a very random lady

Just some ramblings on this shot 

Now a lot of people are speculating about this mystery woman, if she is Allura’s mother, which I doubt, or Haggar, or a random Altean woman. 

I’m basing my theory on the source material from the Fleet of Doom movie and a one-off episode of the original series, just to examine the update that the crew might give us. I’ll make it very clear from now that I highly doubt it’s a random new lady, because I trust Lauren to avoid the cliche women in refrigerators trope, where Zarkon has every villain origin story ever of losing his wife. 

If you zoom in, you see traces of magic on her face, as if it made her ill. Sacred Alteans are implied to be members of the royal family and the ones with magic. In the fleet of doom movie Haggar says that Zarkon did this to her, he turned her into a witch, and gave her magic, and in the old sexist cartoon she remained loyal to him despite that.

In here, I’m thinking that this is the first time they have ever used quintessence to heal someone, and as @eatyourgrapes told me, it would explain why her eyes are yellow, while the purple quintessence made Zarkon’s eyes purple. 

The aesthetic is a mix of Galra and Altean, and Zarkon practically reviving her from her death bed would explain why she would be so loyal, and parallel her scene by his bedside, as he once did to her.

Now, I think she is Allura’s aunt, not her mother, as Allura takes after her father in terms of appearance, and there is some good content to work with in the original. Haggar disguised herself as Allura’s aunt in one of the original episodes. 

And this is what original Haggar looked like before being corrupted 

So now we have potential to spin around the old cliches and sexist bullshit and create very sympathetic origins and motivations. Keep in mind, Haggar seems to be the one holding the grudge against the royal family, as Zarkon seems apathetic towards Allura, while Haggar wants to get rid of her. 

Furthermore, if this woman is just a random Altean fridged lady, she can’t really be Lotor’s mother. Zarkon and Haggar were surprised that Allura survived after all these years, and they are the only immortals around. Throk refers to Lotor as an exiled brat, so Lotor is fairly young and not important enough for his parents to let him join the immortal club. 

The voice director for the series said that we will find out incredible things about Haggar, that there is rich history there. Allura did not recognise her, as her face has changed, and she most likely distant herself from the royal family for a reason, they must have wronged her big time. Haggar could be her title, not her real name. She did always seem to be the one putting herself back behind Zarkon. 

Having A Kid HC’s (Jack Kelly X Reader)

A/N: @gninrud-anna and I brainstormed some various headcanons about both Jack and Davey having kids, so here are some of the ones for Jack!

- Jack has a baby girl called Natalie Jane Kelly.

- Before she’s born, he spends a lot of time painting her nursery as a sort of distraction from the anxiety he’s worrying up about having a kid.

- “This kid will have the best damn nursery in all of New York.” He says, covered in paint, at midnight, half asleep.

- Every morning without fail, Jack will go ‘good morning to my two favourite people’ before kissing your bump, and then you.

- When the baby kicks for the first time, Jack gets so excited (and a lil teary) and pulls you into this tight hug that lasts for at least 2-3 minutes.

- Also he tells everyone about it. And I mean everyone. He even told this random old lady on the street, and she was very sweet about it.

- When Natalie is born, Jack starts to freak out bc what if something happened to you or the baby?

- Eventually he’s called into the hospital room and he sees you there, incredibly tired, holding little Nat.

- He holds her for the first time, and he just starts crying because she looks so much like him. They’ve got he same hair and eyes, and she’s just so beautiful.

- Jack Kelly, the big tough Union leader, just dissolves into tears when he sees his daughter because he’s going to protect this little child with every ounce of his being.

- Natalie is very much a daddy’s girl, and the two of them always go out on cute little outings together.

- When she was about 5, you walked in on Jack in a tutu with a full face of makeup and painted nails, thanks to his daughter.

- (That photo was shared with all the newsies shush.)

- When she’s older (like 13, 14) Jack gets vv protective bc what if people start dating his daughter?

- He keeps a shotgun on the porch for the purpose of scaring all Natalie’s potential partners.

- That is, until she starts dating Davey’s son.

Random old lady relatives I barely know at every extended family event: aww what a cute little darling thing you are you would have fit right in with my gals and I back in the day.

Me, gay as hell, laundry list of mental illnesses, born out of wedlock to boot:
mmmmm… *shoves obligatory devilled eggs™ into my mouth to prevent further conversation*


Character Inspirations #1 - Alecto Carrow

  1.  Jessica Jones - Marvel’s Jessica Jones “They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain. Problem is, you don’t always know that you’ve crossed that line. “
  2. Octavia Blake - The100  “I don’t need protecting. I have been locked up one way or another all my life. I am done following orders. I need to have fun, Bell.”
  3. Mazikeen - Lucifer “Come on. Let Mazikeen Smith buy you a drink. Maybe I’ll devour your soul or something.”
  4. Elektra Natchios - Marvel’s Daredevil “I am Elektra Natchios. Not even the stars are safe in the sky.

Lets be real here, Miles Tuck is an old (very, very old) cat lady. Now lets take this dumb stupid random nonsense headcanon one step further and imagine Miles in the modern day living in some small apartment with a bunch of cats because they’re his only company seeing as he’s too afraid of other people finding out his secret.

Now imagine all the weird names he gives them.

And the conversations he has with them.

And all the attention those cats get.

((they’re totally treated like royalty))

And yes, this means Miles loves Cats the musical. Jesse, however, does not. He hates it with the burning passion of a thousand suns. He will fight you on his hatred of this musical. (”What’s so entertaining about people dancing around onstage in leotards dressed like animals? It’s like a circus gone wrong”) Jessie’s hatred may or may not be a reason why Miles likes the musical.

creativenostalgiastuff  asked:

I know at this point you haven't watched/analyzed this far, but as it relates to ghosts and their obsession, how do you think Box Lunch works? Can ghosts be born from two parental ghosts, or is her obsession the parents and that's why she exists as such a strong combination of the two? I'm just generally curious about your thoughts on her since she's such a random character creation (in my opinion).

Box Lunch is one of the weirdest and most confusing things the show has ever thrown at us, even more than a lot of things in season 3. Her mere existence raises so many questions. Like…ghosts can procreate? How does that work? Why does that work? Why did the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady wanna do that? Did Box Lunch exist in any form before she was a ghost? Can she age, or did she come into being as a little girl? There are a lot of confusing things in that special, but none nearly as much as her.

The only thing I can think of is, well…ghosts are able to indulge in things that aren’t part of their obsession. Ember has her hatred of adults. Kitty has her relationship with Johnny. Even the Box Ghost’s fascination with boxes is just part of his personality and not something that’s part of the core of his being.

So…maybe both the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady wanted to have kids in life, but never got to. I imagine there’d have to be a way to indulge that if that’s something a ghost regretted about their life. There’s gotta be ghosts who have something like that as their obsession.

Box Lunch does seem to be a combination of her parents’ personalities as well as their looks, so maybe ghosts can create offspring in a way that’s similar to how minions and Level 10 ghosts come into being. The ghosts in a sense create them as an extension of their consciousness, but instead of one ghost, it’s the combination of two ghosts, which allows the offspring to develop their own consciousness like how Level 10 ghosts do?

I don’t know. Those are just guesses based on the theories and headcanons I already have. I can’t imagine ghosts reproduce the way living things do, but we never see anything else like Box Lunch in the series, so it’s hard to figure out how this stuff is supposed to work. What’s more, she’s from the future, and we don’t see the Lunch Lady at all, so all we know is “at some point in the future, this is a thing that happened somehow.”

I plan on doing a post on her when I get to that point, but yeah. I agree with you. She’s very random.

stopwherethenightstarts  asked:

Good afternoon / evening / morning. Saw your post series about the odd professor and it reminded me of when I worked at a thrift store and this ... unusual ... lady would come in to buy very random, seemingly worthless things, and we found out later she was running an Etsy jewelry shop where she just... glue-gunned the junk to glasses and sold it as "vintage" and "rustic" and had a whopping 3 Facebook likes but acted like it was Yeezy season when new baubles dropped.

Retail, ladies and gentlemen.

Random Dragon Age: Inquisition headcanon -

In which the Inquisitor finds Josephine on a ladder, attempting to remove a pair of bloomers from a wall.

Inquisitor: Did you need assistance?

Josephine: No. Thank you. I am perfectly capable of procuring my… of accomplishing this task.

Inquisitor: Are those yours? They don’t look familiar.

Josephine: *glares*

Inquisitor: And how exactly….?

Josephine: Are you laughing at me, Inquisitor?

Inquisitor: Inquisitor? So formal.

Josephine: Yes. Inquisitor. *glares the glare of a thousand icy knives*

Inquisitor: *coughs* How about I just hold the ladder for you?

Josephine: That would be appreciated.

Inquisitor: Might I say that you do have a lovely posterior, Lady Montilyet.

Josephine: *a very Cassandra-like disgusted noise*

elizabeth wrapped her arms around him from behind, resting her chin on his shoulder to hold him tightly. “you should only be allowed to wear simple shirt and breeches all day,” she whispered, standing on her toes to plant a soft kiss just beneath his ear. a smile appeared on henry’s thin lips as his fingers laced up the rest of his collar. “even in winter? my lady wife can be very cruel.” (x)

DMMd Hostclub

Since my hand isn’t getting any better, I still can’t draw, but I would like to share my DMMd Hostclub ideas UvU

  • Aoba answers the phone calls for reservations. More people are calling since he started working there. He also started taking customers (sometimes even guys show up) since the day many guys were sick and there were not enough people. He is still green but customers like it.

  • Koujaku is Number 1 Host of the club, he is the most popular for many years now. His famous talk about ladies being the treasure of the world gets on the guys’ nerves but the customers definitively love it. The ladies are all over him and it takes many months to book an appointment with him.

  • Noiz looks like the difficult type who’s hard to approach, but he shows high quality good manners and this charms the customers. He would sometimes kiss the hand of the ladies, leaving them speechless and blushing at the unexpected gesture.

  • Clear is the cutie who is very popular among younger customers, most often pop stars or daughters of rich businessmen. He is very polite and innocent, making them giggle. They often end up chatting about very random subjects.

  • Ren is the cutie who is popular among the older ladies. He is very polite and earnest, making him the favourite of the senior customers. 
    When Yoshie comes to the shop, he is the one she entrusts Clara-chan (her dog) to and he will spend the evening taking care of her while Yoshie chooses another host.

  • Mink was supposed to retire and take the position of manager instead of Haga-san, but he still gets a lot of requests from his customers, so he still works as a host some days. The other days, he works behind the scenes. His picture is not in the entryway anymore to not get new customers but the ladies still notice him and will ask for him eventually.

The best thing happened today - another corgi walked right by our house!

Corgdad ran after him and we invited the corg (Bryn) and his lady (Mrs Wood) over to see if Bryn would like to frap with Leo. I’d met Mrs Wood and Bryn once before in the park so it wasn’tp completely random. Mrs Wood is a very lucky lady as she has had corgis for over 60 years!

Bryn wasn’t up for frapping as he’s a senior corg but he was happy to accept cuddles. Leo was a bit concerned at the stubby interloper but they looked super cute together.


Yes, I know, another repost, but what can I say except IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Because it is! Yay Me!

So here have some Malcolm doing his happy happy birthday cake twirl before very generously sharing ONE piece of his delicious C*nt cake that could be from anyone

(and that he otherwise appears to consume entirely by himself) with random waiting room lady.  And I just for the very first time realized there is also random waiting room guy, but no cake for him!