a very klaine christmas!


Klaine - Baby It’s Cold Outside

Flashback 6 years: Glee episode 2X10, “A Very Glee Christmas” aired

December 7, 2010

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Klaine - Baby It’s Cold Outside

Original air date - Dec. 7, 2010


KURT: “You scared me.”

BLAINE: “Good.  Because I’m actually Marley’s ghost, and (whispers): I’m here to tell you to stop studying so hard.”

KURT: “Hmm.  What’s with the boom box?”

BLAINE: “I need you to sing with me.  Well, rehearse with me.  I got a gig singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” in the King’s Island Christmas Spectacular.”

KURT: “Ah, a personal favorite.  Too bad they’d never let us sing it together.
I mean, as two…..artists.”

BLAINE: “Mmm.  So you going to help me out here?”

KURT: “Anything to get me to stop reading about Charlemagne.”

BLAINE: “Very good, then.”

(“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” begins)

Christmas Poll

So, because I’m not doing a tournament, I thought we could do a little polling and have some fun with this instead.  

1. Rank the Christmas Episodes

  • A Very Glee Christmas
  • Extraordinary Christmas
  • Glee, Actually
  • Previously Unaired Christmas

2. Rank the Klaine Christmas Duets

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Let It Snow

White Christmas

3. What Christmas Song would you have liked to have seen on the show?

Personally, I’d have loved to have seen Klaine sing Winter Wonderland.


I’ll give this week for voting, and I’ll share the results on Friday!

may your days be merry and bright || klaine

Christmas was one of the very few times of year that Kurt was almost always in a good mood. It was just something about how everything looked with the decorations and snow and that everyone seemed to be nice for a change that made Kurt happy. This year wasn’t any different but his brighter mood wasn’t as obvious. It wasn’t that he was upset or he wasn’t excited for Christmas, but he couldn’t help but think about Blaine and how the other was going to be alone on Christmas. Kurt didn’t want the other to be alone on the day, especially considering he didn’t have a great relationship with his parents and wouldn’t be able to celebrate it with someone else, but he wasn’t sure if Blaine would be allowed to stay over, or if Blaine would even want to.

On Christmas Eve, however, Kurt finally came to a decision, and drove down to Blaine’s house. It took a little longer because of the snow, but Kurt wasn’t going to let that stop him from visiting the other. Eventually he got to the other’s house, and parked as far as he could get up the drive way. It was pretty damned cold, and as much as Kurt loved the snow, he didn’t want to be out in it for much longer. Kurt knocked on the door rapidly, bouncing on his toes as he tried to warm up as he waited for Blaine. Hearing footsteps, Kurt breathed out a sigh of relief and stepped back slightly.

“You’re coming over to my house” Kurt said, the second Blaine opened the door. “It’s Christmas Eve.. and you’re going to be spending it and Christmas alone, and you shouldn’t be doing that. You deserve to have a real Christmas, so you’re staying at my house for the next few days. So hurry up and run upstairs and get a change of clothes, because I think I’m going to freeze my ass off.”