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“Someone appeared beside Lucien—a tall, handsome brown-haired man with a face similar to his own. Lucien didn’t look at his father, though he stiffened as the High Lord of the Autumn Court approached Tamlin and extended a clenched hand to him.”

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Smells Like...//Derek Hale

Requested by: Anon (Sorry, I lost the exact request, but I hope this will do)

(A/N): After a long day, Derek finds comfort in staying by (Y/N)’s side. He often has a habit of sniffing (Y/N), who still doesn’t quite grasp the meaning behind his unique method of showing affection.

Warning: Extremely rushed


Derek’s limbs entangled with yours underneath the warm cotton sheets. The faint scent of morning dew filled your nose as you wiped the sleep from your eyes. It had been months since you had been able to indulge in such peace, and you were reveling in it. Reveling in being able to relax in bed without fear of someone trying to kill you. Reveling in the sound of Derek’s gentle pulse as his fingertips trace mindless patterns on your wrist.

You shift slightly under his weight, sighing as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. His hot breath fans your bare skin, causing goosebumps to form on your forearms. You had gotten used to the constant scratching of Derek’s beard, and there was no use protesting anyway. He loved your aroma, it meant so much to him and his wolf. Love. Protection. Home.

Your hand sweeps across Derek’s spine, trailing to the nape of his neck where it tangled with his dark tresses. A question crossed your mind that you had been dying to know the answer for so long, yet the dark and serene nature of Derek’s bedroom begged you otherwise. But the urge was too strong to set it aside once more.You’d tried to ask once before when everything was so new and perplexing in your mortal eyes, but Derek had lifted a brow and continued going about his task. Now is the perfect opportunity.

“Derek,” you began, causing your mate’s ears to perk up contently, “What do I smell like?”

“What?” Derek questioned, morning husk still evident on his tongue.

“What do I smell like? Like, Scott goes on and on about Allison’s sent, and how it’s some sort of irresistible perfume to his wolf. So, tell me, what’s the Eau d’(Y/N)?”

“You have been spending way too much time Scott and Stiles,” Derek chuckled, his voice muffled by your collarbone.

“No, I’m serious. I want to know,” you exasperated. Derek is silent for as he buries his nose into your neck, snuggling shamelessly. His deep breaths tickles your skin as he takes in your fragrance, making it a part of himself.

“Water,” he grumbles after a long moment, making you furrow your eyebrows deeply.  

“Water? I think you need to get your wolfie senses checked. Last I knew water doesn’t have a smell,” you argued.

“Yes, it does,” Derek countered, running his hand across your hip bone. “Water carries the scent of what it’s passed through, over, and under. Copper, wood, grass, brick, stone, you. It’s ever changing–with every second of every hour. You– your scent– brings the world with you and makes you part of it.”

Well, that was unexpected. You had no idea how the hell to feel, but Derek’s tone was low and reverent, showing much truth in his words–whatever they might mean. It sounded important.

“How can you find me if my scent is always changing? How can you track me when you can’t hear my heartbeat?”

Derek huffed against your skin, sending involuntary shivers down your spine. “Because underneath the water is your essence, and it’s bright and electric. Like a spark.”

“Oh,” you shudder. Derek doesn’t respond, continuing to trace the outline of the veins on your palm.

“So, has anyone ever told you what you smell like? Does Scott sniff you? I hope not, I mean, that’s kinda weird. Can you smell yourself? Is that a thing that you can do? What–”

You cut yourself short, noticing the way that Derek freezes in place. His head lays limp against your chest as his hand pauses it’s movement. Your curious nature got the best of you and now you were regretting every word.

“Ash,” Derek says emotionlessly, his hand stopping over your racing heart. “They say I smell like ashes.”

You were thankful that you were still in bed, otherwise you might have fallen. You tried to empathize with him, but no matter how hard you tried, you could never understand his pain. Even after all this time the devastation of the fire still surrounded him. And as much as he tries to push the thoughts into the back of his mind, they will always haunt him, no matter how good things were going now.

You shift underneath Derek and shove him slightly, managing to get him to turn into his back. Of course, this action only happened because Derek allowed it.

“Well, I think they’re wrong,” you say, stradling Derek’s hips. He looks up at you with clouded eyes.


“I think you smell like…” you trail off, dragging your nose up his sternum. Your think for a moment, trying to identify each component of his comforting scent. “Sweat, because you didn’t shower after your run this morning, and garlic from lunch.” You move up Derek’s body, swiping your nose across his collarbone.  “And oil from fixing my car. Thanks for that, by the way.”  

Taking a chance, you look up at Derek. His eyes twinkle beneath his half-lidded eyes, filled with adoration. He solid beneath you, breathing deeply and evenly.

“And here you smell like me.” You nuzzle your head into the crook of his neck, mimicking Derek’s adorable habit, even if it doesn’t quite mean the same thing. “Like my shampoo, laundry, and probably other… parts of me that I’m not going to ruin this devastatingly romantic moment by mentioning.”

Derek’s abdomen jumps, alerting you that he was stifling a breath of laughter from you. You smile against his skin, letting your teeth graze the tanned area.

“But you know what I don’t smell?” you question openly, letting your fingers trace along his muscular chest.  Derek hums low, signaling you to continue. “Flames or smoke or ash. I don’t smell any of that.”

You spread yourself across the length of his body, allowing your limbs to sink into him. “And you should trust me. I have a very good nose. This nose knows,” you attempt a poor joke. Maybe you had been spending a bit too much time with Stiles….

Derek lifts his hand to rest on your back, palm heavy as his fingers spread wide, stretching between your shoulder blades.

“I do…” he whispered nearly inaudibly, playing with the ends of your hair. “I trust you.” You hide your wide grin in his neck, taking another inhalation of his scent.


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BTS preference of spending a day with their s/o?

I’m going to split this into hyung like and maknae line again because I’ve got quite a busy day ahead of me, so keep an eye out for the hyung line tomorrow! Thanks for requesting <3

Jimin: He’d make sure you get up bright and early to get your day started. He would either make breakfast for you (probably a very poor attempt) or take you out - either way it’d be intimate and lovely. After that he’d probably have something fun planned for you to do, whether it be a day out at a water park, a picnic, or a hike; it’d be something fun where you could spend a lot of time together without the prying eyes of other people.

Originally posted by sosjimin

Taehyung: Tae would be alllll for sleeping in as long as possible. He wouldn’t let you leave the bed unless it was absolutely necessary and would be a huge fan of cuddle days. Also movie marathons in bed! If he was feeling energetic though he’d probably take you out for the day (once you both eventually got up) and where you go would depend on the mood you’re in,

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: You’d get up mid-morning and would be out straight away for breakfast. I don’t think Jungkook would be big on amazing dates, he’d go anywhere so long as it was with you. So maybe a trip to the movies or a nice walk, shopping trips etc. As long as he gets to spend some quality time with you, he doesn’t mind.

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Happy birthday @kunikidaz!
I hope tumblr doesn’t butcher it.

one liner

pairing: qrow/winter
this is a soulmate au from this post  . I went through so many websites to find this awful pick up line.

Qrow wouldn’t admit this to her until several years into their relationship, but he had approached her on a dare. Taiyang had pointed out the pretty girl sitting alone at the bar and gave him a dare.

“Use the worst pick up line you can think of on her and I’ve got the tab.”

It was an easy enough task. They had made these sort of wages before and Qrow was never one to back down from a challenge. So he stood up, straightened the collar of his shirt, and made his way to the bar.

She had given him a cursory glance when he sidled beside her, elbows on the bar.

“Hey, can you hold my hands for a second? I’d usually warm them up by the fireplace but you’re way hotter.”


There was no anger in it, just confusion and even worse- recognition.

Qrow didn’t think he had ever been so horrified to hear that a simple word. His hand moved impulsively to grasp at his wrist, where the four letters printed in slanting, looping script burned when she had spoken.

Her gaze dropped to his hand and she extended her hand, palm up.

“May I?” she asked.

He swallowed the thickness in his throat and stared at her hand, knowing what this single touch could mean for him- his future. Her hand was cool when he rested his on it. There were callouses but her skin was soft. She pushed back his sleeve, then pushed the wristband he had used for so many years to cover the very word she sought out.

He felt something akin to an electrical shock when she touched the word.

Oh.” she murmured, jerking her hand away quickly. His hand fell limply to his side.

“Where’s yours?” he asked.

She looked up abruptly, cheeks flooding with color.

“I can’t show you here. Come with me.” she gestured for him to follow.

Qrow glanced beside him to where Taiyang sat. He nodded his head towards the girl’s retreating figure and pointed to his wrist. Taiyang’s jaw practically unhinged, but he offered a thumbs up as Qrow turned back to catch up with her.

They weaved through the crowds of people and Qrow studied her while he had the chance. She was beautiful, pale hair pinned up in some intricate bun, wearing expensive looking clothing that was definitely doing her body justice- shit, she was talking to him.

“Huh?” he asked, more loudly than he had intended.

She tilted her head back towards him as they walked. He caught the slight upward pull of her lips when she spoke, “My name is Winter.”

“Uh, Qrow.” he returned. He was messing this up.

She pushed a door open and he followed her through it. They were in a back alley and Qrow would have been absolutely suspicious if he hadn’t been alone in a dark corner of the street with a very pretty girl who- Oum, she was taking off her shirt.


He wasn’t necessary complaining, though. She had pulled her shirt high enough up her back for him to catch sight of her bra and the black ink beneath the strap.

“Can I-” he stepped forward on impulse, wanting to touch the words.

She nodded and he wasted no time in pressing his fingers to her skin. Her back arched slightly in surprise and he felt her skin ripple beneath his fingers. The skin pebbled with goosebumps wherever his hands moved.

He traced his forefinger over each word, biting down a grin as he read them. She must have gone through hell as a kid with this written on her back.

“I am so sorry.” he snorted, 

She stepped forward, pulling her short back into place. Her lips were pursed when she turned to face him.

“You should be.” she retorted, arms crossing over her chest.

“At least it was original.” he said, biting his lip in a poor attempt at stifling laughter.

“My family found it very amusing.” she told him dryly.

“Oh shit, I’m sure. Admit it, though, it worked? I mean you did take your shirt off for me five minutes after meeting me.”

“I-you ass.”

disclaimer: do not use this pick up line on anyone because they will punch you

I See The Light

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP recreating the lantern scene from Tangled.

Request:  Prompt 24 for tom holland please? Idk otherwise free range :))

24. “Just because.”

Peter Parker x Reader

AN: I don’t actually know if there’s like a good lake near NYC because I’ve never been but let’s pretend there is one lol also i know that they announced that Peter is 15 but i’m making him around 17 in this one

Send in prompts from this list!

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And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new 

“I love this scene. It’s so romantic.” I told my boyfriend, Peter. 

We were having movie night and I somehow convinced him to watch Tangled with me. Peter had his arm around me and I had my head on his chest as we cuddled on his bed. 

“I’ve always wanted to try flying those lanterns.” I said. Peter hugged me tighter and rubbed my arm. 

“Really?” He asked, looking down to glance at me. I looked up to meet his eyes.

“Yeah, it seems fun and it looks really pretty.” I smiled.

You’re really pretty.” He told me. I rolled my eyes and giggled. My cheeks felt warm as he complimented me. 

“And you’re really cheesy.” 

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"Hot damn Colton's vibrato tho! I know he exaggerated it but w/e, he can try broadway" That was a very poor attempt at vibrato. Colton doesn't have a good Broadway voice and certainly doesn't have any technique. He's a decent singer but please let's not pretend that he's above average or that he would be able to hold his own on a Broadway stage. I don't want to be too harsh but Colton's voice isn't much better than the voice of ten thousands of guys who only sing under the shower.

Lol, someone sounds like a haaaaater…


[Boss yoongi, newspaper au, kill me pls]

You weren’t bitter, that’s what you were telling yourself anyway.

But this resolve dwindled as your day went by, co-workers chatting vividly about what their significant others had planned for them. Chocolates and roses and innuendos from older workers were strewn about like crumbs, just waiting for crows to come and pick it up.

You mostly avoided the questions, just nodding and smiling, saying you had nothing special planned, just a dinner.

There was no use in forging an elaborate lie that you would eventually forget and one person would be told the opposite of another and you would be caught out, but this was just your conscious mind playing tricks on you.

You found yourself watching the clock longer than usual. Begging, willing the time to go faster, you found comfort when your break ended and the office plummeted into a professional era again.

The soft giggles of female co-workers receiving flowers from their counterparts was engraved in your skull and you struggled to continue typing.

You weren’t bitter.

But maybe the lies you told stretched to yourself as well.

Being single didn’t particularly bother you, and besides being in a relationship to save yourself the stinging reminder of having no one to call your Valentine was something children did. And yet, it didn’t sting any less. But rather than sit around and mope you decided it would be best off to ignore the lovey dovey atmosphere, yet not kill it, after all, as you kept telling yourself, you weren’t bitter.

“What’s wrong with telling them you’re single again?” Soo-young had asked from her place by the counter in the break room.

Downing the remains of your coffee, you rinsed out the cup as you answered her. “I just don’t want to explain my situation”

“What situation? There’s nothing to explain” she had tried again.

“Well, for one I’m not comfortable with having everyone know if I sleep alone at night. Two, I really don’t want to go through the awkward conversation of why I can’t find a boyfriend. Which by the way, should not be a requirement of me being happy”

“But nobody will care-”

“But they’ll try and set me up. And I can’t turn down Mrs. Ahn’s nephew again. Last time I said my brother was in hospital”

“Oh I remember that!” Soo-young laughed “She sent you get well card and everything”

Despite the trouble the poor women had gone to you couldn’t help but chuckle along as Soo-young laughed.

“Besides, what’s one lie anyway” you had stated, turning to her as she gave you a knowing look.

“And what’s a million more? You’re gonna have to explain why nobody is coming to the company party this year.”

“That’s months away. I’ll find someone” you assured yourself more than you assured her.

She hummed, nodding her head as she remained smug.

“Well, let’s see you try and get out of your web of lies this time” she warned, her voice giving off a fake threat.

Soo-young had grinned, pushing herself off the counter as she made her way back out of the room. She was pretty and thin and by hell she wore pencil skirts better than anyone else you knew but you couldn’t really fault her. No matter how arrogant she was.

Before you could be rampaged by more questions from other employees who had just entered the room, you silently left, running hands through your hair as you passed the corridor that led back to the main office. You were close too, but fate, or destiny, or whatever deity you choose to believe in, was fucking with you and your walk back was interrupted.

“(Surname)” he had called, his office door barely open, you assumed he hadn’t seen you passing.

Your attempt at remaining calm was very poor indeed.

Straightening out your trousers, you calmly made your way towards his door, the big bold letters stating exactly what he was.

Min Yoongi

Editor in Chief

Pushing it open slowly, you stood as tall as you could.

“Yes sir?” you had asked, forcing a smile.

He was sinfully attractive, and despite landing the job as Editor for the newspaper at such an early age, he was strict as hell. Some would call him a perfectionist, some an asshole, and though you leaned towards the latter, you couldn’t deny he was good at his job. And good-looking too.

“Have you got the new article for the weekend’s release yet?”

His voice was always slightly deadpan, never really bordering interested, at least when he spoke with you. Your interview for the job was one of the most painful things you’d experienced and with the six months you’d been there, it hadn’t got any easier. He didn’t give a shit about much, except the quality of what you put out and that was why the paper’s popularity was growing so quickly, but his emotionless eyes and ruthless comments got to you.

Intimidating and bound to some strange insomnia that meant late nights in his office, your boss was every bit the recluse, and every bit the attractive asshole who signed your pay-check.

“It’s only half done. Seung-Hyun said you didn’t need it till Friday so-”

“Good. Cause we’re scrapping it”

Dressed in a black suit and jeans his reply was sharper than the leather jacket that lay strewn across the couch. He dressed well for a fucking cunt.

“But I’ve been working on it since-”

“Well you can work on it next week. I need someone to cover Taehyung’s spot and you’re the only one who knows the new layout”

You almost cringed at the terrible memories of working in Taehyung’s field.

The Advice Column was successful, you weren’t trying to be snobbish, but it was a tiring job and listening to people’s problem’s wasn’t exactly your area of expertise. Still though, it was a cop out and it generally got people reading, no matter how exhausting it was to flick through pages of submissions, attempting to find ones that weren’t the generic ‘How can I be more attractive so the person I like will fuck me’ and ‘How do I break up with my stalker girlfriend’

It was given to the rookie, and you were significantly happy that you hand’t been the rookie in a long time.

“For tomorrow?” you asked, slightly shocked “You want me to have it uploaded by tomorrow?”

He only gave a nod, shrugging his shoulders as he watched you. A look of challenge spread across his face as he awaited an answer, almost daring you to refuse. Thin ice and no skates, you were backed into a corner. He wasn’t a patient man and you desperately wanted to refuse, but you didn’t want to fathom the consequences if you did just that.

His words ringing in your ears, he had said them the first day you’d met him.

“You work hard. You work well. I’ve got dozens of replacement’s so don’t make me have reason to fire you”

And with a sigh, you said with an equally deadpan tone:

“Where’s Taehyung’s key card?”


The words had begun to blur and your eyes were sore and itchy by the time ten came round. Sitting at Taehyung’s desk, you leaned back in his uncomfortable chair and ran a hand through your hair. This job would have been the death of you.

It was tiring alone, reading through so many submissions in his email account and trying to pick ones that were worth answering. Then there was the challenge of witty yet helpful replies, along with the researching if needed and-

You were on the eighth one when you cracked.

Lying your head down on the desk, you closed your eyes for a second. The cool wood of the desk was nice against your flushed cheeks and you were grateful for a minute of peace.

Everybody else had left hours ago, off to go play house with significant others and dinner dates with forsaken dates that had no real interest past the bedroom. It was sickening, sitting in front of the screen, yours the only light left on within the large block of office desks. Soo-young had given you a comforting look as she left you with a cup of coffee and a short 'Fighting!’

Your eyelids were enjoying the relief from being open so long and you were letting yourself get too comfortable, but sleep was grasping it’s way into your muscles and you were tricking yourself into thinking that it was actually okay.

Jerking awake in a nightmarish jolt, the sound of something being dropped by your head scared the life out of you.

“I assumed you hadn’t eaten”

That was all he’d said, the same deadpan tone as he gestured to the bottle of soju on your desk. He lifted up the brown bag without words, letting on he had bought food, hot food by the looks of it.

“It’s take-out. I didn’t know what you liked so I just got a mix”

He had stood, with ruffled hair and the same tired eyes that refused to come anywhere near yours. Scratching the back of his neck he gave cough, clearing his throat as if was about to say something else. Grey hair hiding eyes that hadn’t had a proper night’s sleep in days, his casual nature was strange to you. You had known him a while, but never on this level. He was just the guy that gave salutes to workers and gummy smiles every now and then and had a tongue sharper than switch-blade knife, which you’d have in you chest any day over his deadpan comments and demands.

And without any more context, he turned on his heel and continued down the aisle, towards his office, shouting out with a tone of authority:

“And bring glasses would you. I need something to drink”

Still blinking from your sudden jolt from almost unconsciousness, you watched him walk away for a moment, slightly concerned for when he became so considerate. But with little hesitation, you picked up the bottle of rice wine and made your way to the tiny kitchen.

You couldn’t deny food sounded quite nice and when you walked into his office and were met with the smell of jjajang myeon you couldn’t help but feel hungrier.

“You want normal or kimchi mandu?” was his only question.

You hadn’t eaten since lunch and you really just wanted to take the food but you felt obliged to ask, even though you didn’t really want an answer.

“Um, are you sure you don’t want to eat it by yourself?”

He was casual as ever, taking the two shot glasses from you with ease as set them down on his desk, turning back with a shrug.

“Well we’re both working overtime on Valentine’s and that’s pretty fucked and this is my apology I guess”

When he handed the small box of  dumplings, you took them easily, giving him a sceptical look. You knew him quite well now, not really considering him a friend but he was never the type to treat employees to dinner. Especially female ones and you weren’t trying to insinuate anything, you were just confused.

“Plus it’s my fault so just eat and let me feel less guilty”

He moved slowly to sit down across from you, shaking his bangs from his eyes as picked up his chopsticks.

It was flattering to know he thought you had some miserable fucker waiting for you to come home, so you hesitantly took your own chopsticks.

“Thanks, sir” was your whisper of a reply as a small smile graced your features.

He just smirked, tipping back the shot of bitter liquid before passing you yours.

“Don’t mention it. And don’t call me that. It makes me feel like a sleazy old man who hired you cause you have a nice ass”

You had paused a second, almost laughing.

He had simply grinned a gummy smile and answered with a simple.

“Yoongi will do. I’d think after buying you dinner we should be at a first name basis”

(sorry for the pic, i messed up some stuff and deleted the ask)

AHHH, anon, i am SO PUMPED to talk about Kanan-finds-Ezra AU. you honestly cannot BELIEVE how EXCITED I AM. i LOVE THIS AU. and if i haven’t scared you off yet, let’s jump in!! @muse-on-mustafar and i talked a lot about this, so i figured that i’d basically summarize and maybe talk about what we talked about, if that works. i think all of your questions can be answered in that, but if i miss something, feel free to ask again!

alrighty, folks, let’s dive in for A Very Poor Attempt At Parenting, starring our very own Kanan Jarrus!!! yay!!!

  • so, let’s start with our darling boys at this stage in their lives - a ten-year-old Ezra Bridger. he’s a bit more rough around the edges than we know him now.
    • he’s mostly got the thievery thing down pat, but he’s still in a real rough patch, so he’s less scared than he was at seven or eight, but now that he’s not scared, he’s got room for other things - like anger
    • “[three years has moved him] directly from scared, terrified, sad to pissed-off, bitter, ready to blast the whole world,” is how @muse-on-mustafar described him, and I think that’s pretty perfect
    • he hasn’t got the façade we see in Rebels quite yet: he’s lacking the humor, the “i don’t care,” persona - instead, he’s being fueled by rage when he’s got no food 
  • and please welcome to the stage a twenty-three-year-old Caleb Dume - um, haha, Kanan Jarrus!
    • it’s barely ten years after Order 66 and Kanan is trying to fit into his new cowboyish, gunslinging persona
    • Kanan doesn’t quite have a “Kanan” personality yet 
    • mostly, he has one default setting - not Caleb Dume
    • Kanan’s great in a bar fight, full of a barely contained temper and a decent bit of swagger, but deep down inside he’s just a scared little kid who hasn’t stopped running and can’t seem to find shelter
  • so, this is when a very unsuspecting Kanan Jarrus shows up on Lothal looking for a job that means he’s got money for food and alcohol. mostly alcohol. 
  • and, naturally, runs into Ezra Bridger.
    • (now, @gladiolus-red wrote an awesome intro here, but i’m gonna leave what actually happened vague for sake of wiggle room.)
  • maybe he passes him on the street, maybe he literally runs into the conniving Loth-rat - whatever. but either way, Kanan’s left staring after the receding form of Ezra Bridger with one thought in his mind:
    • oh shit
    • that kid’s Force-sensitive.
    • now, Kanan Jarrus is definitely not Caleb Dume. because Caleb would be jumping up and down going “what’s that kid doing here? where are his parents? should we tell his parents? should we follow him? what if the Empire gets to him? should we make him our padawan? we can help him! protect him! feed him!”
  • so, instead, Kanan Jarrus turns around, walks away, and patently ignores the kid because, well, he should get on with his life.
    • “Shame,” he thinks to himself, as he remembers the raggedy clothes hanging off the kid’s raggedy frame, “but it happens all the time. Whatever.”
  • but, yeah, here’s the problem.
  • he can’t ignore him.
  • it takes maybe three or four days, or maybe that’s just how long Kanan can ignore it, but he begins to realize that the kid…that he knows the kid.
    • (not, like i have met him before or having a mind meld with with this strange kid where he suddenly knows all his secrets, of course. but it’s how he knew his friends back at the Temple or his master. he knows the kid, knows where he is with a vague mental map or tug or string that ties him to the kid, that tells him where the kid’s at.
    • and being tied - having pressure, responsibility - to the kid…that scares Kanan most of all, even more than the idea of the Empire’s jackboot coming smashing down on Lothal.)
  • by that point, Kanan doesn’t care how good the pay is at his job or that they even offered him his own apartment, free of charge, as an employee perk. next ship, he’s getting off this rock.
    • and so Kanan sits in the bar, slumped over a space whiskey or space mead or space ale or whatever, when the door slides open and he does his best not to jump out of his seat and run the opposite direction because, well, the kid’s here.
      • What’s a kid his age doing in a bar, Kanan thinks almost immediately, then thinks immediately afterwards: Why do I care, I don’t care.
    • instead, he doesn’t move, maintaining the careful look of a half-drunk, half-sleeping field worker (it isn’t hard)
    • meanwhile, he listens carefully to the argument going on in the corner of the cantina, which is getting more and more nasty 
      • (looks like someone thinks the kid owes something, the kid says he doesn’t, says he did the job, whatever) 
    • Kanan doesn’t care but suddenly the Force is telling him that kid’s about to take a knife to the gut so Kanan stretches leisurely and saunters over
      • Hey, he thinks to himself, I’ve been on Lothal two weeks and not gotten in a bar fight yet. Might as well acquaint myself with the locals.
    • so all the gang members look over and so does the kid, which is when Kanan finally gets a good look at him and is also when he inwardly groans
      • Kid’s got a nasty black eye and more than few scratches and bruises and has the look of someone who’s obviously malnourished 
    • Kanan, nice gentleman that he is, introduces himself
      • “Hey there,” he greets, “heard you were having an argument.”
    • the gang’s not too keen
      • “Get out of here, off-worlder,” sneers the biggest, nastiest brute as another stands up and, yep, Kanan was right - he’s got a wicked sharp vibroblade. “This ain’t your business.”
    • Kanan really doesn’t care
      • “Well, I don’t know about here on Lothal,” Kanan drawls, “but in the rest of the world messin’ with kids is a no-go.”
    • (at least it is in Kanan’s book, because he remembers what it was like to be young and defenseless.)
    • the kid’s looking at him like he’s lost his mind
    • meanwhile, the gang’s looking a little too angry, so Kanan takes action.
      • meaning he takes one guy and bodily flings him into the wall
      • “So,” Kanan says, slamming one guy’s head on to the table and cracking another’s head against the ground, “don’t do it.”
    • the kid, meanwhile, recovers his wits
      • “What?” the kid shouts in to the melee, “I can look after myself!”
      • “No, you really can’t,” says Kanan, glancing around at the stunned bartender and the other wide-eyed patrons before bodily shoving the kid and himself out the bar.

(and if you can’t see it because for whatever reason it’s not showing up on my blog, there should be a “keep reading” tag under here. if you can’t see it on my blog, just click on the post itself and that should direct you to the entire post. hope that helps!)

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Carry on countdown-day 4!

Happy punk/pastel AU day, and chapter 61 day countdown day 4!! I haven’t written a fic today because I don’t have time to write a fic for everyday. I just have some head canons. Enjoy!!

Punk Baz & pastel Simon:
-Baz listens to heavy metal, when he isn’t listening to classical.
-Simon walked in on Baz attempting screamo once (he wasn’t very good…poor baby too posh)
-Baz and Fiona go to Bring Me The Horizon concerts together but Baz refuses to join a moshpit
“Come on Baz, sweaty men jumping all over you?”
“Not in this situation, thank you very much Fiona.”
-Baz has pierced ears and he tried having snakebites, but his fangs got in the way when they came out so he never wears them.
-He had a tounge piercing that he used to take out when kissing Simon but Simon asked him not to because he really likes it
-Baz isn’t really very punk at all, other than the looks and the music, his personality is the complete opposite, he’s such a squish
-Simon buys Baz pastel coloured earrings for birthdays and Christmas
-Simon wears flower crowns round the house constantly (he loves them but is too scared to wear them in public)
-He always pops them on the heads of house guests, and now they have a pile by the door for people to choose from
-Simon’s favourite pastel colour is yellow and most of his clothes and accessories come in this colour
-Simon hangs a lot of pastel coloured art around the flat
-Sometimes when him and Penny are having bestie sleepovers in the lounge (which they totally do all the time come on), Penny experiments with spells turning Simon’s wings different pastel colours

Punk Simon & pastel Baz:
-Simon’s a really good actor so his ‘punk’ front is really believable. Only when you get to know him well do you get to see how much of a cinnamon roll he is (and boyyYYY is he a cinnamon roll)
-he doesn’t have an piercings (he’s afraid of needles but shhhhhh don’t tell anybody) (Penny totally knows)
-he used to die his hair black but it was a nightmare maintaining the roots as the blonde would show through really easily, so now he just keeps it blonde (Baz loves it) (totally crazy about Simon’s bright hair contrasting with his all black outfits)
-he’s a choker boi
-black nail varnish every day
-Baz sometimes wears pastel nail varnish but he chips it almost immediately and it kind of annoys him (but dam does it look good)
-Baz is a pastel blue hoe
-owns loads of pastel blue jumpers, shirts and SHOES
-Baz is also a shoe hoe
-he has so many shoes
-Simon can’t keep count
-most of them are pastel blue
-a lot of converse
-he just fucking loves shoes okay

So this became a lot longer than intended but I always get carried away with head cannons ideas just keep snowballing and if I don’t stop now it will turn into a dissertation about Baz and his love of shoes (u may not agree with me but I just have a feeling that Baz is a shoe fanatic. He owns all these fancy shoes, Simon’s never seen him wear the same pair twice)
So yeah, that’s my countdown contribution today.
I’m loving this!! So so so fun massive thank you to the wonderful people who came up with this idea :> @carryon-countdown
See ya tomorrow!!

Daddy’s Little Girl

Drabble Challenge (Requested by anonymous);
55 - “It’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun.”
74 - “You’re a dork, just like your father.”
110 - “Quit stalling. Where’s your father?”

Originally posted by chatnoirs-baton

These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume” - Friar Lawrence, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. As somebody who had read the play over a dozen times, you should have caught the meaning by now, especially given that your situation was vaguely similar to Juliet’s; your father, Rick Grimes, was the courageous and wise leader of the Alexandrians, your lover - your Romeo - however was his enemy: Negan, leader of the Saviours. Your Mercutio was one of Negan’s most trusted men, and a friend you had known since you were a child, Dwight. The role of Benvolio was given to your best friend Matthew.

However, unlike the poor Capulet and Montague heirs, you and Negan were far from taking your lives, and weren’t strictly forbidden by those around you to be in love.

“OH YOUNG GRIMES, THEY STUMBLE THAT RUN FAST!” Matthew panted after you, it was around eight in the morning, and ever since your father had taken leadership of Alexandria, you had gone on morning runs with Matthew for an hour or two - much to his dismay.
“Don’t quote Shakespeare to me, I have more than you show and speak less than you know. Now, dear Matthew, excuse me, for more of your conversation would infect my brain.” you teased and began to walk away when you heard the familiar morose sighs of your father, instantly you ran over to him and gently took his hand.
“Y/n” Rick smiled gratefully, as if he was being pulled from a devilish nightmare that he couldn’t escape, the sadness still lingered in his eyes, even after those miserable months.
“Dad, are you okay?” Rick glanced at you before shouldering guilt that wasn’t his to bear, and shrugged you off; every time you tried to ask him if he was okay, he always shrugged you off and acted as if you had betrayed him somehow. You would have questioned why, but you knew that it was because of Negan, and your love for each other – it destroyed your father, and everyone who he honourably lead.

“Oh young Grimes, your love for thine enemy hath brought much sadness upon thy father” Matthew’s attempt at a very poor Shakespeare impersonation always cheered you up – but not this time, this time you just nodded at him and headed back to the house you shared with Matthew, Aaron and Eric – which you were thankful for, as you didn’t have to deal with Rick in the mornings or all day, in fact.
“Y/n look, have you tried talking to him?” Matthew easily caught up with you and placed a burdened hand on your shoulder, you shook your head and he saw the tears brimming in your eyes.
“Try. I implore you, try. Or, I’ll grab Negan and empty the house for you if you want” Matthew smiled, you knew that he wasn’t your best friend, but more like a brother, and that he would do anything for you to so much as show a glint of a smile.
“Tomorrow, I’m tired” you sighed, and went to open the door to the house you shared when Matthew bitch-slapped your hand away.
“It’s only like nine in the morning, y/n.” he challenged, you rolled your eyes and glared at him.
Is the day so young?” now it was Matthew’s time to roll his eyes as you quoted the very first scene from ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
“Yes. So get your shit together, and meet me by the gates.” you gave a questioning look towards Matthew, and he knew he had you hooked.
“Fine!” you dramatically growled and stormed inside to grab your knives, the gun Negan had given you, bullets, and to change your shirt.

“Hey! Rick! A moment?” Matthew caught Rick just as he was about to eat – which was usually the best time to catch the leader.
“Anything for y/n’s best friend – Benvolio she calls you, ain’t it?” he laughed at the nickname and invited Matthew to sit opposite him with a kind smile.
“Y/n thinks you’re pissed at her” Matthew sighed, a sad shimmer in his eyes as he watched Rick’s expression turn stoic – he’d never admit that he was still grieving and that he was tired of the weight of the world resting on his shoulders all the time.
“I’m not, Matt. I’m just trying to do everything at once, y'know?” Rick hoped for sympathy I the younger survivor sat with him, but he got empathy as well.
“Look, I told her to meet me by the gates – you should go instead. I was gonna take her to Negan, but I’d thought better of it” without another exchanged word, Matt had departed to find Aaron and Eric, whilst Rick had parted to find you.

“Negan!” you called over when you got to the gates and saw your leather-clad baseball bat wielding lover, a grin spread across his face when he saw you.
“Y/N!” Negan walked over to you and dropped Lucille to pick you up in both arms and deeply kiss you, you laughed and nuzzled into his shoulder with a massive grin – you missed him, dearly, when he was at the Sanctuary.
“I love you, Negan” you kissed his clean-shaven cheek and laced your fingers with his.
“I love you too, y/n” Negan wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your forehead, he wouldn’t admit it in public, but he missed you dearly too.

“Hey, err, y/n, can I have a word?” Rick’s anxiety shot through the roof when his eyes settled on Negan, yet oddly, it calmed just the slightest when he saw your hand intertwined with his.
“Sure dad. Hey, Negan, you don’t mind waiting a sec do you?” Negan reassured you that he would not 'move a fucking muscle’ until you came back. Rick led you off to the side slightly, although he made sure he was out of earshot, and began to talk. 
“I’m not pissed at you, y/n. I’m sorry I’ve been acting like an idiot lately, and for making you feel like shit. Tell you what, if Negan wants to stay, you can stay with him.” Rick smiled, you hugged him tightly and wished that your mother was here to see how strong your father had gotten. 
“Thanks, dad.” you grinned and hurried back over to Negan, who deeply kissed you before either of you spoke.

“So, you know how usually, I’m not allowed to stay with you when you pull over-nighters?” you kept your grin and bay and watched as Negan’s grin turned to a smirk.
“Even though you sneak out anyway and we have to keep quiet as mice when I fuck the shit out of you? Yeah, I know about how you’re not allowed to stay with me” he winked, and you felt your cheeks flush pink.
“Well, I can tonight, and that means that it’s just you and me tonight. I was thinking we could have a little fun, hmm?” you licked your lips and knew exactly what Negan was thinking as well.
“Movie night?” he suggested, you laughed and asked him if he could stand Disney – or 'Love, Actually’.
You’re a dork, just like your father” he teased and poked his tongue out, causing you to lean forward and stand on your tip toes so you could playfully lick his tongue.
“You’re a fucking dork” he laughed, pulling you flush against him to close the gaps between your mouths.

The only problem with Negan staying over was Simon. Simon had hated you from day one, simply because your father was Rick Grimes. Needless to say, whenever Negan had stayed over, Simon would always try to worm his way between the two of you and try to keep you apart, which hardly ever worked.

“Wussup man?” you punched Simon in the shoulder and he gave you an annoyed glare, you had never tried to be friendly with him, and he wondered why the sudden change of heart had caused you to even talk to him without insulting him.
“Grimes.” Simon spat the name, as if he was Tybalt, and you were Romeo, you simply laughed it off and watched out of the corner of your eye as Negan strolled around, Matthew on his heels to guide him.
“It’s y/n, Grimes is my father” you smirked, and Simon scoffed at you before brandishing his gun with an attempt at intimidation.
“Don’t you have, I dunno, bits of a red head’s head to pick up?” he sneered, and you saw red – nobody spoke about Abraham like that around you, not even Negan, everybody else knew better and they knew that Abraham was like another father to you, so of course you got sensitive when some asshole disrespected him like that; without thinking, you punched Simon in the face but before you could get another decent punch in, he grabbed your wrist and sneered,
Quit stalling. Where’s your father?
“Hiding all the mirror so you don’t break them when you look at 'em” you spat defiantly, the same defiance that your father had shown until he was broken.
“Just because you’re fucking my boss doesn’t give you the right to say that y'know” he growled and squared his shoulders.
“Fucking try it, Si, I’d kill you before you could even know what was coming. You forget, I’ve trained with the likes of the King” you crept your leg up to Simon’s stomach and easily flung him backward before walking off with a triumphant smirk.

Negan was resting on the sofa when you walked into your house, you smiled and he smirked up at you.
“Making yourself at home?” you joked, sitting beside him and resting your head on his shoulder, he chuckled before answering.
“Damn fucking right I am. Now, before either of us get too comfortable, why’d you beat the shit out of Simon?” he laughed at the images of Simon’s bruised stomach – not to mention his busted lip, eyebrow, and missing tooth – that he had seen earlier.
“He talked shit about Abe” you mumbled angrily, your fists balling up when you remembered what Simon had said, Negan sighed and nodded.
“I’ll fuck him up later, stupid cunt shouldn’t be fucking saying shit like that to you. You really are your father’s daughter though, aren’t you?” he looked down to you and smirked when you shrugged.
“Well, y'know, I am daddy’s little girl” you licked your lips and Negan shook his head before placing a gentle kiss to your lips with a satisfied grumble.

anonymous asked:

prompt: what about [mc] being ~too~ friendly with some Other people at one of the parties, how would the RFA members react? not saying i need nsfw but its up to you also ily

thank you for the request, deary! ily more <3 


-he’d introduced you to one of the guests he had taken it upon himself to invite. but he hadnt expected you to get along so well

-you’d been chatting with him about 30 minutes, and none of you were running out of topics yet. jumin was watching you closely, trying not to get too possesive of you.

-you two seemed to share multiple hobbies, and in all your exitement, you’d suggested you should do something together!

-when the guest placed his arm around your shoulder that was the last straw

-jumin pulled you back to one of the rooms by your arm, locked the door after you and pinned you up against the window to have his way with you there

-“i won’t have anyone have any doubt, that you’re mine, i’m gonna fuck you good, against the window for anyone outside to see, understood?”

-the walls were not soundproof, everyone knew what happened, not only by the  sounds but also by all of the hickeys on your neck and jumins messy hair


-you’d gone with zen to the party and everything was fine till one of the models from a famous model agency had approached you.

-he was smiling and obviously flirting with you, but you werent rejecting him. when he asked for your number and you had given it to him while keeping eye contact with zen, he knew.
you were not going to get away with this

-he’d be all smiles and fun but when he escorted you away from the model he’d whisper in your ear

-“i know what you’re trying to do, and it’s working so stop it. when we get home i’ll teach you a lesson”

-he had to act proffesional at the party, but as soon as you two were inside the door, he’d eat you out and tease you, bringing you close to orgasm and then withdrawing.

-he’d continoue till you were begging and make you promise not to talk with the model ever again.


-you had met his lololguild before, and had become quite good friends with them, as you’d sometimes join in on the fun

-it was obvious one of them had a thing for you tho, and while you really tried making it clear you were with yoosung, you also didn’t want to be rude

-yoosung was giving you lots of cheek smooches, in attempt to make him stop

-poor baby is very bad at hiding his feelings tho, and you’d notice his pout straight away

-he’d be blushing furiously when you pulled him towards the bathroom, to give him a blowjob


-you were chatting with one of the girls from zens fanclub, a really cute one at that

-jaehee had noticed the other  girl blushing whenever you laughed and gotten a bad feeling

-she had nervously grabbed your hand to hold with both of her own, smiling shyly at the other girl who was visibly dissapointed

-lil innocent jaehee did not know she’d get no sleep that night


-he’d never leave your side during the party, always holding your hand, he was just so lucky to have you

-when one of v’s photographer friends had started shamelessy flirting with you, he had become even more clingy, hugging close to his chest and kissing your neck while keeping eye contact with the guy

-when he had asked to take “private photos” of you, seven had stared him straight in the eye with that look. it wasn’t an an angry look, more of a cold “go now, or i’ll destroy you” look.

-he only had to growl “mine” at the photographer, and he was gone, off to seduce another girl

-when you turned around with a hungry look in your eyes, he had grabbed you and led you to his car for some car sex, he’d be sure to leave lots of bite marks on you, in return you left lots of hickeys on him

notthenandwhen  asked:

May you please please PLEASE continue the Drarry amortentia fiction PLEASE (I need them to kiss) (it will haunt me forever if they do not) <3

okay okay, i know this is very late but yeeeeeah better late than never heh heh heh

i’m really happy that you liked my version of the Drarry Amortentia trope though! i am n o t writing a part 4 ok i feel like this ended accurately!!

note: this is PART 3 of the prompt but here are the first two parts:


(although it is not necessary for you to read the other parts)

and drum rolls please:

• draco and harry are still both In Denial ever since the two incidents and hermione, ron, blaise and pansy are amused as hell
• “harry, what’s with that glassy eyed look on your face?”
• hermione rolls her eyes and mouths ‘malfoy’ at ron
• it doesn’t escape harry’s attention
• hermione and ron almost laugh at harry’s ‘i-tried-to-glare-but-i-turned-into-a-flustered-mess’ face
• “we’re only joking, harry,” they say ‘solemnly’
jokes are always half meant
• “merlin, draco. i don’t see why you have to be a prat to the younger years just because potter—”
• “salazar slytherin, pansy! this has nothing to do with potter!”
• “draco’s right, pansy,” blaise says
• pansy looks ready to hex them both silly
• draco is about to smile at blaise and pat him on the back when blaise smirks at draco mischievously
• “draco is really just a prat, with or without potter.”
• let’s just say that the three of them end up in the infirmary with aching stomachs
• but no seriously both boys are getting sick of their friends’ constant yammering
• like they’re really sick of it
• their friends’ antics are getting worse and worse
• there is a time when pansy trips draco so he’ll fall into harry’s arms
• (draco ends up falling on top of professor mcgonagall, who doesn’t take it very well and gives them both detention)
• “oh, come off it, draco! it isn’t that bad. we just have to scrub the floors of the transfiguration classroom.”
• “malfoys don’t do dirty work.”
• ron even partners with blaise just so harry and draco can become partners for potions
• unfortunately snape takes it the wrong way and deducts 10 house points from gryffindor
• “weasley,” snape sneers. “if this is an attempt to sabotage my slytherins’ potions, it is a very poor attempt indeed. 10 points from gryffindor.”
• (gryffindor is so not happy about this, especially harry)
• and one day draco just can’t take it anymore
• draco actually accepts it
• because for fuck’s sake, he’s known for a while anyway
draco has known forever
• so he storms into the gryffindor common room (don’t ask how he knows the password) and demands to talk to harry
• the gryffindors clear out of the common room, grinning mischievously and whispering
• but obviously they use the extendable ears that the weasley twins made to eavesdrop
• “i don’t like you, potter,” draco declares
• harry scoffs. “it doesn’t take a genius to see that, malfoy.”
• “you know what i mean.”
• “i know, you arse. merlin, do i know. and you know what i think? i think that amortentia is absolute bollocks.”
• “for the first time in my life, i’m actually agreeing with you, potter. not that this changes anything.”
• “SNOG ALREADY! GET A ROOM!” someone yells from upstairs probably seamus and everyone laughs and whoops
• draco threatens to hex anyone who says that again while harry yells for them to shut up
• (at midnight and under harry’s invisibility cloak, draco and harry, finally finally kiss though)
• “i still hate you, potter.”
• “me too, malfoy. me too.”
• who ever said the pair of them wasn’t sappy???

shakiraisawesome  asked:

Hello! Am loving your blog. May I have Monsta x blurb reacting to seeing their significant other walking out in front of the group in only the member's shirt and panties?

I am really glad you enjoy my blog^^  Thank you so much for reading and requesting.  I wasn’t really intending to only do Monsta X drabbles, but this is a cute request and I’m a complete sucker for these boys.  In the future I will probably add them to the list of groups I do reactions/scenarios for, but then I would also have to change my header and I’m super lazy… 
Also, these were pretty short blurbs, so I added gifs.  I hope that’s okay [:

Shownu: Sweet, quiet Appa would be aaaaaaaaaaaall sorts of blushes and stuttering as soon as he sees you.  The poor guy would immediately pray that the other members didn’t see you, but knowing he wouldn’t have such luck.  Quickly, he would close the distance between you and hurry you back to the room to put more clothes on, knowing already he’s already in for a world of teasing from his members.

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho: This lil’ bugger would ‘secretly’ be all sorts of smug when his members get an eye full of the girl he calls his own.  At the same time, he’s not 100% alright with all the looks you’re getting, so he’d call out to you from across the room and whine about how you’re showing his undeserving hyungs members too much.  There would probably be a pretty big show of just how offended he is that his ‘so-called friends’ would stoop so low as to take advantage of his poor, innocent girlfriend, too.

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Minhyunk: Oh the expressions that will overtake this dear puppy’s face.  Just when you’d think his eyes couldn’t get any wider… There would be a bunch of very quickly spoken scoldings toward his fellow members as he smacks each of the ones taking unnecessary looks as he scurries over to you and gently shoves you back to his room in a blur and ‘helps’ you cover yourself in the first full outfit he could find.

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun: Distraction tactic.  As soon as he sees you enter the room he momentarily stumbles over his own thoughts before realizing the room is also filled with his fellow members.  On comes his very poor attempt at distraction while trying to silently cue you to leave the room and make yourself decent.  The poor guy is just a mess of flailing arms and awkward, senseless words that really are more of a hilarious distraction to you rather than the on-lookers.

Originally posted by kihqun

Hyungwon: Wide eyes and choking on his own tongue when he realizes the situation.  He would try to quickly laugh it off and offer you his hoodie or a blanket… anything to cover you up as quickly as possible.  But the damage it done. After leading you out of the room to get fully dressed, he would rejoin the others and make another rather pathetic attempt to laugh it off before giving a not-so-subtle threat toward any members that dares to even think about what they had just seen any further.

Originally posted by kmess

Jooheon: If there was any chance the others hadn’t noticed, this guy would ruin it with very loud, whiney protests to your indecency in front of the others.  As much as he usually loves rubbing your existence in the others’ faces, he’s not a fan of sharing what only his eyes should see.  He would be the one to make this situation most embarrassing for you.

Originally posted by snowyjyp

I.M.: Not a single care in the world.  He’s super confident in your relationship and has no problem with the others looking as long as they don’t touch.  If you’re cool with walking out in such a state, he’s definitely not going to make a big deal about it.  If he received any teasing from his hyungs about it, he would have no problem throwing a bit of sass back in their face.  Later though, you may receive a bit of ‘punishment’ for being ‘naughty’ in front of the others.

Originally posted by eddycakeway18