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Irrelevant & random, buuuut... you are a very pretty young lady. How do you feel about the current state of the world though ?

Hi! Thanks, anon!

The current state of the world is definitely crazy. There is so much evil and conflict going on, but of course that’s to be expected. We’re living in the end times. I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not, but if you look at the state of the world right now you can literally see Biblical prophecies unfolding before your eyes. I see a lot of pain, discord, brokenness–I see a world yearning for Christ. But that shouldn’t be a cause for fear because God is sovereign. 

I just pray that Christians today (including myself) will grow in our understanding of who we are in Christ–that we will live out the truth in love and power, that we will–with courage–reflect Jesus in our life and direct the lost to Him. 

Thanks for the message! God bless!

Just remembered

The time I played a lady knight in a play in like 5th or 6th grade. I was a tomboy and had a ponytail and I think there was a big reveal at the end that showed that I was, in fact, a girl. I had a cool sword and shield and homemade felt uniform. I think i remember a kid exclaiming “she’s a GIRL???”

  • I had my mom read fangirl because I thought it would help her understand me.
  • Mom: are Simon and Baz...
  • Me: Harry and Draco
  • Mom: Drago?
  • Me: Draco
  • Mom: D-r-a-k-o?
  • Me: c-o
  • Mom: do they have a romantic thing
  • Me: yes. I mean no. I mean, it's complicated
  • Mom: is draco evil like Baz
  • Me: Draco is a very bad boy
  • Random lady at the book store: *laughs*

Yes, I know, another repost, but what can I say except IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Because it is! Yay Me!

So here have some Malcolm doing his happy happy birthday cake twirl before very generously sharing ONE piece of his delicious C*nt cake that could be from anyone

(and that he otherwise appears to consume entirely by himself) with random waiting room lady.  And I just for the very first time realized there is also random waiting room guy, but no cake for him!