a very high level of frustration

On The Cost Of Housing

I saw on social media today Yet Another Handwringing Op-Ed on how housing is very expensive and how this is screwing over the millennials.

These posts always frustrate me. They always follow the same format:

  • Housing costs are really high relative to historical prices
  • Millennials are now fucked
  • Why is this happening?
  • Grasping at straws attempt to explain this using authors favourite pet policy issue; OR
  • Tortured attempt to lay all blame on singular object level event
  • High-visibility-low-impact solution that does not address root cause

Guys, what would you say if I told you that the reason why housing is so expensive now is trivial and obvious? Would you believe me? Here, let’s try:

The reason housing is so expensive is because we’ve spent the last 50 years aggressively and intentionally pursuing policies designed to make housing more expensive.

It’s that simple. Like, politicians openly brag about doing this. It is the single biggest political issue in most city governments.

I’m not trying to be clever. I’m not spinning something in a way that supports my story. I’m not saying “we did this” in the same way, say, church people say “The state brags about murder” because of abortion or whatever.

The single biggest issue I can think of in city politics, generally, is when existing residents demand policy to “maintain or increase property values”. THIS LITERALLY MEANS MAKING HOUSING MORE EXPENSIVE. That is all that means. If a piece of property costs $100,000, and you propose policies that increase its property value to $200,000, you have literally and by definition doubled the cost of housing.

In US & Canada, policies to “increase property values” have been aggressively pushed. Hell, people love this so much that it’s used to dubiously justify all sorts of things with only tangential relationship to property values at all. We’ve been doing this ever since we started viewing homeownership as an investment.

We stimulate investment demand in homes, through subsidized loans and tax incentives. Demand goes up, price goes up. Then we have people sinking a large majority of their life savings into that property. Nobody wants to risk their life savings, so a social expectation that this number always goes up, never goes down sets in. Then, given that homeowners comprise a majority of the electorate, they have the political clout to push for policies that continue this trend.

We’ve spent the last 50 years aggressively pushing for property values to rise, promoting political policies that support this while torpedoing ones with the opposite effect. And now we’re confused that property prices are too high? Come on. What did you think would happen?

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Choi Seungcheol/ S.coups
-befriends and plays with everyone
-encourages everyone, even the shy kids, to play and spend time together
-happily gives piggyback rides to his classmates
-tosun caretaker #1 (class pet rabbit)
-challenges people to wrestle with him bc he knows he’ll win

 Yoon Jeonghan
-pranks classmates and blames other classmates for them so he’s never caught
-sleepy for the whole day but when it’s naptime he’s Wide Awake
-actually a nice kid
-encourages his classmates to make up when they fight
-also a really active kid when no one notices
-never found during hide and seek
-hogs the slide
-hates vegetables and gives them all to joshua

 Hong Jisoo / Joshua
-the most respectful kid
-falls for jeonghan’s pranks for a while then gets used to it
-the first in his class to learn to read but only in english
-his lunchbox often includes fruits and vegetables
-shares his food with everyone but no one eats his vegetables
-eats his vegetables and likes them
-bikes to school with his lil trike w/ training wheels

Wen Junhui / Jun
-a pro in all playground equipment especially the monkey bars
-can hang upside down from the monkeybars
-quirky personality but then after a while gets shy and flustered
-brings in adult coloring books to look cool but colors outside the lines like everyone else

 Kwon Soonyoung / Hoshi
-fingerpainting enthusiast
-chases his classmates with paint on his hands
-trips and falls easily while playing
-always has a few bandaids on him of different designs
-plays with his food
-competes with jeonghan for the slide

 Jeon Wonwoo
-attempts to read books on a whole other level for a kindergartener but he can’t read yet
-is offered picture books by the teacher instead
-goes behind people and scares them
-befriends stray cats

Lee Jihoon / Woozi
-very shy
-brings a baseball bat and mitt to school but is too shy to ask anyone to play with him
-loves the swingset on the playground
-stuck on the high end of the seesaw often and gets frustrated

AHBL8 Part 6 – Saturday – Autographs

​I bought extra J2 autos for today (which probably contributed to the whole issue with the autos selling out, but i only got one extra each so likely in the grand scheme of things it’s not so much). It’s tough because i have so many things i want them to sign but since they are pretty pricey i decided to just get one extra each. For today I decided to get my funko pops signed and for Sunday i want them to sign my epi and biostat SPN notebook to sort of motivate me during exams.

Plus it’s nice to get extra time to interact with the guys. We’re discouraged from interacting too much with them during photo ops because of time constraints and instead we’re directed to say whatever we needed to say to them during the autos (which also probably contributed to the issue of autos selling out faster).

Autos were on straight after J2’s panel so the guys went straight from that to the auto room. Seriously I don’t envy their workload during these conventions.

The volunteers directed me to Jensen’s table first. While standing in line, i was rehearsing what I wanted to say to him and i think it went quite well. I thanked him for taking the time to come see us in Australia and I apologized for being such a spaz in the photo ops that i don’t remember if i thanked him or not. That seemed to amuse him and he chuckled and said, “it’s really no problem” and i stuttered some more thank yous, collected my signed funko and left the table. I was so flustered from having his attention on me (green green eyes!) that i almost left the room, forgetting that i had a Jared auto as well. I quickly turned around and joined the line for Jared.

This is where I screwed up. I was so preoccupied with rehearsing what i wanted to say to Jensen that i had no idea what I’d say to Jared. I mean, admittedly, I’m not a Jared-girl and my feelings for him aren’t as strong as for Jensen and you’d think that would make me cool and calm and articulate. But no, it’s still Jared and he was right there, looking at me, and his strange-colored eyes are just as beautiful as Jensen’s and you’d never know that I had an IELTS score of 8.5 with the way I was speaking. I forgot how english worked and it was so inexplicably difficult just to say thanks for being here with us. Goddammit why am i such a spaz??

Oh i also have to report a really cute thing I witnessed in the auto room. One of the ladies a few spots in front of me in the Jared line gifted Jared with a jar of vegemite that had his name on it and she was having a conversation with him about it. Obviously it’s a universal running joke that Americans find vegemite repulsive, but Jared had the idea of using it as negative reinforcement for when his kids misbehaved and he was really excited about it. He called out to Jensen from across the room to run the idea by him. Jensen laughed and was like, “you sure that’s gonna work with your kids? Shep will probably like it” and he imitated Shep lathering vegemite all over his face which made Jared laugh. Jensen was like, “vegemite bath!” which made Jared laugh even more. I also blame that adorable exchange for distracting me from properly preparing what i wanted to say to Jared.

Legit I’m so glad that J2 have each other for these things. Cons seem absolutely brutal, meeting so many people, hearing so many stories, but still needing to go through basically every single person. I mentioned last year that AHBL7 seemed hard on Misha because he was the “backbone” of the con so to speak and he was by himself. This year, a huge amount of the con’s weight is on J2 but they have each other for support and I’m so glad for it because what happened to them is so much rougher that what happened to Misha last year.

Jared and Jensen are truly amazing people, like my respect for them increased exponentially after seeing them handle this weekend. All through the jetlag and exhaustion and general annoyance at the disorganization, their energy levels were still pretty high, they delivered a stellar panel, they’re still very friendly and cheerful when interacting with fans, and they genuinely care about us. Like when some people would go up to them during autos and ask how they’re doing and hope theyre feeling okay in the middle of all this madness, they’d be like, “how about you? Are you guys having fun?” Like for all of their understandable and justified anger and frustration about the event, in no way is that directed towards the fans.

on Murray leaving the ice first: “And after that, I can tell you that the level of frustration for Marc-Andre Fleury was very high. Look at him, it’s very rare that Marc-Andre takes pucks like that and throws them. And I can tell you that when he went back to the locker room, he smashed his stick on the lockers. The noise was rather intense.”



Some comics I made based (practically verbatim) off of a pretty wild day in my 9th grade math class.  Looking back on it now is funny because of the cartoon-level absurdity of it all, but at the time it was extremely frustrating. I guess that’s reminiscent of a lot of high school experiences in general, but it also reminded me of some pretty gendered standards I was expected to uphold as a 14 year old girl who wasn’t even very good at algebra in the first place!

Witchcraft vs. Dyslexia

I’m 29 and haven’t had to study a book in about 10 years. I’ve read essays and books for fun, but not for educating myself on a scholarly level. So imagine my frustration when I want to start reading up on Witchcraft, and all the problems I had in high school and college came flooding back.
Having to read single paragraphs over and over to process what’s going on, any notes I take are done very carefully because I’m notorious for flipping words and phrases around, and no distractions whatsoever or I can’t focus.
I bought the “The Goodly Spellbook” and it took me about 5 hours last night to study 36 pages.
I’m frustrated with my learning challenges, but at least I’m learning. Just not as fast as I can process 🤔

QoAaD Theory

Note: Hey guys, I’m back with a half-thought theory so feel free to add your thoughts on it!!. 

Ok, so the other day @sania0810 and I were discussing who we thought was going to die in qoaad and all that fun stuff. My thoughts were along the line of (characters dying) a character that only has appeared in TDA and is semi-important. That line of thought led me to think…

What if Diego dies in QoAaD???

First of all, at the end of LoS, Diego begins a redemption arc of sorts: 

(pg. 692-693 in LoS)

     Previously, even after we find out about the arranged marriage between Zara and Diego, obviously everyone reading the book and/or characters in the book has beef with Diego. He seriously hurt Cristina and that is under the list of things that isn’t ok to do. Then, Diego does this (this=taking Kieran away to the Scholomance) which is risking his safety for the sole reason that Cristina asked him to. 

But, Diego’s protection of Kieran isn’t/can’t just end with Diego dumping Kieran off at the Scholomance

         Before I go into to what could happen while Diego is protecting Kieran, I want to discuss the state of mind/how Diego is thinking about when it comes to Cristina (from my perspective). 

        One of the biggest things to consider is how long Diego and Cristina have known each other. Time doesn’t always equal being closer or being better friends to people (ex: Emma and Cristina friendship and level of trust despite not knowing each other for a long time). But, for Cristina and Diego, they were the best of friends and years of friendship brings a high level of trust and comfortableness. An example of this is on page 491 in Lady Midnight:

     This paragraph shows that even though Cristina is frustrated with Diego for not telling her sooner about Jamie’s plan (and explaining what ‘actually’ happened) she still sees him as being home. Even the betrayal of not explaining the situation of Jamie to Cristina, she still trusts him and is very comfortable around him. And later on in Lady Midnight on page 645, we see Cristina and Diego going back to their previous relationship they had with each other:

      In both these examples from Lady Midnight, it’s easy to see, from Cristina’s perspective at least, that they both care about each other a lot. These scenes help us, the readers, forgive Diego for his past mistakes at least up until Lord of Shadows where Diego is caught in a web of lies (pg.92).

    Then, Cristina questions why she forgave him in the first place (going back to the comfortableness theme of knowing someone for a long time, pg. 88).

And, then the explanation for everything that has to do with Zara comes to light (pg.547).

      Diego once again has a reason for the way he’s been acting/the lies he told, but once again, he lied to Cristina. Now, I know I’ve just summarized all the key moments between Diego and Cristina, so now I want to get back to Diego’s state of mind after LoS. Diego and Cristina’s history allowed Cristina to be able to forgive and once again trust Diego. But then, he betrays her trust once again, but again their history allows Cristina to trust Diego enough to think he’ll protect/take Kieran to safety.  

       Although Cristina trusts Diego to take Kieran to safety, the trust and closeness they once had has decreased majorly. And losing that, especially from someone you care so much about, hurts. Diego is in the right state of mind where he would do almost anything to redeem himself to Cristina.

     By taking Kieran with him to Scholomance, Diego is directly putting himself in direct danger. With the way LoS ends, it seems likely the Cohort will infiltrate the Clave which will cause something worse (for Downworlders) than the Cold Peace. Having/hiding/protecting Kieran is a bold move from Diego and there’s no way that move will have no consequences especially incorporating his engagement to Zara. 

     Most likely, the Cohort will catch on to what Diego is doing and with Diego’s state of mind, it seems plausible that Diego could die protecting/buying Kieran time to get away. Also, Diego’s death would obviously heavily impact Jamie and his motivations in The Wicked Powers. 

     In LoS, on page 546, it states, “Jamie made an impatient noise. “I’m not self-sacrificing Tina,” he said. ‘That’s Diego, not me. I wanted our family out of trouble’ “. This quote further shows that Diego would die protecting Kieran because Diego’s self-sacrificing, but it also shows that Jamie is not the brave warrior type. Jamie just wants to stay out of the direct line of violence, but since Diego is putting his neck out there with being engaged to Zara, the only way for his plan to work is if Jamie runs away with the heirloom. So, if Jamie isn’t the self-sacrificing type, what would be his motivation to make him an important character in TWP? The answer is simple: Diego’s death.

   If, which it seems likely, the Cohort infiltrate the Clave, Jamie will have a major grudge against them for (possibly) causing his brother’s death. He would have a major score to settle with them, which the Cohort being villains, could be why Jamie would be an important character in TWP.

   And, that’s the end of my theory! That was a lot more in depth than I was going to do, but too late now :). Again, please tell me your thoughts about this theory and feel free to add on to it!!

[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Furuhata Nao

BUBKA already announced vol.3!! and we are still here at vol.1 lol

Yeah, some content (especially, regarding General Election) may be obsolete, but I think it’s still worth reading. This time it’s Nao-chan. She’s so adorable, saying that she will protect members’ smile. Nao is also a great performer.
She really did change. You can see clearly in “Kin no ai, Gin no ai” live. I also notice that she stepped to another level when I saw her performance in Solo con. (must watch!!)

Hope you guys enjoy this interview!

Furuhata Nao in Miyazawa Sae’s graduation concert was spectacular.

She flew out of her beloved SKE48 to experience the world outside.

With frustration for not having gone to “Kouhaku” last year

And “Crisis” that Matsui Jurina mentioned,

In conclusion, she has decided!


The love for SKE48 has doubled up, my “study abroad diary”

“everyone’s smile, I will protect it!”

Awareness of being professional


- Today, we think we will hold “Furuhata Nao commendatory ceremony”, so we rush from Tokyo.

Nao: *clap* Then, I would just sit still.

- That wouldn’t be an interview. Please let us ask *laugh* Firstly, Furuhata-san’s performance suddenly seemed different. Compared to the stage that I watched 2 months ago, the concert at Gaishi Hall in March was so spectacular.

Nao: Eh? Is that so?

- Eh? You don’t know? *laugh* It’s apparently different. Seemed like you’re holding an invincible weapon, full of confidence.

Nao: But I’m not confident at all. How should I put it…maybe, there’s some sort of feeling that has changed. I want SKE48 to be more excellent. I feel that my foundation is SKE48, I want more people to know this. I want the current SKE48 to be better. These thoughts came out through my performance.

- Oh..I see.

Nao: And, maybe I’m enjoying being an idol, enjoying singing and dancing.

- Furuhata-san in “Chicken LINE” was great. It’s like you have magic charm. You looked really confident *laugh*

Nao: I’m not that great.

- It’s like going through to another dimension. Does this involve with “Hana yori Dango” stageplay that you got a role in Jan. - Feb.?

Nao: I think it’s somewhat involved. My opinion towards SKE48 also changed. Before, I’d been thinking about what SKE48 should do, but now I focus on what I could do…

- I got it. You want to see how the group would change if you do something, so it’s shown in your performance, right?

Nao: That’s right! In the past, I was always worried about my position, but now I don’t compare with others anymore. Though I have higher goals than in idol group, but now SKE48 is more important than anything. This thought will never be shaken.

- I never thought you would think that much. I thought it’s just experience from stageplay that enhanced your performance. Anyways, wasn’t there anyone told you that “you look changed”?

Nao: None *laugh* Ah! Manager-san told me “your attitude towards work gets more professional” Of course, it’s because I experienced the world outside from stageplay. I have grown when I came back to SKE48. However, about acting, other co-actors were so great. I couldn’t compare to them.

- Is that so? I went to see it, too. I didn’t see any difference.

Nao: No, I wasn’t good at all. Not at all! I could realize that my attitude towards work was too immature. In SKE48, I’m classified as Onee-san. But outside, I’m just a kid. Though I thought “I have to do my best”, but I deeply realized how naive my thought is.

The outside is greatly different

- Furuhata-san in “Hana yori Dango” (as Toudou Shizuka) had to go to study in Paris. It’s just like you who came from SKE48 to study in the world outside

Nao: Ah…that’s true.

- Toudou Shizuka came back from Paris, Furuhata-san also has grown up when coming back to SKE48. It’s the same.

Nao: I never thought of this *laugh*

- As you mentioned, you “realized how naive your thought is” It must be tough for this study experience.

Nao: All actors/actresses are professional, right? Their dedication to the role was really different from me. They always study their script, pick up every detail. Not only that, they can also adapt to everything they were told. They are awesome.

- In March last year, you were one of members who challenged with “AKB49” stageplay. Then, you joined “Hana yori dango” How did you feel about that?

Nao: I thought this should help me grow up. I’m just an amateur, need to start from one. I thought “this will be good for Furuhata Nao for sure” As everyone was strict with me, I understand well that they did it for me.

- Strict?

Nao: This time, my mental got much stronger *laugh* It was like I really got crushed!

- Got crushed!

Nao: Though it’s me who couldn’t do it, but “49” still couldn’t compare with this…

- Wait a second, I heard “49” was so difficult that you wanted to run away from rehearsal, right? There were even some members who hates rehearsal that their face turned blue. Is this even more strict than “49”?

Nao: Yeah. I think Shino Isamu-san (director of AKB49) was very patient with us because members aren’t professional actresses. He taught us with understanding. Shino-san wanted it to come out as best as it could. He wanted to create good memories for us, so he put so much effort. Come to think of it now, I think he was too kind *laugh*

- So, it was totally a different world, right? Did you got scolded everyday like “Geez! You!”?

Nao: It’s not that harsh. The director was so patient. But what’s frustrating is me, knowing that I couldn’t do anything. Other actors’ level is high, I couldn’t catch up with them. I felt disappointed.

- Felt like everyone is studying high school math, but only you are in junior high, something like that?

Nao: Yeah, something like that. I didn’t want to cry at first, but I thought crying may be a way to express myself. So, I just poured out all feelings that I kept *laugh*

- I want to see rehearsal *laugh*

Nao: At first I thought if I cry, I would taint SKE48 but I didn’t tell anyone. In latter half of rehearsal, I cried almost every day.

- While other members were doing their jobs as usual, you had to face this alone.

Nao: Though other actors told me that I “have really strong spirit” but they may say it in order to encourage me. They said like “If I were you, I would have run away”

- I really want to see making *laugh* Isn’t it great to have this kind of experience? Furuhata-san was already great before the stageplay, you got even greater after that.

Nao: Happy to hear that.

- Just like Frieza in third form. (T/N: Frieza from Dragonball Z)

Nao: F…Frieza third form?

- You are almost the strongest one!

Nao: Everybody changes no matter what.

- Seems like studying abroad this time is successful.

Nao: Yeah! I’ll try harder.

I want to protect Jurina

- Let’s change the topic here. At Gaishi Hall, there was Miyazawa Sae’s graduation concert, how did you feel?

Nao: We saw members’ smile during performance, right? I want to protect those smiles.

- That’s huge *laugh*

Nao: SKE48 is where I belong. It’s the place like family. Having comrades is important, I don’t like it if there’s anything hurt members. When Sae-san graduated, everyone’s worried, right? Like in Gaishi Hall, I don’t like that kind of feeling.

- Your love for SKE48 is still the same, it never changes.

Nao: I also think that I still haven’t repaid SKE48 for letting me pass the audition. I’ve been thinking about this all along. I want to thank SKE48 and do something that I could do for them before I graduate. When I was standing on stage, I looked at fans who always support us happily. I don’t want good things to end, so I will not let their support go to waste.

- So, you had lots of thought at Gaishi Hall.

Nao: Then, after Sae-san got off the stage, Jurina-san said “SKE48 is in pinch”, right? I thought “Even Jurina-san said that…” Though she’s a big Senpai, I want to protect her. No matter what, she’s the face of SKE48. Since Rena-san graduated, she bears the burden alone. Even though I am junior, but I don’t want her to bear this burden on and on.

- What a deep thought. When members stood in row to send off Sae-san, what did you talk with her?

Nao: She said “Sorry, I couldn’t make it to your stageplay. It’s regrettable.” After I replied “that’s alright!” She said “From now on, please take care of SKE48”

- What was it like having Sae-san?

Nao: She’s someone that I wouldn’t be able to reach. That lively interaction with people, that kindness…It’s something I can’t imitate.

- It’s not like that. What do you think Sae-san has left for SKE48?

Nao: Warmth. Love is essential *laugh*

- You said something huge again *laugh*

Nao: I really think like that! To let the camera gets better shots of us, she represented us to talk with staff-san. She cried while speaking “I want SKE48 to be better!” When she talks with members, we can feel her kindness. As we received the love from her, we became more cheerful. That’s why love is important. This warmth led us to the right direction.

- That’s why Furuhata-san also changed?

Nao: I feel happier, have more fun. Sae-san is good at brightening up the atmosphere. If only Sae-san is there, the smiles enhanced. Once she graduated, I feel lonely.  

- Talking about graduation, Miyamae Ami-san in the same gen is also…

Nao: I could feel it a bit before she announced. I knew it from the atmosphere. She’s not good at lying.

- However, 5th gen becomes less and less.

Nao: That’s right. There’s almost 4 people left. It’s so fast. There are only me and Huppy (Harutamu), who are a bit grown up, and (Ego) Yuna, Narutin (Ichino Narumi) That’s all. Anyways, Ami-tan (Miyamae) also run for general election. There’s still time. I’m glad.

The bet on general election

- This is what we heard from other members in interviews of this issue, at Gaishi Jurina-san said “SKE48 is in pinch” but they can feel now that it’s getting better. The wind is shifting. What do you think?

Nao: It depends on how you look at it. If you look at the goal above, it’s still not enough. But because of Jurina-san’s word, members became more united. You can say the wind is shifting.

- That’s right. If we view it from different perspective, the answer would also be different.

Nao: Anyways, once we think that seniors won’t be here forever, what should we do? Of course, SKE48’s pillars are seniors, their popularity, their performance, interesting MC…seniors are also want to graduate to follow their own dreams, but how it’s going to be if they graduate? We, juniors, must work harder, must set a higher goal. Whenever there’s senior graduates, we feel the gap like “we’ve depended on her too much” As in current situation, there’s only Jurina-san who is well-known. SKE48’s goal is to “perform at Kouhaku!” and “hold a concert at Nagoya dome” But if we can’t gain popularity, those dreams wouldn’t come true. So, everyone has to be more well-known…do these things make you feel “you think too much”? If you think it’s not good, you don’t need to publish it.

- No way. I will publish them all *laugh* A moment ago, you said about “Kouhaku”, but looks like we still don’t hear the word “Want to be there again!” from members.

Nao: If we say it out, we must be aware and confident. Though I don’t know how much everyone wants to be on that stage, but we need to set goal for the group first, where we gonna go. We must make a decision, for example, betting on this time general election.

- Speaking of election, what’s your goal this year?

Nao: Senbatsu!

- Clear cut!

Nao: I want to enter Senbatsu! I’m almost 20 now, not sure how many years I will still be idol. If I can get into Senbatsu, maybe I can see the next step more clearly. This is also an opportunity to spread SKE48 around. Last year, I got 24th rank, so next it must be Senbatsu. I got fast pass to Senbatsu last year, I will not disappoint them (fans). To make it clear, I want 1-digit rank. I would be happy If it’s the position that will always be in camera. *laugh* Even if it’s difficult, I will keep moving forward!  

- So reliable! In the past year, do you feel that you have grown up?

Nao: My way of thinking has seriously changed. My feeling for SKE48 gets stronger. It really has changed. It’s so obvious this year.

- Do you worry about number of members that will be in ranking?

Nao: Last year, we ranked a lot. When people see in the news, they would think “SKE48 is popular” It’s a good thing.

- This year, we also look forward to your passionate speech. Speaking like “I really, really, really love SKE48” while crying. *laugh*

Nao: Seemed like Takamina-san also said “she’s so fired up” *laugh* If I get a good rank, I already have what I want to say in mind. I want to thank AKB48 because if there’s no AKB48, there would be no SKE48. AKB48 is like the beginning. I may not be here today if there’s no AKB.

- You answer wonderfully till the end *laugh* So, “Furuhata Nao commendatory ceremony” will end here.

((Ooc discussion is also important for people playing op muses in general. Not something i see people acknowledge often.
My muse is extremely overpowered. He dials himself back 99% of the time and doesnt tend to get involved in other peoples problems but were talking rule breaking timeline destroying levels of power
On the one hand its very important for everyone else to recognize this as playing such a high powered muse and having other muns refuse to acknowledge it can be frustrating
But on the other hand its equally if not more important for those of us playing overpowered muses to acknowledge that not everyone wants us fucking up their plots and timelines and for yall to tell us when thats the case
Communication is key))

flatline500  asked:

Whilst I personally don't have a problem with the exclusive silver-border promos, I suspect that those who do will see a difference between them and the holiday cards - the holiday cards were (to my understanding) distributed to specific people associated with WotC (staff, major customers, etc) so there was no expectation for Joe Public to be able to get them. But these are available to anyone - IF they are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. Thoughts?

We treat them very similarly in how we design them. And one of the three of the Hascon cards is showing up in a for-sale booster product (Sword of Dungeons & Dragons in Unstable).

There will never be a high level tournament of any kind where these cards are necessary to acquire.

That said, I understand the frustration. On the flip side, it allows us to make some very quirky cards that would normally never get made.

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A while back you mentioned being frustrated by the lack of feedback on your fanfic, feeling like people only like the smut. I've been feeling this way too and have wanted to give up on writing altogether because it feels like my writing sucks. I know you haven't given up (you're amazing btw) and wondered if you had any advice?

Oh, anon. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been feeling this way. It sucks. It’s a crappy feeling and, unfortunately, it’s not an easy thing to deal with. And it makes me sad, because you’re not the first person who has approached me on this topic.  

First of all: a lack of feedback does not mean your writing sucks. 

Second: not writing smut does not mean your writing sucks. 

I know, I know—being told that doesn’t make the feelings go away. Feedback is the only tangible sign fanfic writers get that people are reading and appreciating what we struggle to put out there. Receiving none to very little hurts. And hurts a lot. 

Especially on a platform like tumblr, where you’re in a community of like-minded people and it’s hard not to make comparisons between yourself and others. You see your mutuals and peers excitedly posting and reblogging their own stories or chapters, see their note counts going up and up, see their hit and comment count on A03 increase on a daily to weekly basis. And you think—“If they’re getting that kind of attention, why can’t I? Am I just a crappy writer?” 

Fanfiction acts a lot more like professionally produced media than fandom likes to admit. It is governed by trends and tropes, and the fics that follow the fan-preferred formula are the ones that are going to be the most popular. It’s also about timing—even if you do start writing something that falls within the popular categories, it may not grab anyone’s eye because there were a thousand similar stories posted a year before you even picked up your pen. 

And then there’s the fact that some elements of fanfic are always going to be more popular than others. For better or worse, stories with explicit sexual content, especially if they feature fan-favourite pairings, generate more attention than genfic content. Still, I don’t think writers should ever be pressured into writing something they don’t want to write because it’s what the fandom wants. Dragon Age fandom loves Solavellan smut, but there’s no way I’m ever going to write Venara/Solas smut because it does not suit Venara’s character to be framed in that kind of context. And yet, I still hear things like, “Your story would be so much better if it had smut it in” and “I don’t read fics that don’t have smut.” When writers hear phrases like this too often and see how popular NSFW and explicit-rated fics are, it reinforces the idea that smut is good writing, and to be a good writer—or to realistically portray romantic relationships—you must write smut. 

This is absolutely not the case. Popular does not mean good. Stick your guns and write what you want to write, not what’s most popular in your fandom.   

I think the first step here is to acknowledge that there is nothing you can do as a fanfic writer to control what fandom is going to be interested in. There is nothing you can do to guarantee that you’re going to get readers, comments, views, comments, kudos and the like. 

Allow yourself to be frustrated. That’s a genuine emotion you’re feeling. Get it out—and then let it pass. Ask yourself honestly if writing fanfic is worth working through the stress and the negative feelings. If your level of frustration is so high and you’re constantly feeling like shit about your own writing—that’s not fun, nor is it very healthy. Writing fanfic is a hobby and if that hobby is causing undue stress, stop. 

Take a break. 

You can always come back later—even if later is weeks, months or years down the line. It doesn’t mean that you’re not a writer or that you’re accepting defeat. It just means that you need time away from it, to rejuvenate your passion and your creativity without negativity attached. 

Taking a break from writing fanfiction doesn’t necessarily mean taking a break from writing. You can turn to creating original works—short fiction, novels, plays, poetry, journaling, blogging, whatever tickles your fancy. Find friends, either online or in person, with whom you can safely share those creations, who will give you genuine feedback and boost your confidence in your craft. 

But if you decide to continue writing fanfic, there’s a few things you can try:

Find a reason for writing fanfic outside of getting feedback. Everyone and their grandmother says “write for yourself”, but that can ring a bit hollow after a while. If that’s the case, maybe you’re writing it to improve your writing skills in preparation for writing an original work. Maybe you’re writing for self-expression and exploration. There can be a lot of other reasons. 

For something a little more tangible, you can try is cultivating a writing support group—a few friends who you can count on to read your work and give you feedback, no matter what. This isn’t an easy task. It takes time and effort. But once it is in place, there is a lot of relief and joy of knowing that there are at least two or three people out there who genuinely love and are interested in your writing. It’s more enjoyable to write for a regular audience of three (who you know will show up) than a possible audience of a thousand (who will probably never show up). 

You can also find online communities that hold regular writing challenges or prompts where feedback is encouraged. My partner likes the Dragon Age subreddit for this reason: they have writing and OC prompts posted twice a week. If you share a piece of writing or something about your character, you will get a handful of comments with the expectation that you will also read/comment on others users’ creations. 

If you’re a longfic writer who is struggling for readers, you can also try writing shorter pieces about your main characters. Over the years, I’ve found that more and more readers don’t want to commit to a +50,000 word story. Writing a piece that’s ~1000 words can act as a bite-sized entry into your unique writing style and the world/characters you are writing about. Groups like @dadrunkwriting are great for this since prompts are fun and short and there’s no pressure to produce high quality writing. Also, it’s a group that’s about writers supporting other writers, which is both fantastic and very, very necessary in a fanfic era where readers comment less and less.

I think when you’re a fanfic writer, you’re in it for the long-haul. Just like it is in the professional writing world, it takes time to establish yourself in fandom and get regular readers. It’s a process. The people who are able to post a single fic and immediately gather dozens, or hundreds, of readers and comments are few and far between—and very, very lucky. Don’t be too hard on yourself when that’s not the case for you. 

I hope that helps. Don’t give up on yourself or your writing. Good luck!

Talking Smack. [Sequel to “You’re Not a Loser.”]

Imagine you being featured on an episode of Talking Smack along with James Ellsworth. Knowing that you are Dean’s girlfriend, he tries to plead his case to you and to the world about how sorry he is, but due to your raging hormones, you lose your temper.

You can find “You’re Not a Loser.” here. Enjoy!

It’s been a few weeks since the last time you and Dean were together, and each day you missed him like crazy. But ever since your time with Dean right after his match at Backlash, you’ve been feeling sick and throwing up on a daily basis. At first, you thought it was just a stomach virus, but a couple of days before you left work to see Dean face AJ for a chance to become the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, you decided to take a pregnancy test.


“Y/N! I’m glad you’re here.” Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, caught you in the hallway near the catering area. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Ooh-kay.” His urge to talk to you caught you off guard. “What’s up?”

A smile appeared on his face. “Well, I was wondering, how would you like to be a special guest on Talking Smack tonight right after Smackdown Live?”

Your eyebrows furrowed together and your eyes widened at the request. “M-Me? You pointed at yourself. “Why me? I’m nobody around here.” You chuckled.

“Well, believe it or not, you actually are somebody around here. See, fans have been dying to know since Backlash your opinions about the feud between AJ Styles and your boyfriend, Dean Ambrose. I think it would be a good idea to get a different, and more personal, point of view in all of this. What do you say?”

“Well, with all do respect Daniel, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Dean and I are trying our best to keep our relationship out of the public eye, and if you put me on Talking Smack then that’s just going to ruin everything. So thanks, but no thanks.”

Daniel nodded his head as his smile faded. “I see. Well, I can respect that. But if you change your mind then let me know before the show is over.”


“Can you believe Daniel Bryan wanted me to be on Talking Smack tonight?” You chuckled, still in disbelief.

“Maybe they want to talk to you about being on Total Divas.” Dean joked.

You smiled and nudged his arm. “I highly doubt that. I’m not a diva, and even if I was I wouldn’t want to be on that show anyway. No offense to the other girls on that show, especially Nikki since she is my friend, but…just…no thanks.”

“I hear ya’.” Dean smiled at you as he finished taping his hands and punched the palm of his own hands one at a time. “I think you should do it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. Definitely. I mean, I know you’ve been working on getting a career in anchoring or broadcasting for the news. Maybe you should give it a shot tonight on Talking Smack and see if you really like it. Who knows? You might get some exposure, and maybe Daniel will hire you for the show.”

You thought about it for a moment. “Well, it would be nice…” You were about to say something else, but a knock at the door broke you away from your thoughts.

“Dean, you’re on in two minutes.” A crew member spoke as he poked his head into the locker room.

Dean gave a slight nod and turned back to you. “That’s my cue.” He smiled and stroked your cheek. “I’ll see you later doll face.” He then leaned down and kissed you passionately. His beard gently scratching at your face as you kissed him back. Just the feel of his beard alone was sending your hormones in a frenzy and he noticed. He smiled in the kiss and pulled away. “I promise, we’ll do that later.”

“You bet your ass we will.” You giggled. Dean winked at you and as soon as he turned around to walk away, you grabbed his ass and winked at him. “Go get ‘em tiger.”


While Dean was out doing his promos with James Ellsworth and interviews before his match, you caught up with Daniel Bryan and told him that you want to be on Talking Smack and he seemed thrilled to have you.

You spent the rest of the evening getting your hair and make-up done and you watched Dean’s match with AJ. James Ellsworth was in Dean’s corner, and just like Dean, you weren’t sure if it was a good idea. He could really get hurt out there and Dean won’t be able to protect him this time. You stayed at the catering area and cheered Dean on until it happened. James Ellsworth hit AJ Styles with a Sweet Chin Music in front of the official. James Ellsworth single-handedly ruined Dean’s chance at the Championship title. Your mouth dropped open in shock, and your heart began to hurt at the sight of Dean’s face. This is not good.


“Babe, I’m sure it was an acci-“

“DON’T YOU FUCKING TELL ME THAT IT WAS AN ACCIDENT Y/N!” Dean shouted at you and it made you flinch. You wanted to say more, but it was already time for you to leave to the set of Talking Smack.

“I have to go. But we’re not done here. We need to talk when I get back.”


You watched the entire episode of Talking Smack from the side and right now your frustration level was on high, but it seemed to fly off the charts just from Renee Young’s little chuckle after saying “that sucks” about Dean no longer having the number one contender’s spot. But you had to keep calm and not let anger get the best of you. This was your very first time appearing on a live broadcast for anything and you didn’t want to screw it up. As the hour went on and you listened to James Ellsworth plead his case from the moment he walked out onto the set, you genuinely started to feel sorry for the guy. You could tell that he really didn’t mean to do what he did. He just got caught up in the moment. You started to think maybe there was a way you could talk to Dean and maybe get him to not hurt James for his mistake.

“Well maybe this is a good time to bring out our next guest. She is the girlfriend of mister Dean Ambrose himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Y/N Y/L/N!” Renee announced.

You walked out with a small smile on your face and took a seat next to Ellsworth.

“Y/N, thank you for joining us.” Renee continued once you were handed a microphone.

“Thanks for having me.”

“So Y/N, tonight was a big night for Dean Ambrose, but seeing how it all turned out, what are your thoughts on that?” Renee asked you.

You sighed as you looked at all three of them. “Well,” You then focused your attention to Ellsworth. “Look James, I know that you had good intentions of being out there in Dean’s corner. You wanted to show him support and gratitude for everything he’s done for you. Your heart was in the right place. Your foot, however, wasn’t. And I-“ You stopped talking when you noticed both Renee and Daniel giggling. Maybe it was your hormones acting out of whack, but that really pissed you off. “Why are you two laughing? Did I say something funny?”

Your reaction caught both Daniel and Renee off guard and they honestly didn’t know how to react, so they both stayed quiet.

“You know what? You wanna hear my thoughts? You wanna talk some smack? Fine. Let’s talk smack.” You adjusted in your seat as your adrenaline pumped through your veins. “Because I am so sick and tired of everyone not taking Dean serious around here.” You looked straight at Ellsworth. “James I am going to be blunt with you. I understand you are worried about what will happen because of what you did tonight, and you should be! Now, I can sit here and tell you everything in the book to make you feel better. I could’ve told you that everything was going to be all right. That Dean wasn’t going to be mad. That he will forgive you for what you did. But if I told you that then I would be lying to you. Dean is just as unpredictable to me as he is to every person in this entire roster, and the one thing that I can’t and won’t do is lie about him. You may not have seen him after the show, but I did, and to say that he is pissed off is an understatement.”

You sighed as you tried your best to get yourself together before speaking again. “Look, in this business there is no room for mistakes, and Dean lives by that quote religiously. You cost someone a match, it’s a big deal don’t get me wrong, but it can be easily forgotten if it wasn’t important. However, if you cost someone a match for a title, or even the chance to be a number one contender for the title, that’s huge. That’s huger than huge, and Dean is not just gonna let that go.”

“So, how do you feel about him not having that number one contender’s spot anymore?” Daniel asked.

You looked at all three of them as you began to answer. “You know, I’ve told Dean time and time again that he is a champion in my eyes no matter what. With or without a belt. But I’ve been with the man for seven years now, and I know how much this means to him.” Your anger started to rise again and it showed as you spoke. “I know how much it means to him to be champion. I know how much it means to him to have that belt around his waist. I know how much it means to him to be the top dog. So to see him back there so angry, upset, and hurt because the only opportunity he had left at the championship, once again, slipped through his fingers makes me angry, upset, and hurt for him! And I don’t appreciate either one of you,” You pointed at both Renee and Daniel. “laughing about it and treating it like it’s some big joke!”

“I wasn-“ Renee began, but you cut her off.

“No! Renee, it is my time to talk and I’m not about to let you talk over me like you do everyone else!” You looked at Daniel. “You wanted me on the show, now you’re getting what you asked for!” You sighed and focused back on James and began speaking on a much calmer tone. “Look, if you’re looking for some sort of answers from me about what is going to happen, then you’re asking the wrong person. Dean is a very unpredictable man, and it doesn’t matter if you try to confront him tonight, tomorrow, next week, or even at Survivor Series. I can’t guarantee you that he will reason with you. All I can tell you is that Dean isn’t going to let this go. And you better watch your back.”

With that, you dropped your microphone on the table and you heard a pop and quick static noise before walking off the set and leaving Renee, Daniel and James speechless. Certainly tonight’s episode of Talking Smack was going to be the hot topic of the locker room and the entire WWE Universe tomorrow, but now that Talking Smack was over, you have a new topic that you didn’t know how to break to Dean at the moment. You’re pregnant.

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Hey Bitch, JKR the CREATOR of HP said Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” so you can shut your trap about 'movie fans are losers the books are the only thing that counts' Bullshit. if JKR doesn't have a problem with the hp movies, leave us movie fans alone and get off your fucking high horse because you're not better than anyone bitch

I have to be honest I didn’t even know how to response to this at first other than to giggle in shock and delight (seriously I was speechless! That doesn’t happen to me very often!) because I couldn’t even think what I’d said recently that could have possibly inspired this level of vitriol. And I certainly never said what you quoted up there. But I think I figured it out. It was my tags on this post, wasn’t it?

For direct reference: #(also the thing about the basilisk venom in stone – that’s frustrating too) #(seriously folks did you even READ the books?)

Well, if it was, then I’m actually just going to continue to be snarky, sorry! Because you know what? I am sick of people who haven’t read the books whinging and carping and carrying-on when they don’t understand things that were explicitly covered in the books. It’s like when you do a book report in school and get a failing grade because you only watched the movie adaptation instead of reading the actual book, and so you couldn’t answer half the questions right. Because it gets really tiring having to explain things like “a Horcrux isn’t destroyed by instant contact with basilisk venom, it’s just that basilisk venom is one of the few things that can damage something beyond the point where it could be magically repaired which is how you destroy a Horcrux, but because Fawkes saved Harry before he actually died, the Horcrux inside him wasn’t hurt” over and over and over again to whingy little brats who think they’re pointing out a massive plot hole and are just sooooo proud of themselves when really they…just don’t understand how a Horcrux works?

And J.K. Rowling seems to be tired of it too. Hence her weary #pleaseneveraskmethatoneagain hashtag on that twitter post. Because guess what? If you’re only going to watch an adaptation of something? Well, then you’re not going to understand everything that is going on, because obviously lots of parts have been excised and altered. That’s kind of how the “adaptation” process works. So if you aren’t familiar with the original, you probably shouldn’t swan around acting like some great fancy big shot who’s found an INCREDIBLE MASSIVE PLOTHOLE OMG that NOBODY ELSE NOTICED EVER!!!! aren’t you special!!! when…you didn’t. You just don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s kind of like how I don’t go around ranting about errors in mathematical equations, or making statements about the thematic elements of tv shows I never watched, or why I don’t correct other people when they quote sections of the bible or…basically, if I don’t know what I’m talking about and I know I don’t know what I’m talking about, then I don’t act like I’ve got an informed opinion on the subject. I mean, you don’t see MCU fans running around acting like they know the comic book continuity just because they’ve seen the movies, do you? No! Nor the other way around! They’re separate fandoms, and being familiar with one of them doesn’t mean you automatically know all the facts of the other. And if you aren’t familiar with the source material, then you aren’t informed on the subject. Whatever the subject in question may be. In this case, it’s the canon of the Harry Potter story, because if you haven’t read the books then all you’ve done is watched some really high-budget fanfiction.

So while you can go ahead and enjoy the movies, and even consider yourself a fan of Harry Potter without reading the books (although why wouldn’t you???), you don’t count as being informed on the subject, because you’re unfamiliar with the source material. Because those movies? Filled with errors and omissions. Filled with them. And it’s pretty frustrating when folk who’ve only watched the movies but not read the books go around talking about the “plot holes in the story” or complaining about character actions that “don’t make sense” and so-forth. Because nine times out of ten, they’re things that are thoroughly addressed in the books and only lack sense in the movies. And those of us who have read the books tend to get tired of the story and the writing and the character development and the world building being maligned when actually that isn’t the problem the movies just got it wrong okay???

There are a lot of genuine criticisms that can be made about these books. But those tend to get overshadowed by things that aren’t legitimate criticisms because they’re problems that only exist in the movie adaptations, not in the source. And a lot of time and energy gets wasted explaining the same things over and over again to people who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that if you’ve only watched the movies, you don’t know all the material. Which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with being a casual fan of something – but if you’re only a casual fan, don’t act like you know canonical minutia okay? (You don’t see me writing a lot of meta about Green Lantern, do you?) And at the least, maybe stop to think, “hey I wonder if this is a thing that is addressed in the books, maybe I can google it?” or even pop over to the Lexicon for some fact-checking and exposition before you go shooting your mouth off like you’re Fandom Moses coming down the mountain with the Big Tablets of Fictional Revelation to share with everybody. And definitely don’t keep pestering the poor author about it when she didn’t have a damn bit of control over how the movies turned out so why is she being held responsible for explaining away “plot holes” that don’t actually exist? As frustrating as this is for us, it’s got to be a hundred times worse for her. Imagine how you’d feel if you were an author and people kept whinging about “the big plot-hole in your series climax” and maligning your ability to write, especially when you’d obviously been so careful to plan and arrange everything so that it did all work, and you had devoted all sorts of exposition to it so everybody could understand it and…instead you’re constantly bombarded by people whinging about what you did wrong because they’re only familiar with the adaptation that didn’t explain it properly. I expect I’d be considerably frustrated, personally, and I would have a very hard time resisting the urge to just say, “It makes sense if you read the fucking books, so go read the actual fucking books before you bitch to me okay?!”

Because the books are the only things that count. If by “count” you mean “count as canon.” The movies aren’t canon. They’re adaptations. They’re big, fancy, high-budget fanfiction filmed with great actors and excellent effects. But they’re also full of errors and omissions because that’s how adaptation works. And I can’t imagine why you’re being this defensive over a mild complaint that someone on tumblr put in the tags of a post unless in your heart of hearts, you already know all of this. You’re not angry at me; you’re angry at you. For not knowing things like how Horcruxes work, and why the basilisk venom-infused sword could destroy them in Deathly Hallows even though Harry remained a Horcrux after being stabbed by a basilisk’s fang. For not reading the books.

But you know what? There’s an easy cure to that. It’s called a library.

And if you just don’t want to read the books? Fine! Then don’t! But learn to be content with your ignorance on the subject. Those are really the only two choices you’ve got. Either educate yourself or don’t, but don’t bitch at me when you don’t know something just because you can’t be arsed to learn it.

North Italy Boyfriend Headcanons

-To date North Italy, you either need to be very patient and understanding, or on the same brain-wave. If you are neither of these things, you may find his constant fluctuations in energy levels and sweet naivety frustrating.

-He has zero qualms about PDA and will really struggle to hold himself back if you do. In fact, if you don’t like PDA, you may have to keep your distaste to yourself, since he will often forget about your discomfort, always reaching for your hand, dropping kisses anywhere on your person, and letting his hands slide a little too low on your back or a little too high on your thigh.

-If you ever turn away from his affections, he will take it very personally and get quite upset. He may not voice his concern, but it will be evident in his eyes and how his shoulders droop for the next while or until he receives some sort of reaffirmation from you. He will wonder if he’s done something wrong, and the longer he sits with thoughts like this, the more he will become self-conscious – do you even really like him?

-He will shower you in presents constantly, from flowers to jewellery to concert tickets. Anything that will make you smile, he will be eager to obtain for you.

-He is incredibly spontaneous and romantic. However, this romanticism and spontaneity may sometimes show at inopportune times. Like showing up at your apartment in the middle of the night to drive you hours out of town simply to look at the stars, since he read somewhere in the news it was a clear night. Prepare for random trips out of the city to cozy B&Bs that he made reservations at on a whim (on the plus side, he’s very convincing at letting your boss give you time off work during the week whenever he calls… you have to wonder if there’s bribery happening under the table…)

-When he’s not giving you cute butterfly kisses and quick pecks on the cheeks, his kisses are passionate. So much so that it’s hard to keep things from going too far when he pushes you up against an alcove wall in the mall. He’ll laugh this off when you finally untangle yourselves.

-You will need to be very confident in your relationship with Veneziano. He is a natural flirt and unashamed to pass compliments to those around him he finds attractive. You will often find him leaning against a counter stringing very pretty sentences together for a cute cashier.

-His favourite activity are afternoon siestas with you, a tangle of limbs and sheets and pillows.

-If you share a bed with him, he will snuggle into almost forcibly. You will need to shove him back onto his side of the bed several times in the night, else you may end up falling to the floor! He sleeps through all of this, of course, not even aware of his actions in the morning.

-He has a tendency to sleepwalk from time to time. Don’t wake him. This will be one of the rare occasions you will see him angry.

-He doesn’t often get mad, but he does cry easily, especially during arguments.

-He will always be the first to apologize after a fight – often before the fight has even ended. He hates when you’re mad at him, and he doesn’t like feeling angry with you, either. Guilt will eat away at him until he makes himself sick to his stomach if he’s unable to apologize or if you don’t accept his apology.  

-He will be incredibly charming the first time he meets your family, showering any women with fancy flirtations and giving the men firm handshakes. He will bring a nice bottle of wine, and impress your family with his culinary prowess when he offers to help cook (and inviting everyone to his house next time - at which time he will be an impressive host).

-He loves singing for you. 

The Queen's Consort - Chapter One

TITLE: The Queen’s Consort
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Developing relationship/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: The Allfather is in negotiations with the Queen of Vanaheim for the services of her army and the wealth of her neighbours. There is just one thing that the Queen of Vanaheim wants in return for her loyalty: Loki.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspired by the art of the wonderful nanihoosartblog. Trying something a little bit different this time around. I think this one will be a bit more detailed, a bit more fleshed out - I’ve been planning and plotting – go me! But that means I won’t be updating as much as I was with The Riddle, but let’s face it, that story was a freak of nature. xoxox

It was raining heavily and dinner had long since concluded when the Asgardian princes returned to the palace. A Vanir diplomatic party had arrived earlier in the day and an impromptu hunting trip had spared the young royals from the inane formalities that were typical for such a visit. No doubt the king and queen would have a few stern words for them in the morning regarding their absence but a lecture seemed like the lesser of two evils and the princes were happy in their choice. After handing off their mounts and their kill (a few hares and a small buck) the princes quietly made their way from the stables to the golden palace but soon parted company; the elder heading to the great hall where the feasting may have concluded but the drinking was still in progress, whilst the younger made for his chambers wanting nothing more than a hot bath and a change of clothes. He walked around the exterior of the palace towards the royal wing, though it was longer and less direct he had no desire to leave a muddy trail through the halls. His mother wouldn’t be the one to clean the mess up but she would certainly have something to say about it and Loki thought one lecture before breakfast would be plenty.

As Loki approached the royal wing of the palace something peculiar caught his eye. There, in the middle of his mother’s private garden, was a woman dancing in the rain. Loki watched for a moment, caught off guard by the strangeness of the sight. She moved in slow circles, her hands raised to the sky as though she was conducting the clouds. His bewilderment abated, replaced by annoyance with the trespasser, most likely an attendant of the Vanir party, for surely a diplomat would not dare to take such liberties.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Loki shouted above the storm.

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What are Sky and Stars favorite things about each other?

Hmm… Well I guess for honey-Stars, his most favourite thing about Sky-baby is that not only is he intelligent, he is also a very nice and kind-hearted mech. He’s a very patient, understanding and often forgiving mech, something Starscream has always respected (and sometimes take for granted) because not many mechs can tolerate being around him for a long period of time. Skyfire’s gentle demeanour for a mech his size also impresses Starscream to no end because Skyfire can actually use his size to his advantage if he wants to, yet refuses to do so, showing that he has very high morale and level-headed mech. Sometimes Skyfire can be too nice though to the point where he will often be taken advantage by other bots, which frustrates and angers Starscream. So Starscream will act as a guard for Skyfire, chasing away any malicious bots that try to take advantage of Skyfire’s kindness.

As for Skyfire, his most favourite thing about Starscream is that he is always full of energy and determination. He admires Starscream’s very ambitious personality and just-do-it attitude. He also finds that Starscream can be a very inspiring mech- very smart and charming (when he wants to be). Plus, Starscream makes him laugh like no other mech can. He can be a very entertaining mech (when the mood strikes him) due to his very witty and sarcastic nature.  However, Starscream can be too focused on achieving his goals and come sometimes disregard everything and anything that stands in his way. So it’s Skyfire’s job to pull him back from the brink of destruction, a job which he doesn’t really mind doing, because he genuinely believes that Starscream is actually a good mech deep down in his spark and just needs a guiding hand to channel his aggressive and competitive nature.

So yeah… this is my… headcannon… Eppp!!   (*≧∀≦*)

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Have you ever discussed with anyone in the Sandor- (and sansan) obsessed ASOIAF fandom whether (despite all the things that occurred in his life leading to him being who he is) the fact that Gregor and Sandor are related may actually be a bit of factor in why he's so cruel and brutal? I mean, Gregor is seemingly born complete and utter evil, and I know Sandor is not, but, at the end of the day they do share the same blood… could genes actually be partly to blame?

I tend not to believe in genetic arguments like that.  I can see why it’s tempting, but I don’t think they hold water.  

For one thing, I think the concept of “bad blood” is one that is scientifically not provable and removes a significant amount of human agency from a character.  I tend to think that when I see “families of evil” or “families of bad blood” there tends to be much more meat to a “nurture” versus a “nature” argument (and whoah there boy with the Clegane brothers do you have a lot going for you when discussing the “nurture” side of things).  Additionally, the concept of “bad blood” implies that someone’s genetics are responsible for the way that they are—and that gets into a very delicate conversation on the nature of genetic mental disorders—a topic that I think people never discuss very well and I’m going to steer clear of as best I can.

More ruminative/half-formed thoughts on the Clegane brothers below the cut:

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Clumsy Confession

A lovely guest reviewer on ff left me this prompt: Marinette finally working up the courage to ask Adrien out - and Adrien flips because he has a crush on her but thought she hated him?

And I mean…I couldn’t just not do it lol I love all of you, I’d do anything for you ^^ Hopefully I don’t disappoint the person who sent me this prompt xD Oh well, I hope y'all enjoy it ;)

AO3 and FF

Clumsy Confession

School? She could deal with.

Designing and sewing and everything fashion? Easy.

Confessing? Impossible, out of her abilities. It was too hard. Marinette just couldn’t do it. She had tried, multiple times, only to choke on her words and give up.

Throughout the years, her feelings for Adrien hadn’t disappeared. Sure they were different now, they had morphed into something more, her feelings had grown and every day that went by it only got harder to keep them down and hidden from sight. She just had to do it, and come what may, she just had to move on when it all ended up in tears and flames.

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He gets frustrated at you when sick/injured

A/N: Hello lovelies, so this one was requested, I hope it is what you were after.

It is a follow on from He get’s sick/injured and the boys call you So here are the links to those preferences Ash Mikey Calum Luke


At first Michael didn’t really see any negatives of the situation. In the few days to follow when he was still having high levels of pain killers, he just got to cuddle up with you and play video games, between naps, without anyone saying anything against it. However once the boys shows started up again, you could see him becoming more and more frustrated with his lack of mobility. While he could still sing and play guitar as long as he was sitting down, he couldn’t put the same level of energy into the shows and instead had to watch the other boys running around the stage. The energy was all pent up in a very agitated Michael. You had stayed close to Michael since the fall, always there to help him up and fetch things for him or help him get his crutches, and mostly, Michael was grateful. You were sitting around with the rest of the boys on the bus when you noticed Michael starting to stand, it was all fine until he fumbled one of his crutches and it fell to the ground.  Immediately you were on your feet and picking it up for him. Instead of thanking you though, Michael snatched it from your hand. “Fuck, Y/N I can do it myself” he snapped angrily at you. You stood for a moment looking at Michael, you could feel the tears filling your eyes and quickly rushed out of the bus into the venue carpark it was parked in, “wow, dick move,” Mike you heard Ashton say behind you. You didn’t really have anywhere to go and instead you started to wander through the backstage area. It was awhile later when you herd clicking on the floor followed by your name being called. “Leave me alone Michael” you called out. “Y/N, please just let me apologise, I’ve been hopping around for ages and my arms are fucking sore, please just give me a minute” you heard Michael beg. You sighed, not yet ready to let go of your anger but none the less you turned the corner and headed towards a relieved Michael. “Babe, I’m so sorry, I’m an idiot alright I just feel really useless with these stupid things” he said gesturing to the crutches “and I really miss running around with a guitar on stage” Michael finished. The pout and genuine sadness on his face was enough to erase any anger you had left, “I know Mikey” you told him, a smile replacing the pout at the use of ‘Mikey’ once more, “don’t do it again or I’ll take your xbox and put it at the top of a set of stairs” you told him with a smirk. Michael’s jaw dropped,  ”that’s just cold” he told you, “I think, I’m rubbing off on you.” You laughed and when Michael held out an arm, balancing on his crutches you happily let him pull you into a one armed hug.


Ash passing out really had freaked you out and so you had decided to join the boys on tour, to try and make sure that he was looking after himself well enough. The first few days after he got out of hospital were fine, he was more than happy to head to bed early, still trying to restore his strength and you were more than happy to accompany him, offering 24/7 cuddles whenever he wanted them. But as time continued Ash started to get stressed that the fans were still annoyed at him and with the strength he had managed to regain he was pushing himself as hard as ever.  You watched it happen but didn’t say anything, just continuing to supply water whenever he had a break and trying to just be a support. “Hey Ash, we should head to bed,” you suggested to Ash who was sitting on the couch focused on the twitter page in front of him. “Yeh, yeh, night” Ash replied absentmindedly. “No Ash, I meant both of us” you tried again. This time however you received a glare in return, “for god’s sake Y/N, I’m not a child and I don’t need you to give me a bedtime” he spat at you harshly. You were stunned for a moment and instead of trying again you just turned and left the room trying to stop the tears pricking your eyes. Despite being upset, after having some time to yourself you went back to Ash and found him in the same spot, though his head was now lolled to the side, laptop still open, with soft snores leaving his mouth. You sighed and crossed the room to gently take away his laptop. “Ash,” you shook him cautiously, “Hmmmm” he hummed, stirring. “I’m not telling you what to do, but you’re going to hurt your neck sleeping here, I’ll be in bed if you want to join me” you said slightly harsher than intended, before quickly leaving the room and crawling into your bed. It didn’t take long for a sheepish Ashton to crawl into bed beside you, you begrudgingly let him pull you into his arms before he spoke softly into your ear, “Y/N I’m sorry, I know you’re just trying to look after me, I’m just trying to work hard for the fans, I’m sorry I got cranky.” “It’s fine Ash” you sighed, “just remember to look after yourself first.” “I will” he agreed, “you can even give me a bed time tomorrow” he said with a small grin which made you giggle softly.


It usually took a lot to get Luke frustrated, especially when it was directed at you. Admittedly you had become a little overbearing since the allergic reaction Luke had had, but that didn’t mean it didn’t shock you when Luke finally snapped. “Luke, have you checked your arm today, is it still inflamed, do you need some more antihistamines?” you asked. “No Y/N it’s almost gone, it’s fine” Luke replied quickly. “Ok, well I’ve got the rest of the packet,  you should put it in your bag, just in case,” you continued, “fine Y/N,” Luke responded. “Ok, I think I should just have a quick look, check that it’s fine” you said, already reaching out for Luke. “Enough Y/N!” Luke said in a loud voice, you definitely were not used to hearing from him. Immediately you froze, hand in mid-air, “Look Y/N, I get it, you were worried, but I didn’t die, I’m fine now, it wasn’t that bad and I could really use some space” Luke ranted before he turned and saw the look on your face. “Ahhh right, s-sorry” you said quickly. “Y/N..” Luke tried in a much smaller voice, “no Luke, it’s ok I get it, just ahhh I’ll be in the other room if you need me” you said, rushing from the room, feeling ridiculous when you started to think of how much you had been pestering him. You were trying to occupy yourself with your phone when you heard the door open, but you kept your head down. You felt Luke drop down beside you, “Y/N” he said softly “Hmmm” you hummed in a noncommittal response. “Look” he said and you looked up to see him smiling softly at you, “here’s my arm, which is looking fine” he said pulling up his sleeve to show the last remaining part of his reaction, “and here is the antihistamines, going in my bag” he said, making a show of putting them in his backpack. You smiled softly at him, obviously helping to ease your natural worrying. “Now can we please just enjoy a moment, without you making it seem like I almost died,” he asked with a smirk and raised brow. “I guess I did over react a little bit” you agreed with a sheepish giggle. “Just a smidge” Luke grinned, “but thank you for worrying about me.” “Of course, so does that mean that you’ll go to the doctor I found for you?” you asked. You watched Luke’s mouth fall open in exasperation before you were no longer able to hold in a laugh, “I’m kidding Luke.” He continued to look at you for a moment before he laughed too, quickly pulling you in for a quick voice, “now there’s the Y/N I need back” he said when he pulled back.


You and Calum spent a majority of the day sleeping after your night on the bathroom floor. But late in the afternoon you were woken up by Calum’s groan. Rolling over, you looked at Calum through squinted eyes, “you alright Cal?” you asked, anxiously, worried that he was going to throw up again. “Water” he managed to croak out, starting to push himself up from the bed. You quickly reached out and pushed him back into the cushions, “stay” you told him, “I’ll get you some water.” Calum nodded and let you get up and retrieve a glass of water for him which he quickly drank, happy that it didn’t come straight back up. You settled back onto the bed and flicked on the TV across the room. It wasn’t long later, after spending some time on his phone, that Calum started to push himself off the bed once again. “Where you going Cal?” you asked with a furrowed brow, “I’m gonna get dressed, meet the boys at the next interview” he told you in a voice still hoarse from the night before. You looked at him in surprise and confusion, looking over his hunched shoulders and pale, clammy skin. He hardly looked well enough to be leaving the room never lone be in an interview. ”Cal” you started slowly, “you can’t go to an interview, you haven’t eaten anything and you need to recover from yesterday.” “It’s fine Y/N, I feel fine,” Calum tried to tell you. You frowned but decided you needed to step in, “Calum, you’re not going to an interview, get back in bed and I’ll call room service to get some light food for you, then if you’re better you can go to an interview tomorrow,” you said finally. Calum turned to face you and you saw anger flash in his eyes, his independent side clearly shining through, “Oh I can go tomorrow, if you decide” Cal asked, voice dripping with sarcasm. “Yes” you confirmed. “I’ll do whatever I fucking want” Calum told you, pulling a shirt over his head and stalking towards the door. You watched him leave, shaking your head in annoyance. You thought you would humour him for a few minutes, until you heard a thud on the wall outside. You rushed out and found Calum leaning heavily on the wall, “what happened Calum” you asked briskly. “I don’t know I just got really dizzy all of a sudden” he told you, all anger gone. You sighed, “ok let’s get you back to bed” and wrapped an arm around him to pull him back to the bed, with no resistance. Calum slumped onto the bed and looked at you with a pout, “I guess you were right, I’m sorry Y/N.” You rolled your eyes and looked at him with a small grin, “just don’t be so stubborn next time ok?” you asked, gaining a nod, “now for god’s sake stay put while I order some food” you concluded, making a point of pulling the blankets on top of him.

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