a very random lady

A few weeks later…

Newcrest Arts Center

*Amber feels nervous as the group of people study her artwork, she is slightly relieved upon seeing most of them gasp and smile, obviously impressed*

Random Lady: All if these paintings are yours?

Amber: Yes they are.

Random Lady: They are very beautiful, I’ve seen lots of artwork, but these are my new favorites.

Amber: *blushes* Thank you! I mean, uh, I appreciate your compliments.

*After a while, the group starts to wander off to other areas, Amber sits down at one of the tables, Carter comes over and sits too*

Carter: Wow, those people really like your paintings huh? They were practically swarming you. Hey, I got you a drink.

Amber: *sigh* Thanks, I’m gonna need it. Its 5 o’clock and I’m already tired. I guess I’m not used to this local celebrity thing.

Carter: Well, when we’re done here we’ll go home, order a pizza, watch a movie, and probably fall asleep 5 minutes into it.

Amber: Now that’s my kind of celebration, is it bad that I just want to get out of here so I can go home and give Ava a hug?

Carter: Haha, no. Honestly I’m suffering, I want to kiss you so bad right now but I can’t because it’s not “proper etiquette”.

Amber: Well, I hope you can survive 3 more hours of this crap. You can kiss me all you want when we get home.

Praise Post #6


Empirical proof that Hungary births good things. Like the others, I cannot remember when we started talking, or when we even started following each other. We’ve just kind of been here and I like that.

I have seen some changes over the years though, you branching out into cosplay is one of them and I love seeing your cosplay posts (more than the photos, mind you), and you even got me interested in some of this stuff. I even attended a Steampunk panel today because of your rampant interest sparking a curiosity in myself.

Your intellect is another thing I love. I won’t lie and say that there aren’t times when it is intimidating, but I do enjoy having a friend that is as smart as you. You’re great to talk to and I hope for many more random conversations between us.

Also, you make a very attractive Lady Sif. Yes, your Lady Sif cosplay is my favorite. The entire outfit is just good and I love it. If we ever meet, I request you to meet me in that outfit. Preferably in a very inappropriate time like the middle of Sunday service at a Church.

DMMd Hostclub

Since my hand isn’t getting any better, I still can’t draw, but I would like to share my DMMd Hostclub ideas UvU

  • Aoba answers the phone calls for reservations. More people are calling since he started working there. He also started taking customers (sometimes even guys show up) since the day many guys were sick and there were not enough people. He is still green but customers like it.

  • Koujaku is Number 1 Host of the club, he is the most popular for many years now. His famous talk about ladies being the treasure of the world gets on the guys’ nerves but the customers definitively love it. The ladies are all over him and it takes many months to book an appointment with him.

  • Noiz looks like the difficult type who’s hard to approach, but he shows high quality good manners and this charms the customers. He would sometimes kiss the hand of the ladies, leaving them speechless and blushing at the unexpected gesture.

  • Clear is the cutie who is very popular among younger customers, most often pop stars or daughters of rich businessmen. He is very polite and innocent, making them giggle. They often end up chatting about very random subjects.

  • Ren is the cutie who is popular among the older ladies. He is very polite and earnest, making him the favourite of the senior customers. 
    When Yoshie comes to the shop, he is the one she entrusts Clara-chan (her dog) to and he will spend the evening taking care of her while Yoshie chooses another host.

  • Mink was supposed to retire and take the position of manager instead of Haga-san, but he still gets a lot of requests from his customers, so he still works as a host some days. The other days, he works behind the scenes. His picture is not in the entryway anymore to not get new customers but the ladies still notice him and will ask for him eventually.

Random Dragon Age: Inquisition headcanon -

In which the Inquisitor finds Josephine on a ladder, attempting to remove a pair of bloomers from a wall.

Inquisitor: Did you need assistance?

Josephine: No. Thank you. I am perfectly capable of procuring my… of accomplishing this task.

Inquisitor: Are those yours? They don’t look familiar.

Josephine: *glares*

Inquisitor: And how exactly….?

Josephine: Are you laughing at me, Inquisitor?

Inquisitor: Inquisitor? So formal.

Josephine: Yes. Inquisitor. *glares the glare of a thousand icy knives*

Inquisitor: *coughs* How about I just hold the ladder for you?

Josephine: That would be appreciated.

Inquisitor: Might I say that you do have a lovely posterior, Lady Montilyet.

Josephine: *a very Cassandra-like disgusted noise*

  • I had my mom read fangirl because I thought it would help her understand me.
  • Mom: are Simon and Baz...
  • Me: Harry and Draco
  • Mom: Drago?
  • Me: Draco
  • Mom: D-r-a-k-o?
  • Me: c-o
  • Mom: do they have a romantic thing
  • Me: yes. I mean no. I mean, it's complicated
  • Mom: is draco evil like Baz
  • Me: Draco is a very bad boy
  • Random lady at the book store: *laughs*

elizabeth wrapped her arms around him from behind, resting her chin on his shoulder to hold him tightly. “you should only be allowed to wear simple shirt and breeches all day,” she whispered, standing on her toes to plant a soft kiss just beneath his ear. a smile appeared on henry’s thin lips as his fingers laced up the rest of his collar. “even in winter? my lady wife can be very cruel.” (x)


Yes, I know, another repost, but what can I say except IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Because it is! Yay Me!

So here have some Malcolm doing his happy happy birthday cake twirl before very generously sharing ONE piece of his delicious C*nt cake that could be from anyone

(and that he otherwise appears to consume entirely by himself) with random waiting room lady.  And I just for the very first time realized there is also random waiting room guy, but no cake for him!