  • So now you spend the day with a happy green robot
  • “This is what humans do, right?”
  • When you go home and clean him off, he thanks you with multiple kisses!
  • So happy ending!
  • Unfortunately his face was still green when he kissed you and some of the paint got onto your face
  • Happy ending?

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You brought one of those “Kiss me, I’m Irish” hats from the nearby store
  • So when you got home that night, Gonta just looked at you questioningly.
  • Why does he have to kiss you because you’re Irish?
  • You say it’s just a quote for St. Patrick’s day
  • St patrick’s day? Did Gonta forget to celebrate an important event with his s/o? Gonta starts apologising immediately because not celebrating an important event with his loved one is not gentlemanly at all!
  • Gonta’s so busy worrying about it but Gonta still asks you what people do on that day
  • Oh, they pinch people who aren’t wearing green, do silly pranks, and basically celebrate irish folklore
  • Gonta had a look of terror when Gonta realises that MOST OF HIS BUGS ARE NOT GREEN
  • You try to calm Gonta down when Gonta immediately gets up to go craft some “bug clothes”. Don’t worry! People won’t pinch Gonta’s bugs!
  • But if Gonta is going to celebrate St Patrick’s Day right, then Gonta must pinch anyone who is not wearing green.
  • Including his bugs (Because they deserve to be treated like people)
  • You end up watching Gonta for a straight four hours making “Bug clothes” out of scrap material and dressing each individual bug
  • It is the sweetest thing and you absolutely love this gentle giant.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He refuses to wear the outfit you picked for him today.
  • It’s not that he doesn’t want to disappoint you or insult your fashion sense…
  • But out of all things, why did you buy him a leprechaun costume?
  • After lots of nagging, you finally convince him to put it on.
  • He still refuses to put on the beard and will still keep his adorable beanie. But whatever! At least you two will match now!
  • Other than that your day is pretty normal. The only difference is that you cannot stop laughing because Ryoma looks absolutely ADORABLE
  • It’s definitely not the last time you will ask him to wear such ridiculous costumes!
  • You also make sure to reward him with lots of small kisses and stuff like that

I wish people would realize that no sign is bad. Every archetype teaches us a lesson. Every sign is represented somewhere in our chart, even if it’s just on a house cusp. Scorpio is not evil, Gemini is not crazy. Maybe the extreme examples of these signs turn some of us off because of perceived badness in their actions and behavior. Just like we associate things like talking to yourself or delusions as bad/unwanted because they’re associated with mental illness. But these things exist in the world. The obsessive, all-consuming depth of Pluto and Scorpio exists in the world… in good ways and bad ways. He detached, versatile, constantly searching and questioning nature of Mercury and Gemini exists in the world, too… we can’t ignore things or cast them out just because sometimes we don’t like the way they present themselves m, or how they present within ourselves. It’s important to understand every sign, every axis, every planet, every house… they all have a very special, important meaning. In order to understand ourselves fully we must understand others, the world, and how all 3 interact…

I know this has been said before but I’m saying it again because it’s just that important to me.

Venus in the 7th House can be obsessed with love. They bounce from partner to partner, believing that each one is ‘the one’. They are attracted to stereotypically feminine fashion, style, and aesthetics; men with Venus in the 7th House are sadly often teased by their peers because of this. They see marriage, or a healthy and long-term relationship, as the epitome of a happy life and may feel as if they will be incomplete without it. They are highly romantic and make their partner feel very special indeed.


One of our personal favourite entries, Ansty Plum, a 1960s modernist house renovated by London firm Coppin Dockray, has been shortlisted for the 2016 RIBA House of the Year. The home is located in a small village in Wiltshire, England. It was built in 1962 by architect David Levitt – who later went on to establish Levitt Bernstein – and then extended in the early 1970s Brutalist architects Alison and Peter Smithson. “Ansty Plum is a very special 20th century house, resurrected for viable modern living without damaging the spirit or the fabric of the original. In the house what has been taken away, and what has not been added is as important as what has been rescued or retained.”

Remember Me (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Summary: You met Stiles since you could crawl, but being forced to move by your parents. After two years you come back to Beacon Hills and to surprise Stiles you visit him at his house. 

Pairing: Stiles x Reader 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Season: Maybe season 5?

Originally posted by el-chico-depresivo-y-suicida


Younger age (year eight) 

You couldn’t believe it. You’re moving away from Beacon Hills. You argued with your parents and begged them not too but they wouldn’t listen. 

Your heart broke when you got the news, how on earth are you suppose to tell your best friends? What would Scott and Stiles say? 

It was easier to tell Scott about your move and he comforted you. 

But how do you tell Stiles? 

You had an massive crush on him since you ever first met him. Which was when you could crawl was when you knew him. When you were three was when you got to be best friends with him. Year five was when you realised that you had feelings for him. 

But now you loved him, but such silly feelings because you knew he didn’t like you back. But you needed to tell him. 

You found Stiles at that place where you, Scott and Stiles would always hang out at. Under a tree in the woods. But this tree is very unnatural, like you guys can only find it, and that’s a good thing. Like if Jackson wanted to find us and beat up Scott and Stiles you all go to that spot, or to someone’s house. 

But this place is very special to you. It’s like a friendship tree, it’s where you always go to hangout after school, when your sad and need someone to talk too. Or even to get away from your parents. 

But this time, it’s none of those things. Instead it’s about telling Stiles about you moving away. 

You walk over to Stiles and sit under the tree. You turn to look over at him as he does the same thing.

“Hey, I’ve uh… gotta tell you something.” You said as he frowns but faces fully towards you.

“Go ahead.” He said as you look down, already feeling the pain in your stomach, the limp in your throat. You look into his chocolate brown eyes, studying them to remember what they looked like. 

You take a deep breath and calmed yourself down. You closed your eyes just for a brief second. You opened them to face the brown ones you fell in love with.

“I’m moving away, I won’t come back.” You said as Stiles’s eyes widen in shock. You can tell that his sad, just by the look in his eyes. 

He looks down biting his lip. You look away feeling already rejected and sad. You already feeling the tears roll down your face. But you felt his hand on your cheek and turning you around to face him. You feel the heat rushing through your cheeks. 

Then all of a sudden his lips are on yours. Making you completely taken back, your eyes widen so big like an owl’s eyes. But then you start to relax and kiss back. 

He pulls back and your foreheads touch mindlessly. He looks at you as you do the same.

“Promise me one thing?” He ask as you look at him strangely. You nodded your head.


“Remember me? Remember everything that we did, remember all the things we said, remember all the wildest things that we done, remember all the fun things that you and me have. But remember me. Please.” He begged as you smile as tears already falling. You nodded as you hugged him. 

“I’ll always remember you, you’re my best friend remember.” You said as he hugs you back too. 

“You’re my best friend too.”

~*~*~Two Years Later~*~*~ 

You were back at Beacon Hills, forever now. You begged your parents to let you move back and live with your grandparents. And they finally let you. 

You were over the moon when they told you yes. You cried to yourself to sleep because you couldn’t believe that they agreed to you. 

But now your back and the first thing to do is go to Stiles house. You haven’t told Scott or Stiles that you’re back but to leave it all as a surprise. 

You walk up to the Stilinski house hold. You stop dead in your tracks, remembering all the times you were here. You shake the feeling and knock on the door. You could hear steps running down and then the door opens up. 

You are faced with those same chocolate brown eyes you have been craving to see. It was Stiles who answered the door. His eyes widen in shock, he looked like he seen a ghost. But you are no ghost, just an friend who hasn’t been here for awhile. 

“Y/N? Is that really you?” He asked you as you chuckle, you smile widely. 

“Hey Stiles.” You said as he began crying and you quickly hugged him and he hugs you back in an heartbeat. 

“I missed you so much.” He mumbled and you started to cry, already feeling the limp in your throat. 

Originally posted by uzaydakipizzac1

“I missed you too.” You said as it felt like forever hugging. 

But you both let go, Stiles looks at you as he grabs your cheek. You blushed as he leans closer towards you and you do the same thing. Your lips touch once again, feeling butterflies in both stomachs. You both craved for this again and finally got what you wanted. 

“Stiles who’s at the door? Oh hey Y/N…Y/N YOU’RE BACK!” Before you knew it you felt Scott jump on you and making you laugh. 

“Scott can’t breathe.” You said as Scott let’s you go and smiled. 

“How are you back?” He asked you as you smile widely.

“I’m staying with my grandparents, so I’m staying here for a long time.” You explain as Stiles and Scott smiles. 

“Wanna come in?” Stiles asked you as you smile and nod. 

“I’ll be happy too.” You said as you smile widely. 

Nothing’s better than home.


buckybarnesthewintersoldier  asked:

You should read the comics instead of getting people to spoil it for you. Ths story being told through CA:SR, thunderbolts and secret empire is fantastic and well worth reading

I don’t read comics, that’s some gay shit.

Alternatively, imagine, just imagine, perhaps, if, say, your dad was born during World War II, in one of the most bombed towns in England. Imagine if your grandfather fought Nazis and did a damn good job of it, but risked his life to do so. Imagine, if you will, if your grandmother’s family was Jewish. Now imagine how they’d feel if you started reading comics about all of them being killed in an ‘alternate not alternate’ reality and called it entertainment.

Alternatively alternatively, imagine, perhaps, not having much money and wanting to vet things before you buy them because perhaps you won’t like them, especially if they contain FUCKING NAZI BULLSHIT.


The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents a very special, 2014-themed dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This is going to be a year for fitting the pieces of your life together, for making sense of a messy world, for finding places where you can fit, places where you can live, places that let your weirdest dreams start to breathe. This year is going keep you in motion, keep you working–the world won’t give up anything easily, this year, but it will reward your work and your curiosity and your kindness. Spend time talking on the phone this year, spend time writing long wild letters, spend time listening to people you love.

Taurus: This year, things are going to move steadily, not fast–this year’s going to be about some kind of bright patience, about setting your sights on something in the distance, about staying on course and focusing and getting closer to the world you want. Demand all the warmth and kindness and glowing love that you need, this year. Trust that you deserve all of this. Trust yourself enough not to settle for a single thing. Trust yourself enough that you can be brave, enough to do things that make your heart thump loud in your chest.

Gemini: This year will be full of mysteries, full of things that are wild and new for you, full of travels through places that don’t have a map. The world has so much to give you this year, so many things for you to see. Be gentle with yourself and see what grows inside your heart. Be brave for yourself and see what bright new worlds open up. Read so much, read everything, read the stuff that makes you cry, read the stuff that fills you up with all the fire you need to keep on living.

Cancer: This year, when the world around you starts to come together, when it starts to make sense, then work on building a place where you can live. Work on making a place that feels like a home, someplace where your friends can visit, or where your kitchen is clean and bright, or where you can fall asleep easily and dream that you’re floating and light. Work on telling stories that can sustain you, work on building friendships that can keep you whole. Learn about the place where you live, go on walks, keep your eyes and your heart open wide.

Leo: This is a year for cultivating the things you need to survive this world, the things you need to grow strong, the things that you need to make peace with your own wild heart. It’s a year for learning and remembering how precious you are, it’s a year for valuing yourself, it’s a year for expanding the wild and gentle ways you know how to love yourself and other people. Do things that make your world softer, things that make your world sweet. Take naps, buy new sheets for your bed, grow lemon balm in your garden.

Virgo: This year you will be able to float, you’ll be able to soar, you’ll have strength beyond anything you ever expected. This year you’ll be able to do anything you want. Focus on the steel in your bones and focus on the warmth in your heart. You have everything you’ll need to go big, to live well, to find a space for yourself in the world you most want to live in. Trust yourself and see where it takes you. Dream about colors. Grow plants on your porch, on your windowsill, in a quiet little pot on your desk.

Libra: This year’s going to be bright and fast and really great for you, full of friendship and good news and hard work. Feel this as the gift that it is and still, don’t forget to let yourself be dreamy. Make time to laze around alone, and to go on long rambling walks, and to sit under trees or swim in the ocean or let strange spinning thoughts grow inside you. Make time for beautiful things, make time for the weirdest parts of yourself. This year, spend time with babies or spend time with animals. This year, practice being very tender.

Scorpio: This year will be one for building, one for growing, one for moving upward, higher and higher, towards the heavens, towards the sun. It can be dizzying and it can be easy to get scared by how far your world is expanding, to get nervous by how close you are to your most perfect dreams, but the world’s going to be on your side this year, so try to let it carry you, try let its strange tides guide you. Go someplace you’ve never been before, go someplace that makes you feel small, go somewhere where the world starts to feel infinite.

Sagittarius: This year is going to be a time for letting loose, a time for stoking the fiery core of your heart, a time for letting out your most powerful self. Let your dreams and desires get a little wild, a little ravenous. Let them burn you up inside, let them haunt you, let them make you shout, let them make you move. Get a weird new haircut this year, or let it grow out long and wild, or paint your nails bright. Make your body as beautiful as you want it to be, as weird as you want it to be.

Capricorn: This year’s going to so strange, it’s going to be so lucky, it’s going to be such a bright shimmering gift. Things are going to shift this year, they’re going to change and buckle underneath your feet, they’re going to move. Let these changes move you, let them teach you, let them show you whole new parts of the sky. Let them show you whole new depths of your own wild feelings. Let yourself be changed. Work on learning new ways to nurture yourself this year. Learn how to cook food that makes you strong.

Aquarius: If you let it, this year is going to be dazzling, it’s going to be the best. If you commit, if you let your energy move through the world, if you give yourself permission to be loud and wild, this year’s going to be so big. It’s a year for big changes and big moves. It’s a year for doing everything like you’re trying to set an example for your own self. It’s going to be a year for making noise, a year for singing, a year for learning all the different things that your own voice can do.

Pisces: This year, try to build your life around bravery and guts and conviction. This year, work on building a life where you can know your own worth, fully and completely. Work on strengthening the parts of your life that shine, that glow like gold, that let you feel your own bright magic rising up inside yourself. Don’t forget other people, but live for yourself this year. Dedicate yourself to the projects that are just for you, the ones you don’t even need to show anyone if you don’t want to, the ones that make your heart feel full.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

{PART 6} Being on a reality T.V show with GOT7 & BTS

Pairing: Jaebum x You (featuring members of GOT7 and BTS)

Rating: SO MUCH ANGST I CANT // A little fluff yay

Summary: You are the leader of a very popular idol girl group. You are taking part in Koreas version of “Big Brother” where you will live with GOT7 and BTS for three months. You start to get close to Jaebum, GOT7′s leader. What will happen?

{PART 1} {PART 2} {PART 3} {PART 4} {PART 5} {PART 6} {PART 7}


Jaebum awoke the next morning to find that he was the first one awake. He fumbled around in the dark to search for his watch. “5:59am…Why…” he groaned as he bounced back down on the bed, resenting the fact he had woken up a few hours before the usual siren rang out to disturb the whole house from their slumber.

He sighed as he pulled himself to the side of the bed, adjusting the covers as he did so. He found his gaze landing on you, examining just how peaceful you looked as you slept. Jaebum couldn’t help but smile to himself, his eyes disappearing into half moons at the sight of you, gently snoring and your mouth open a little to accommodate said snores. He leaned over, carefully, and put his face in front of yours while resting on his arms on top of your bed. “I can’t wait to kiss you when the time is right. I can’t wait to do everything perfectly” he thought to himself, still smiling. You stirred slightly, causing him to move backwards as not to startle you. He sat still for a few more minutes, making sure he didn’t wake you before getting up and heading into the bathroom.

No sooner had Jaebum finished doing his business in the toilet, he heard the bathroom door open and someone step inside.

“Hey, I’m almost done in here” he called out, making sure to put the toilet seat down in case it was you or another one of the girls. He exited the small toilet room into the main bathroom, and to his disappointment, it wasn’t you who had walked in.

It was Jungkook.

Jaebum’s jaw tightened as he laid eyes on the boy, averting his gaze towards the sink as he made his way over to wash his hands. Jungkook just stood there, silent.

As the awkward silence continued, Jaebum decided he had had enough of this.

“Are you going to say something or are you going to stand there all day?” he said as he turned around to face him.

Jungkook took a deep breath before beginning. “Jaebum…I just wanted to apologize to you for how I behaved yesterday…I didn’t know what I was thinking, and you were right. If not for you…maybe (Y/N) would have gotten extremely hurt by our actions…”

Jaebum waited a few minutes before responding. He was still furious with him, but remembering your words last night, he was going to try his best to be forgiving.

“At least you realise now. But, I wonder why you’re apologizing to me, and not to (Y/N)? Anyways, it’s not like you’re the one who threw her in. Just…have more sense next time. If you and Jackson hadn’t been edging Namjoon on,  it would have been less fuel for the fire.” Jaebum felt quite proud of himself at how he was able to be so calm. Thinking of you had that effect on him.

Just when Jaebum thought the conversation was over and began walking towards the door, Jungkook added;

“…I wasn’t finished, Jaebum.”

Jaebum stopped in his tracks, but didn’t turn around to face Jungkook.

Jungkook walked towards Jaebum, stopping a few steps behind him.

“If you don’t tell her, then I will

Jaebum felt rage burn inside him at the younger boys words. He couldn’t contain his anger any more, as he immediately turned around to face Jungkook.

“Oh? What exactly do you plan on telling her?” he asked, playing dumb.

Jungkook chuckled and went on.

“I’m going to tell her how you’re using her just so you can win. You have no problem telling other people their mistakes and pointing out their flaws, Jaebum. But you should really take a look in the mirror from time to time.”

Jaebum couldn’t control himself any longer and grabbed Jungkook by the neckline of his shirt and rammed him against the wall, causing several things to shake and fall off the shelves to the ground.

“You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. You better wipe that shit-eating grin off your face right now before I smack it off” Jaebum growled, his voice dropping several tones lower.

“Go ahead, hit me. At least that way, you’ll be kicked out of the house and (Y/N) won’t have to get hurt by your ‘secret mission’ or whatever the hell you call it” Jungkook said in a shaky but very serious voice. He knew that Jaebum could knock him out then and there as he was much bigger than him.

Jaebum slowly loosened his grip on Jungkook and started laughing. Jungkook began to look confused and a little scared. This was a side of Jaebum he had never seen before.

“You think you have all the angles, don’t you? You have no idea what my intentions are. All you are is a kid who is jealous, and that’s not my problem.” Jaebum stared right into Jungkooks eyes, chest rising and falling from how furious he was.

Jungkook snorted as he fixed his clothes, smoothing out the creases before adding “I may not have all the angles, but I do know this; you have 3 days to tell (Y/N) about the challenge. Confess. Or, I’ll kiss her instead”

Jaebum scrunched his eyebrows together at the boys words, as he watched him leave the bathroom with a grin on his face. “Who the fuck does he think he is?!” he screamed to himself, before punching the wall next to the mirror, causing a loud, dull thump to echo throughout the bathroom. Jaebum winced in pain as he brought his hand towards his chest, knuckles red and starting to throb.

He couldn’t believe Jungkook. Not only had he seriously gotten everything wrong, but if he was to tell you, it would make Jaebum out be the bad guy, and Jaebum knew this all too well. He wasn’t about to let Jungkook ruin his chances with you.

Before exiting the bathroom, Jaebum splashed some water on his face to cool himself down. He couldn’t let anyone in the house see how worked up his encounter had gotten him. Especially not you, and especially not all of the public.

He returned to the room, to find you awake and sitting up straight, with Jungkook sitting on the edge of your bed, both of you laughing and giggling. Jaebum felt his anger rise again, but quickly gathered himself. “Stop it Jaebum, he’s just doing it to get a rise out of you. You have to control yourself” he repeated in his head, and he walked towards the door to the main house.

Except when he got there, the door was locked. Jaebum tried again with more force to open the door, but to no avail.

“What’s wrong JB?” Bam Bam asked, noticing Jaebum’s ongoing battle, him VS the door.

“The damn door won’t budge” he groaned, still trying to unlock it.

“Let me try” you said, coming up behind Jaebum, smiling into his face gently. His face softened at the sight of yours. You went to grab the doorknob, but accidently grabbed his hand instead.

Usually, this would have made Jaebums heart skip a million beats, but since punching the wall it made his hand throb in excruciating pain, causing  him to retract his hand into his chest immediately. You noticed the obvious look of pain on his face, and it didn’t take a genius to know that he was hurt.

“Oh my god, Jaebum did I hurt you? Let me see, what happened?” you asked out of pure innocence.

The whole room now had their eyes on both of you, wondering what was wrong.

Jungkook watched from the other side of the large bedroom, donning an interested smile and wondering how Jaebum would respond to you.

Jaebum looked at you, nervously before smiling and showing you his hand.

“Ahh, I slipped in the shower this morning and fell straight down on my knuckles. I’m so clumsy, right?” he giggled, in turn making you laugh.

“Seriously?! Am I going to have to save you now too? Don’t be so careless you big dummy!” you said, half joking, half serious. It hurt your heart to know that he was in even the slightest bit of pain. You gently took his hand in yours, and rubbed it before shaking your head at him. Jaebum could feel tiny butterflies starting to take flight in his stomach at your gentle touch.

“Well, if you love birds could move out of the way, I’d like to try and get this door open, hmm?” your group member Hyemi teased, as she also tried to open the door – but no luck. You noticed how Jaebum blushed a little at her words and you couldn’t help but think it was adorable.

“They’ve locked us in, apparently” said a still sleepy Yoongi, peaking out from behind his covers.

“But I’m hungry, what if they keep us in here all day? What if we starve? What if-“ Jackson began complaining, but was soon cut off by Mark.

“I doubt they will keep us in here for long, just be patient guys” said Mark.

“Good morning housemates! This is Big Brother. We hope you had a good sleep last night, as today will be a very physically demanding day!” you all heard the familiar voice of Big Brother over the speakers.

You all looked at each other in confusion, waiting for Big Brother to continue.

“Today, you will all be taking part in a group challenge! So please listen carefully as I explain the rules.”

Your heart started to beat faster as you anticipated Big Brothers words.

“You may be wondering why you are all currently closed off from the rest of the house; this is because we are preparing something very special for you all! Today, you will all split up into two teams – The Red Team, and The Blue Team. Jaebum will lead the red team, and (Y/N) will lead the blue team and will be given the opportunity to pick whoever they would like on their team . For the next 3 days, each team will be set a certain number of physically and mentally demanding tasks to complete. By the end of the three days, the team with highest number of tasks completed will win, and….one person from the loosing team will be sent home.”

You all gasped at the announcement. Excited and nervous whispers spread through the room like a naked flame to gasoline.

“Oh and…the winning team will decide on the person from the loosing team that they want to leave the house. That is all, please standby for more instructions. You will be able to enter the house soon”.

Big Brother ended the PSA, leaving you all shocked and in silence.

Jungkooks eyes immediately found Jaebums as they both stared at each other from opposite ends of the room, both of them with the exact same thought dancing around in their minds.

“I’m going to win, and you’re going to be the one to leave…”

Hairstyles and hats, ca. 1830: part 1

Another gigantic fashion post today.

Hair, hair, hair.  Let’s talk about hair.  It’s such an important marker of beauty in any given period, for men as well but especially for women.  I always figured this is why historical movies can be so reluctant to portray women in period hairstyles if those hairstyles happen to conflict with modern standards of beauty.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a period flick and been so impressed with the work of the costume designer, only to have their meticulous efforts spoiled by the shoddy hair and makeup design.  

^^^Yep, you too, Les Mis movie.  What is with this hair???  My modern eyes say, “hey, it’s cute,” and my 1830s eyes say, “wtf is this bedhead? put your hair up, girl!”

This seems to be a thing for actresses more than actors, and I don’t know whether it’s the actresses who demand that they not be “uglied” up, or the director, or the hair designer him/herself, but whoever it is needs to grow up and realize that hot women will still be hot in 1830s sausage curls and apollo knots, and hot men will still be hot in mutton chops and under-the-chin beards.  Sorry, /end rant.  But really, movie industry, can we get on this?

So, ca. 1830 ladies’ hair.  The most stereotypical image of this period’s hairstyles is the ringlets on the sides and the coiffure à la chinoise up the back, garnished with all kinds of wild shit, from real flowers to tortoiseshell combs, from lace veils to ostrich plumes, from strings of pearls to turbans:

Coiffure à la chinoise is a hairstyle accomplished by pulling the majority of the (very long) hair tightly back and twisting it up into huge loops on top of the head.  This political cartoon (which I’ll discuss at more length some other time, because it is awesome) shows the scalp-tugging process of hairdressing:

Professional hairdressing was mostly a men’s occupation ca. 1830, though many ladies’ maids were also used to do a lady’s hair on a day-to-day basis.  The professional hairdresser would make house-calls for special occasion hairdos, especially for very wealthy clients, but he also worked out of a brick-and-mortar shop.  These hairdressing salons, much like those of today, were usually located in fancy shopping districts, especially the upscale shopping galleries like the Galerie Vivienne or the Passage des Panoramas (more on these in a later post–I love 1830s shopping galleries).  The professional hairdresser advertised through fashion plates, which often give the name both of the dressmaker and the hairdresser whose fashions are being featured.  There are also fashion plates just for hairstyles or hat styles, which show a front and back view for each.  The hairdresser’s art was just that: an art.  His hairstyles were living works of art, statues sitting on top of a lady’s head, and he could command fees accordingly.  He would be employed either by the very wealthy or for special events.  Less wealthy women could have their maids do their hair, or else do it themselves.

The typical process of 1830 hairdressing began by parting the hair into three sections: one shorter one on each side of the forehead and one longer one in the back.  The hair’s part is sometimes located in the center, sometimes on the side, and sometimes v-shaped, like this:

The side sections are curled into ringlets with curling tongs (or else with curling papers or cloths), while the back section is yanked (painfully) into those loops and braids and pinned into place.  Pomade is used to keep the hair on top and in the back smooth and straight and shiny.  Lots of fake hair pieces are used, too, since of course not everyone is equally endowed, hair-wise.

^^^Here are some mid-19th century false curls mounted on a ribbon, to be tied on the head.

^^^This is another set of ca. 1830 false curls, with its own storage box and all!  Of course, when I say “false,” I don’t mean the hair: it’s real human hair.  This is the sort of thing that Fantine’s glorious blonde hair would have gone towards making.  There are also fake hairpieces for the back of the hair, fake curls, fake loops, fake braids, and so on, but I haven’t yet come across any surviving examples.  Female Enjolras would have had to make generous use of these when dressing as a woman, since her hair is cut short for her masculine disguise.  (Oh Jesus, let’s not consider the possibility of a side story where female Enjolras ends up unwittingly using hairpieces made from Fantine’s hair…………O__O)

^^^Another late 1830s hairpiece.  Most of these fake hairpieces would be intended to be used underneath a morning cap or turban, with just the curls sticking out the front, like so:

This makes it a little easier to see how the fake curls could be tied on with a ribbon or fixed with a net and still not be too obvious.

Back to the coiffure à la chinoise.  This style supposedly got its name because 1820s/30s people thought it looked like the traditional hairstyles of Chinese women.  (I can kinda see that…..?  Though really it looks more like the traditional topknot of Chinese men.)  The giant hair loops of the coiffure à la chinoise are sometimes called “apollo knots” as well, though really that applies better to loops like these ladies have, which are imitations of those seen on antique Greek statues of Apollo:

These ladies also have hair pins shaped like a “cupid’s arrow,” which seems to have been a trend at one point:

There are plenty of apollo knots and chinoise hairdos in this period, but really, the hairstyles of the late 1820s/early 1830s are actually quite varied, much more so than I thought before I started researching this stuff.  The size and number of the curls, whether they are pinned up on the head or allowed to fall in ringlets alongside the face, or whether there are even curls at all; whether the back of the hair is pulled into loops, swept up in ringlets, braided into a crown shape, and whether it’s decorated with feathers, braids, beads, pearls, hair combs, pins, flowers, veils, ribbons, etc.–all of these points vary widely, sometimes from year to year, but also within each year, according to the individual’s taste.  

I’m just going to put up a bunch of hairstyles from between 1825 and 1835, and you can see the wide variety for yourselves:

Remember, all of these examples are from 1825-1835.  The smoother, sleeker styles generally tend to be towards the end of this period, and the curlier styles towards the beginning of the period, but sleek styles appear in the late ‘20s and curly styles appear into the ‘40s, so it’s hard to generalize.  All the beauty in variety!

Guys it’s a very special day. I finally got a dresser. My old house had a shelves built into the closet (truly the golden country). For the past 2 months, aside from what can by hung in my closet, I’ve kept the rest of my clothes in cardboard boxes and laundry baskets. The clothes would migrate all over the house from the first floor to my office (where my clothes live) on the third floor of the house. Dirties mixed with cleans. If I couldn’t find an item I’d have to run all the way down stairs digging through piles of black clothes. I was keeping jewelry in my desk. It was maddening. I may have had a 90-second hissy fit because furniture is so expensive and I kept seeing free stuff that was either ruined by the rain or got snatched up before I could get it. Like, let me tell you, the ads for some of this shit: “SHABBY CHIC! Vintage charm for $550! Rustic pale white paint job. Damage only adds to CHARM of piece! Hard offers only! Shabby chic!” No discussion of what the wood was and my mama raised me to know about furniture wood…
But i found one on offer up, my new favorite thing. For like $40. It fits in my weirdly shaped office-boudoir. Drawers a little sticky but you can sand or wax that but it is a solid drawer and now my life feels so much better!