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Can I request RFA reacting to MC proposing to them? c: Was thinking about that earlier today !! lol

I’ve read this HC before and I loooooovee ittttt sooo much I love this headcanon aaaaa I hope you guys like it as much as I do!! -Green


-honestly, it wasn’t planned at all. Kinda. You did have a whole plan for a date, very romantic and a night to remember for sure.

-but when you woke up and saw Yoosung right there, sleeping so peacefully, you just had to do it. God, you just had to marry this man. Right now .

-so you get out of bed as quietly as you can, and you whip him up a sweet cup of coffee that he taught you from his barista club, and some strawberry pancakes with whip cream 

-this boy loves sweet things so you write on the side of the plate with caramel ‘will you marry me, baby?’ 

-you did some basic latte art on his coffee, just a simple heart but you thought it was cute 

-you put it all on a small tray and brought it over to the bedroom, where Yoosung was still sleeping 

-you set the tray down on the nightstand, and sit right next to him, petting his hair and kissing his shoulders and cheeks to wake him up 

-his lil sleepy eyes are so cute that you wanna ask him right then and there but you SomeHow resist 

- “I brought you some breakfast in bed, honey” you give him the tray and he’s already surprised because !!! he loves your cooking, but what’s the occasion???

-first yoosung smiles at your cup art and drinks some of that, complimenting how cute you are and how good you are at making coffee!!! maybe even better than him?? ooo

-when he looks at the plate to see what you made, he almost misses the little words by the side. but he does see it

-at first he thinks it’s a joke. were you reinacting one of your books or something?? 

-but when he looks back at you to see you on one knee by the bed with a ring in your hand he actually screams

-without even thinking he totally throws the breakfast off the bed the coffee is safe on the nightstand thank god and jumps into your arms 

-making the two of you fall on the hard floor but he doesn’t care because “yeah!!!! yeah!! yeah, i wanna marry you!!” he doesn’t even say YES he just keeps saying YEAH. because. YEAH!!! we’re getting MARRIED! 


-saeyoung deserves the best of the best okay

-so you make a GAME out of it 

-you make him search for the ring and it’s so complex that you honestly forgot where you put the ring

-you hid it the other night and woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, waking up your soon to be fiance along with you 

-he’s cranky about it, but once he hears that you two are going on a scavenger hunt he’s BLASTING OUT THE ROOM 

-saeyoung please put on clothes we’re going outside 

-it’s really fuckin cold in the morning so you guys have to dress up warm, which to Saeyoung means 707 layers of jackets heheh

-the puzzle was made to be really challenging because you know how smart Saeyoung is, even if he pretends he isn’t 

-it’s kind of like his Valentines Date (DLC) except a lot less romantic ,, and more adventurous 

-one moment your in the bathroom until he breaks it apart to find a key, and the next moment you’re in the garage unlocking one of his babes. inside there you find a tub of ice cream, so you go to Saerans room! You find a bouquet of flowers, so now your suddenly at the supermarket! Just like that, and it goes on FOREVER  

-the last stop (where the wedding ring is) is at the top of the hill in a small dog park where the two of you had your first date. by the time you get there it’s the middle of the afternoon 

-Saeyoung isn’t even TIRED. he’s having so much fun!!!

-he has to climb one of the trees to find the ring, and you’re down on the ground and you kinda just go “o. that’s where i put it” because, again, you fucking FORGOT 

-he hangs from one of the branches and hands the ring to you, and you see the confusion on his face, but also the playfulness 

- “what could it mean??? i don’t remember a ring in our relationship. hmm… you truly are a master, because frankly, I’m stump-ed.” bu-dum cccchhhh 

-you join on in, observing the ring curiously even if you knew what it looked like.

-it was a beautiful ring. you didn’t want it too flashy, that didn’t really match his personality. it had a diamond in the middle, with two moonstones shaped in crescents to hug the diamond on each side. one reason because it was his birth stone, the other because. it was a moon stone. spaaaace

- “hmm, the only time I remember there being a ring in our relationship is when I proposed to you??” 

-Saeyoung laughs because it’s like lololol funny joke MC but then all the sudden your getting on one knee and he’s kinda just like. w h a t 

- “don’t tell me you’re going to say no and ruin the adventure already? we still have to go to the moon, you know.” You try to be cocky but your voice is trembling. you’re literally proposing to Saeyoung who is hanging upside down from a tree like a damn monkey 

-he falls off the tree 

- “OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAY??” you try to help him but he’s scrambling away from you. Your heart breaks a lil bc of that,,

-and then you see that your boyfriend is crying and he’s trying really really hard for you not to see and you don’t know if that’s a good sign or not 

- “are you crying because you love me or because you’re hurt because I’m really worried about both” a legitimate question you have to ask

-AAGAHHH it’s cause he loves you!!!! hell yeah he wants to marry you!!!

-that’s what he wants to say but he’s crying so much it comes out as a bunch of nonsense. “h yeh.. wa -nanabb… maaaarrRRYYyy-mmm y-yo-uugh-ouuu ehhhehHH!!!

-after you get him calmed down he kinda just bursts into tears at random times the rest of the day because he’s so overwhelmed with LOVE FOR YOU 


-you don’t even beat around the bush with this fuckin dork. You’ve TRIED. it DOESN’T WORK Y’ALL 

-if you don’t tell him outright about something, he’ll never know what you mean 

-you’re out at a very very fancy dinner. You don’t want to propose there because of paparazzi. you figure that the dinner will help the romantic mood though 

-after the dinner, you two go out to his private garden, and you spend the rest of your date there, walking and talking

-at one point you stop the two of you at a small little bench and request to sit down

-you continue talking while you make a flower crown for the both of you because he’s a very pretty boy and you can’t resist.

-also you need something to do with your hands because you’re so nervous and jittery 

-by the time you’re finished with them, you place one crown on your head and then offer him his 

- “would you like to be my prince, Jumin?” 

-he smiles at you, because gosh. u are… so cute. Of course he wants to be your fuckin prince !!!

- “forever. be my prince forever, okay?” 

- “okay, MC. I promise.” 

-you place the crown on his head, and without really thinking about it you place the ring on the top of his head too 

-Jumin is like “?????” 

-very confused

-when he picks it up, and sees it is an engagement ring, he almost laughs because when Jumin looks at you again you are struggling to get on one knee in the grass 

- “are you asking me to marry you, MC?” 


-Jumin full out just giggles. He’s got a little blush on his cheeks and everything. he looks damn beautiful. It’s like the guy is shining under the moonlight 

- “please god marry me Jumin Han” kinda just slips out of your mouth before you can think about it 

-he brings you up to him and gives you a very deep kiss before putting on the ring. 

- “MC, if you need me to, I’ll be your king.


-you had brought the whole RFA together at your apartment for a casual get together and game night

-and you planned to propose with everyone there 

-you just wanted it to be fun and memorable for the both of you, and to have your RFA family with you sounded amazing

-you were. v v nervous but you couldn’t tell anyone because literally everyone in the RFA would snitch without even thinking about it they’re terrible

-the party was finally at that calm, but fun air you wanted it to be. Yoosung and Saeyoung playing Just Dance on the TV, Jaehee and Zen chatting about their daily lives and his musicals while you were preparing food with Jumin.

-I think out of everyone in the RFA, Jumin is the happiest for you two, whether he say it or not

-and really…. he was the only one who wouldn’t snitch…. 

-so while you were pouring drinks for everyone, you told Jumin you planned to propose to Jaehee tonight but you weren’t sure when the best moment would be

-surprisingly he gave you a?? side hug??? 

-he was so proud of you guys aaaaa

-Jumin wasn’t the most romantic person, but he did give you good advice. Let it come naturally. Don’t think of her saying no, just think of her saying yes, because she will. Jaehee will say yes

-and that was such a relief to hear that you gave Jumin a big ol hug and a smooch on the cheek before bringing out the food 

-an hour goes by and you all are playing monopoly 

-Saeyoung and Jumin are getting all the expensive houses and constantly competing for each others cards. No one knows how Saeyoung got so much money. 

-Yoosung is making a little home with all the really cheap blocks and Zen is pulling his hair as he has to pay Jumin yet again

-then there’s you and Jaehee who watch the fire burn and maintain a normal board of moderately expensive houses. 

-and you just feel so good at the moment. You and Jaehee cuddled in a blanket with your friends all around you 

-so you turn around, kiss her on the forehead, bring out the ring and ask her to marry you


-the fighting IMMEDIATELY STOPS and everything is so quiet



- “DAMMIT JAEHEE IF YOU DON’T SAY YES, I WILL” Saeyoung SCREECHES at the top of his lungs and he looks like he’s gunna c r y 

-Jaehee does finally find her words and says yes, then the two of you kiss and everyone is standing up and cheering for the two of you 

-they force you to do a slow dance together and really you wouldn’t have it any other way 


-you don’t want to do it in public, because of paparazzi, but… Zen does love attention..

-so you decide to propose to him after one of his shoes back stage 

-you watch the whole performance with a nervous heart and shaking hands 

-the whole time you just stare at Zen and you watch how beautifully he sings and preforms. He’s amazing at what he does. You just… feel so proud of him

-you really, really hope he’ll say yes. You need him to. You don’t think you could ever get over it if Zen said no. 

-When the show is over, there’s usually a meet-and-greet with all the actors so you have to act quickly before he leaves for that and is too tired for a proposal 

-you greet him with a big hug and a kiss, which he appreciates a Whole Lot

- “hey, Zen, I was.. wondering something today.” 

- “yeah? what’s that?” 

- “would you ever… in the future.. would you ever like to get married?” 

-you catch him off guard and now he’s blushing like a FOOL 

-of course!! especially if it’s to you, and he winks. He’s just casually flirting but you’re just like THE TIME IS NOW 

-you slam down on your knee so hard that you actually start crying and Zen is just ????!!!!!! what h a p p e n e d 

-you explain in tears while bringing out the ring that you wanted to propose but you got too excited.. 


-Zen just laughs, picks you up and gives you a really big SMOOCH on the lips. pretend i didn’t say smooch because it was actually really romantic 

-he dips you, what a nerd 

-god, he loves you. he’s looking at you with such a sparkle in his eyes as he says ‘yes’ and putting on that ring, you forget all about your injury and go in for another kiss as he spins you around

-after he smugly shows all his fans the ring in pride

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Supercorp: Lena decides to get a tattoo of Kara's crest in a very intimate area. Healing time is twelve weeks. Kara wonders why Lena doesn't want Kara to touch her. Kara always means to ask but Lena distracts her by satisfying her until she's seeing stars.

Lena sat down and winced slightly; she realistically had known how much a brand new tattoo would hurt, but she still found herself slightly unprepared for just how tender she currently felt. She found herself questioning her sanity for the fourth time that afternoon for deciding to get the rather small tattoo, just below her bikini line.

Every time she moved, the tiny House of El crest ached and made Lena suck her breath in rather sharply.

She had been told that the tattoo would take twelve weeks to heal, which seemed reasonable enough, until Lena remembered she wanted the tattoo to be a surprise for Kara, which meant her girlfriend couldn’t see her without her knickers for twelve weeks. That, Lena decided, was going to be an issue.

That evening, Kara flopped onto the bed next to Lena, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Her fingers started trailing patterns over Lena’s stomach, occasionally dipping under her top to dance across the bare skin.

Lena placed down her book and turned her head to face Kara, a smirk on her lips, a quip on her tongue, but found her lips suddenly pressed against Kara’s. Lena deepened the kiss, her tongue swiping across Kara’s lips to gain entry. Kara shifted slightly, her knee moving between Lena’s legs, which caused Lena to still momentarily as she remembered her new tattoo.

In one decisive movement, Lena rolled, gently pushing Kara back onto the bed and moved to straddle her hips. Lena slowly drew her top over her head and grinned at the way Kara drank in her form. Kara moved to sit up, to undo the buttons on Lena’s trousers, but Lena took Kara’s wrists in hers.

‘Uh uh’ she tutted and moved Kara’s hands away from her, ‘let me look after you darling.’

Kara grinned, assuming she’d be able to return the favour, and settled back as Lena slowly undressed her, kissing each piece of newly revealed skin.

She convulsed as Lena nipped at her abs, and squirmed as Lena trailed kisses from her navel, lower and lower until Kara let out a small gasp as Lena ran her tongue over her clit.

Kara tangled her hand into Lena’s hair, her head rolling back against the pillow as her girlfriend continued to gently tease her with her tongue.

She looked down and locked eyes with Lena, who raised an eyebrow and brought up two fingers, slipping them easily into Kara.

Kara moaned as Lena set up a slow pace, fingers pumping at a deliberate pace to keep Kara on the edge, while slightly increasing the pressure with her tongue.

Lena continued this pace, waiting for Kara to ask for more, to beg for more.

‘Pl… please Lena’ Kara eventually relented, ‘I need more.’

Lena sped up her fingers, curling them as Kara panted above her. She felt the grip in her hair tighten and Kara’s thighs clench as Kara’s hips bucked, riding Lena’s face.

Kara came with a loud cry, repeating Lena’s name over and over again as her orgasm shook through her body.

Lena didn’t let up and continued to flick her tongue over Kara’s clit, coaxing her through her second orgasm.

As Kara’s body convulsed for the second time, Lena crawled her way back up the bed to scoop the twitching Kryptonian into her arms.

‘Gimme five mins’ Kara mumbled, ‘and I can return the favour’

‘Just sleep darling’ Lena chuckled, stroking Kara’s hair.

Less than five minutes later Lena heard low snores from beneath the blonde curls strewn all over the pillow.

Lena found that she could keep up the same pattern of behaviour over the next few nights, but feared Kara would call her out on it soon enough.

Thankfully Lena was able to distract Kara for a few weeks; diverting her attention from the fact Lena hadn’t let her touch her in two weeks. It was simple enough at first; she made sure to wear Kara’s favourite bras; the ones that pushed up her breasts and encased them in lace.

She had to get slightly more inventive when Kara questioned why Lena kept wearing her more risqué underwear, but she wasn’t a genius for nothing, and distracted Kara by providing a rather sensual lap dance.

Massages had also been used to ensure her tattoo remained a secret, but Lena was starting to feel guilty about not telling Kara, plus she was only three weeks into the twelve it would take to heal; she wasn’t sure she would survive that long.

Kara had picked up that there was something Lena was keeping from her, but she couldn’t lie; she was loving all of Lena’s distraction techniques. After all, there was no way she was quizzing Lena when she was dressed in a black lace corset with a garter belt.

Kara debated using her x-ray vision, but decided that if it was serious enough, Lena would have told her.

Finally, Lena’s tattoo healed and Lena was ready to cry with relief. As she hadn’t allowed Kara to touch her, Lena hadn’t let herself come at her own hands. She was frustrated beyond belief and couldn’t wait to show Kara her tattoo.

Kara landed on the balcony of Lena’s penthouse and followed the dim flickering light to the bedroom. Upon entering, she discovered Lena laid out on the bed, wearing only one of her checked shirts, bathed in candlelight. Her skin was luminescent as the candles scattered around the room flickered.

‘There’s been something I’ve wanted to show you for a while…’ Lena started.

‘Does this have something to do with why I have had, in my estimation, roughly a thousand orgasms in the past twelve weeks?’ Kara questioned.

‘You noticed…’ Lena bit her lip.

‘I’m not complaining!’ Kara grinned.

Lena smirked back and slowly lifted the bottom of the shirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Kara gulped.

Lena continued to raise the shirt until it was high enough to show the small crest tattooed on her lower pubic bone.

Kara stepped closer to take a look and looked up at Lena, eyes wide. ‘Is that..?’ she questioned.

Lena nodded.

‘Can I..?’ Kara didn’t finish the sentence; instead her fingers hovered over the black ink.

Lena nodded again.

Kara gently ran her fingers over the small tattoo, looking up at Lena again when she whined at the contact and her hips bucked slightly.

Kara giggled at the reaction her fingertips had caused, but stifled it when Lena cocked an eyebrow.

‘It’s been twelve weeks Kara; twelve weeks in which I have been unbelievably turned on, but not let myself come…’ Lena stated seriously.

‘You’ve not even touched yourself?’ Kara asked incredulously.

‘I thought that would be a little hypocritical as I was not letting you touch me…’ Lena reasoned.

‘You’re so wet…’ Kara marvelled as she slid her fingers down a little further, running them through Lena’s folds.

‘Twelve. Weeks.’ Lena husked at Kara slipped two fingers into her and quickly sought to bring her to release.

It didn’t take long until Lena was wrecked; panting, writhing, begging Kara to fuck her; fuck her deeper, fuck her harder.

Kara obliged and Lena toppled over the edge, Kara’s name on her lips.

Kara spooned Lena as she shuddered through the aftershocks of her orgasm, her fingers trailing down Lena’s body until they were ghosting over the tattoo.

‘Do you understand what this means?’ Kara whispered, unsure if Lena was aware of the full implications of having her crest permanently etched into her skin.

‘It means I’m yours forever’ Lena stated simply.  

12. Harry Turns 23

a little happy birthday to the wonderful man that is Harry Styles. This is part 1. Part 2 should be out this weekend if all goes to plan, also be warned that there is some sexy stuff in this so if youre not comfortable reading it feel free to skip over it.

T x

EDIT: Part two is out. Its called ‘Cant Sleep’. There is also going to be a Part 3, although i cant tell you when thats going to be coming out”

It was early afternoon when you got the call from Gemma. You had been folding laundry and putting it away on a lazy Sunday. The flat had been empty with the exception of you for the entirety of the weekend as your flatmate, Nora, who you had known since starting at the same school aged 13, had been at home with her parents for the weekend, and Harry had been away in Los Angeles for the last week, and was returning tomorrow night.

Your phone rang the familiar ring tone and you stopped folding to answer it.


“Hi, (Y/N)! All good with you?” You heard an excitable voice through the line.

“Oh, yeah, yeah all good here! What about with you?”

“I’m good, I’m good. Listen, Mum, Robin and I are planning on a long weekend away in the Maldives, with Harry for his birthday. We’ve booked this gorgeous villa, on a private beach” You nodded to yourself as you listened to Gemma talk. “It’s going to be so good. Anyway, Mum was wondering, and I think we all know that Harry would love it too, if you wanted to come?”

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Father's Day - Luke Hemmings

A/N: Okay so I’m really not happy with this, like at all, but I promised to write and this has taken me so long so here it is please don’t hate me I have another idea that’s going to be a series I think, anyways this is here, probs the shittiest I’ve written in a while so I’ll maybe delete it and redo it later for a proper Father’s Day one but I’ll stop and let you put yourselves through this if you dare ;)

You were lying cuddled into your pillows when your racing child thundered into your room at a speed that shouldn’t be run at considering the early hour unless you were one of those insane marathon runners. You faked sleep wondering if your little boy would calm down if he saw you sleeping rather than continue to race around. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to see him it was just that lately you’d been tired, not of him, but in general, Luke, your husband of five years had been away for almost two months and you were more than ready for him to come home. You missed him so much and you knew your little boy missed him enormously too.

‘Muma!’ He whisper shouted near your ear. 'Yes Jack?’ You’d asked whispering more gently. 'Are you awake?’ He asks and you open an eye carefully. At 4.36 am you didn’t want to be but you were. 'Yes sweet heart, I am, come cuddle with muma, go around to daddy’s side of the bed and crawl under the covers baby.’ You whisper an arm snaking out and ruffling his blonde hair gently, finger sweeping around to tap his little button nose so similar to Luke’s when he was a child. He smiles widely and skips around the bed to clamber up and in with you.

At age four he was by no means over cuddles, not so much in public but certainly at home he was his fathers son, cuddling at every chance. This was something you loved dearly and couldn’t have a day without, you knew you’d be heartbroken when he finally put free these cuddles.

The pair of you cuddled together for a little while, you drifted back off to sleep and eventually so did Jack. After what seemed like not a long time you were woken to a shaking little boy cuddled in so closely to you with his little hands fisted in Luke’s old t-shirt you were wearing. 'What’s happening sweet?’ You ask concerned. You pull him into you, arms around his tiny figure. 'Bad dreams muma, I keep having bad dreams.’ He’s very close to tears. You soothe him as best you can, rubbing circles on his little back. 'Do you want to talk about them?’ You ask wrapping your arms around him and rolling into your back so that he’s lying on top of you cuddled into your chest, you sit up peering down at his anxious face. 'Daddy is coming home isn’t he?’ He asks and you pull him forward kissing his curls, 'of course baby, he loves you so much, he’ll always come home for you my love always always.’ He doesn’t say anything but curls into you deeper and you reciprocate with a firm but gentle squeeze.

This keeps occurring, Jack will keep coming to you at different times during the night, worry etched on his little face. Every time you comfort him and let him sleep with you but despite this they keep coming, these dreams about never seeing Luke again, or Luke abandoning him. Every time you promise him he’ll be fine and that Luke would never leave him.

You can’t bear to tell Luke the extent of the nightmares, only that they keep happening never what they’re about, you don’t want Luke to worry more that he already does when he’s away from you and Jack. And you know the guilt will ruin Luke if he knows just how much Jack misses his dad.

When you begin to come down with a stomach virus later in the week, you send Jack to Luke’s parents place for a few days until you’re better, wanting to keep Jack from catching anything you’ve got. But Liz can’t help the little boy when he cries waking from a nightmare to find both his muma and his daddy not there. She stays up with him most of the night when he can’t get back to sleep, something you can’t thank her enough for, but to no avail.

The next day she brings him back thinking that being with his muma was better than not being sick. You thank her and she tells you to get a doctors appointment for you and your stomach. You’re feeling a little better as the day goes on but you’re still not right and after booking a doctors appointment, as Liz has requested, for the same afternoon you call Luke with Jack on your lap.

'Daddy!’ He cries out in excitement as the screen rings and rings and eventually rings out. He begins to cry just softly, and you turn him into you and let him cry until he’s done rubbing smooth circles up and down his back. He’s never been a loud crier, he just sits so terribly sadly on your lap and your heart breaks slowly watching him.

'He’s busy baby but we can ring him again this afternoon after we go to the doctors for muma yeah?’ You attempt to brighten the little boy who’s usually do cheerful up unsuccessfully. You can’t bear him like this. Despite your efforts he remains off kilter all of the afternoon.

That night trying to put jack to bed is near impossible. He’s crying and shaking and won’t let you go. It breaks your heart and so you just let him sleep with you from the beginning, you set him up in bed and shower while he settles. When you return he’s cuddled up on Luke’s pillow nearly asleep. You kiss his head gently before slipping into bed, exhausted from the day and the lack of sleep you’ve had recently. But before you sleep you send Luke’s your manager a message, its Father’s Day next weekend and you think going to visit Luke on tour as a surprise will do all of you good, Jack especially. You ask for details about what and where the boys will be and if he thinks you would be able to come for a few days.

You check your social media but end up falling asleep. Jack wakes up a few times during the night and you sooth him back to sleep again becoming gradually more concerned. The next morning you wake late, Jack is still sleeping worn out from his nightmares. You check your phone and find a message from the manager telling you not to worry about coming out, how the boys would be in the bus and not staying in hotels so it just wasn’t plausible. You were pretty annoyed but didn’t want to tell Luke your plans to just thanked him for trying anyways.

You manage to FaceTime Luke during the week, planning a time for another FaceTime for Father’s Day. This seems to cheer Jack up a little but he still has nightmares, the sadness coming back along with them.

Friday night arrives and you put jack to bed with you again, showering while he settles in again and again when you finish he’s pretty much asleep. This time you curl up cuddling him to you trying to protect the little boy from his demons in the night.

You awake to a warm kiss on your temple as Luke silently slides into bed across from you, his long arms encircling you and Jack. He kisses his little boy gently and you grin despite having just awoken. He leans across and brushes a hand down your hair softly. 'I’ve missed you so much my love, I wanted to surprise you and spend the weekend for fathers’s day it’s not a good way to spend such a special day alone.’ He says softly and you just want to feel his strong chest against yours, to be held in his strong arms. Instead you just gently lean across the sleeping little boy and kiss him as passionately as you can with a small child in the middle of you two. He reciprocates and you can’t help but grin again. Having Luke home is so surreal. 'Am I dreaming?’ You and and he chuckles softly. 'Babe it’s a little late to ask that, you’ve already kissed me, I’m totally real.’

Your feet find his large ones and tangle as much as they can. You want to desperately talk with him and cuddle into the early morning but you won’t jeopardise Jack’s sleep when he’s had so little lately. You point at Jack who begins to stir as if on cue. He starts to shake a little and clutches you. You wrap him in a strong embrace. 'Jack baby.’ You wake him gently before he can wake himself in tears. 'Muma, I thought I heard Daddy, he is coming home isn’t he? He hasn’t left?’ He says worry etched on his little face. 'Never Jacky boy, never never never.’ Luke says voice thick with emotion. Jack turns in your arms shock and disbelief on his face. 'Daddy?’ He asks and Luke wraps him in a strong embrace. 'Yeah Daddy’s here as he’s never going to leave you. Sometimes I have to work a lot and I’m sorry Jack, but I’ll always come home to you and muma.’ Luke says and you just want to hug him and save him from the guilt he’s feeling. You catch Luke’s hand gently bringing it to your lips kissing it softly and with adoration. He sends you a grateful look in return.

Jack falls back asleep cuddled against his dad the most peaceful he’s been in weeks. You can’t help but be happy with your two boys home and happy. You fall asleep with a massive grin on your face.

Saturday morning you all eat together happily, Luke says he can stay for the week but has to go back for the weekend and then another month. But after that he doesn’t have any tours planned and he’s thinking maybe a little break would be good. You smile happily before excusing yourself, not able to stomach the sweet pancakes Luke has made with Jack for breakfast. You leave Jack and Luke happily eating telling them you’re just going to lie down for a little while.

Luke is skeptical and concerned but doesn’t say anything to you about it. You end up bent over the toilet bowl emptying your stomach of last nights dinner, like you have so many mornings these past weeks. You hear Luke ask Jack to stay there and eat while he checks on you. 'You alright here little man?’ Luke asks and you hear Jack respond. 'Yes Daddy, mumas sick she’s been sick for two weeks now. She does this every morning.’ You hear him say making you cover your sweaty forehead with you shaking hands as you hear Luke thunder up the stairs. You attempt to stand and look decent but Luke is already there holding your hair back and rubbing your back as you dry heave. 'Oh baby, my love.’ He says and when you think you’re done he helps you stand and brush your teeth before letting you lean on him as he wraps you in a hug tightly. 'Let me put you in bed my love.’ He says carrying you to your bed and placing you gently in it before tugging the covers up. 'Go take Jack out and play or something I’m fine, you have to go soon just play with Jack I’ll be fine in a while.’ You tell him desperately hoping he won’t worry too much about you and that Jack will get to spend as much time as possible with his dad especially this weekend being Fathers’s Day.

'Baby, Jack said you’ve been like this for a while what’s wrong have you talked to a doctor?’ He asks clearly very worried for you. 'Yeah, I’m fine Luke go play with Jack, he’s missed you.’ You say kissing his cheek gently. 'Thank you for looking after me Luke.’ You add kissing his cheek again like a full stop. He hesitates but goes back downstairs to his little boy, but not before returning your kiss with a kiss of his own on your forehead. 'Baby if you need anything sing out and I’m going to come check on you every ten minutes I’m not leaving you alone like this I’m just worried about Jack alone in the kitchen.’ He reminds you and you giggle a little despite yourself at his over protective nature. 'Go Luke, I’m fine I’ll be alright later.’ You promise sending him away finally.

You manage to fall asleep for a while and wake up almost an hour later to your boys greeting you with tea and a gentle kiss from Luke. You sit up smiling at the kind nature of them both. 'Thanks boys, I’m so lucky aren’t I to have you two here with me.’ You say kissing Jack’s hair softly and pecking Luke’s lips before he can pull away not wanting to catch whatever you have. 'It’s okay babe you can’t catch it.’ You remark with a smile before sipping your tea. He just looks at you skeptically and slides into bed with you, Jack snuggled into his side.

You spend the day together, after lunch you feel good enough to go to the park and the three of you spend the afternoon there together.

That evening Jack is happy enough to sleep on his own bed for the first time in over a week. So you and Luke spend the evening together curled up on your bed talking about his tour and what’s been happening, all the good and the bad parts all the worries and the amazing moments. You love listening to him and you end up talking well into the next morning. At about twelve thirty you look up at him unable to contain yourself anymore. 'Luke, its Sunday morning.’ You say and he looks shocked, 'sorry babe sleep, you’re not well, you need your sleep.’ He says moving to turn the light off. 'No wait.’ You touch his arm stopping him from extending it to turn off the bedside light. 'It’s Father’s Day, and I’ve been so excited to tell you this and now I can. This is like my Father’s Day gift to you but it’s not really me it’s us anyway, Happy Fathers’s Day, you’re going to be a dad to another little hemmings.’ You blurt out taking in his shocked but delighted face and kiss him passionately when he can’t seem to say anything. In return he wraps his arms around you and holds you to him. 'I love you thank you I’m so excited thank you I love you.’ He rambles against your lips tears dripping down his face. 'Oh baby, don’t thank me, I didn’t do it alone, and it’s going to so much work but it’ll be worth it.’ You say and Luke nods along before running his big hands down your side and settling them on your ten week old baby. 'Hey baby, it’s your daddy and I love you very much, and I can’t wait to meet you.’ Luke says to your belly before lifting his shirt off your belly and kissing it gently. You giggle running a hand through his golden curls. 'I love you so much Happy Father’s Day, you’re the best Dad and i can’t wait to do this again with you.’ You say and he swipes at tears before kissing you expressing his love and adoration.

Rabbit Hole

Dean starts being honest with Sam when Sam is asleep and it turns into a habit.

“You remember,” Dean begins conversationally, adjusting his grip on the steering wheel, “when we were young and dad was the one driving? I was never any good at sleeping in the car but as soon as we hit the road, you’d drop off right away against my shoulder in the backseat.

I remember that one winter — you must have been eight or nine… The heating didn’t work and we wrapped ourselves into that god-awful excuse of a blanket. It was so scratchy and stiff and literally did nothing to keep us warm, and you still managed to sleep like a dead person.”

He pauses, glancing over at his brother’s sleeping form. Curled into himself, his breath fogging up the window where he’s got the side of his face pressed against it, he makes the occasional sleep noise and barely even stirs when the car hits a pothole on the uneven road.

Dean can’t stop the smile that’s tugging at his mouth from growing wider so he doesn’t try, giving in to it instead.

It’s too easy to lull himself into a false sense of security. Even if the world is studiously headed for damnation, in these quiet moments, nighttime on the road, nothing to keep Dean company but the engine and his brother’s breathing, it’s easy to have hope. Hope that everything is going to work out after all in the end.

Dean doesn’t believe in fairy tale endings.

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Delusional // Jung Jaehyun

the prompt: could You please do a Jaehyun of NCT angsty scenario?? au i chose: “I love you.” “You’re dating my best friend, is that supposed to make me happy?”

words: 1167

category: angst (pining)

author note: this is my first time writing a pining-type scenario so I hope I portrayed it well. I know I kinda overdid it but I couldn’t help it. please enjoy!

- destinee

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

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puppy love

genre: fluff, boyfriend!au

star of the show: SF9′s Rowoon

word count: 2,348 words

author’s note: my first sf9 fic. of course its gonna be for rowoon. 

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

opening line: “Your boyfriend is an overgrown bundle of love and affection who doesn’t realize how much strength he has because he still sees himself as a kid at heart.” 

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24 Hours of Torture

Spencer Reid x Reader 

Part 2 of this 

The team had been waiting in the hospital waiting room for more than 12 hours. Penelope was asleep on Derek’s shoulder cuddling a massive pink bunny that she had bought for Annabel. Derek was flipping through Highlights, the only magazine left available. Aaron and David were sitting in the corner quietly talking. JJ was reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar to Henry, who had insisted on coming to see Uncle Spence and his baby cousin.

It had been 23 hours since Y/N had gone into labor, 5 days after her due date. She was still in the active labor phase and was only 5 cm dilated and had to reach 10 cm before any pushing could occur.

“Are you FUCKING kidding me?” screamed out Y/N as a contraction overcame her.

“Just breathe through it Y/N, you can do it” said Spencer to help ease the love of his life.

“Shut the hell up Spencer, I’ve been at this for almost 24 hours. I DON’T WANT TO BREATHE THROUGH IT” shrieked Y/N while squeezing Spencer’s hand.

“SHIT. Y/N don’t squeeze so hard” yelped Spence.

“Unless you have a cantaloupe pushing it’s way through your fucking asshole don’t tell me what to fucking do” Y/N screeched as another contraction pushed it’s way through her.

Spencer was at a loss for how to respond and simply said, “I love you Y/N”, before wiping the sweat off her forehead and placing a kiss.

After another 20 minutes, Y/N had finally dozed off. Spencer looked at his beautiful and loving wife and thought about the day he finally worked up the courage to propose. They had been dating for almost 4 years and Penelope and Derek were badgering him for the 1000th time about when we was going to ask his “Lil’ Mama” to marry him. What he didn’t tell them was that a couple weekends prior he had gone with JJ to buy Y/N’s ring. It was a round cut 18 carat white gold diamond engagement ring. It was simple yet elegant. He couldn’t wait till he could see it on her hand every morning when they woke up and every night before they went to sleep.

It was the 4th of July weekend and Spencer and Y/N had planned a small getaway to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They had booked a room at The Villas at Hatteras Landing. Their room had a queen sized bed, a living area, a massive bathroom, a private balcony, and even a small kitchen of their own. They spent most of their trip sleeping in and laying on the beach. That Saturday was the day Spencer finally did it. He woke up early and made an elaborate breakfast, well elaborate for him, of bagels, scrambled eggs, bacon, and coffee. After they spent a very lazy morning in the room the couple finally got ready to head out for the day.

Spencer had booked a boat tour for the two at 2 pm. After the boat tour they spent the day shopping. Spencer happily followed after Y/N as she smelt every single candle and looked through all the homemade soaps. He just held her hand as they hit all the souvenir shops on Highway 12  and Y/N looked through the tacky gifts. After an amazing afternoon, Spencer and Y/N had dinner reservations, at a restaurant that Y/N and her family went to every summer they spent at the Outer Banks, Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant. They had their fill in fresh seafood and wine. After they ate till they couldn’t eat another bite the duo went on a romantic walk on the beach during sunset. During the walk, Spencer got down on one knee.

“Y/N, ever since you joined the team 5 years ago I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off of you. You were everything that I had ever imagined yet everything I also thought I would never have. The day you agreed to go out with me was the best day of my life. The past four years with you have been amazing. You’re the one I go to when I have a nightmare. You’re the one that takes care of me when I’m sick. I can always go to you with any problems. You make me a better person. You’re beautiful, loving, caring, selfless, and my entire world. So here I am, asking if you would do me the honor, of marrying me” said Spencer.

Y/N had tears streaming down her face and a look of awe.

“Babe, you have to answer me soon before I throw my bad knee out” said Spencer jokingly, although he had an irrational fear that she would say no.

Y/N, with tears still running down her face, rapidly nodded her head before saying, “Yes you idiot. Of course I’ll marry you”.

At that point Spencer, with a grin plastered onto his face, slid the ring onto the correct finger before standing straight. He pushed Y/N’s hair out of her face and wiped off her tears before saying, “I love you”, and pressed his lips to Y/N as she wrapped her hands around his neck sending shivers down Spencer’s spine. Y/N smirked into the kiss as Spencer’s arms grasped Y/N’s waist tighter and his thumb grazed the free skin available to him from the cutout on her dress.

Spencer jostled back into reality and rushed to his wife’s side as he heard Y/N scream, finally ready to push after hours of torturous labor. And after thirty more excruciating minutes they heard the angelic cry of Annabel Diana Reid.

“Look at her Spence, she’s gorgeous” said Y/N holding their baby girl for the first time.

“She already takes after her amazing mom” said Spencer before taking Y/N’s hand and gently kissing it.

A/N I wrote this piece because you guys liked the first part so much that it now has over 200 notes! You guys are freaking amazing! Also, I’m still accepting requests!


Request: can u do an imagine wherein y/n is a college student and is having a hard time balancing her studies and having a long distance relationship with Justin and Justin plans a surprise for her and does all these cute stuff to y/n.

Sorry for the wait. Hope It was worth it.

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Time. It’s either your best friend or your worst nightmare. - A blessing or a curse - A hero or a villain. There are so many scenarios that can play out around the little hands of a mechanical machine that hangs on a dull wall.

In my case, at this second, I honestly could not hate time anymore then right now. It feels like it’s purposely teasing me, trying to boil my blood with every agonisingly slow second. I swear I think I can
hear the clock laughing at me. Each tick of the hands is a tiny giggle directed only at me.

There is so little time left, yet it feels like an eternity more. Just a few more seconds…





Oh thank God! With both hands, I swipe up all my equipment from in front of me and shove them aggressively back into my book bag. Not even letting Mr Martin compete his lecture on political opinions, I rush out the door and away from that nightmare of a class.

On the campus grounds, I’m immediately greeted with rushing students all around, all with the same determined goal and that is to get as far away from this hell hole as possible. Without even sparing a glance in the opposite direction, I’m immediately on the rush towards the girls dormitories.

My dorm room once I had approached it was my number one priority, quickly dashing inside as quick as possible, slamming the door with a sigh behind me. But It wasn’t as if I could just stop, drop and do nothing. I had hours and hours of studying ahead of me, and I was already having trouble keeping my eyes open.

It’s times like this I really wish Justin was here. To calm me down during times of anxiety and stress. I just miss him so much but I don’t have the heart to ask him to come and visit. He’s doing what he loves and I would never make myself a priority during a time made for belieber’s.

Many hours later, my dorm mate had been in out of the room for the last 20 minutes, yelling and laughing about with her friends. This totally threw me off, losing my train of thought somewhere between my books and the noise.

A sigh escaped my lips, fingers applying pressure to my temples in agitation. I can’t do this, not while I’m this distracted. I need my baby boy.  

After rubbing the corners of my eyes of the sleep forming, and removing my glasses from my face, I finally decided on a break and reached for my phone, quickly dialling Justin’s number for a facetime call.

It dialed, and dialled and dialled until….”Yo this is JB. Im probably busy in the studio or performing so just a leave a message and I’ll get back to you soon.” 

“Hey Jay baby. I know your probably busy but I really just wanted to call. Schools been really hectic and I just needed to hear your voice. Call me back as soon as you can. Love you.”

“Hey, Y/N! Can you run down to the store and buy us some beer.”

My head shot over to the door of my room, a sigh escaping my lips. It annoys me that my roommate is too late lazy to go out and do it herself, deciding to disturb my study session instead, but then again, a break and something to get Justin off my mind was definitely well needed.

It was still sun up outside, it being only a few past 2 in the afternoon meaning people were more then likely just finishing there own classes for today. Deciding to leave my phone at home, I swiped up my dorm keys and my wallet, and made my way out of the dormitory.

The walk to the local walmart was short and quite enjoyable. The late summer breeze sang around me, swaying my hair slightly as I strolled down the bustling paths. Students surrounded the entirety of the campus grounds, either chatting or finishing off some work. 

But my mind was set firmly on Justin. Oh how I missed him. 2 weeks ago was the last time we had spoken. 3 months since we had seen each other. It was as if he was only seeming to become busier and busier as purpose tour went on.

And the fact that our relationship is very private worries me slightly. Justin could honestly get away with messing around with a girl if he wanted to. Not that I didn’t trust him. But no one knows about us, so it only makes me more anxious about this whole situation.

As the doors of walmart retracted, allowing me access inside, I quickly dashed over to the alcohol section, grabbing ahold of the cheapest and most affordable box I could find. After a bit of struggle, I had managed to make it over to the register to pay for the beer, only to be suddenly interrupted by a loud yell from outside. 


It sounded high pitched and more shocked then anything. My eyes darted towards the windows of the store, peering outside at the scene before me. the Young cashier doing the same. 

All I caught sight of was a black SUV surrounded by a mob of girls. Suspicion drew within me, only one person I know that could cause such commotion running through my head. No, that’s ridiculous. He’s in New Zealand right now, half way across the world!

“Ma’am!” The boy called, it sounded as if he had been trying for my attention for a while. My head whipped back to stare at the boy, eyes wide.


“That’ll be 19.99.” He repeated, holding his hand out expectantly.

“Oh.” I mumbled, reaching out to hand the boy a twenty dollar note before grabbing a hold of the heavy box and quickly making my way outside. 

Gliding through the mob of girls was hard, and I tried everything to just ignore the scene and attempt to just get this box home as quick as possible, but the shouts of these girls had me drawn further and further in curiousity, one in particular catching me off guard.


Justin?! I-It can’t be! can it?

My head immediately whipped around, turning to acknowledge the SUV parked rather close to me. My eyes locked on the tinted window supporting the back seat, squinting slightly as if something in me just knew something. And before I knew it, the door was opening. 

Slowly, but it was opening, a figure finding its way out of the car. Screams had enhances, more girls appearing at the realisation of the pop icon in our campus but out of every girl, his eyes seemed to only be on one. Me.

My eyes watered, tears threatening to spill at sight and the box I was holding immediately slipped from my fingers, a small crack sounding as it impacted the floor. “Justin?” I whispered. 

A smile played at his perfectly plump lips, arms spreading slightly as if to say ‘you guessed it!’

At that moment, Mikey stepped out of the front seat, a bouquet of bright red and white roses, and multiple shopping bags from stores such as Pink, Nike, VS, Lou boutin and Pandora In hand. All topped with a large card sticking out the top of the roses reading ‘To My babygirl, Love Jay baby.’

Instantly smiling at the use of my nickname to him, I looked over into his eyes with a grateful and loving smile.

“I’m right here baby girl.” He mumbled but to me, it was the loudest thing i could hear. Instantly, I pressed my body forward, wasting no time but to jump into his arms. Ignoring all the confused and jealous stares emitting from all around, I pressed my lips against his as he supported me by placing his arms under my ass.

Both arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him to me to intensify the kiss. 

God, I missed his lips so much.

“You’re here.” I mumbled. 

“I’m here.” he repeated. “Right here.”

Writing a Musical - Step One

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Word Count: 1,984

Trigger Warnings: None yet

A/N: I’ve been MIA for awhile because of senior activities and things like that, but I’ve been working on this series for awhile now, and I really wanted to post the first part. I’m about four parts in, so hopefully I’ll be posting the next part soon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by blackbeak

Step One: Get Inspired

Lin could never admit when he was bordering on creepy. There had been plenty of times when he’d scroll down, say, someone’s Twitter profile and just get lost. Next thing you know, he could tell you the name of their prom date and what color they wore to it. He figured everyone does that once in awhile. Not on purpose, of course.

Well, this instance was on purpose.

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Link’s first night guarding the Princess’s room was surprisingly rough.

While the position was honorable, he allowed himself to feel a bit of pride – he was the Hero of Time, even if almost no one would believe him. He had endured much worse, and figured there would be no problem with merely standing in front of a room until dawn.

Oh, how wrong he was.

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In 2002 when I was pregnant with my twins, I went into labor at 22 weeks. I was rushed to the ER and they stopped it; however, I was put on hospital bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. (It was a hellish pregnancy with a lot of issues; none of which are here nor there.)

I was bored out of my skull. I hadn’t, at that point, learned any of the language yet. The internet was not accessible the way it is now; Finnish television at that point was six channels, most of which didn’t actually have programming during the daytime. I lay in my narrow hospital bed and stared at the walls all day, desperately lonely and shut off from the world around me. It was not a good time for me.

My wife went to the local library to see if there was anything in English for me to read. She found, on the shelves, three fat books that were known as The Farseer Trilogy by an author named Robin Hobb. I’m actually known for being a speed reader, so she figured even if they were just some fantasy fluff it would at least get me through a couple of days.

They were not, as it happens, fluff. Instead, they were some of the best and most amazing fiction I had ever read, full of real and flawed characters, heartbreak and glory. I inhaled them, and she promptly went online and ordered me not only my own copies of those books but the entirety of The Liveship Traders trilogy and the first book of The Tawny Man trilogy. I inhaled them as well, and then re-read them again.

My wife had what I am pretty sure was undiagnosed dyslexia. She was sharply intelligent and her English was excellent when I met her (and became so good, over the years spent with me, that she often passed for a native speaker). However, reading in her own language was a struggle for her and reading in English was worse. I’d introduced her to audiobooks with Jim Dale’s amazing renditions of the Harry Potter books and she got a great deal of enjoyment out of listening to books that way.

I kept raving on and on to her about how much I loved these books and how much she would love them as well. (She resembled, in no small amount, Fitz himself; the same intelligence and stubbornness and competence and failure to see what was right in front of their faces.) Finally, I had her sit next to me on one of her daily visits to the hospital and I started to read Assassin’s Apprentice aloud to her.

And that’s how it went. I read to her all of the books that had been published at that point; when The Golden Fool came out when my twins were just a few months old I inhaled it first and then read to her in between breastfeeding and diapers and very little sleep. She never did get those particular books on tape; those were our special books, the ones I read to her.

I’ve never been very good at reading aloud. I taught myself how to read when I was two; I only learned the alphabet when I was four and didn’t read aloud until I was about nine or so. I was assbackwards about the entire thing. So reading aloud to her was a challenge for me, for sure. It was also something that we loved to do together. And as I read them aloud I found that I got a whole new enjoyment out of the books, a deeper awareness of what they meant, a stronger connection with the characters. Sometimes I’d cry and we’d have to take a break; sometimes she’d get mad at foolish choices the characters would make and would yell at the book and refuse to listen for a week just to punish them. 

We had been looking forward to Fool’s Quest when she died. 

It was published only a few months after she died and I inhaled it, read it through my numbness and my grief. Then, after I had read it to myself I read it aloud, sitting in my bed after my kids had gone to sleep. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I was hoping she’d hear me. She always hated a cliffhanger, and I guess I couldn’t bear to think of her out there somewhere, not knowing what was going to happen next. It took a long time to read. I cried a lot. I recognized the parts where she would have shouted at the characters for being stupid and I would have to stop, sobbing, shouting at her for being stupid, for dying, for leaving me alone.

Today is the European release date for Assassin’s Fate. I got my pre-ordered copy in the mail yesterday; I’m not sure why (but it’s actually not the first time it has happened to me). I told myself that I would just read a few chapters in the late afternoon. Please. I stayed up until 4 am, inhaling it, sobbing my heart out.

I expect, now that I have read it to myself, that I will read it aloud for her. She’d love it, I know. Even when she’d yell at the characters for doing something she thought was stupid.

I am not the writer that Robin Hobb is. That’s not false modesty on my part; I know I am not. She is, quite frankly, a master storyteller, the absolute best I have ever read. I do owe my deep and abiding love for my characters, with all of their flaws, to her, however. She taught me, as both a reader and a writer, how incredibly important it is to have characters that are so real, so flawed and good and alive that you can feel them sitting next to you, living and breathing right off of the page. Oh, her plots are fantastic, don’t get me wrong; politics, magic, life, death. These are not throwaway fluffy fantasy books, her worldbuilding is unparalleled and amazing. They are all cracking good stories. But it’s the characters that keep drawing me back. Flawed, stubborn, loving and dangerous Fitz, an unreliable narrator whom we still manage to see through other eyes. The Fool, brilliant and tortured and never able to just live without trying to twist the puppet strings of fate.

And love. These are books about love; romantic love, parental love, fraternal love, and the kind of love that transcends all of that, the kind of love that connects beings so tightly together that they lose all sense of the individual.

The ending of this book was exactly that; an ending. A glorious, perfect, heartbreaking ending. An amazing tour de force that drew together sixteen books over the course of twenty-two years. Some of you have expressed surprise and/or amazement that I have been weaving together plot points since Please Excuse My Penmanship and all I have to say to you is that I learned from a master. I learned from the very best.

Jigsaw puzzles

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Genres: mild angst, romance, fluff
Words: 2.218
Summary: Reader finds Bucky in her flat one day. He asks her to let him stay and she agrees. The two of them help each other from that day on - requested by Anonymous

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they say it’s your birthday

rating: teen

status: complete

“Clowns are creepy. We’re not having a clown, Victor.”

“What if I dressed up as a clown?”

Yuuri is pensive for a moment, then he pushes his glasses further up his nose in a disapproving manner. “Then I’m afraid I won’t be able to have sex with you until that mental image of you in clown makeup is purged from my mind,” Yuuri says with a shrug.

dedicated to @victuurificthings!!! Happy birthday Hailey and thank you for everything that you do because u 👏do👏so👏much👏 best🏆person ever u do so much🙌thank u for everything u do🙌👍✨💕💖

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Chapter VI | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (cover)

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter because the app is being a dick)

Word Count - 4250…ish

“Just gotta be safe, love,” he whispered.

“My protector,” she said back into his ear and a shiver ran down his spine.

He manoeuvred them until she was lying flat on the bed and he could straddle her thighs and view her perfect body from above, and leaned down to kiss her lips once again. Her hands ruffled through his hair as he abandoned her lips to find her jaw, nipping at her and his hands lingered at her neck, tickling, until he moved further down and found a perfect spot to suck on to.

Her breath hitched at his teeth on her neck, a slight moan coming from her mouth and her grip on his hair tightening until he pulled away wishing the small bruise would appear that second to mark her as his.

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Originally posted by bwipsul

◇ “Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?”

◇ Jimin x reader

◇ wizard!au

◇ a small self indulgent jimin scenario…….. I should be completing requests rn but I’ve had this idea since literally forever soooooo

◇ slightly based off the song dreams by bastille and gabrielle aplin, obviously not as dark as that song is but that one line in the song inspired this whole thing lmao


The slip of paper in your hands feels awfully small as you peer up at the shop in front of you. Jimin’s Emporium of Lost Dreams is written in your friend’s familiar scrawl, the address scribbled right underneath it. 3PM — don’t be late! Love, Taehyung.

By far, the best and worst gift that you had received for your birthday was a session — an appointment — at Jimin’s Emporium of Lost Dreams. Taehyung swore that after he had visited the quaint, duck egg blue shop a few years ago, he hadn’t had a nightmare since — and with the sudden influx of stress-induced nightmares that plagued your nights, he had been thoughtful enough to set an appointment for you.

It was a good gift, admittedly, because the nightmares really were bothering you. More often than not, you’d awake at some unholy time in a cold sweat and with tear-filled eyes, flashes of failure and disappointment the only thing on your mind.

On the other hand, you didn’t fancy somebody prying in your head and witnessing some very personal dreams. It was embarrassing to say the least, and the fact that this Jimin would be buying them off of you and replacing them by dreamless sleep was even more unsettling.

You bite your lip, inspecting the exterior of the shop. It was small, old but well-kept; duck egg blue walls with a sign with a curving font spelling out Jimin’s Emporium of Lost Dreams. Pastel flowers in white ceramic plant pots stood beside the white painted door, twisting and climbing up the door frame. It was pretty, you’d give it that — it was a shame that to any mortal passing, they’d simply see a run-down, abandoned shop front.

You could just walk away right now, if you wanted to. Your heart sure as hell wants to, but your brain is much more logical. Besides, Taehyung paid for this! You couldn’t have him wasting his money…

So you shove the piece of paper into the pocket of your jeans, heaving a nervous sigh as you finally harness enough willpower to begin the trek to the front door.

The bell above the door sounds ten times louder than it actually was when you push open the door and step inside, revealing a high ceilings and walls upon walls of shelves filled with bottles of all shapes and sizes.

The interior is strangely cozy. It’s much bigger than it looks on the outside, a large circular desk setup in the centre which is obviously the front desk, and an iron spiral staircase at the back that led to what you assume is the second floor.

The place smells of old books and sunlight, and the silence soothes your nerves almost instantly as you walk further into the shop, peering around curiously for any sign of life. Hm. No-one.

Your curiosity gets the best of you, and you find yourself strolling leisurely along the tall walls, inspecting each bottle that you come across — some, swirling gently and pearlescent, beautiful shades of pastel blue and pink — others forming ominous pictures and twisting violently, murky yellow and green.

One in particular catches your eye; light, light pink in colour, glittery and iridescent. The strange liquid takes the shape of the tall, slim bottle it’s kept in, and the way the liquid swirls and tumbles gently is hypnotizing. You reach a hand out to touch it—

“Hello, there,” a voice greets softly, the source coming from just inches to your right. You yelp, jerking away from both the bottle and the man who had spoken, a hand on your heart.

“I didn’t mean to startle you!” The man rushes, brows raised. He’s a tiny bit taller than you, with chubby cheeks and chocolate hair and coffee eyes. His clothes consist of a set of peach and pale blue warlock robes, and if it weren’t for the shock you had just gotten you would be blushing at the very sight of him. “I’m Jimin — welcome to my emporium!”

“_-_____,” you muster up as he bustles around, fiddling with something under his desk and then conjuring up a brand new glass bottle out of nowhere.

“Beautiful name,” he grins, looking up from where he was rummaging through a wooden box of corks — this time, you feel a familiar heat rise on your cheeks and you’re only glad he’s too preoccupied to notice. “What can I do for you today, _____? Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?”

“I have a session booked,” you say uncertainly, clasping your hands together awkwardly. “By Kim Taehyung?”

“Oh!” Jimin’s eyes widen in recognition as he fishes out a cork and grabs the bottle, too. “I remember. Well, come this way—” He begins to lead you to the iron spiral staircase, beckoning you along with a friendly smile— “Right up here—”

The upstairs is just as pretty and strange as the floor below it, except it’s much more bright. There’s at least one window on each of the four white walls, and again, there are multiple shelves filled with vial and bottles. Apart from the mahogany desk and chair in the room, there’s an examining table pushed into the corner — except this one is covered with patterned sheets and is complete with an embroidered pillow.

“Take a seat,” Jimin urges you, gesturing to the examining table. He himself props himself down on the chair beside the desk, turning it to face you. “So, your friend’s booked you for a Dreamless Sleep session — it’s in the name, really — are you okay with that?”

“I just want the nightmares to be finished with,” you murmur, trying not to think too hard about them. Instead, you focus on how Jimin reaches into his desk and retrieves a small vial of a plum coloured liquid, pushing off of his chair and crossing the room until he stands in front of you.

“I have to put you to sleep to get started — this will do the job almost instantly, so get comfy,” he teases gently, handing you the bottle. “Be warned, though: it may not taste the best.”

You let out a nervous laugh, adjusting your position on the table before you unscrew the cork with shaky hands. You don’t give yourself another second to doubt your choice before you down the potion and your vision fades to black.


It was always sad to see someone come into the shop looking for a dreamless sleep. Quite frankly, Jimin found it disheartening that one wouldn’t want to dream — dreams were where anything was possible!

But of course, the customer was always right, and Jimin knew everyone had their own reason for wanting to sleep without dreams and nightmares.

So when you came into his shop on a Wednesday afternoon with your sundress and folded arms and flickering eyes, Jimin was fully prepared to give you what you wanted. He could tell that the nightmares that you had experienced had taken a toll on you, and he wanted nothing more than to make you happy again.

He put you to sleep and began to look for the nightmare trapped in the confines of your mind, hidden in the depths of your dreams and waiting for their turn to strike. When he finds it, he extracts it like he’s done million of times before, the silky strands of pure black floating into the bottle he had prepared.

And he’s about to wake you up — really, he is — but he sees you turn in your sleep, brows turned up in relief when no nightmare materialises in your dreamland, and his heart skips a beat.

The pink potion he had caught you ogling at earlier may be expensive — happy dreams are very desirable, after all — but he thinks it might just be worth it, especially when he’s inserted the dream into your mind and he sees you smile.

(And maybe, just maybe, you dream about him.)

Perfect Fit

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus!size Reader

Warnings: body issues, weight issues, eating habits.

Summary: Steve shows you he loves your body even if you don’t.

You close your eyes and pause a moment before opening them a crack peeking at the scale under your feet.  Welp, Happy Holidays to you.  That is a number you never thought you’d see.  Chancing a glance into your room you see your boyfriend still sleeping peacefully.  You step off the scale and put your sweats on, taking care to cover your arms and stomach.  Steve had seen it all before, your “scary bits” as you called them.  But now you had a number.  A big number that suddenly defined them as not scary but terrifying.

You quietly make your way to the kitchen.  You had a crazy busy day ahead of you.  Pulling the skillet from it place on the shelf you start cooking the best breakfast you could.  You were nearly finished with breakfast when Steve woke and quietly made his way into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around your wide hips, placing his stubbled chin on your shoulder.

“Mmm morning. That smells amazing doll”  Steve nuzzles into you and kisses your cheek, before grabbing one of the filled plates and heading to sit at the table with his newspaper, disappearing behind it.   Looking down at your plate, you bite the inside of your cheek.  Pushing your plate away, you collect the pans and start the dishes.  

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Going Camping {BTS Scenarios}

Jezus this took a long time to write

Also you can see the reactions getting longer as I got into it

Also the scenarios don’t suck as bad as my author notes promise


Kim Seokjin (Jin)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin wouldn’t be such a fan of the idea of camping at first, but when he saw how excited you were, he quickly gave in.
The two of you bought a huge, comfortable tent and booked a camping near a small village.
Your days spent on your vacation consisted of going shopping in the small villages around your campsite and eating local foods.
If you went camping in another country there would be a lot of awkward moments while trying to communicate with the locals; one of you would be trying to order or ask something while the other would try to stifle their laugh and be encouraging.

Min Yoongi (Suga)

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Suga would be really excited. A break was much needed, and what better way to spend it than with his girlfriend?
You booked a small campsite in the woods. You set up a tent with some much pillows inside that there wasn’t a spot on the floor that wasn’t covered with one.
You also placed a small table and a music player outside, and the evenings consisted of playing games, listening to music and dancing.
The mornings were pretty much spent sleeping, but in the afternoons you’d do stuff like climbing in special parks. You’d go down zip lines while making strange faces while he was taking pictures and the other way around.
At night you’d both be exhausted and sleep in again.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Originally posted by jaayhope

Like Jin, Hoseok wouldn’t be too sure about your idea, but while you were planning your trip, he’d get more and more into it.
When the day of your trip came, you were both really excited.
 You took the train to the destination. Of course, you could’ve taken a plane but ‘it was just more fun this way’. The train ride took about five hours and you spent your time cuddled up in a compartment while going over your plans.
 When you arrived at the campsite at night you set your tent up and fell asleep next to each other, exhausted from the long train ride.
The next morning you went to the little restaurant in the campsite and socialized with some other campers. They told you about some fun activities in the area and by noon, the two of you had a small bucket list for the coming days.
Apart from a lot of freak outs caused by ‘terrifying’ bugs in your tent, you had a great time together.

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Originally posted by ksjknj

He’d be so into this idea. The moment you asked if you could go camping, he started planning. Buying a tent, booking a campsite, looking up activities in the area.
When the day of your long-anticipated trip finally came, you arrived early in the morning. You’d have more time to do stuff that way.
The trouble began when you had to set your tent up. With the both of you being very clumsy and disorganized, setting your tent up and getting it ready to sleep in took over three hours.
When you were finally finished you decided to take a little break before continuing with the rest of the activities you had planned for the day.
The little break turned out to be a much needed but very long nap and you woke up late at night.
Deciding that it was best to just stay at the campsite and wait for the sun to come up again, you made a fire and sat around that for the rest of the night.

Park Jimin (Jimin)

Originally posted by bwipsul

When you asked Jimin if the two of you could go camping, he was really excited.
You planned your trip and a few days later you were sat on the ground next to your tent.
With Jimin’s help, you had decorated the tent with fairy lights and a hell of a lot of pillows. It looked like a huge fort, the only difference being that there was a sky full of stars above your heads.
Your evening consisted of taking cute and weird pictures of each other and admiring the stars. When you eventually went to bed you cuddled and talked for several more hours, until the two of you were so tired you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Kim Taehyung (V)

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

I think out of all the members, Taehyung would be the most excited about this. Before going, he told everyone he knew where he was going and how much the two of you would enjoy it.
Upon arriving the two of you would try and make your tent look as cute as possible. After like two hours of being on the campsite, you’d get bored and try to find something fun to do.
The second day of being there was a little scary, as you hadn’t paid much attention to the paths you’d be following while hiking. With the two of you being deadly afraid of heights, having to walk over tiny pathway next to a cliff.. It was traumatizing, to say the least.
The remaining days were spent doing stuff a little closer to the ground. You went to a trampoline park and visited a zoo.
The both of you can’t cook for shit so you depended on restaurants to get your dinners.  
The trip was the best time both of you had in a long time, with the both of you getting to be really affectionate without any of the members whistling at you or making fun of you.

Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)

Originally posted by kpop631

Jungkook would act all cool about going camping. He’d want to show you that he was an expert at it, when in fact, it was actually his first time. You figured that out the moment he tried to pack his entire wardrobe, but you decided to just let him be.
You did most of the planning as he was really busy,  but he was very involved anyway. You let him help you pick the tent and campsite.
When you finally arrived, you watched in amusement as he tried to set the tent up. It was a game you were playing; you wanted to see when he’d break and confess his lie about having camped before, he tried to convince you that he really had.
After twenty minutes of struggling with the tent, Junkook decided it’d be less humiliating to just confess instead of continuing this. You just laughed him off and flicked his forehead. He let his head hang in embarrassment, and you lifted his chin and kissed him lightly. You set the tent up in a few minutes, as it was the easiest thing ever when you knew how it was done.
By this time, it had already started to become dark, and the two of you decided to take some pictures in the woods. You spent about half an hour in between the trees while posing and messing around. When it got too dark, you got back to your tent and made a fire. You sat around it and just talked and talked while cuddling up to each other. When the sun started to rise you decided to just sleep during the day, which completely messed your sleeping pattern up for the rest of your vacation, you two being awake during the night and going to bed when the sun rose. It was fun though, and while you couldn’t do any activities, just being together was more than enough.

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Band & Youtubers Masterlist...

You guys asked for one so here you go :) Will try and keep updated every month…enjoy and don’t forget to keep sending me those imagines :)

-Beth *fangirl94stuff*


All Time Low

Finding out he has a crush on you (Jack)

Acoustic (Jack)

Attention seeker (Jack)

Bookshop Encounters (Jack)

Movie Night Trouble (Jack) (SMUT)

Did We Forget Something? (Jack)

Backseat Serenade (Jack)

Omegle Boy (Alex)

He Doesn’t Deserve You (Alex)

Time Bomb Dawson (Alex)

Vocal Rest (Alex)

Things Always Happen In Lifts (Alex)

Dammed If I Do Ya (Alex)

She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful (Zack)

Suicidal Thoughts (Zack) (TRIGGER)

Fall Out Boy

Demon Patrick (1/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (2/3) (Patrick)

Demon Patrick (3/3) (Patrick)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Patrick)

Stumped Love (Patrick)

Age Is Just A Number (Patrick)

Skype Sex (Patrick) (SMUT)

Pete sets you up (Patrick)

The Proposal (Patrick)

Screw Waiting Till Marriage (Patrick) (SMUT)

My Student (Patrick) (SMUT)

Dirty Boy (Patrick) (SMUT)

Do You Really Need Another Tattoo? (Patrick)

He walks into your music class (Andy)

Just A Girl (Andy)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Pete)

You interview them (Pete & Patrick)

Cheering him up (Pete)

Fall Out (Pete)

Summer Makeover (Pete)

Jealousy Is An Ugly Colour (Pete)

Stop Biting Your Lip (Pete)

High School Flirt (Pete)

Out Of My League (Pete)

Pet Shelter (Pete)

Tall Cuddles (Pete)

Wet Dream (Pete) (SMUT)

Two Can Be Better Than One (Pete & Joe)

Tease (Joe) (SMUT)

Model Love (Joe)

Pierce The Veil

Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (1/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (2/3) (Whole Band)

Teach Me How To Play (3/3) (Whole Band)

New merch girl (Vic)

Height Doesn’t Matter (Vic)

Show Me What Love Is (Vic)

Firebug (Vic)

Broadway Duet (Vic)

Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic)

Beautiful Scars On Critical Veins (Vic)

Celebrity Crush (Vic)

Little Baby Fuentes (Mike)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon (Mike)

Show Me Your Best Tattoo (Mike)

Dance In The Rain (Mike)

Drumming Lesson (Mike)

A Very Turtle Christmas (Tony)

Girls Can Play Guitar (Tony)

Skater Boy (Tony)

Comic Con (Tony)

Be The Luigi To My Mario (Jaime)

Record Store (Jaime)

Panic! at the Disco

Runner Runner (Brendon)

Strangers On A Plane (Brendon)

Coffee Shop Conversations (Brendon)

Defending you from haters (Brendon)

Finding out he has a crush on you (Brendon)

Meeting your parents for the first time (Brendon)

Late night Skyping (Brendon)

You’re his stylist (Brendon)

He’s a Vampire (Brendon)

Reading P!ATD smut (Brendon)

Signing (Brendon)

Black Veil Brides

Stay Behind (Andy)

Meet Uncle Andy (Andy)

Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Andy)

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover (Andy)

Easter Egg Hunt (Andy)

Young Love (Andy)

I Can Date Who I Want (Andy & Oli Sykes)

Earthquake Shock (Ashley)

I’m Not One Of Your Whores (Ashley)

Purdy’s Girl (Ashley)

At The Rock Show (Ashley)

Daddy Jinxx (Jinxx) (SMUT)

My Boyfriend Is A Vampire (Jinxx)

Candy Shop (CC)

Of Mice & Men

Secret Kisses (Alan)

Cat In A Tree (Alan)

Food Court (Alan)

I Didn’t Mean To Hurt Her (Alan & Austin)

Daddy’s Little Dancer (Austin)

Not Just Another Girl (Austin)

Best Friends Before Hoes (Austin)

Friends With Benefits (Austin)

Christmas Surprise (Austin)

Duet Love (Austin)

Lady and the Tramp (Austin)

The Amity Affliction

Signing (Whole Band)

First meeting (Ahren)

Not Just Another Merch Girl (Ahren)

More Than Friends (Ahren) (SMUT)

Bring Me The Horizon

He finds your scars (Oli)

Kiss At Midnight (Oli)

How he wakes you up (Oli)

Sweet Nothings (Oli)

Dark Secrets (Oli)

Best Little Sister (Oli)

Cuddle Buddies (Oli)

I Can Date Who I Want (Oli & Andy Biersack)

Old Friends (Nicholls)

Sleeping with Sirens

Dedicates a song to you (Kellin)

Your family disapproves but he tells you he loves you (Kellin)

Possessive Quinn (Kellin)

Family Stick Together (Kellin)

Santa Kellin (Kellin)

Take Me Away (Kellin)

Alone (Kellin) (TRIGGER?)

Motionless In White

Scream My Name (Chris) (SMUT)

Dance With Me (Chris)

Parental Disaster (Chris)

Be My Cannibal Queen (Chris)

Guitar Shop (Ricky)

The Stripper (Ricky) (SMUT)

Camp Counsellors (Ryan)

Beat Me Black And Blue (Ryan)

Lost In The Crowd (Ryan)

Corpse Bride (Devin)

Demonic Ragdoll (Josh)

Asking Alexandria

Camera Crush Pt.1 (Denis)

Camera Crush Pt.2 (Denis)

Blogger Blues (Ben)

Tease (Ben) (SMUT)

Twenty One Pilots

Baby Preparation (Josh)

Daddy? (Josh) (SMUT)

Crazy Meeting (Josh)

First Word (Tyler)

Falling In Reverse

Haunted House Scares (Ronnie) (SMUT)

Teenage Kisses (Ronnie)

Rough Patch (Ronnie)


Promise Ring (Lynn)

Rude Barista (Alex)

New Years Day

You’re My Girlfriend (Ash)

You Me At Six

Red Carpet Proposal (Josh)

My Chemical Romance

The Busker (Gerard)

Street Artist (Gerard)

I Trust You (Gerard) (SMUT)

You’re Mine (Frank) (SMUT)

The 1975

Surprise Encounter (Matt)

Set It Off

Please Take One Small Bite For Me! (Cody) (TRIGGER?)


Personal photographer (Whole Band)

Calum’s Little Munchkin (Calum)

State Champs

Don’t Listen To The Haters (Derek)

Imagine Dragons

Wake Me Up (Dan)

Violent New Breed

Lift Your Spirit (Max)


Dan Howell

Daddy’s Little Girl

Do You Like What You See (Dan & Phil)

Ice Skater Blues

Secret Tattoo

Halloween Costume

Make Love Not War

You’re Beautiful

Phan Is Real? (Dan & Phil)

Takes care of you when you’re ill

Finding out he has a crush on you

Help them escape from fans (Dan & Phil)

Friendly Pain

Love At First Twirl

First Night Nerves

Caught Red Handed (SMUT)

Dirty VidCon Messages (SMUT)

Publicity Love 

Existential Crisis

Phil Lester

Tries to get you out of bed

Finding out he has a crush on you

Best friends (Dan & Phil)

Jack & Finn

Cheers you up on Skype (Finn)

Bored in class (Jack & Finn)

Chris Kendall

Making faces behind the camera