a very potter musical and the avengers

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hi!! i was wondering if i could get a male ship for avengers, marauders harry potter, lord of the rings and maze runner? i'm 5"4 with long dark brown hair and kinda curvy figure. i'm really old fashioned, i'm into vinyl and vintage clothes and dancing, but i also like a bunch of modern music (i also play classical piano and cello) i'm quiet at first but my best friends know that i'm crazy irl. i like making people laugh and being a good listener. thanks!😁

I ship you with Steve, James, Pippin and Minho!


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It’s very interesting to meet someone who knows very well both the old fashioned and the modern stuff. And Steve is just the guy for that. Not that his other great qualities aren’t amazing.


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James is always up to have fun, dance and be a bit crazy. He was the one to  talk to you first and noticed you were quiet but still wanted to befriend you and tried a bit harder until you opened up.


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With Pippin is always great. You can be a bit mischievous and joke around a lot but you can also show your soft and calm side by just talking or having a quiet time together.


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I feel like you and Minho do a lot of partying and a lot of goofying around together. But you can also bring out his softer side when you hear him out those rare times in which he vents with you and just talks.

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Hi! I love your blog! I was wondering if I could have a male ship for Harry Potter, Merlin, Holes, Maze Runner, and Avengers? I'm a straight female who's 5'3", curvy, long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. I tend to act tough but dress girly. I'm a nursing major and I plan on going into the Navy Nurse Corps. I love going on road trips and hiking/camping in the mountains. I'll listen to any type of music as long as it's good. I care about people easily and I'm very protective. Thank you!

Cool, many different fandoms, included Holes for the first time! Thanks!

I ship you with Seamus, Lancelot, Stanley, Newt and Clint!


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Seamus might seem forgetful, messy and silly but he’s such a sweetheart. He cares deeply about his friends and loves your personality.


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It might seem like you’re different sometimes, but you and Lancelot bonded despite your differences. Yet your kind and calm nature always brings you closer.


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He was extremely shy at first, but once you started to get to know each other you realized he was actualyl very fun to be around! So you and Stanley like to hang out all the time.


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The main thing that brings you closer is your great abnegation and need to help and protect others. Not to mention that it is when you’re together when you have the best time ever.


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You can be girly, but you’re tough. You’re open minded, caring and loving. You quickly caught Clint’s attention.