a very furry musical

redesigns of some really, really old characters! alex and lily.
(alex is 4 years old, lily is 5)
the only thing that really changed with alex is her tattoos, colors (very slightly though), and name
lily is almost unrecognizable next to her old design (thankfully)

alex is a 19 year old ibizan hound. she is very much out of the closet and open about who she is. its definitely no secret that shes gay af
shes very confident and loves video games, bad action movies, and beaches

lily on the other hand is not as sure of herself. she’s a 18 year old corgi, and her parents are very conservative, and she’s only recently come to terms with her sexuality, and is trying to be more accepting of herself. she’s still really in the closet, and alex is her very first girlfriend.
she likes flowers, lemonade, and pop music