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The Noises of a Witcher

@awrypath said: I have a question…What kind of sounds Witchers do when threatened, in pain, being affectionate, sad about something, horny, etc? (Whining Witchers are cannon tho)

The sounds witchers make are another aspect of their behavior that can surprise anyone who isn’t prepared for it. Witchers are usually very skilled at appearing human, but sometimes sounds slip out that is the beyond the range of human vocal cords.

Angry or Frustrated

  • Witchers growl (a low, deep rumble in their throat or chest) when they are annoyed. If the sound could pass as a grumble instead of a full on growl, then the witcher may only be slightly frustrated.
  • A snarl sounds similar to a growl, but it is higher in pitch and sharper. While a growl might be an indication of a witcher’s mood, a snarl is a warning or threat.
  • Some witchers are very good at hissing. Paired with the standard slitted eyes, a sharp hiss can startle many. It isn’t a common sound for witchers to make, but it does happen.
  • What is really frightening, however, is whenever a witcher screams in rage. This sound can range from a scream to a roar and can have very unnerving inhumane qualities in pitch and volume. Witchers have been known to scream back challenges to their opponent (usually monsters), as it is a very clear signal understood by many animals to as “don’t mess with me, I’m fucking dangerous”.

In Pain:

  • Witchers can have high tolerance for pain when they are expecting it, but still, they might hiss air between clenched teeth or growl.
  • One of the more inhuman sounds a witcher can make will be a yelp of pain. For those that have heard this particular cry, you will agree that it is a sound that best fits an injured dog, not a human-looking witcher. A yelp is high pitched, sharp, and is usually followed by a more menacing growl to warn and threaten.
  • Witchers make all the same sounds that humans make when in pain, but there is usually an undercurrent of wildness and rage.


  • If you are (un)lucky enough to have a witcher who cares about you, then you might hear them… purr is the best word. It is a low, deep rumble that can be heard in their voice when they talk. Or they might just make the sound when they are with you- it seems witchers are almost unaware that they are doing it in the first place.
  • Witchers are similar to humans in the sense of what they sound like when they are ‘in the mood’, except for the occasional reminder human vocal cords cannot mimic those specific sounds.


  • Witchers are not known to express grief well, but when they do it can range from soft whine to a chilling, screaming howl of anguish.
  • Most witchers handle sadness poorly and thus, tend to cover it up with silence or rage. 


  • Witchers are very good at copying human behavior. If you are careful, you can notice that witchers will substitute spoken responses with various sounds or facial expressions.
  • The ????? noise of confusion is a favorite.
  •  So is grumbling.

Title: Pickles

Author: writingsbylizabeth 

Rating: K+

Prompt/Summary: You (reader) are having troubles at the grocery store, and who else but none other than Spencer Reid comes to your rescue in this imagine inspired by the account submitted to. (Reader x Reid)

Trigger Warning: Possible warning for past relationship problems, or divorce
Word count: 1221
Multishot: Could be a part 2 if wanted


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