a very flattering picture

((Fear not I am indeed alive and still continuing this blog! As of tomorrow, I am free, so I’ll get started on some asks, but here’s a picture of a cute idea i’ve had since I’ve been gone so long~
Because En didn’t really formerly meet Atsushi or Kinshiro until all three were in middle school, I assume he never got to see that super cute little schoolboy outfit Kinshiro wore when he was younger (I assume the flashback it’s shown in is from elementary school,  it looks like an elementary school uniform to me), and to be honest I think his reaction upon finally being shown would be pretty similar to mine… so here it is! Atsushi had asked his mom to email the picture to him once the realization struck him and he thinks its hilarious, and also kinda cute. Kinshiro is confused.))

this is Ajax. one of the very few flattering pictures I have of him awake. we think he’s a Rottweiler/German Shepard mix but he was a stray so we dont really know


I had a photoshoot with @fluidblu in my bathroom. And she’s always pushing my boundaries and helping me accept myself and love the way I look. I wasn’t going to post these, because in my eyes, they are not very flattering. It’s a beautiful picture, but I don’t find myself beautiful in them. It’s easy for me to take a self portrait because I can manipulate the angles and how much I show or not show. But when someone else is taking the pictures, there’s no hiding.

I’ve never really felt wanted or sexy or beautiful. And lately it seems like the people who call me those things dont really mean it because they are only interested in one thing. And that’s fucked me up over time. But I’m learning to accept myself and to love myself. There are things that I need to change in order to be healthier but I should start with learning how to love myself. I think that’s the first and most important step.

Okay, here’s the photo I was talking about earlier (excuse my face, it’s not a very flattering picture -_-)
It was taken sometime around late 2013. My boyfriend took the photo, and we hadn’t thought of it since. Then, around summer of 2014, he was going through his phone deleting pictures. We noticed what we thought was campfire smoke in the background, and I said it looks like a person. So we uploaded it to our computer, and saw the figure in the background clearly.

There’s some image going around the internet of the exact same girl I circled above. I can’t find the photo for the life of me, but it was all fuzzy looking with red and blue highlights (like it was supposed to be a 3D image), and there’s something to do with how if you look at the photo for too long you’ll go insane??? Idk ._.

So yeah. Needless to say me and Vladi were quite freaked out when we first noticed this xD I mean now I don’t believe I was photobombed by some ghost or whatever. Not at all. We’re pretty sure the photo was edited. The really freaky part is that we still haven’t figured out who did it.