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The Vibe I Get From The Signs

aries: try hard and badass. wants people to like them and think of them but deep down all they need is themselves. very outspoken and controversial. they don’t go with the flow, they dig their toes into the rocky sand and walk against the current. they’re the person in class who is always on edge, waiting for something to happen and jump in and save everyone. they thirst for adventure and never settle for less than terrifying. the feeling of security and excitement follows them, they never stay still and never stop for anyone. they make you feel as if you’re running through a forest with only a flash light to guide you in the dark, like fear and adrenaline are their drug of choice with you.

taurus: laid back, always calm. the quiet kid in class who has mad jokes and can roast everyone in seconds. they never try to make anything uncomfortable, but they’ll talk with you about anything if you bring it up. they’re an open book but their pages don’t turn themselves. a feeling of sheer joy and calmness. when you’re with them the world feels simpler, like all complications faded away and color has returned for good.

gemini: sarcastic beyond belief. very reserved but outgoing. naturally mean sometimes when they don’t try to be, they have trouble thinking of others feelings when it comes to certain topics. always want what’s best for you even when that may not be something you want, but they always know the right path and never wander too far from it. a feeling of desire to stay in their presence is always there. a cool autumn night and you’re sitting next to a speeding train, unafraid and ready.

cancer: smart, not afraid to be themselves. give off the feeling of a rebellious school kid that the teachers love but no one knows why. always know how to make you smile even when you’re at your worst. doesn’t seek trouble but somehow it finds them. they always find a way to keep a cool head and strategically problem solve. the feeling they give is a cool breeze, never too harsh and never too rough. they feel like when you dig your feet into the sand while water slowly pours in, pulling you in calmly.

leo: very outwardly, not afraid of anyone or anything. that person who always entertains you even when you’re not communicating. very extroverted but is really introverted when they’re not around people they know. loves to take care of people when they need to take care of themselves first. they wrap a warm feeling around you and make sure you feel safe always. they feel like the steepest roller coaster ride, that feeling that hits when you’re about to drop, then the pleasure and joy that comes when you fall.

virgo: ahead of the game. always seems to be two steps ahead, goes over all the possible things you could say and calculated their response. try’s to not be a know-it-all but can’t help it. give off the feeling of assurance. they do their best and are very hard on themselves, but they can also be unforgiving. the feeling you get when you get a question right in math class and you can’t help but smile. imagine sitting under a great oak, taking in the spring air, the feeling of the breeze hugging you and brushing through your hair.

libra: beautiful and unique. the kid who’s in theatre and puts everything they have into the performance. makes the dirtiest jokes and turns everything into sexual innuendos. they make you feel whole and happy inside, like everything is good in the world. they always seem busy, maybe come off as superficial because of their busy ways. but if it’s important enough to them, they will make time even if they have to stop the earth from turning. they love hard and they break easy, but their recovery is quick and they always bounce back. you feel like you’re on an island with them, watching the waves gush in and roll away.

scorpio: secretive. very dark-humor but very sweet. they’re like a fishing line and you’re the fish, you get stuck on them and they feel you in and you’re caught. the way they talk makes it seem like they have a dark past and chests full of secrets. they feel like the riptide in the ocean but more gentle, they care too much and they get hurt a lot because of that. you feel safe yet always on edge with them, like a storm is coming but you’re in the eye, safe from it all.

sagittarius: risk-taker. loves new challenges but hates heart break. always somehow leave you stunned and intrigued. they love confrontation and love the quiet. think of the kid in class that sasses the teacher but gets away with it. wear their heart on their sleeve and gets dangerous when people play with it. they set an earthy tone, like a ferris wheel ride and you’re stuck at the top admiring the city lights.

capricorn: emotionless when threatened. complicated but beautiful. they never live a dull moment and always grab life by the horns. aren’t afraid of judgement but still hate being judged. a calm sea wraps them up, smooth and strong, but also wicked and rough. they don’t like being told no or that things they do are wrong. they take care of their friends and love endlessly. like curling up in a wool blanket on a wicked winter night, the snow tapping at the windows and the weight and comfort of them keeping you safe.

aquarius: unpredictable. always has the right words and never will hide their true colors. will be mean as hell or as sweet as sugar, depending on the people they involve themselves with. loves to be loved. like the cute kid in class who can do anything and it’d be considered art. very creative and very influential. they vibe with almost everything and anyone, they understand deep emotions and always question the universe. the feeling of insecureness comes with being around them, but only because their speak is so beautiful and sophisticated you feel behind somehow. always reassure you that you’re perfect the way you are. like a stormy day, dark thunder clouds and dime-sized rain drops, electrifying but alluring.

pisces: likable and kind. kind of quiet but has a loud mind. has a deep need to be loved and can get very emotional when hurt. they absolutely hate feeling useless and are always asking to help. they make use out of everything they see and are very inventive. no matter what the problem is, they find a solution. sometimes get taken for granted, but never do the same to others. think of the kid in class who is just like everyone else, so it seems, until you see them when no one is watching, how collected they are, how eager to help. they are lured in by kindness and give all they have. they feel like a hot and humid summer day while you dive into a cool pool of water and your worries and issues seem to slip off into the blue and disappear.

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Maybe a fic where Lance is coming down with the space flu or something with all of the crappy symptoms (nausea/vomiting, fever, headache,) but he doesn't want to let the team down so he tries to go practice anyways. Cue Lance passing out during training and Keith being a flurry of frustrated and worried and at first Lance is freaking out but eventually Keith just tries to take care of him.

The Blues

A/N: A lot of notes on this one, sorry.

So halfway through writing this, I got a fever. I also don’t feel like I’ve gotten used to writing Lance yet. So take it with a grain of salt.

I always pictured that unless it was a simple cold, Lance would be really bad at handling illnesses. They sap his energy and his charm, and he hates being incapacitated like that. So when he’s hit with all these things, along with the loneliness of being away from Earth, and feeling like a seventh wheel, his emotions just go down. I kind of drifted from the prompt, I’m sorry. But I really like the way it turned out!

Finally, I had to take a sharp turn when THIS POPPED UP so it took longer than normal but I really wanted to incorporate this beautiful thing that has graced the Voltron fandom.

The paladins could live without some earth commodities. They adjusted to the Altean food, they accepted wearing their armor while they washed their one pair of clothes, and they tolerated the strange music that Coran and Allura would play over the entire ship when they missed Altea. But for the humans, there was one thing they couldn’t tolerate.

“We’re going back to the space mall and getting toothpaste.” Shiro decided, leaving no room for argument.

Within an hour, the paladins compiled a list of necessities they would purchase. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razors, new clothes, different types of food, all the things on Earth they always took for granted. Coran insisted that they had the equivalent of some of those things on the ship, but everyone rallied to get Earth deodorant. Pidge threatened to take the wheel herself if Allura didn’t turn the ship around.

As the castleship grew closer to the space mall, the paladins began to get excited. The shopping list grew from necessities to the things they started to missed as well. But the Red Paladin noticed that something was off. Lance was being oddly quiet. He threw out only basic suggestions, like fingernail clippers and combs. Keith scoffed at his lack of participation.

“What, you don’t want a friend for Kaltenecker?”

Lance shrugged and muttered that getting a cow - even if it was free - was probably a bad idea because they had little means to feed it. Even though the Blue Paladin’s alarmingly realistic comment surprised everyone, they continued to make the list. But Keith was left with suspicion. Something was definitely wrong with Lance.

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Being pregnant with Steve Rogers' baby:

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• Without any doubt, when you discover your pregnancy, you are already married to Steve.
   - Some people around him tend to forget it, but he has been raised in the Catholic values. It means, he still believes in God, and for him, starting a family means being committed and happily married.
• Steve is speechless for a quick moment when you tell him about your pregnancy.
• However, the shock of the news swallowed, he takes you in his arms, careful to not use his super-strength and he peppers kisses all over your face.
• He chuckles, saying he is the happiest man on the planet and he gives you that smile. The same smile that made your knees go weak.
• After a long moment, he releases you from his arms in panic because he thinks he’s hurting the baby.
• Your husband immediately finds a safe house like Clint’s, but a Brooklyn inspired one. Nobody knows about your home location to protect your future family.
• The team is overly happy that a mini-avenger is on their way! Natasha is the happiest of all and she can’t hide her tears.
• Tony calls himself godfather or uncle… it depends on the days.
  - “No, Tony! My child isn’t going to wear a metal suit.”
  - “Steve, I’m obviously the uncle here, so this baby will have tons of gifts, including a suit.”
  - “I swear if you-”
  - “Y/N, your husband is threatening me.”
• He hates the morning sicknesses as much as you because he feels helpless.
• Steve spends his free days making your house safe for the baby.
• You are annoyed that you can’t go on missions for a while and you get bored easily.
• But your husband spoils you whenever he can. He just makes sure you are comfortable and happy all the time. He’s the sweetest of all.
• Steve buys every book he finds and does all the research he needs because he wants to be ready to welcome the baby.
• Sam and Bucky are always here to calm him down when he’s feeling stressed.
• Gosh, he is so adorable when he is with you. He keeps saying you are his safe haven.
• He overreacts every time he learns something new about the pregnancy.
• Steve is worried your child will have the same issues he had before the serum, but you tell him this baby will be loved and cherished, anyway.
• You cuddle all the time.
• He’s so into you, though!
• The first time you can really feel the baby kicks, you rush to his office and without a word, you place his hand on your stomach. This is a very emotional moment for both of you.
• Since then, he always asks you before rubbing your belly and listening to your baby.
• Steve confesses he is afraid of fatherhood because of his family’s story.
• You tell him that he will learn just like you and if he protects the baby as much as you, then they will never catch a cold.
• Never.
• You try to convince your husband to go on missions because that’s his duty.
• He promises you he will come back and he tries to call you every day to have some news whether they are important or unnecessary to share.
• When you’re away, Steve asks Laura for help every time your hormones drive you mad.
• - “You’re so beautiful in that dress. Let’s go for a walk in the park?”
  - “You disabled the Wi-Fi on my laptop once again, haven’t you?”
  - “Uh…?”
  - “Steve.”
  - “But it’s not healthy for anyone, doll!”
• He says he doesn’t have a preference about the gender of your baby, but he secretly wants a girl. He thinks there are too many male members of the Avengers family.
• During the last months of your pregnancy, Steve places his cup of coffee on your belly just to make you laugh.
• You think of calling your baby either Sarah if it’s a girl or James if it’s a boy.

• Steve tries to be so prepared that he’s got a whole schedule made out for the day you would go into labor. He named it: Rogers family’s D-Day.
• When you finally go to the hospital, he grips your hand harder than you are holding is.
• Even though you are completely exhausted after giving birth to your baby, your husband thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
• So many tears are shed when Steve holds and looks down at the baby for the first time. His whole life he thought he’d never have his own family and now that he does, he can’t even explain how happy he is.

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Matsuhanaiwaoi #25 with iwaizumi saying it please

“I’m fine.”

Read on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10216448

The last thing any of the younger years would expect was that their senpai spent every Friday night in the gymnasium after hours.

Until midnight.

Perhaps entrusting Oikawa with a key hadn’t been the wisest idea, but at least on Friday, he was never left alone. He and his fellow third years would sneak in about 8pm, set up the net, and play 2 vs 2 for the whole 4 hours, occasionally switching things up in their teams.

Currently, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa were on one side of the net and Oikawa was setting to Hanamaki on the other.

“Take this!” He spikes hard and fast, but Iwaizumi is already leaping into position, having guessed the trajectory, and receives it with ease. The ball goes high, but Matsukawa is there, and instead of setting, he dumps it over the net right at Oikawa’s feet.

It surprises him so much that he startles, and fumbles his volley. It touches the top of the net and Matsukawa just has to tap it for the ball to fall again.

But the duo have prepared for this. Oikawa jumps backwards at the same time as Hanamaki lunges forwards, hand flat against the floor and saving the ball with a pancake.

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Mate, i love your comments in the tags of my art. Like I look up to you, youre my goals tbvh! Senpai has noticed me 😶

This is me receiving this lovely message:

Originally posted by colouredbills

my dude, the way you draw grounder/azgeda/wanheda Clarke is sick. I LOVE the way you incorporate the neon colours into the darker shades with the eyes/tattoos/etc. 

Keep up the awesome work because I’m sure I am not the only one that would love to see more.


“I didn’t know you could draw,” Laurent said casually, flipping through the pages of his sketchbook.

“I’m not much of an artist,” Damen replied.  He was surprised by how calmly he stood there, unperturbed as Laurent appraised every single one of his sketches. Even Nikandros had only seen a select few before Damen gave in to the urge to snatch the book back; the drawings were private, a secret hobby that he guarded from those around him. Laurent was a stranger.

“Nonsense,” he mused, and Damen had to correct himself. Laurent was a man he had known for three days, but he wasn’t a stranger. In some ways, Damen felt like he knew him better than he knew most of the people at home.

“I could draw you,” he found himself saying, “if you’d like.”

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I have to ask. I expected you to make something for Baekhyun's birthday, and well you didn't make anything for any other member. So why did you suddenly make a gifset for Suho?

I usually don’t make anything for any birthdays except Baekhyun (cause he’s my bias) as I’m rarely motivated to do so. I need inspiration and my creativity isn’t always that /creative/ and when I makw something, I want it to be 100% you know? Not just some half assed edit, if you get what I mean. - with that being said, I got a spark of inspiration and motivation to make something because I feel like we fans don’t give Suho /enough/, and don’t misunderstand me here. I don’t think people understand just HOW much Kim Junmyeon has done, and continue to do for EXO. I always think about the fact that he was a trainee for seven years. He spent almost a decade training for this. I remember he talked about his trainee days, how he at one point hurt himself so badly he couldn’t dance. He was so scared he couldn’t debut that he continued to push himself, despite his injured leg. I just haven’t heard of anyone with such determination to reach their dreams you know? He became leader because he was already so experienced with how everything works by the time EXO debuted. And I’m so happy SM choose him as leader because I don’t think anyone fit the title better than him. - There’s especially one moment that I think about often. Overdose’s first win in 2014. I can’t imagine what went through his head that day. They got up early, went to the music show. Pre-recorded Overdose, and on this very same day - it was announced that Kris was going to leave EXO. I honestly thought the MC’s would accept the music show win on behalf of EXO-K, but no - Suho did, all alone. I remember I saw it and I started to cry. It’s nt just the fact that Kris was leaving that kept me emotional here; it was the fact that Suho decided that he was gonna go up there, he was gonna do his job and show EXO-L that even though shit is going on right now, they’re somewhat okay, we’re going to be okay. It just made me look up to Suho so much, he truly stepped up as leader at that very moment and I just think it’s one of those moments that will forever give me both sadness and pride. - This fandom sleep a lot on him. They rank him at the bottom of the bias list and I can’t understand why anyone would. He’s the heart of EXO you know? He gives the boys strenght when they need it. They can ALWAYS count on Suho to be there for them. Suho isn’t my bias, but there’s a part of me that will always just give extra love to him. He’s way to underappreciated and I just want everyone to remember that, without Suho - EXO wouldn’t be the amazing group it is today. I love each and every member with my whole heart and of course EXO wouldn’t be EXO without either of them. Suho’s role is just so so important and I want you all to remember to give extra love, especially today on his birthday. We all need to appreciate him more, be more grateful. He does everything for EXO and for us fans, and it’s about time we give the very same love back. Kim Junmyeon deserve all the love and affection, he deserve the world! 💕💕💕

Secrets (Cisco x Reader)

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Requested by: anonymous “Hey!! Can I please have a Cisco imagine based around the quote “so just say the word and we can start making out” Mwah xx”

Word Count: 1,006


Author’s Note: Okay, so I really hope that this is what you wanted bc idk if this turned out well…anyways, ITS CHRISTMAS EVE so I will be writing two imagines today as a little early christmas present;) 

“C’mere, Y/N,” Cisco said, rolling the chair you were sitting on to be in between his legs before pulling you up.

You and Cisco were in the middle of a heated make out session in the Cortex at S.T.A.R. Labs. He lifted you gently by the back of your thighs to lay you on the table where he could comfortably meet your lips. He grabbed your waist and tugged you slightly so that he was now the one pressed up against the inside of your legs.

You two were alone in the Cortex, not really knowing where everyone went and not really caring.

“Hmm,” you let out a small moan as Cisco left light kisses along your neck. 

“What if someone sees us?” you questioned softly.

“No one’s here, Y/N,” Cisco mumbled.

When you and Cisco started dating, you thought that it would be best to keep it a secret from the rest of the team. Well, not really “secret”, more like “withholding a truth”. You decided that it was nothing to make a big announcement over and it was kind of weird dating someone that you worked with, especially if it went south.

But, right now, you couldn’t even imagine not being with Cisco.

Just as Cisco was about to kiss you again, you heard footsteps echoing in the hallway.

Instinctively, both you and Cisco quickly pulled away from each other. You jumped down from the table and sat in your chair, facing away from the door. It gave you time to button your shirt back up and fix your hair. Cisco had the privilege of always having slightly mussed hair and wearing a t-shirt.

“Barry!” Cisco greeted, still standing. “And Caitlin! There you guys are. Where’s HR?” Cisco asked, chuckling nervously. He glanced over at you to see if you were okay. You smiled and nodded before turning back around.

“Hey. He’s over in his lab, making something,” Barry said. He looked at Cisco a bit confused. Cisco was his best friend, and Barry knew what he was keeping secrets from him.

“Where were you two?” you asked them, trying to play off like nothing happened.

Caitlin sighed deeply and slumped in the leather chairs. 

“We were trying to question this meta, but he wouldn’t tell us anything.”

You tried to listen and express the correct emotions to what Caitlin was saying, but you couldn’t help but think about Cisco kissing you.

Frankly, you were kind of tired of keeping your relationship a secret from the rest of the team. Cisco and you both spent your days at S.T.A.R. Labs and so did Caitlin and Barry which meant that you could only be with Cisco for minutes here and there.

You meant to talk to Cisco about it but just never had the chance.

When Cisco was in a conversation with Caitlin and you, Barry was looking at his friend with curiosity. Cisco’s hair was always messy, but this was a different messy. Cisco’s cheeks were slightly flushed, and at first Barry didn’t know what had caused that but then he looked at you.

And the dots connected.

Barry’s mouth slightly opened in shock. Just then, you glanced over at Barry who was looking at you with a face then smirked. 

Oh crap,’ you thought. 

“Cisco!” you said loudly. He jumped a little in his chair and looked at you.

“Yeah, Y/N?” he asked confused at your small outburst.

“Uh, can I…talk to you? In the hallway?” you stuttered. You glanced over at Barry who had his eyebrows raised in amusement. You glared at the speedster before pulling Cisco by the elbow into the hallway outside the Cortex room.

You pushed him up against the wall. He lifted his hands up in surrender and smirked. “Woah, Y/N, I didn’t know you wanted it this rough,” he joked. You slapped his upper arm. 

“I’m not kidding around, Cisco,” you scolded but a smile had betrayed you, threatening to surface.

“Barry knows,” you said, crossing your arms.

“He knows? How do you know?” he asked you.

“Barry isn’t very good at keeping his emotions to himself,” you pointed out. Cisco nodded, agreeing with you.

You sighed in defeat. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something,” you said.

Cisco cringed slightly. “Is it bad?”

You laughed. “No,” you paused. “I mean, I don’t think it’s bad but I guess it’s how you see it.” That didn’t do anything to really soothe Cisco as he started to get fidgety.

You grabbed his hands and looked into his eyes. “Cisco, don’t worry. I just…” You looked away slightly before smiling again. “I want to tell them that we’re dating.”

He looked at you for a moment before visibly slouching his shoulders, a big sigh escaping him.

“That’s it?” he asked. You nodded slowly. You didn’t think that Cisco wanted to tell the rest of the team because he was actually the one who asked you to keep it a secret in the first place.

He cupped one of his hands around your cheek, rubbing the bottom of your eye softly with his thumb.

“Just say the word, Y/N. And I’m all yours,” he told you softly. You grinned. 

Without saying anything, you could see a gleam in Cisco’s eyes that made you wrap your arms around his neck and bring him close to you. Your lips connected and he hugged your back; your bodies pressed up against each other.

“I knew it!” Barry yelled, breaking you two apart.

“Barry, I said not to interrupt them,” Caitlin chided.

You immediately felt a heat rush from the base of your neck to your cheeks. Cisco chuckled at your flushed face. 

“Barry, leave,” Cisco said.

“Alright, alright.” Barry went back into the room but not before winking at you two.

You looked at Cisco again, and his eyes said the same thing yours did.

You guys kissed once again before walking back into the Cortex with fingers interlocked.

 They do say that eyes can say more than words ever could.

The End

Author’s Note: I’m sorry it’s really short:’( I hope that you liked it though:)


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Okay you know that bitch uniqua from the backyardigans. Like all my life I wondered what she was. I just looked it up, thinking it was a bug or some shit but iT TURNS OUT

i have never watched that show before but the drama in these asks are making me very seriuosly emotional

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Natsume yuujincho is literally what I think about when I need to remind myself the world is beautiful <3<3<3 It feels really rare to find other people who know it though!

Natsume always gives a feeling of fullness~
It’s like a tender smile,
It’s like a sweet hug,
It’s like remembering the happy moments in our life,
But also some regrets,
And the comfort of it.
It’s about friendships,
It’s about family,
It’s about the simple things of life,
And the beauty in it.

This anime is all about emotions 

And it deserves so much more to get noticed for it.

Catalina Ponor, the story of a champion: tears, sacrifices, doubts.

This was a lovely interview with Ponor on the Teo show. They mostly spoke about the European championships. Catalina was impressed with the organization and the audience.

The host opened the show saying that you should never smear someone who has fallen. In the case of Catalina Ponor it was very unfair that people threw shade at her in the last year or so. She is referring to her injuries and unsuccessful Rio Olympic Games. 

Asked why she was emotional during the medal ceremony compared to previous competitions she won titles at, Catalina said that there was tremendous pressure from the country and from herself to win a medal, she simply lost control of her emotions after her hit beam routine. This medal is one of the most significant for her because she had to put in tremendous amount of work to achieve the high difficulty necessary to contend for the podium. She also had to overcome quite a bit of adversity in the last year to continue in the sport.

Catalina says that she hates having her mother at competitions and she usually never shows up. She and her mother prefer that she watch from home becuase her mother gets very emotional. Her mother was in Cluj, but during qualifications Catalina asked her not to be in the arena because she can feel that her mom is nervous which then makes Catalina even more nervous than she already is. Her mother transmits her emotions to Catalina. But during finals Catalina told her mother she should watch from the arena because she owns very much of her success to her mothers support and love.

Catalina feels she has matured lately, she learned how to practically ignore any shade thrown at her. She has goals and she is just focused on achieving them.

Catalina loves animals. She had 3 dogs and a few cats, her mother now takes care of them in Constanta. She tells a story of how one time she was walking home, it was raining and cold, there was this kitten/cat that started following her and was rubbing on her leg. She took the cat home. When she entered the house she put the cat in her backpack and went right away to her room. Her mom thought that was suspicious and asked her whats up. Catalina said nothing, she just needed to put her things up. A few minutes later her dad comes in and asks her where she got that cat from? Her mom was not happy.

The reporter asks the typical questions about diet and food. Catalina already knows what nutrients she needs so her diet is not a big struggle for her. She eats a bit of everything in very limited portions. She also mentions that when they were younger and training in Deva under Bellu and Bitang that they were always treated to treats for the holidays, of course in small portions. While she spent most of her holidays away from family, she felt that B&B and her other fellow gymnasts there was her other family.

Ponor feels that age is just a number, as long as she feels healthy there is not reason to not continue competing as long as she has the desire and works hard. The difference now compared to when she was a teenager competing is that she is simply more mature now and is competing because she really desires to. There has also been a movement in gymnastics in the last few years where gymnasts are continuing to compete despite the increasing age, which she feels is amazing.

She is taking a few days off to go home to Constanta where she has a house, she hasn’t been home since December. Once she returns to Buchuresti she will start training for the World Championships.

BBRae Week 2017: Casual Love vs. Marriage

Somewhat long and mildly NSFW (nothing explicit, though). Enjoy.


No Strings Attached

It’s amazing how a few words can influence the course of one’s life.

It all started when she told him he was “kinda funny”. The immediate flash of delight and affection that burst from him made her wince anxiously, but what was said could not be unsaid.

It all went downhill – or uphill, depending on the point of view – from there. His feelings for her only grew stronger, and to be honest, she couldn’t but savor a sense of being flattered by his attention. She was a teenage girl, after all, regardless of her heritage. And there was quite a bit of common ground between them; they had both seldom experienced kindness from others.

Of course, that didn’t mean she started having feelings of her own towards him. Azar, no! Such a thought was too preposterous to even consider! But it sparked her curiosity and made her look deeper inside him. She had to admit grudgingly to herself that she liked a lot what she saw there.

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This week is mainly emotional in nature, asking us to focus on our entire being and start bringing it into wholeness. TLDR at the bottom.

Current Situation: With the sun we feel safe, we feel ready for growth, we feel ready for a more easeful experience. We can feel childlike again, playful, open. There may be a newfound connection to your inner self, one that you haven’t felt in a while. This is beautiful energy for creativity, for beauty, and for connection. Overall, I’d say we are in a great place this week to start moving through personal blocks that may have been holding us back in recent months. The sun shines it’s light indiscriminately which is part of its’ beauty. It has the ability to grow plants, warm the earth, and even generate electricity – but it also has a quality of showing us all that has been hidden from sight in the darker months of the year. This of course is a metaphor for our lives in this Tarot reading. While we find ourselves in this more optimistic and energetic position, we’re also asked to be like the sun and reveal our true nature. To allow us to stand naked emotionally with ourselves, allowing us to come into closer connection to our inner selves, thus bringing us closer to those around us.

Obstacle: Which is where our challenge lies this week. The Tarot is asking that we look at *all* of who we are – including the parts that may not feel so great. Are we being completely honest with ourselves about where we need to be on our path? Are there some “dark” qualities that just need to be brought into the light and cared for? Nothing ever goes away by pushing it down. By honoring those parts of ourselves that feel dirty, dark, or disconnected we actually find their usefulness, their message. When we ignore certain parts of our personality or emotions we actually end up making them stronger, forcing them to act out in larger ways. Everything in our experience is here to teach us something or carries with it a message. We’re not here to judge or ignore the messenger, but to stop and listen to it and understand what it has to say. Then we can integrate the lessons, come into harmony with ourselves, and not feel that distant coldness of being lost or alone.

Advice: The King of Cups makes this spread very clearly about our emotional state right now. He’s asking that we sit as a witness to the stormy seas of our inner worlds. He knows that his throne will survive them. He has seen rough waters before and knows they do not last. He has seen calm waters before and knows they, too, do not last. Because he is a cups card he is very closely linked to the emotional and spiritual world. He understands that the full range of experience is what he’s come here to do. Through his awareness he has cultivated an ability to conquer these seas and to rule over his kingdom with care. If he did not observe and learn how to navigate the various waters he may encounter, at the slightest wave of the ocean he might topple and drown. He’s asking us to respect the human experience, to watch it closely, allowing our emotions and small, inner knowings to be our guide. Through this we can enjoy the ride, surfing the waves instead of being pulled down unto the dark waters.

TL;DR: You have the inner strength necessary to do the work of looking in your darkest corners. In doing this you will become a stronger, more integrated human, much more capable of ruling your destiny instead of letting other forces rule you.

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Hi! What MBTI type do you think Hitler is?

General consensus is INFJ and I agree because the details of his private life and process of development match up very well. Read his writings, Ni and Ti are quickly apparent in his convoluted ideas and “theories”, all based on very problematic assumptions about the “reality” of present society and how it should “ideally” be organized and run. He was a true believer and absorbed political ideas from the social environment, he was not a con-artist with no moral foundation like many other tyrants. He was prone to looping due to living under harsh conditions and was deeply affected by the idea/feeling of social rejection. His political/social ideology was essentially his own private issues/insecurities writ large. Observe how he behaved with people and you will see high Fe, he knew how to present himself to an audience and shift as necessary, how to speak to people’s vulnerabilities and simmering tensions, and he was actually very attentive to people’s emotional needs.