a very musical tag

I’ve been tagged by several wonderful ladies ( @haunterrr @caligurl32 @headbangervixen ) to post the top ten songs I’ve been listening to.

Alice in Chains - Right Turn

Temple of the Dog - Wooden Jesus

Soundgarden - Slaves & Bulldozers

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Audioslave - I am the highway

The Cure - A Forest

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Chevelle - Jars

Kyuss - Whitewater

Mastodon - High Road

So yeah, I’ve had a bad few weeks and the death of Chris Cornell has absolutely devastated me. It’s troubling but I know I have friends here and music connects us all so thank you very much! 💕⚘

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if shadowhunters ever has a musical episode, alec has to be the character to somehow swerve all of the songs. He walks out of the room, gets away in the last second, just always manages to escape. And then when he thinks he made it…. in the very last scene….

he serenades magnus


sisters so beautiful they reduce the self esteem of everyone who meets them


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a pretty good bad idea (1/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers

words: 2097

summary: With great power comes unexpected and awkward side effects. Also: kissing lessons. (Isn’t that how the saying goes?)

a/n: Guess who saw Power Rangers and is predictable trash? Guess who loves all that trope-y cheesiness? Guess who doesn’t remember how to write, but is doing it anyways? Me me me. Anyways, I tried to bring the cheese, my friends, but I’m just not capable of writing poetry like ‘Are we Power Rangers or are we friends?’. Alas.

AO3 Link here!

WARNING for @smallandsundry : there is KISSING in this fic. (Also, no bear rangers.) Please avert your eyes.

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the signs as a very potter musical quotes
  • aries: oh my gOD - hermione SHUT UP
  • taurus: you never tell a girl you like her, it makes you look like an idiot!
  • gemini: ten points to dumbledore!
  • cancer: NO WAY! i am NOT having schlongbottom as my champion!
  • leo: where are you going, ;(where are you going? i'm still mad and sad :(
  • virgo: eternal glory? already got that.
  • libra: wow !!! wowee !! harry potter !!!!!
  • scorpio: did your turban just sneeze?
  • sagittarius: no, no, that was merely a fart
  • aquarius: well i dont FIND this particularly surprising
  • pisces: hey Cho!! cho hey dance with me - i'm harry potter.

J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I am so happy with this picture. I finally finished it. I actually spent a lot of time on this, so I’m really glad it turned out ok! I actually looked up a map of the night sky for this, though I don’t think I drew it quite to proportion. Bonus points if you know the one on the neck!
@terror-in-the-dream you ok'ed me tagging you in this, so I hope you like it!

musical theatre for beginners
   time to educate yourself on something more than defying gravity 
includes songs from book of mormon, matilda, heathers, billy elliot, and more

01. hello- the book of mormon  // 02. get back to hogwarts- a very potter musical //  03. dancing through life- wicked  // 04. pulled- the addams family  // 05. electricity- billy elliot // 06. naughty- matilda the musical // 07. cell block tango- chicago // 08. candy store- heathers // 09. turn it off- the book of mormon // 10. dead girl walking- heathers // 11. seasons of love- rent


Thank you @heretoseethequeen  💛

You can tell a lot abt someone by the music the listen to. So put your playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs, no skipping! Then tag ten ppl.
Are you ready for the weird music mix my playlist is? Fasten your seat belt, here we go.

  1. Harry Freakin’ Potter - The Space Tour Cast
  2. Famous - Kanye West
  3. Rat A Tat - Fall Out Boy, Courtney Love
  4. YOUTH - Troye Sivan
  5. Milkshake - Kelis
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! At The Disco
  7. Save Rock And Roll - Fall Out Boy, Elton John
  8. Do The Hippogriff – Jason Buckle, Steve Claydon, Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, Steve Mackey, Philip Selway
  9. Asleep - The Smiths
  10. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

That’s what I call a good mixture of literally everything.
So I’ll just tag a few random ppl bc I don’t know too many @hpwands @marli-tharn @1runw1thw0lves @daeneryaastargaryen @bug-in-a-cup @ughleavemealoneplease @hoodies-winter-hetalia @softboypastel @sarah-paulsons-bottom-lip @complainergirl ,, oh and maybe @the-rose-owl (if you want to)

coloured in yesterday’s jezebel! shes an electric lady