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based on a story @1dkman told in our group chat and one of us obvi had to sterek it so i did

Stiles has the worst friends.

Okay not actually the worst. He is pretty fond of all of them - except Jackson he can go fuck himself honestly. Anyway, mainly he dislikes Allison and Lydia because they’re sitting there on beanbag chairs at their board game night with matching smiles. Tonight is a big deal for them because Scott is finally down from school, and it’s one of the few times they all get to hangout together. Except then the topic of Stiles being single comes up.

“I’m just saying you need to get laid,” Lydia tells him nonchalantly like she wasn’t his high school wet dream before they became great friends.

“You’re saying that as if it’s easy,” Stiles says blandly.

Allison shrugs. “Isn’t it?”

Stiles can’t help but roll his eyes. “You have all been taken since high school. You don’t know what it’s like trying to find someone not in your general vicinity.”

“Dude, shut up and get a tinder like everyone else in your situation,” Jackson says from behind Lydia, and it’s really a surprise that he talked at all.

Stiles looks to Scott, who’s behind Allison on the beanbag chair, for help and support, but he looks like he actually agrees with Jackson.

“That’s a wonderful idea!” Lydia exclaims delightedly.

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I drew this on my laptop for clipping. and when daveed came off stage I was like “Yo can you sign this?” and he comes over to me and he’s like “sure!” and halfway through opening my sharpie he goes “wait… did you draw this?” and I’m like “yeah” and he’s like “that’s amazing!” and I’m like “thanks” and he gave me this HUGE SMILE and I was so happy he looked so cute.

And then the show ended and I was like “awe I didn’t get to have Jonathan or Williams autograph.” so I walk outside, and I go to the merch table, to take a picture of the autographed picture with the merch behind it and then the guy at the merch table goes “you do know they’re right behind you, right?” and I was like NO WAY so I go over to William and I’m like “Can you sign this?” and he’s like “Wow this is amazing!” and then Jonathan was like “Wow! This is amazing! Incredible! This is very flattering. My wife actually took this picture in my living room.” and i got everyones signature and I was really happy.

BTS reaction: their little sister is dating another member.


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Jin wouldn’t be too worried when he learns that you are dating Jimin, because he trusts his bandmate probably even more than he trusts you. The only thing that he would do is give you his own version of “the talk” to make sure that you’re safe and ask you not to do anything gross in front of him. 


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At first Suga would have a hard time excepting that you’re dating Taehyung thinking that he’s not good enough for you.

“But why him?” he would ask you before turning to Tae and saying “If you do not treat my baby sister correctly, I swear to god I will kill you!” 

He would be really angry the first few weeks after you tell him and every time you kiss or even hug in front of him he would give you an angry glare. But slowly his angry glares would change into smiles as he slowly starts to become more and more supportive of your relationship.


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Hobi would be very supportive of your relationship with Jin since the very beginning. We would actually be extremely happy that you’re dating one of his friends and would love to see both of you happy. He would be so supportive that he can actually get kind of annoying sometimes, every time he sees you kiss or hug in front of him he would make comments about how cute you are.

“Aww, you two are such a cute couple!!”


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Namjoon would be the most overprotective brother out of the entire group. When he learns that you’re dating Jhope he would give the poor boy an entire lecture about how important and amazing you are and that if he hurts you something really bad would happen… If he ever walks in on you making out  or you sitting on Hobi’s lap in the living room he would immediately pull you off of him and sit between the two of you trying to separate you. You would groan at Namjoon taking Hoseok’s hand and pulling him to your bedroom locking the door behind you making Namjoon even angrier. 

“Y/N don’t you dare lock that door!”


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Jimin wouldn’t really care that you’re dating Jungkook. If anything he would be really happy and find you two really cute. He would also constantly try to embarrass you in front of your boyfriend by telling stories and showing not very flattering pictures from your childhood. If he ever walks in on the two of you making out he would just walk quietly letting you do whatever you want. But if he ever walks in on you having sex he would start laughing and yell “I hope that at least you’re using protection!” before walking out still laughing and probably teasing you about it afterwards.


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Tae would know that you liked Yoongi long before you two started dating, because he is not only your brother but also your best friend. He would most likely be the one who sets you up with Yoongi, give you dating advice whether you want it or not and constantly help you pick out your clothes and do your make up whenever you’re going on a date. When you actually start dating Yoongi he would be really happy that two of the most important people in his life are together. Kind of like Hobi he would also find your relationship really cute, sometimes even going as far as taking pictures of only the two of you.

“I just want to look at it whenever I’m having a bad day. Seeing how much the two of you love each other makes me extremely happy.”


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Remember when I said that Namjoon is the most overprotective brother in the entire group? Well, that’s not true, because the most protective brother is definitely Jungkook. Even though he has a lot of respect of his hyungs he would immediately forget all of it when he learns that you’re dating Namjoon. He wouldn’t even let the two sit together on the same couch or even talk for each other for way too long. He would keep telling you how you’re way too young to be dating Namjoon and how he’s a pervert. It’s going to take him a really long time to finally except your relationship and even then he would have certain rules that he wants you to follow including: not kissing in public or whenever he’s around; not locking the door to your room whenever the two of you are alone in there and more…


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Mulder figuring out how to use snapchat so he can send Scully a dick pic

I’m drunks d I don’t know how to use Snapchat


Scully opened up his third Snap and frowned. She sent him a text.

Why are you sending me so many pictures of your chin?

It wasn’t a very flattering angle.

dam it hold on

Another picture of the underside of his chin, his other features pulled by frustration. Before she could respond, in came another message.

wanna fuck u

Oh. Another frown.

You’re tapping the button for the front facing camera. Try pressing it again.

Several minutes. Then, finally. She was just ready to admit it looked good on camera, strong and healthy, but it went away too quickly for her liking.

I barely saw anything. Just send it through text Mulder.

can’t NSA

After some googling, Scully sent him an article. Five minutes and her phone rang.

“What do you mean there’s a Snap talk database somewhere?”

The Boardroom

Characters: Henry Cavill the Actor, Unnamed OFC

Summary: Henry is suing a fan fiction writer for slander. He changes his mind shortly after seeing her. Even though she is angry with him, she can’t deny what she wants for long.

Rating: Explicit; NSFW 18 +

Warnings: Intimidation, Fingering, Dirty Talk, Angry Sex, Office Sex, Teasing, Denial, Groping, Power Struggle

Word Count: 1,803

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hey! i love your guys blog! do either of you have pictures of what you look like on here? if not can you post some? if either of you guys are comfortable with that i dont mean to sound weird im just curious lol. if youre not comfortable thats fine too!

Oh don’t worry! I don’t think it’s weird at all! In fact I am very flattered! Mel and I both each have a single picture of ourselves on this blog from someone who asked before but that was a few weeks ago so you may not have seen it. It should be under the tag “my face”. We both also have pictures of what we look like on our personal blogs if you care to check those out. But if you’re interested in what I look like, here’s me:

And here’s one that I found of both Mel and I (one of my faves tbh):

Thank you for asking, honestly! I always find it fascinating finding out what the people behind some of my favorite blogs are. Maybe you guys will find it interesting, too!

-Miki (the Hufflepuff)

Sims 2 creations

Hello, today instead of reblogging, I put a message and the 2 screenshots, link below for downloading.

Those beautiful paintings are made by @susen70  . Very flattered because she used my flowers pictures taken in Mainau Island.

To see the paintings in your game, you must have the EP Free time installed.

For downloading the paintings in Susen’s BlogCLICK HERE

Just finished my first day presenting at my new job! After all the anxiety and panic it was actually all good. Nobody was rude to me or brought it up at all, not even customers. When I arrived my manager was surprised as they were expecting a man, she clearly didn’t put two and two together and assumed that the title had been put down wrong on my application. I was referred to with female pronouns all day, it was fantastic. I still don’t think I look THAT passing, so worst case scenario everyone knew but were being very polite, and that’s ok.

Can’t see in this picture but my uniform is very flattering, plain black shoes, black jeggings, and their staff polo t shirt. Their shirts are quite tight so they enhance my boobs a bit which probably helps!

All in all, it’s pretty good. Can’t wait to go back again. Definitely a step up from my previous job at an infamous British pub chain.

Miss Columbiad

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Can I request headcanons for the shiganshina trio when they find out that their s/o (who has a GREAT interest for photography) takes lots of photos of them, and has like this super big box under their bed with tons of photos from all their dates taken when they didn't know, ie in bed when they fell asleep without notice or while they were just reading or looking away? Thank u!!

Uh, this idea is ‘friggin precious omg? Thank-you so much for requesting this and I hope you enjoy! Sorry about the long wait! Also going with a modern AU for this one, obviously! There got so out of control, lmao.


  • He really doesn’t mean to snoop through his s/o’s things but, as he was walking back from their bathroom back to the bedroom, he nearly tripped over a large box wedged halfway underneath their bed. 
  • Carla always taught him not to go through other people’s things, but a picture catches his eye and suddenly Eren is kneeling on the floor, elbow-deep in his s/o’s photography portfolio. 
  • He’s always been supportive of his s/o’s talent and interests, but they so rarely let him see the candid pictures they took. The only stuff he’s ever really gotten to look through were the images that his s/o spent hours meticulously editing to perfection and a piece of him can see why. 
  • There’s at least fifty pictures of him dating back from the time they met until the present. Of course, other people like their friends and family are scattered among the pile, but there are numerous pictures of him looking off to the side, completely relaxed with his eye not facing the camera. There are others of him laughing or doing something incredibly goofy or stupid and Eren feels his chest warm. 
  • Honestly, he’s a little embarrassed by it all. Eren knows that he loves his s/o, but seeing how much they care about him stacked into a nice, neat pile of photos? It’s a bit overwhelming. He has some self-esteem issues buried deep down inside of him and a small piece of him probably feels like his s/o could do a lot better than him.
  • When his s/o walks back to their room and they see that Eren has discovered their box of personal photos, they’d blush and ask if he wanted to look through the rest of it. 
  • Eren and his s/o quietly flip through everything and it just sort of confirms how heels over head he is for this person because Eren can’t bite back the wide grin from his features whenever they explain when or why they look a certain picture. He’s caught between being elated and being flustered throughout the whole thing but, when his s/o gazes at him and admits that they love how expressive he is without even trying, Eren immediately kisses them. He doesn’t mind being embarrassed if it means he gets to listen to the sheer adoration in his s/o’s voice.


  • There’s no denying it: Mikasa Ackerman is, hands down, one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the planet Earth. Her s/o knows this well and often asks her to model or pose for portfolio shots, but their favorite pictures are the ones that Mikasa is completely oblivious to. 
  • When her s/o tells her that she’s going downstairs to start dinner, Mikasa thinks nothing of it. Figuring her s/o would be back in a few minutes, she begins to glance around her s/o’s room until she finds a large box sitting upon her s/o’s desk. It nearly takes up the whole surface and, while Mikasa is curious, she’d never intentionally violate her s/o’s privacy. 
  • On her way to unplug her cellphone from the wall charger, however, her hip catches the side of the desk, causing all the pictures from the box to tumble out to the ground. 
  • As Mikasa bends down to put everything back in order, she can’t help but be stunned by all the candid, impromptu photos of her that you have seemingly collected. There’s everything to the light, barely-there smiles that she’d flash whenever something caught her eye to the dark, leering expressions she wore in the cafeteria whenever someone was bothering her friends. No matter what the expression was, her s/o had seemingly captured them all. 
  • Mikasa is beyond flattered and finds herself falling a little bit more in love with her s/o than before. She was already crazy about them, but seeing this…? It brings that affection to a whole new level. 
  • When her s/o comes back into the room, they’d kneel beside her, pluck the picture she was holding from out of her fingers, and explain, “I really like taking pictures when you’re off guard, Mikasa. When you think no one is looking and you smile or sigh, it’s more beautiful than any fashion-esque photo I could take.” 
  • Honestly, Mikasa wants to cry because she’s so happy and feels so incredibly loved. She’d wrap her arms around her s/o, peck their lips, and simply hold them because wow–no one has ever looked at her like that before. 


  • Armin is such a precious boy that his s/o probably brings the box out to show him one afternoon. They were lounging on their bed doing a lot of nothing except some minor reading when they’d perk up and ask if he wanted to see some photos they’ve taken over the past several months. 
  • Of course, the last thing Armin was expecting was a plethora of photographs of himself. Armin doesn’t think he’s attractive at all so the thought of his s/o sneaking a camera around to capture him sets his heart on fire. 
  • As they flip through the large photo album, his s/o would point out their favorites, ranging from him curled up in a chair with a library book resting on his chest to him excitedly staring at an aquarium exhibit. Armin is positive his face resembles a ripe tomato but he’d push back his own embarrassment in lieu of letting his s/o continue to show him the collage of pictures they’ve taken. 
  • When they look up at him and his his beet-red face, they’d laugh and lean over, kissing his cheek affectionately. Armin would eventually ask why they take so many pictures of him (some of which aren’t very flattering, in his humble opinion) to which his s/o responds, “Because you’re my boyfriend and I like looking at you? You have the best look of concentration whenever you’re focused. It’s too cute and I can’t resist. You are my best muse, after all.” 
  • If Armin wasn’t totally flustered before, he definitely is now. 
  • They spend several hours looking through everything, memories included, before his s/o closes the photo album and asks him if he thinks it’s weird that they took so many photos of him. 
  • Armin would be quick to reassure them that no, it wasn’t weird and he’s weirdly flattered by all of it, even if he doesn’t understand why they’d want so many pictures of him. He’d kiss their forehead and tell them that he likes it when they share their photography, no matter how embarrassing it might be. 

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Do you think that Romeo and Mercutio are in love ?

No, I really don’t. I’m peripherally aware that this might be ship couple, and you’re welcome to ship them, but I think there’s no textual reason to think they’re in love.

The main thing is that Romeo spends all his time pining and chasing after women, and I do think it’s quite important for his love for Juliet to be genuine and undistracted. mainI can’t find anything suggesting that Romeo has any particular feelings for him other than camaraderie and friendship (even considering the sexual banter – more on this later). So I very much doubt that there’s any attraction on his side.

I suppose the main textual support for this kind of interpretation is that Mercutio is a little too interested in Romeo’s sex-life, constantly turning Romeo’s words into sex jokes and sexualising his infatuation with Rosaline. A good example is when he says that

‘Twould anger him
To raise a spirit in his mistress’ circle
Of some strange nature, letting it there stand
Till she had laid it and conjured it down –
That were some spite. (2.1.23-27)

Which is a roundabout way of saying that mocking Romeo is nothing in comparison to ‘raising a spirit’ (having an erection) in Romeo’s mistress’ ‘circle’ (mm-hmm), and letting it ‘stand’ there until she does something to make it go down. And then the more simple one: ‘O Romeo, that she were, O, that she were / An open-arse, thou a poperin pear! (2.1.37-38): note the sexual pun on the ‘O’ (another one of those pesky female circles) and ‘pop-her-in’ on ‘poperin’ which is a particular type of pear (the implication is not so different from the aubergine emoji today).

If you wanted to construe this as a potentially sexual interest in Romeo himself, then it’s an unreciprocated interest. But then Mercutio tends to sexualise everything. It looks like he’s not so much interested in Romeo as in sex in general, and Romeo’s adoption of the lover persona makes him a prime target for sexualised ramblings.

The other thing is that Mercutio’s chief attitude towards love is deflationary – i.e. he tends to mock romantic love and uncover the sexual underpinnings of romantic love. That makes it highly unlikely that, even if he has a sexual interest in someone, he would be in love with them per say. I mean, take this line:

If thou art dun, we’ll draw thee from the mire
Or, save your reverence, love, wherein thou stickest
Up to the ears. (1.4.41-3)

Mercutio says Romeo is stuck up to the ears in the mud or love, but prefixes love with ‘save your reverence’ – which is something you say just before saying a naughty word (like ‘pardon my French’). He’s basically suggesting that being up to the ears in love is pretty much equivalent to being up to the ears in shit. How much more cynical can you get? Even Mercutio’s interest in sex is mocking and cynical – what he values above all is witty banter, and love dulls a man: ‘drivelling love is like a great natural that runs / Lolling up and down to hide his bauble in a hole’ (2.4.88-89). A ‘natural’ is a term for an idiot, and the picture he paints is hardly very flattering. Essentially his point seems to be that love turns a man into a fool controlled by his sex drive. 

I don’t deny that there might be non-heteronormative love (as far as that term applies to early modern literature) in the play, and Mercutio could be a good candidate because of his treatment of sex. Still, it’s also worth observing his general cynicism towards love and sex. Anyway, even a little too curious interest in somebody’s sex life doesn’t necessarily entail a romantic or sexual interest, because talking about sex is part of that strange but long tradition of masculine bravado and showing off about sexual exploits that you hear even today. After all, Mercutio is very firmly embedded in the toxic masculinity of the society of Verona, as his attitude towards Romeo’s refusal to duel with Tybalt and his subsequent goading of Tybalt shows very clearly.

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How the band react to finding out their s/o is good at art and draw their partner draws them a lot as practice?

2D: 2D would be a bit bashful about it, he never would have thought you’d use him as model. He’d ask to see some more of your sketches and just gush about how talented you are. He’d always ask you if you needed him to do something specific to get inspired. If you had the basic sketch of what you would draw down, he’d sit there a watch as you work. 2D would make little noises while admiring your work, things like. “Woaaah!”, “Oh my.”, “Wow!” It made you giggle and kiss him. You needed a break anyway.

Murdoc: This man would be all over it. He’d immediately start posing for you, try on different outfits. He’d even try to get you to post some of your work on the Gorillaz’s social media. You’d laugh at the pickle man and knew exactly what to do. “Babe?” You yelled into the hallway. Within seconds Murdoc was in front of you grinning. “Can I help you?” You pulled him into the room and said, “Could you model for me?” He chuckled and agreed rather enthusiastically. “Okay stand there and just look natural!” You pushed him against the wall. He leaned against it and brought his left leg up. He looked out into the distance while lighting a cigarette. You giggled as you worked. Murdoc thought that meant he looked too dramatic and often changed his pose. “Done!” You chirped and he ran over to look at your work. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!” You had drawn a giant pickle with Murdoc’s face on in. “I think this is a great piece for your Instagram page.” You laughed as Murdoc stomped away.

Noodle: Noodle would be a bit shocked she hadn’t noticed before. She would ask to look at some of the pictures you drew and admire your work. “These are amazing… I had no idea you were so talented.” Noodle then gently touched the paper. You blushed a little at her actions. “Is it easy to draw these when I’m moving around?” You take a second to think, “I mean no not really but if I can get the general outline of your body, I can usually come up with the rest.” Noodle smiled and asked, “Do you want me to model for you?” You giggled and kissed her. “That’d be nice.”

Russel: Russel would be confused as to why you would want to use him in your pictures but he’s also very flattered at the same time. When he catches you sketching him, he asks if he can watch you work. He watches your techniques closely and follows the movement of your hands. After the picture is finished, he kisses your sore hands and looks at the piece. He smiles and kisses you before hanging it on the fridge. “I want everyone to see this.” You giggled and hug your boyfriend before admiring the work yourself.

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*winks* Soriel~


Non shippers avert your eyes

  • Who said “I love you” first: Sans. Toriel told him a particularly funny joke and he said it while laughing. Then blushed very hard and pulled up his hoodie to try and cover his face. Toriel, very amused at this, waited for him to finish acting all flustered before saying “I love you too, Sans.” Which in turn made him blush still harder but grin from ear to ear. You know, if he had them.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Sans would never admit it but he’s got a very flattering picture of Toriel as his phone background. Sometimes he just likes to look at it. Toriel doesn’t like him having it through, claiming the picture makes her look terrible. But Sans thinks she looks good in all pictures.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Toriel. Sometimes he walks in right after she’s taken a shower and finds these little messages. They always make him grin even more than usual.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Sans. He likes to play it cool but Toriel knows he saw the gift in the store and it was so her that he had to get it. Although sometimes she goes to joke shops and gets him materials for pranks. They like to use these on Papyrus and Undyne.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Toriel. Sans was much to bashful to do so but boy did he kiss her back once she’d gotten it going.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Toriel. It’s Sans’s favorite way to wake up. That and food.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Sans. He knows exactly where Toriel’s tickle spots are. One day Toriel finds his and he makes her promise not to tell anyone where it is because it reduces him to jelly.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Sans, when he’s feeling bold. Toriel usually says yes.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Toriel. I mean who else. But sometimes Sans will do his very best to cook something. It’s not terrible by any means but not as good as what Toriel makes.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: They’re both a little nervous and shy but they warm up to it pretty early on. I’d say Sans was more nervous because he hasn’t been on a date in a while. That and he’s never felt this way about anyone before.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: You’d think it would be Sans but honestly, they both will do it. No big deal. Sans kills them (because these spiders are evil and not at all like monster ones) but Toriel will take them out. Some bugs are destined to die though. Toriel is merciless on ants, cockroaches, and, once, bedbugs.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Sans, though the drunkest he’s been was one time when he and Toriel were having some wine together and he got really giggly. Honestly, aside from being a bit tipsy, neither of them have really been inebriated. However, Toriel is a bit looser and so she’d be more likely to do so.

Hope that was good stuff!

Plans and deception in the season finale: Ludo and Glossaryck's gamble against Toffee.

I promised a third analysis on the season finale of Star vs. the Forces of Evil in which I discuss Ludo’s lying and speculate on Glossaryck’s whereabouts. It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts in order.

In the meantime, while I was thinking, I read a very good analysis of Ludo’s characterization which, while it has some flaws, mostly makes some excellent observations about Ludo. The blog also has an interesting comparison made in the season finale. Both of these posts form an intriguing puzzle piece which I will make use of in this analysis. My thanks to the author.

Let’s first return to the issue I raised in my comparison and contrast analysis – that of Ludo’s lies.

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Jenny/Vastra Flower Shop & Tattoo Parlor AU
  • Jenny is the florist of a quaint little flower shop in London.
  • Vastra is the human who opened her own tattoo parlor next door.
  • Jenny decided to be a good neighbor by going over there with a welcoming bouquet of flowers. What she didn’t expect, however was to be so mesmerized at the sight of a tall, leather clad Vastra with tattoos peeking out fro her sleeves and shirt collar. Vastra, meanwhile, was amused to see a cute florist blushing in her parlor as she nervously offered her some flowers.
  • Vastra was genuinely surprised when Jenny was able to recognize her t-shirt for the band Torchwood. They then began talking about all the bands they like, along with other various topics. The two of them seemed to hit it off quite well, smitten as they both were.
  • Vastra also visited Jenny at her shop the next day, bringing coffee and pastries for them to share.
  • A few weeks after their meeting, Vastra asked Jenny if she would fancy going to see a live performance by Torchwood with her, since she had an extra ticket. Jenny gladly took her up on that offer.
  • They both had a a blast at the concert before Vastra surprised Jenny with an impromptu picnic in the park, where they kissed for the first time under the moonlight..
  • Jenny and Vastra going to see each other at their respective shops every chance they get and Strax, Vastra’s assistant, growing most annoyed with their excessive flirting.
  • Vastra having a pet iguana that she lets roam around her shop, knowing that she usually doesn’t move far from her favorite sunny spot near the window.
  • Jenny showing Vastra all the different types of flowers in her shop, excitedly telling her what they each mean, where they come from, and many other random facts about them. Vastra really adored the way Jenny’s face would light up with this incredibly bright smile and her undying dedication to her work.
  • Jenny and Vastra sniffing flowers, causing Jenny to sneeze from the pollen. Vastra laughed at her until she too started sneezing up a storm.
  • Vastra getting spooked when a bumble bee suddenly flew out from a cluster of flowers and nearly stung her. Vastra pouting grumpily at Jenny, who couldn’t stop laughing afterward.
  • Vastra pulling Jenny in close for a kiss among the rows of beautiful flowers.
  • Jenny making adorable flower crowns for Vastra to wear, even though she complained that it was “ruining” her image, whatever that meant. Still, Jenny knew that Vastra loved its because deep down she was actually a big softie.
  • Vastra liked to draw as a hobby in her spare time and would sketch pictures of Jenny with her flowers, which Jenny thought to be very flattering indeed.
  • Vastra would also doodle random pictures and tattoo designs on Jenny’s skin when they’re spending a lazy weekend morning in bed together.
  • Jenny slowly tracing her fingers along Vastra’s tattoo’s on her arms, chest, and back as she admired their impossibly intricate and unique patterns.
  • Jenny and Vastra getting matching couple tattoos to commemorate their love. Jenny was nervous since she never had a tattoo before, but Vastra reassured her that was going to be fine and tried to do it as gently as possible.
  • Despite her superior height, Vastra enjoyed being the little spoon most often.
  • Jenny fussing about how messy Vastra’s pigsty of an apartment is and resolving to clean it up herself, because Vastra is completely hopeless at it.
  • Jenny was equally concerned to find that the only clothes in Vastra’s closet were old t-shirts, leather jackets, and leather boots. Jenny then dragged a reluctant Vastra along to go shopping in an attempt to diversify her wardrobe.
  • Jenny and Vastra riding Vastra’s badass motorcycle through the city, feeling the adrenaline rush in their veins and their hair flowing free in the wind.
  • Jenny staring at Vastra’s delightfully muscular arms and stomach while she work on repairing her motorcycle, dressed in a tank top stained with oil.
  • Jenny and Vasrea having a night out in a pub with Vastra’s friends. The more Vastra drank, the more flirtatious she became, but it also made her more aggressive toward anyone who even so much as look at Jenny the wrong way.
  • Jenny and Vastra growing their own garden together. They arranged their flowers to look like a rainbow for Maximum Gayness.
  • Jenny introducing Vastra to her parents who, surprise, are not so horrible and homophobic in tis universe as they are in canon. They are actually quite supportive of Jenny, and were thrilled that she was finally bringing someone home. They also embarrassed Jenny from the very beginning after Vastra first set foot in their house, causing her to groan internally the whole time there. Jenny’s dad gushing over Vastra’s motorcycle as if he’s a ten year old kid and begging her to let him ride it just once. Jenny’s mum telling Vastra the story of how they discovered Jenny was gay and roasting all of Jenny’s previous girlfriends, while Vastra was listening intently to every word, too amused to even be jealous of Jenny’s exes. Jenny’s parents eventually sent them off on their way with a blessing and several dozen sweaters that her mum knitted for Vastra to keep her warm.
  • Jenny and Vastra driving up a tall hill to watch the sunset together. They accidentally proposed to each other when they both pulled out a ring at the exact same time.
  • They both lived happily ever after together.
Pasimpleng Landi sa Tumblr

1. Hanap ka lang sa dashboard ng mga taong “pwede”. Kapag nakakita ka na ng mukhang pwede, check mo na iyong profile.

2. Check the blog meticulously. Check mo kung in a relationship ba siya. Or kung may chance ba. Or alamin mo na rin iyong mga interest niya sa life at mga pinagdadaanan na great conversation starter.

3. Like mo lahat ng post niya. You know, para magpapansin.

4. Right after i-like ang lahat, post ka agad ng very flattering na picture mo sa blog para kapag chineck niya ang blog mo, makikita niya agad kung interesado ba siya sa picture mo. More motivation din to browse through your blog.

5. Mag TA ka sa kaniya ng mga gusto mo pang malaman. Essential questions are: may jowa ka ba? o willing to date? ano hanap mo? chorva chorva chorva.

6. Message mo na rin siya. Try to take the convo light. Get into it deeper and deeper.

7. Kapag nakakuha na kayo ng common ground in terms of interest, ask him or her out with a segue na dahil pareho niyo iyong gusto.

8. You do the magic!

p.s. sabaw na ako so whatever.
p.p.s. don’t me.



Slytherin, per the quiz, gets a little bit shafted: they have the most answers that are terrible (not even people who are otherwise very, very Slytherin will give them), and they tend to be associated with very negative things. Even with the rehabilitation Pottermore’s Welcome Letter tries to give them, the fact remains that JKR is still not very fond of this House, and it shows in the quiz. Hufflepuff may have some singularly horrible answers (trolls, superstrength, draw lots, trumpet) - but it tends to make up for it with other, good answers on the same question (werewolves, talk to animals) or by not having a lot of weight in those

In fact, Slytherin relies most heavily of any of the Houses on its element to get new students. Slytherin is hugely associated with the element of water, and is the House where an affinity for the element - and only an affinity for that element - is most likely to Sort a person there. (Sea or luminous pool/merpeople/river goes a LONG way towards Slytherin, particularly with the weight on merpeople.) Water is a HUGE marker for Slytherin; I’ve even heard people say that the lantern-lit alley path feels more “watery” than the other options. (It certainly resembles the Slyth common room most, with the dark feel and the lanterns on the bedposts.) Water is also associated with mystery, another huge Slytherin trait: something that’s dark and mysterious appeals to them greatly, even if it seems dangerous. They’ll go for experiences that Ravenclaws are too afraid to touch.

The river in Pottermore represents unity, and Slytherin is a group-oriented House. Like Gryffindor, Slytherins are seeking individual greatness - but Slytherins look out for their own group and see themselves as much more unified than Ravenclaws or Gryffindors. (Remember, per the welcome letter, Slytherins are brothers; they’re focused on their own in-group, although that group tends to be much more cliqueish and exclusive than Hufflepuff’s group.) However, a Slytherin’s loyalty to the group only extends so far: they won’t cover for someone who’s overshadowing them academically, particularly when they know that’s been achieved through foul play. (This is actually the question that Slyths and Puffs tend to split on: a large percentage of Slytherins do believe that group loyalty extends to covering up academic dishonesty, but JKR disagrees, per the quiz.)

Slytherins are strongly, strongly associated with the Dark Arts in the Pottermore quiz, where no other House is: anything involving a hex or a jinx is a solely Slytherin trait, per Pottermore. (Actual Slytherins, again, tend not to agree.) Per JKR, Slytherins fear public humiliation more than anything: a loss of dignity is worse than death. (In actuality, Slytherins fear heights the most. A fear of falling from great heights seems apt in the sense that Slytherins want to be at the top and fear falling from greatness once it’s been attained, but most people aren’t actually looking at this question in a symbolic way anyway.)

Slytherins care more about their reputation in the here and now; it matters even more than their achievements. It’s better to be powerful in life than renowned in death, because you can reap the benefits while alive. They tend to have the most diverse problems: snakes are cold-blooded, so cold bothers them, but in a more general sense the worst thing that can happen to them is being ignored. After all, you can’t be great if no one is willing to pay attention to you! Boredom is also a large issue for them; they don’t get lost as easily in their heads as Ravenclaws do, and they’re only interested in learning for the sake of applied knowledge. If it’s not useful, Slytherins don’t want to know it.

Slytherins are more interventionist and more risk-oriented than Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws. They won’t fall back or be cautious: they want their wand out, ready to fight, and they’re not going to cede ground to anyone. On the other hand, they also consider Gryffindors to be needless risk-takers, perhaps a little too overt and blunt, and so they’re not going to go looking for trouble or charging directly into the fray. (Again, this is what they’re supposed to do; in practice, nobody picks the Slytherin option, which is pretty much a recurring theme of most of the Q5s.)

Slytherins are much more willing to take risks than Hufflepuffs or Ravenclaws - but where Gryffindors take risks for the greater good, or to be heroes, Slytherins are much more likely to be doing it to benefit themselves. (For example, Slytherins are more likely to want superpowers that may have great downsides, to learn a method of travel that is subtle and quiet but has the greatest risk of a life-threatening accident, or to take a mysterious potion with effects that most people hate - but only if they believe that they can achieve great personal gain by doing so.) The creatures they prefer to study are associated with one of three things: water, Darkness, or cunning.

Slytherins are cunning and confrontational - and lack a sense of fair play. They’ll cheat in a fight if they can get away with it, but woe betide anyone stupid enough to get caught; they’ll threaten a Muggle if they think they can. (Again, this is the quiz. Is it a very fair representation of Slytherin House? That’s debatable - but this quiz doesn’t portray a very flattering picture of Slytherin at a lot of points.) Slytherins are the only House that doesn’t list trusted as their #1 value (in practice, it’s their #2, with praised as their #1.) However, the values that JKR associates them with are much more explicitly negative: per the quiz, an ideal Slytherin would desire to be feared or envied, qualities with the most outright negative connotations. (Envy, after all, is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and fear is obviously negative.)

Despite being a group-oriented House, Slytherins are cerebral - they don’t care so much for people, particularly people they don’t know. They have no patience for incompetence in others. They enjoy elegance and refinement, along with mystery. Where Ravenclaws want to explore mysteries and shed light on them, Slytherins want to be the mystery: great and prominent, but distant from the masses. Darkness, the flip side of the coin, the dark side of the moon: all of these are very essentially Slytherin.

Slytherins also are the most focused on the past and tradition. They value old relics, particularly those of their most esteemed alumnus, Merlin. (Again, this is a bit unfair while people are taking the quiz: after all, they don’t know that Merlin was a Slytherin, and could simply be interested in Hogwarts history. However, Merlin does represent a link to the past and tradition, and Slytherin is about both of those things - but this means that Slytherin ends up with some disgruntled people who were just interested in history.) They would prefer to preserve old things rather than the new; they look to the past rather than to the future.

Again, this is Slytherin House per the Pottermore Sorting Hat quiz. Personally, I could do a writeup on what Slytherin should be about rather than what it is (and ways in which the quiz could’ve been improved), but Anon asked for the traits of the Houses according to the Pottermore Sorting Hat. Slytherin, unfortunately, tends to get the worst write-up, and tends to have the qualities that nobody at all picks. (With Ravenclaw, imitated is always #4/6 for traits, but about 20% of Hufflepuffs pick it - so somebody is picking it, but not Ravenclaws. With answers like feared or silly voice,nobody is picking those!)

Serpents, I got this from here if you are interested in reading it all. It is good. 

anonymous asked:

That Takao Wingman request was brilliant! I can't even deal XD I really enjoyed how you wrote him!! may I request Kise finding his S/O stashed a few magazines he'd featured in and he's just all '>:D' thank you ^-^

Kise is such a loser in this one i love him omg

Now before you make any assumptions, Kise isn’t a snooper. Not at all. It was just this one time, if you didn’t count the other two times…

Okay. Maybe he is a little bit snooper. But only a  little. Who can blame him, though? He isn’t very good at controlling his curiosity when it comes to you.

The very first time, he looked at your phone notifications and saw what you were getting him for his birthday. Oops.

The second time, he saw you talking to someone. Hiding behind a corner, he accidentally listened and found out that you were going to surprise him with something. Oopsies.

And right now makes the third time he’s snooping. Of course he promised himself he wouldn’t look around anymore, but in his defense you left him alone in your bedroom and he developed a severe case of boredom.

Kise rolled off the bed and landed on the floor, groaning. You just left to go get something from the convenience store, so he could be as loud as he wanted.

Slowly opening his eyes, he sees something suspicious under your bed. He tries to resist reaching out to see what it is, but he really couldn’t help himself. Grabbing the object, he finds out that it’s a… magazine? At first, he’s jealous. Why would you want to be looking at anyone other than him?

When he gropes around a little more, he pouts. It’s actually several magazines. He might as well see who his rival is…

Pulling them out, he’s startled to see his face on the cover of all of them. They show obvious wear with some dogged pages, wrinkled corners, and several sticky notes.

He opens up to some of them and finds himself on all of the used pages. Whenever he sees a picture of another model, there’s little to no evidence that you even looked at it other than when you were turning the page.

Kise feels himself inflate with a bubbly feeling in his chest. His _______cchi is looking at pictures of him. That’s just so… cute!

When you come back, you find a pile of magazines that you had stashed in various places of your room. Kise runs up behind you and hugs you, effectively freaking you out. “_______CCHIIIIIIIII~ I had no idea you liked me so much!”

He doesn’t let you live it down after that, even going as far as to get you several new magazines with pictures that are very flattering of him.

You never leave him alone in your house again.