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The Devil’s Daughter

Daryl Dixon POV

(I really hope this is not going to disappoint you guys after all the fuss I made about it…xD’‘‘‘ I like it and I really hope you will too.)

After the attack against the Saviors, Daryl and Glenn find a girl handcuffed to a pipe and decide to take her with them.

word count: 3162

approximated reading time: 16 minutes

A day just like any other!? Far from it.
Victory? Defeat? It was difficult to tell.
Daryl was standing in front of the huge gates, panting, exhausted from the fight.
“Anyone else in there?”, Rick asked panting himself. They had killed all of Negan’s people, every last one of them… but Negan had not been one of them. And that was bad… very bad.
“Dunno, we gotta check again”, Daryl threw a glance back to the large building. They probably hadn’t been to every last room yet.
“There’s this one room we haven’t checked”, Glenn threw in. “It was locked from the outside. Hell knows what’s in there.”
“We should check it..”, Rick said..
“Yeah, I’ll go”, Daryl mumbled turning around.
“Alone!?” Glenn looked him up and down. “You can’t go alone. Who knows what’s in there. Might be dangerous.”
“Just join then”, Daryl muttered without stopping and Glenn had to hurry to catch up to him. It didn’t take long before they reached said door and Glenn had been right: the door was locked and there was no key around.
“Break it open?” Daryl looked at Glenn.
“Yeah…unless you got a better idea…”
“No… take a step back.”
The door wasn’t too solid and fortunately it was rather easy to break it open, took only two strong kicks and Daryl stumbled into the room his gun raised ready to shoot if anything was to attack him.
“Oh fuck”, he gasped as his eyes fell upon the girl handcuffed to what looked like an old heating pipe. She looked terrified as she looked up at Daryl and Glenn.

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