a very inhuman scream

i finally got the opportunity to really scream. i was all alone at this house way out in the woods where there aren’t many neighbors, so i went down to the basement and i screamed, completely unrestrained. and i was actually frightened of the noise i was able to make with my own body, it scared the hell out of me because everything was otherwise dead silent, and i was all alone in this creepy basement, and i just screamed all of a sudden like i was being murdered with an axe. it sounds very inhuman. it doesn’t sound like the theatrical screams you hear in horror movies, it was a genuine scream of desperation. very intense. so i was very impressed with myself lol, i didn’t know i could scare myself like that! so of course i recorded it, i screamed several times actually, and i’m going to start working on a sound art project to incorporate the screaming in there

An Excerpt from Nick Frost’s Autobiography: ‘Truths, Half Truths, & Little White Lies’

Nick Frost may be known as Simon Pegg’s hilarious companion, but do not be mistaken – he has led one hell of a rocky life. As revealed in his upcoming autobiography Truths, Half Truths, & Little White Lies, the funny man is no stranger to the dark side of life.

Publisher Hodder & Stoughton has supplied us with an excerpt from the forthcoming memoir, which you can read below.

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