a very large weapon

The Executioner is a very large foe wearing a blood-soaked black cloth over his head that conceals his face, and a large black apron, tattered and soaked in blood, very tall and has the physique of a power-lifter. He also has dozens of nails protruding from every few square inches of his exposed skin, including three very large hooks impaled into his back. His most notable feature, however, is his weapon of choice: a very large and heavy axe with what appears to be an over-sized hammer opposite to the blade, attached with chains.


Commission for Rinh'a and Najm.

These are their FFXIV characters.
I had a little trouble while I was sketching the layout, it was very hard to put two large weapons together in a scene. Thanks god I didn’t mess it up.


My schedule is terrible full , I still can’t arrange my timetable very well now and draw until 10-11PM everyday…… without holiday. lol
Hope my schedule arranging ability can get better in the near future.;w;


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Fun fact! Steve Rogers fights badguys with his penis!

No seriously. Stay with me. I promise I’m not ENTIRELY full of shit.

As we all know, Steve Rogers uses his shield as his only real weapon.

His shield is a round convex bossless very large shield. The closest shield to his would be the shield used by Ancient Greek soldiers. This shield was usually called an aspis.

However, we also know that Steve is heavily armoured, making him not a regular soldier but a hoplite. Hoplites being specifically named after their especially heavy aspides which was called a hoplon.

Hoplon has a number of other meanings, the most salient of which is penis.

Therefore, Steve Rogers, Captain America, fights badguys with his penis.

Electric Sunstone (Closed)

It was a very bad night at the docks…

There was a small conflict going around as the scent of gunpowder was trailing very fresh in the air. Some small boats have already been sunk down as strange creatures were seen hiding around the place. Two colors, two factions, one gray and one yellow. Most of them seem to be wielding both gunpowder and melee weaponry, as they were after something. 

One notable yellow creature stood on top of a rooftop very far away, with a very organic and large weapon in hand. The creature wore a fur cloak, his face shown to resemble a spider as he looked over at the docks. His weapon had some sort of scope to help him see further as he peered down at it.

The citizens of Ayica down below had no idea what they were in for tonight…


While I’m still feeling doodly, I’ve probably mentioned before that Suki is fairly inspired by Amy Rose of the Sonic series! Mostly just being a tough romantic gal who likes to hit people with a large weapon lmao

Gabe isnt very Sonic-like but she’ll still chase after him anyway /dies