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Merry Christmas, dear! Here’s a drawing I made for you. I hope you have a wonderful day and a great New Year! (I still think you're the best meta writer out there. Keep on being awesome.)

This is incredibly sweet! Thanks a lot @coulson-in-the-tardis! Merry Christmas and an awesome 2016 to you as well. People like you make this world a better place. *hugs*

Christmas Fluff!

Hey darlings! 

We wrote a little Christmas gem with @i-am-so-witty-221b to make your holidays even more sweet.

Have some tooth-rotting fluff with your turkey and enjoy the blushing teenagers finally realizing that they love eachother.

Have a very very Merry Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is you - a Destiel teenage!Human!Christmas!AU

Originally posted by litomermaid

Dean did a double take when he stepped into the bunker’s library. Sure, he’d been looking for Castiel because he hadn’t seen the angel all day, but this was not at all what he had expected to find.

That fireplace in the corner? Dean was fairly certain that it hadn’t been there before. The fully decorated Christmas tree beside aforementioned fireplace definitely had not been there earlier. Neither had the comfortable couch that looked like a person could easily live on it for days.

Upon taking a closer look, Dean found that a person already was making himself at home on that very couch. The angel curled up on it was staring into the fire, flames of yellow and orange reflected in his large blue eyes. It was interesting to say the least; how he looked more human than ever, even though he was entirely powered-up again.

The regular layers of clothing were gone; no overcoat, no suit jacket, no shoes. Just the slacks and the white dress shirt, sleeves rolled up and the top button undone. The fire illuminated Castiel’s face in a way that showed off all of his most appealing features, from angular jaw to high cheekbones.

Dean was mesmerized, but eventually regained his ability to speak.

“Heya, Cas.” He greeted cautiously as he moved closer to the fire place. “I can tell that some angel mojo has been abused here… What’s up with the extreme home make over?”

Castiel looked up but he didn’t seem surprised, probably already aware of Dean’s presence way before Dean had made it known.

“Nothing really. But my guess is that you’re going to ridicule me either way, like you always do when I try to understand human traditions.” Cas answered defensively, wrapping his arms around his knees and resting his chin on top of them, never looking away from where the flames were dancing. “I was curious… Why humans enjoy this sort of thing. Why it makes them happy. What they like about Christmas. I think I get it now… But of course, you think it’s stupid and unnecessary.”

Dean frowned down at Castiel. His boyfriend was right; this was dumb and pointless. And yet, the current scene caused a warm feeling to stir in the pit of Dean’s stomach. A feeling he hadn’t had the pleasure of experiencing in a long time, maybe not ever.

He didn’t say a word as he walked around the couch, then sat down beside the angel. Cas didn’t move, or acknowledge any of it. Dean snuggled against Cas’ side regardless, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the warmth that both Cas and the fireplace provided. He put a hand on top of Castiel’s knee and squeezed it, hoping that the simple touch would make Cas relax a little.

When Dean opened his eyes again, Cas was staring right back at him with those pretty blues, a barely-there smile on his face.

“I’m not making fun of you, you know. Although Christmas is still two weeks away.” Dean teased good-naturedly, stretching his neck to brush a sloppy kiss against Cas’ jaw. “But it’s nice, baby. Merry very early Christmas.”

Castiel laughed softly, his arms at last reaching out to actually pull Dean in. “Merry very early Christmas, Dean.” 

Destiel: Christmas Rec List

All I Want for Christmas G (Word Count:  1,277)

It’s Christmas Eve at the Winchester house, but Castiel only wants one thing

Angels We Have Heard On High T and Up  (Word Count:  3,705)

Dean loves holidays and holiday traditions, and he shows Cas the fun of craft fairs and decorating Christmas trees, and Christmas caroling.

A Very Destiel Christmas  T and Up  (Word Count:  3,388)

Castiel, unaware that the Winchester’s don’t celebrate Christmas, tries to spend the holiday with his family. After a few eggnogs and a lot of conversation his true feelings are expressed to his closest friend.

Bubbly  T and Up  (Word Count:  9,123)

Dean and Castiel find themselves with a night to kill as Sam heads to the Big Apple for New Year’s Eve, so Dean decides to treat the angel to a night out at the local bar. Sure, Earth sucks most of the time, but heaven doesn’t have champagne and fireworks.
(Destiel, holiday shmoop, fluffiness all around)

But it’s Christmas!  T and Up  (Word Count:  2,522)

Part of the Supernatural Team Free Will Secret Santa on Tumblr.

Dean and Cas are art students living in New York trying to figure out what they’re going to do for Christmas.

Calm and Bright  NC-17 (Word Count:  1,282)

A family Christmas with the Winchesters! Dean, Cas, and their 4 year old daughter Mary spend Christmas Eve with Sam, Jess, and their two sons. Very fluffy and a little smutty. Happy Holidays!

Candy Cane Lane  NC-17  (Word Count:  11,502)

“Honestly, Sammy, if you only invited me for the holidays because you needed my decoration expertise, you had only to ask”

Dean spends Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the weeks between with Sam, Jess, and their new house on Candy Cane Lane.
& also, apparently, their next door neighbor, Castiel, who lets slip that “Candy Cane Lane” isn’t just the name of their street.
It’s a responsibility.

Easy, Lucky, Free  M  (Word Count:  11,566)

Obligatory holiday fic in which Dean encounters a cute boy in a coffee shop, and he even stays for Christmas.

Finding Christmas  T and Up  (Word Count:  5,898)

Dean snaps his headphones in place over his ears and drops his iPod into his shirt pocket. He is not going to listen to Christmas music here in the bunker. He is not going to buy presents. He is not going to hang stockings, and he most definitely, without a doubt, is not going to help decorate a Christmas tree.

Handcuffs  NC-17  (Word Count:  29,644)

Christmas is two days away, and Dean is losing his mind–literally. Unable to disappoint his parents any further, Dean kidnaps Castiel Novak and forces him to play the role of his boyfriend.

(Have You Been)  Naughty or Nice  NC-17  (Word Count:  1,632)

Cas and Dean exchange their own gifts in the wee early hours of Christmas Day.

I Heard the Bells  T and Up  (Word Count:  8,290)

Cas wants to have a first Christmas with all the traditions and stuff Christmas brings, but he wants to do it Winchester style. Dean, on the other hand, is coming to terms with his feelings for Cas and is attempting to not be a Scrooge. In the end, Christmas turns out to be one of the best they’ve had in a long time.

The Holiday   M  (Word Count:  30,315)

Castiel and Sam are unlucky in both life and love, so they swap houses for the holidays. Both find the experience highly…interesting.   (Lots of Sabriel as well)

Holiday Rituals  NC-17  (Word Count:  3,650)

Castiel is home to start a three-week vacation. Dean is also home and has gotten into the rum a bit early. Also, Christmas exploded on their house.

Holiday Souvenirs  NC-17  (Word Count:  43,197)

A crossover AU loosely based on the film The Holiday with Sam and Gabriel where Sam and Castiel swap houses for a month. Sam ends up next door to Gabriel, a widower with two young girls, and Castiel ends up sharing a house with Dean. Shenanigans, obviously, ensue.

The Holy Tide  M  (Word Count:  4,416)

In retrospect, Dean blames Sam, kind of. He confesses to hanging the mistletoe during the Christmas dinner, complaining that no one – with a pointed look at Dean – made use of it. Dean has left him in the charge of the eggnog because someone competent had to take care of the ham (they really are pulling all the stops this year and it makes Dean’s heart sing. Or maybe he actually hums Mariah Carey over mashed potatoes.)

In which the extended Winchester family celebrates Christmas and good things happen.

Honoring the Mistletoe   NC-17  (Word Count:  6,564)

Dean recruits Castiel to help give Sam a Christmas to remember. In the process, he introduces Castiel to the joys of the holiday and discovers that there is some truth to the ideology behind an angel’s halo.

King Frost   M  (Word Count:  34,040)

The Frost King will kiss the unwary at the first frost of winter and then take them to his palace and make them his slave. But it’s sooo way more fluffy than that. Just a Christmas fic from me to you. Base on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, with other fairy tale themes mixed in.

Joy to the World (the End is Near)   T and Up  (Word Count:  11,897)

With the apocalypse looming ever closer, the last thing Dean wants to do is stop and celebrate Christmas. Despite growing more and more human every day, Castiel makes it his mission to get Dean into the holiday spirit.

If Kisses Were Snowflakes  T and Up  (Word Count:  17,153)

When Cas’s holiday plans fall through, Dean is all too happy to invite him along to Sam and Jess’s for Christmas. What he doesn’t take into account is how much Christmas seems to suit his best friend, what with the lights making Cas’s eyes more beautiful, the themed sweaters making him cuter than he already is, how his cold hands are in permanent need of warming, and - yes, it’s going to take everything Dean has not to kiss him senseless under the mistletoe.

Let Me Take You Far Away (You’d Like a Holiday)  NC-17  (Word Count:  4,641)

Dean and Cas spend the whole week going through holidays and human traditions.

The Most Important Human Experience    NC-17  (Word Count:  3,789)

Dean wants to celebrate Christmas and Castiel doesn’t see the point until Dean lets his reasons slip.

Mothball Theory  T and Up  (Word Count:  2,285)

In which dean delivers Castiel some groceries and they’re cute with each other. bonus: it’s Christmas time and Castiel is very festive. fluff. 

Muggle Holiday  M  (Word Count:  2,414)

Dean has invited Castiel to come home with him, to the muggle world, for the Christmas holiday.

Nine Times We Met (And One Christmas We Parted)  NC-17  (Word Count:  58,400)

On the last day of school before Christmas vacation, Mr. Castiel Quinn discovers that one of his young students has smuggled male pornography into the classroom. Upon being told that the photos belong to the boy’s uncle, Castiel vows to himself that he will keep the other man’s preferences a secret. It’s 1947; a man experiencing attraction to another man or fantasising about his sexual touch are transgressive faults, which could potentially result in imprisonment - or worse. But then the uncle walks in. The photos are of him: Dean Winchester, a rogue with an empty pocket and a child to feed. Castiel doesn’t know it yet, but his life is never going to be the same again. Years pass between chance meetings, but even though they live their lives apart, Dean and Castiel’s story is proof that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

Warnings:  Major Character Death

Peace And Good Luck To All Men  T and Up  (Word Count: 31,366)

Christmas in the Milton household was difficult enough without the added complication of guests- and if Luke and Gabriel placing bets on who can get with Sam first wasn’t bad enough, then Cas developing a ridiculous crush on his sister’s boyfriend definitely is.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace  T and Up  (Word Count:  41,674)

Dean wants to have a nice, peaceful Christmas for once, but it seems like the universe won’t let him.

The Supernatural Night Before Christmas  T and Up (Word Count: 644)

A Supernatural bastardization of Clement C. Moore’s classic holiday tale.

Comments:  This is absolutely adorable.

Ugly Sweater!Verse  NC-17  (Word Count: 193,029)

If they really go back and think about it… it all started with a tree. A Christmas tree, that is. Castiel is human now, and the apocalypse is not only over, it’s been averted. Sam’s away at NYU, finally finishing law school, and Dean’s stuck in what is probably the most awkward situation of his life. He’s not exactly sure how he ended up sharing a flat with Cas in Media, Pennsylvania, but he does know the curious would-be angel is sort of derailing his plans for a life of decadence and booze. Cas is trying to make the best of his humanity by exploring human holidays. Dean can’t exactly complain because he’s pretty much the reason Cas got his wings clipped in the first place.

Dean didn’t actually want to fall in love, but how was he supposed to know it would all start with a goddamn tree?

Walking in a Winter Wonderland  M  (Word Count:  2,621)

Come along with Cas and Dean as they go on a holiday adventure!

White Winter Hymnal   NC-17  (Word Count:  25,450)

Dean hates Christmas, which is why he’s hiding away in a café late at night on Christmas Eve. He never expected to find Castiel there.

25 Days of Christmas:  Holiday Fluff  T and Up

This is holiday fluff, pure and simple. It is Christmas on repeat. It is a hunter and his family. It is crappy Christmas songs shared with eggnog and twinkling lights. It is what happens when an insecure man has nothing to lose because it will all just happen again tomorrow. So, he might as well be happy, right? Nebulous timeline in the bunker.

I hope you all enjoy and hopefully do not throw up Christmas ornaments and candy canes from all the freaking fluff and holiday cheer in these fics.  Have a happy holiday!

My Holiday and Winter Destiel One Shots

These are my one shots from last year since most of you are new here. I hope to be adding to this list with new stories this month. I hope you enjoy them. Feedback is always welcome. If you’d rather read them on Ao3, my account is right here.